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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #600 on: January 03, 2021, 09:50:05 am »
They're very good. Thank you very much for sharing.


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #601 on: January 10, 2021, 02:11:44 pm »
Thank you


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #602 on: January 10, 2021, 02:21:25 pm »
Loquacious gossips
Intriguingly salacious
Yet I know the truth

My senses tell me
That he is near
They shiver & burn
But not in fear

My blood races
In hot anticipation
Of his hungry touch
That liquid sensation

He holds my mind
Sweeps me asunder
The gaze of a wolf
My soul to plunder

The prey of a #vampire
Lured to burn in his fire


#vexed am I
Nay, perturbed
Confused emotions
Up one day
Down the next
I am indeed #vexed
Locked in a spiral
Spinning too fast
I’m out of control
Praying this won’t last


Where do I go when the nightmares come
Thieves in the night to steal my tongue
I cannot scream, I cannot shout
They’re coming again without a doubt


Catch more flies with honey
She was the temptation
He the beguiled foolish fly
Dying to taste her
Never thinking to ask why
An elegant enigma walking
Insouciant in all she does
Cold blooded to her finger tips
Always “I” and never “us”

#image Alexei Karigov

Bathing in sensual sensation
Our reflections entwined
Snaked and curved lasciviously
While the mirror above dazzled
To our cries of satiation echoing
The neighbours banged their outrage
In carnal tandem to our writhing rhythm
Upon walls that shuddered as we did

Had I but one wish in the whole wide world
That he’d take my hand and about it his fingers curl
Safe in his hold my heart forever would be
But tis only a dream and forever my secret fantasy

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - round 1

Alone I walk, my mind far far away
Lost in thought upon my fate
To be denied the one I love
Kept far apart tho’ our souls be together
Memories alone cannot lessen the void
For an aching heart that has no choice
That fills in time remembering his voice
#SlamWords #43rdEdition r1/2

His touch is my sweet secret delight
In this most scandalous of dances
‘Neath the curious gazes in sight
With twining fingers we tantalise
And betray our hearts while
Twirling tendrils of rumours we hear
Rushing as water spilling over a weir

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R2

#snowdrifts and snowballs
Glacial whiteouts of chill fun
Snowflakes on my tongue


My name whispered upon his lips
So precious a sound always to treasure
The inner warmth when wrapped in his arms
Is a stolen gift that gives oh such pleasure
Betrayed by stations we cannot deny
We play our parts though our souls surely cry

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r3

When the darkness falls
& the demons come
Come back to me
& be the one
Who draws me out
Releases me from
These shackles & chains
The cloying doubt
Why did you leave?
Where did you go?
The demons just laugh
But I have to know

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r4

How far have I wandered?
How far did I roam?
On this endless quest
So very far from home

The ties of that life
Left so long ago
Still pull at my mind
Just won’t let me go

Would I the guts
The bravery
To face down my demons
& just let me be

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R5

Last night they came
To urge restraint
But I didn’t listen
A villain they’d paint
My heart’s true love
What did they know?
Rumours & hearsay
Whispers & lies
Not my sweet William
To all I’d deny
Shield our true love
& to the heavens I’d cry

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R6

Oh they were masterful
Lords of all they surveyed
Confident in manner
Peacocks upon display
Managing families
Finance & estates
None dare disparage them
They’d meet a harsh fate
Or so they did think
But then again
Fortunes can change
In a blink

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore R7

Her gentle Spring’s touch delicately wove meadow grasses as she murmured soft words of beguiling enchantment

Soon he’d be hers forever more just as the Gypsy woman foretold as she sat within her mysterious forest bower

Soon she’d not be alone

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore r8

Surrender your heart
To the sublime wonder
Found in his arms
As your soul falls under
The spell he does cast
With every whispered word
Seduction in his gaze
The promises you heard

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r9

With a cold cruel smile she watched him disappear beneath the waves

“new beginnings” she murmured into the misty dawn

Pausing for one last pleasurable moment to watch the final few bubbles expire on the surface

