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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #615 on: August 26, 2021, 01:08:19 pm »
#copper tinged air betrayed a gory scene steeped in cruelty…


Untie my hands - let me fly high
2 be tied down is a cruel way 2 die
2 feel the wind upon my skin again
Is a paradise dreamed so free of sin
Into the unknown I wish 2 B thrown
Tis a cruelty 2 B caged alone
Each day the same as the 1 past
Let me go or today’ll B my last


This temple of mortality
Fleeting tomb of flesh
That cages all my hopes
My dreams of all I wish

#SlamWords #50thEdition - round 3

Shifting constellations coronet her brow
The gods in heaven so crown her head
An Angel blessed to soar on high
Her beauteous form in glory aglow

#SlamWords #50thEdition - round 4

Amongst the shadows
Hidden from view
Haunt formless fiends
Hungry for you

“Come closer, child
A little bit more”
The voices urge
Reaching a claw

Glacial breath
Flicker of tongue
Oh how the scent tempts
One slice and you’re done

#SlamWords #50thEdition - round 7

Velvet malevolence threads his dark tone, echoing within my mind though I try to block him.  Bound in red thread, silken skeins unbreakable though I twist and writhe in guilty pleasure…

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore r1/2

Begging for deliverance
Bowed by dominance
I shiver before you
Supplicant upon my knees
But never broken
My spirit takes flight, soars
Beneath your heated gaze
Set free even as my bonds tighten

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore - round 7

A thimble worth of compassion
I beg thee, sir, take pity
Set me free from this fleshy prison
The sweet release that is the darkest cut
Then no more, let the darkness come
Rush swiftly upon me in rhapsodic oblivion

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore - round 8

“2 coins short” he smirked, gesturing at the paltry fortune I’d earned upon my back.  “but you can work it off” his thick tongue escaping to lick salaciously at fleshy lips.

And I knew that this would be last night on earth…

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore - round 3

Seasons turn and slide from view
Years tumble endlessly by
Yet nothing changes, here I stand
Always waiting, ever waiting
For the soul destroying temptation
That is only YOU!
Come what may, here I’ll stay
This endless torment, forever & a day

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore R9

“just one night” he whispered
and so it began
Pure sin beckoned
I couldn’t wait to give in
Wrapped in his arms
Enslaved by his touch
I submerged myself
Ached to feel so much
Drowning addiction
Sublime affliction
Kiss me goodbye

#SlamWords #50thEdition #encore - round 10

Swept away on tumbling carnal tides
Drowning in pools of decadent temptation
We sank entirely beneath the waves

Surrendered to lust without inhibition
Laid ourselves bare to desperate craving
Lovers left trembling as the storm within raved


Stolen glances betray shy eyes
That linger to admire before they slide
Away with a rosy bloom upon cheeks
Prettily dimpled by a smile that seeks
To capture your heart and forever keep


#nail me down
Yet watch me rise
Cage my limbs
Remove my sight
All that you do
Shall be undone
If you only believe
In the Father and Son


In the quiet hours
When the world is still
Midnight comes creeping
To scatter my will

I hear his breathing
Footsteps in the dark
Inhibitions forsaken
His touch lit the spark

Drown my senses
Drench my soul
The scent of a lover
Permeates me whole

#madVerse #erotica280

Liquid crystal displays
Cascading colouration
Mesmerising view


Seduce my mind
My heart shall follow
Entrance me with images
Painted in vibrant strokes
Dance me across the stars
Entranced - enraptured
And I shall be forever yours


Tempestuous #seas
Beneath starry heavens guide
Horizons beckon


Surrendering to the inevitable
Hot commanding presence
Dominant & powerful
Drew me to the very edge
Ready to fall I let myself go
My #knight in shining armour
My haven from the world
Stoked my fire to roaring flame
Burned away my inhibitions
I’d never be the same
 #Erotica280 693

Upon your brow
A crown

Upon your lips
A kiss

Goodbye to #cares
My Prince


Melting away


Fading to nothing
Silence falls
All that’s left are
Haunting shadows
They knew me once
A long time ago
Those I loved
That loved me too
Just a memory now
Slipping away
Gone forever
Nothing left to say

#DarkLines 969
📸Sasha Vinci

#listen closely to the words I do not speak


T’was all in a whisper
Floating by
Surreal and surrounding
A baby’s breath sigh
Rumours did swirl
Knowing lips did smile
Yes t’was all in a whisper
Without too much guile

📸deposit photos


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #616 on: September 05, 2021, 02:28:02 pm »
#crimson rapturous nights


The clock struck midnight
Moonlight mellowed his face
Harshly planed angles
Framed a heated obsidian gaze
Like a moth to a flame
He drew me to my fate
Hypnotised and enraptured
I couldn’t look away


In #darkness shall we find sensual oblivion
Velvet midnight cloaking illicit desires
In carnal abandon shall we brand our souls
And roll entwined upon silken sheets
To burn upon pyres of voluptuous rapture
The taste of temptation sweet upon our tongues


Flavoured denials taste bitter
Though kisses sweetly contradict
Passion’s tart