“enjoy your swim” she smirked

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore r10


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #603 on: February 24, 2021, 02:10:58 pm »
Whenever life grew too dark
When the storm clouds gathered
& life just seemed too hard
She’d think of him and secretly pray
That he’d come again to save the day
Lifting her heart from the depths of Hell
Her #valorous knight - brave and true
Battling demons right on queue

Trembling limbs cannot withstand
#intense sensations cascading within
Sweeping aside all inhibition
To writhe in molten conflagration
Branded by your carnal touch
Bathed in the scent I love so much



Rebel souls & wild hearts
Rocking n rolling
‘til death do they part
Riding the storm
No place they call home
It’s the open road
& how far they shall roam
Chasing down dreams
Following their own path
No one saying “no!”
Just honing their craft

📸Stephanie Russell

How pale the #moon in her velvet setting
Celestial silver shining on high
Does she patiently await the rising sun
To fleetingly see him as she departs the sky?
Always apart - almost touching
Darkness to light & back again
Silent lovers thru eternity
Each day ever the same

Tranquil waters always run deep
Or so people said with a curious stare
Turning away before they were caught
Ensnared forever in her Medusa glare
Alone she walked thru the night
Hearing the whispers as she passed by
A shadow shifting, then gone from sight

#SenseWrds 502

Hark! Tis the strains of the Graveyard Sonata
Discordant and chilling, they weave their spell
To draw unquiet souls from their deathly slumbers
To walk again the Earth they once knew so well

507 #DarkLines

📸Ryan Brown

With hearts racing
Excitement building
The sheets set ablaze
Carnal conflagration

Neighbours are banging
The walls were shaking
We bathed in the fire
A wild awakening

Secrets and sins
Too many to count
Addictive cravings
Let the demons out

#CarnalVerse 242

Bad girls go everywhere
& not just to Hell
Those that would judge
Don’t know them that well
Angels & Sinners
Same under the skin
Looking for excitement
Looking 2 begin
Living for the moment
Taking life by the horns
Polishing their halo
Tho innocence be torn


Traumatised souls pushed to the very edge
Whispered rumours #stigmatise innocents
While Devils smile in glacial contemplation
 And Angels circulate in sweet absolution
A sinking civilisation cruelly cries out
For peace at last and eternal salvation


Addictive desire
Carnal craving
The world fades
Behind curtains closing

Secrets & lies
Betrayals & more
Tis only we two
Behind this door

#spiralling needs
Wicked temptation
Crossing that line
Beyond all redemption


Thoughts betray his burning desire
Behind hooded eyes remembering her fire

Arousing desires he aches to assuage
In the depths of her heat set free from his chains

He’d sell his soul for that carnal conflagration
She’s a provocatively pampered dark temptation

#CarnalVerse 244

Pools of madness
Bottomless depths
Invite you to
Just dive right in
Drown in devouring
Febrile waves of
Savage intensity
That rip and rend
Rousing the beast
The hidden hungers
Consuming lusts
In a furious flame
That burns so hot
So deliciously sinful

#intrigueverse 216

Silent composure
Quiet reflections in red
Patience a virtue


Come walk with me
in the quiet hours
As the world sleeps
 time is ours
Bathed in starlight
drenched in dew
We’ll steal away
just me & U
Sweet aromas
garden in bloom
Scents to savour
taste & consume
Hidden from sight
wrapped in desire
Hunger & need
feed the fire

#butterfly kisses
Rainbows and silken ribbons
Crimson promises


a black widow waiting, silent, bathed in shadow
watching for #dopes way too flush with dough
drunk on cheap bourbon, high as proverbial kites
they’d not live to see the day after this night...


Our souls kissed
One Summer night
Neath starry skies
& a neon light
He took my hand
& held my heart
In the palm of his hand
So did we start
This love affair
None could foresee
As the rhythm took over
& that was the key

📸1) Loui Jover 2) Schecter Damian


Liquid sensation
Imaginative craving
Wickedest passion


Hugs and kisses he lavishly distributed, yet when the time came and he lay breathing his last, no one was there with sad eyes downcast, to say goodbye, wish him well as he drifted away to the gentle sound of a chiming bell...


Dark smouldering fantasy
Or hot wishful #dream?
Everything he wanted
Nothing as she seemed

Smokey nightclub dens
Whiskey sours on tap
The city lures the wicked
& innocents fall in the trap

As a fly beguiled
Unable to resist
He’d not be missed

📸R Leech

You left me standing
Doors closing / bridges burning
Never felt so free


rotgut whisky burns like a **** but not as bad as facing the Devil  I’d become in the **** mirror, living from one bad motel room to the next in the hope of seeing her. When it becomes an obsession your soul is truly lost...

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 1

buried in sarcasm, drowning in a life grown weary of living, he’d lost all feeling for the world and the poor saps endlessly treading their meaningless paths towards whatever futile goal they sought...

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 2

and there is was, laid bare for all to see, the poor sap acting all possessive over a gal who’d walk all over him as soon as a better option strode on in...  I give it a month before his heart lies bleeding all over her nice clean floor.

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 3

creeping shadows consumed the streets as good folk hurried home to bolt their doors and pull the blinds, holding loved ones close as the demons lurking on the edges of humanity boiled from the sewers to prowl for prey...

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 4

“rule no 1 confusing confidence with arrogance would get you killed faster than a summer bug on a windscreen, kid” he growled before slugging back a shot, sharp eyes steady upon the wide eyed newbie who’d likely be dead this time next week.

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - R5

doing something different as the man said still hadn’t shifted the cops from my ass.  racing the setting sun through the night and they were still on my tail like flies on molasses. who was this guy? Elliot Ness? pressing the pedal to the metal
#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore R6

Ghosted, just like that
T’would be my private pain
I’d never show it
From hot to cold he blew
Kept me on my toes
Took me a long time
But I’m through
Done dancing with the Devil
He can go to Hell
Back where he came from
My soul’s not for sale
#SlamWords #44thEdition - round 8/9/10

seeking attention isn’t the name of the game, son

you got to mosey on up, casual like you’d approach an unbroke colt

trying to avoid sudden movements

then when you’re up close you pull the trigger

no witnesses, son, no witnesses

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 7

“first impressions count”
I should’ve paid more attention.  Looking back at the trail of destruction my first interview had become, parking in the boss’s space was not the wisest move... and bluffing it out with a killer smile wasn’t either

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - R8

getting played like a Stradivarius was getting old, way too old...like him

lessons learned? hah! he wrote the textbook! and what’d he have to show for it? whisky soaked liver, 2 ex wives, a busted nose and empty pockets...

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - round 9

getting noticed will get killed, son, trust me *gesturing with a bourbon filled glass* keep your head down and your wits about you and *leaning close* don’t let the dames distract you *snorting with bitterness into the fast emptying glass*

#SlamWords #44thEdition #encore - R10

Collapsing walls
Inhibitions cast away
Burn my bridges down


Liquorice kisses
Bubblegum wishes consume
Sugar rush cascade


Celestial wonders cease to amaze
Dreaming illusions of two hearts set ablaze
Encircling souls spinning ever closer
Magnetic attraction that draws them together
Melting they mould in kaleidoscopic light
Desire bathed in neon all through the night

📸Dmitry Kuznetsov

Just breathe
Quiet solitude
Inner peace
Touch the sky
Feel the breeze
Calm your mind
Set your soul free
Listen to your heart
Let yourself believe

#sensewrds 511

Perfection in miniature
Immaculate in conception
They drift and weave
To the capricious whim
Of a teasing gentle breeze

#SenseWrds 512

Honeydew kisses
Sweet sugar rush illusions
Melting molasses


promises made
that could never be
why did I listen?
why didn’t I see?

the lies and evasion
now come to an end
a hard lesson learned
of who was a friend

so raise a glass
maybe one or two more
I’m stronger and wiser
independent to the core


Gentle fingers trace meandering trails of warm seduction across carnal curves of yearning flesh that beguile and entrance the voyeuristic seducer, craving with addictive hunger the animalistic need to taste such divine sweetness...

📸Alexander Krivitskiy

In the depths of the night
When all is silent
As the world slumbers on
Come sleepy whispers
To draw back the veil
Of dreaming thoughts
Tempting the wicked
That lives within
To dance once more
With the Devil
And Sin


Tantalising touch
Promising passion in red
Crimson interludes


With but a touch
Just a single touch
My mind was #scrambled
My legs did shake
Unable to breathe
The earth did quake
Time stood still
My hot blood raced
Anticipation held me
As I gazed at your face


Awaiting the hour when he’ll return
To stroke my flesh and make me burn

On sugar coated sheets we’ll set alight
As passions inflame all through the night

Blistering kisses that brand so deep
On honey drenched petals that taste so sweet


Addictive rapture
Weaving carnal tapestries
Threading hopes and dreams

#SenseWrds 515

Catastrophic cacophony
Tis the Devil’s pandemonium
Confusing our minds
Come 2 cause us confusion
Wreaking havoc & fear
As we crumble & fall
Our bodies a limbo of scars
Wrought in crimson profusion
& mulberry frost ink
We writhe & contort
Humanity poised on the brink

And with a careless smile
And one last kiss blown
She took a fateful step
Threw herself into the unknown

#plunging she fell
As her spirit did soar
And so laughing she died
Exploding upon the floor


Poised on the #cusp
Captivated by the fall
She fell with a sigh


#scratch an itch
Pull at a thread
Before you know it
Irritation has fled

You were the itch
Driving me insane
With every word
Again and again

Now I’m at peace
And all is calm
You’re a memory walking
Lacking all charm



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #604 on: March 10, 2021, 01:59:23 pm »
Private desires
Yet craved
Led to tangled limbs
Upon inspired sheets
Shadows writhed
Upon virgin walls
As passion flamed
To the siren call
Of wicked intentions
Both animal
And wild

With #merciless strokes
Pushing him to the edge
His screaming pleasure
To savour

#Poetryin13 316

Thoughts weigh me down
As #pebbles in pockets
A heavy burden to bear

#Poetryin13 317


#temptation much too strong to deny
Dark hours & secrets shield curious eyes

#debauchery lures the wicked to fall
Again & again we succumb to it all

#strong urges whip quaking flesh passionately aflame
& behind locked doors shuddering cries echo your name


In radiant light does she walk
Draped in Spring hued raiments
About her brow a floral crown
She lightly steps among the flowers
Trailing sunshine and petals
Delicate and graceful in her @#gown


“Raven’s wing”
as she was known
In darkness she walked
And always alone
Her sightless eyes
To the heavens did gaze
Reading the stars
Clues to the maze
Of life in this world
That echoed around
While she stood still
Anchored to the ground

📸Lumios City

Lost in #whisky dreams
Heady aromas suffuse
A smoke laden atmosphere
As husky voiced singers
Draped in bourbon shades
Croon in seductive temptation
From darkened corners
To a blues style beat
Sweet as thick molasses
Dark as this wicked City of Sin


#idyllic rapture
Bucolic paradise
Leave me here
In meadows sweet
Neath cobalt skies


🎶Que sera sera
Whatever will be, will be🎶
Good fortune be mine


As dancing shadows
Upon an unquiet mind
I #catalogue memories
Lost in time

 #Poetryin13 323

#proof they want
Then proof shall they get
A hand or a finger?
Be it dry or wet?

Choices, choices
What should I do?
He’s stretched on the slab
Turning quite blue😱

Eeny meeny miny mo
Three little piggies?
Or should I start
With a toe?


Friday night memories
Those were the days
When we gathered together
To listen amazed

“ON AIR” said the sign
And we eagerly awaited
The next thrilling instalment
Our breaths held and baited

#SlamWords #45thEdition - round 1/2

Those certain lyrics
Tumbling me back
To a more simple time
Or so it appears
As I remember it then
Through rose coloured tears
“This is dedicated to...”
& we all yearned to hear
Our name in the gap
From a loved one so dear

#SlamWords #45thEdition - round 3/4

Curving with swan-like grace
She bends like a willow
Flowing from one one position
To the next, delicate yet strong
A swan poised for flight
She holds...waiting for release
Her graceful leap an exclamation
Of the joy in motion unleashed

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - R 1/2

Several twirls later and the world is enraptured
Holding its breath as the story unfolds
& the orchestra weaves a musical fantasy
How far away those early days seem
When her two left feet held her back from the dream

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 3/4

The crowds go wild in jubilation
Yet she’s deaf to it all
A puppet pushing through
Lashed by the whip of expectation
Knees cracking under the cruel strain
She keeps on dancing - slave to the pain

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 5

Up close and personal
He held me like a charm
Drawing me closer
Away from all harm

Ambition my sin
My Achilles heel
The dark temptation
The craving to feel

All he could do
He did that for me
When I was too blind
Too proud to see

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 6

No one could argue
He stood out from the crowd
That black tutu / pink leotard combo
Was certainly way too loud!

Street chic was a mystery
He just didn’t understand
No! Bright n bold colours
That was the way to go, my man!

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 7

Tantalising moves designed of sin
The beat of the tango drew me in
Closer and closer did we become
Consumed by desire to finally become one
That signature move I knew so well
Enslaved to the rapture I so ached to feel

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 8

What do you see?
When the music fades
&the notes die away

What do you see?
When the lights go out
& only silence echoes

What do you see?
There in the shadows
Is it the ghost of me?

Lost in a dream
Still dancing there
Upon the stage supreme

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - R9

As the last notes faded
Falling upon a dying swan
The house lights shrouded
The last interpretation done

Applause a loud tsunami
Crashing over head
To drown out mocking memories
Of a past she thought was dead

#SlamWords #45thEdition #encore - round 10

If I could hold you in my #arms
If the Gods would only allow
Then I would know peace
If only for one long day
And gladly spend eternity
In prayer upon my knees


Let not the fire burn out
That once did burn so hot

In days long past when we were young
& the future whispered in a silver tongue

Little did we know in those halcyon days of yore
That nothing lasts forever - all is dust upon the floor


If I could make one single wish
It’s that you could sit beside me again
And we would sit down upon the grass
& rewrite the stars that on high would pass

📸Charlie Bowater

Like a needle #stuck in a groove
The threats kept on coming
So what did I have to lose?

A slug in the belly would shut his mouth
He’d be dead n buried n gone for good
Out of my and life an’ that ain’t bad


Love #blooms in the darkest corners
Flourishing where shadows beckon
Entangling souls and weaving magic
The carnal rapture of stolen moments
Lost to a world where need becomes want
That turns so quickly to addictive need



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #605 on: March 24, 2021, 01:54:51 pm »
Like a needle #stuck in a groove
The threats kept on coming
So what did I have to lose?

A slug in the belly would shut his mouth
He’d be dead n buried n gone for good
Out of my and life an’ that ain’t bad

#wearing nothing but a smile
He caught the admiring eyes
Of weary women tired of it all
Craving a nicely packaged disguise


The past was dead and buried
Put behind her long ago
The #present now an open book
Just going with the flow

No one knew where she came from
They didn’t need to know
The struggles she had overcome
To be where she was now


Liquid temptation
Pooling deliciously
The Devil whispers
Desire responds
Weaving seduction
Oh how it burns🔥


Soft the heartbeats in my ear
The breath of life I ache to hear
How hot the blood it almost sears
Desire that blooms when you are near


[damn typo]

Within his eyes

What carnal delights
From his lips

Temptation beckons
How can I

Cravings burn
For him

Denial is pain
Yearning yet

📸Alexander Krivitskiy (pexel.com)


He held my hand
Or was it my heart?

Guided me
Held me
Right from the start

I breathed his name
As he breathed mine
Wrapped in his care
T’was almost divine

Temptation unleashed
Passion’s siren within
Only then could we truly
Throw caution to the wind


Miracles happen
Magnetic consummation
Molten attraction



With a #coquettish tilt of her head
Upon her lips a slow smile did spread

A #foxy gaze held him so enthralled
As he fell to his knees & his world stalled

Within his veins hot blood did race
Loins set aflame for his destiny faced

To #tumble aflame
Neverending game



Words spill
Cascade from your lips

Losing my grip

#coquettish moves
The pole

#foxy smiles
Giving my all


Guilty smiles betray
Forked tongues speak false riddles
Feral thoughts run wild


Mailbox sentiments left unsent
Left to languish in cold isolation
A heart so lonely left to break
The mortal kiss of a sentimental dagger
Would truly feel as cruelly sweet


And the beat goes on
Rhythm of life in slow time
Never ending march


#Devils everywhere
In the shadows
The very cracks
Biding their time
Obsidian thoughts
Concealing crimes
Neither #deafening silence
Nor cacophonous applause
Shall lure them forth
They live within all
We are the #devils
And so surely must fall


No where as sweet
The “easy like Sunday morning”
 #scenery of the street

#Poetryin13 339

The fantasy of U
Keeping me awake
This craving desire
That makes my world shake

The need that is forever
Burning deep within
To feel your touch again
The sin that is no sin

Shadows within shadows
Whispers in the wind
Your presence always near
Your scent upon my skin

Breathtaking rapture
Silent eloquence of need
Riding out the storm


Silken stockings - not much more
Leave him #quavering upon the floor
Held in thrall to the magic I weave
Yet not enough -I know he’ll leave
Rtn to a home where love is cold
Tis I price I pay - his heart I hold
Stealing moments as we can
In a world that doesn’t understand

Obsidian souls long departed
Linger within illicit shadows
From #caved in sockets
They sightlessly witness
The cruel depravity
Of a world gone mad

525 #DarkLines

📸Matt Kleinen

Eclipse of the heart
Serenade in moon shadow
Wraiths weave mysteries


I saw my dream within his eyes
Just for us and all we wished
An #idyll wrapped in a paradise
Where we could drown in passion’s dance



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #606 on: April 14, 2021, 01:26:52 pm »
My #myopic failing
Running out of time
It would’ve been
The perfect crime

#Poetryin13 344

He took me from the shadows
Brought me into the light
Then bathed my soul in moon dust
Danced me through the night...


Emotions cascade in a never ending rush
To #linger on the periphery to tease and taunt
Heating my blood with the memory of you
Your touch, your taste, your scent - they haunt
The ghost that remains when all else is gone
I cannot forget and we will never be done

Folk fell to their knees
Cried out their names
Begged for sweet mercy
But salvation never came

The #old gods did laugh
Cruelty their trade
With pitiless stares
In blood did they wade

Savage & dark
Relishing the fear
Screams of the dying
Every time they drew near

#darklines 526

Sentence was read
Punishment decreed
#lawyer in him waited
Obsidian gaze rich with need
Time off for good behaviour
Or was that for bad
With a wicked smile
Heaven promised scantily clad
Appetites whetted
He fought to resist
The devil in my eyes
Dark carnal tryst

#Erotica280 551

Thrice does he come
Reeking of arrogance
Ill tempered & undone
What say we, sisters?
To this ill-starred man
Storm tossed at our door
See how he marks us
With a malevolent eye
Daring us speak
As if we wld lie
What’s cast is cast
Out from the light
Brave centaur go
Into the night

#Deepset diamonds
To match her eyes
Glittering precious gems
Adoration in shimmering disguise


Those creeping thoughts
Lingering in corners
That prod and poke
Keeping me awake
Each night is the same
With stealth do they come
Choking all reason
I just can’t overcome
Black is the night
As is my mind
Trapped in a cruel embrace
No way out can I find

#sensewrds 528

Amorphous desires send me tumbling
Reeling upon the edge of consciousness
Down the rabbit hole of my mind
Screaming silent words of wonder
As the rapture takes suffocating hold

#SlamWords #46th R1,2,3

Just out of reach luminescence glimmers
Subliminal light bathes me in warmth
Gilding mortal flesh to heavenly life
Iridescent stars in glittering profusion
Bring calm to a restless soul almost lost

#SlamWords #46th R4,5,6


Cast adrift on a carpet of star dust
The far side of midnight beckons
Intangible dreams dance in my eyes
As I gaze with awe at the beautiful skies

#SlamWords #46th R7,8,9,10

A night sky nova
Shooting ‘cross the sky
He burned with a brilliance
That cruelly hurt the eye
No one else could fly any higher
No one else could reach the heights
He truly was a wonder
A heart of a star
Set in Hollywood lights


Rumours and lies swirl upon the wind
Darkening the soul and torturing the mind
Closer he comes with each passing hour
Threats and promises that make us cower
Perception’s paradox brought to life
Death does he bring with the slice of a knife

#SlamWords #46thEdition #encore - R5

Limned in brilliance
Among spinning stars
Did he gloriously shimmer

#SlamWords #46thEdition #encore - R6

Quiet contemplations upon an ocean of dreams
Where mermaids swim in liquid luminescence
Trailing secrets in whirlpools of imagination
Adorned in exuberant auroras of silvered innocence

#SlamWords #46thEdition #encore - R9

Timeless dreams without an end
Been a long time, my oh so cruel friend
Come to torment me in the dead of night
This mortal coil as delicate as a thread
Can hold me no longer and it fills me with dread

#SlamWords #46thEdition #encore - R10 (final)

2 lie with U
Just one more time
To touch yr skin
Desire no crime

In the quiet hours
Velvet midnight
Shall I taste yr kiss
& all will be right

Drench my flesh
In passions dew
Let the flame burn
& consume U

Carnal addiction
I cannot deny
The craving within
The urge 2 fly

Scenting your lust
Tasting desire
Ensnared by weakness
Burned by the wild fire



Slowly, slowly
How they creep
From the sewers
They come
From the sewers
They seep
Hair raising whispers
Bumps in the night
Faces in mirrors
Dare you to sleep?
You know they’re coming
You know they’re there
Watching and waiting
You should beware!

529 #DarkLines
📸Edilson Borges

In some far off place
Beyond the horizon
#sunflowers bloom
In golden profusion

#Poetryin13 358

I’m on the edge
Mamba ready to strike
Just one word
Even a look
I’m gonna let rip
It’s gonna be swift
I’m tipping over
Need just a push
Off this finely honed edge
Off this unstable ledge
So give me a reason
Heck, give me 2
I’m bustin’ out
Comin’ for U
📸Travis Davids

Black art of mourning
Witchcraft in obsidian
Hell is awaiting

#poetry #poetry

📸Deviant Art

I remember you
Your touch
Your scent
That look on your eyes
The taste of you
I cannot forget
My name upon your lips
Groaned in the night
As we danced upon sheets
Sweat dampened
Passion rumpled
In silvered moonlight


In **** mirrors reflections do peek
Concealing all that hides from the light
Of natures true and without artifice
In the depths of hearts where demons bite


Intangible escapades in darkened rooms
betray lustful leanings in liquid cascade

Deadly desires in swirling profusion
control mortal musings upon vengeful seductions

Shadows merge where eyes cannot see
becoming all that we crave in our secretive depths


What quiet whispers
Trapped sighs
Linger in moonlight
Soft caressing delight

Come to me slowly
Draw me from the crowd
Sweep me away
Upon imaginary clouds




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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #607 on: April 15, 2021, 05:41:18 pm »
You wrote some good poems in your last post. Thank you very much for sharing.
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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #608 on: April 28, 2021, 02:37:20 pm »
Hypnotic notes hang
suspended by emotions
swirling mesmerically
beneath star spangled skies

Swayed goodbyes
too hard to say
from tear drenched eyes
spill in cascade

Tonight is ours
all that we have
‘til the clock chimes
& we have to part


Green fairy bewitched
Succumbing he fell
Too weak to resist
Her alluring spell


Hot August night
Humid and dark
Terror stalks the city
Fear the damned spark

Wet cobbles gleam
A bloody trail fades
A body oozes life
Sharp razor blade

A scream echoes out
Hushed swiftly by a hand
Nobody saw nothing
In this city of the damned


A shot of bourbon afore U go
Stiffen the resolve to face the foe
From the West shall they come
‘Neath the dying of the sun
No #potion shall heal these open wounds
‘Cept the spilling of blood in this dark feud
Father to son & back again
Drenching the land in gory rain

Watching from shadows
Waiting 4 the chance
To wrap U in his arms
A cruel final dance
Death comes to everyone
All manner of disguise
A sharp razor smile
‘Neath mesmerising eyes
A sharp sting is all U feel
A cold stiletto blade
Bittersweet kiss of death
As U slowly fade


“ #watch me dance!”
Vivacity in every step
She stepped and twirled
Lost in the rhythm
Lost in her world
Never seeing the crack
The rotting wood
As graceful as a swan
As only she could
A shattering scream
Unearthly and cruel
The sirens wailed
But her dreams
Gone for good


Deadly desires wrapped in velvet & silk
Call to my wild side with a wicked lip tilt
Temptation & sin are the mantra I live by
Seducing U to the dark side with a carnal smile
Succumbing to needs too long denied
In a sensual addiction too 🔥 to survive

Dark passageways lure
Illicit assignations
Carnal desire awaits


Dominant cravings brought him to my door
At the stroke of midnight demanding more

Traces of lace, velvet and rope
Left me tied in knots, barely able to cope

Swept away on a tide of desperation
We burned so hot in a blistering conflagration

📸Andrea Altini


Look to the left
Look to the right
Do you see what I see?
Almost out of sight
Over in the corner
Neath the old oak tree
A figure in the shadows
Or so I thought
At first
Then it slowly faded
Neath a tree we know
Is cursed


Seduced by eyes luminous & bright
Belladonna passions consumed without a fight
Carnal cravings hidden in the dark
Temptation paradise inflamed our hidden spark
Branded by his touch thru the long long night
We burned in a sumptuous splendour of delight
📸Benoit Courti 

#drawn from the dark unto the light
A chrysalis blooming to butterfly life
Relishing the warmth of the godlike sun
Upon flourishing wings her freedom won
The prison of her life now left behind
That cage now broken once brutal & unkind


Iridescent hallucinations danced within my mind
Inspired by the heaven captured in your eyes
No passionate promises spilling from your lips
Could tempt me more than your seductive paradise
Tasted in the heat of your kiss, the depth of your need


Unravelling thoughts
Undone mistakes
Litter my path
A trail in my wake

Regrets have I none
I am what I am
Take me or leave
I don’t give a damn


Long distance desires
Sweet silent #adoration
Wishful seduction


Chromatic ribbons lit up the velvet sky
Kaleidescopic hues cartwheeled upon high
Iridescent colours beyond all imagination
Bloomed forth in rainbow effervescence

📸Alessandro Pautasso

Along the #corridor
Through the door
Around the corner
You’ll find what you’re looking for

There in corner
Hidden from view
Just over there
Is what used to be you

Broken and left
Forgotten and forlorn
But it’s you no longer
You’ve been reborn


#thousand yard stare
Oh yes, perfected!
I quailed, trembling
My courage fast fled

Without emotion
No words at all
He stared me down
And watched me fall

If you think of me at all
Please remember me well
The Devil has found me
And I’m fast bound for Hell


Slick black cobbles shining in the night
Betray lonely footsteps fleeing the fight
A killer on the prowl looking for blood
Vengeance saturated & out for no good
She took him down with one razored slice
That wolf at the door found out she ain’t nice

#BlackDahliaProse 690


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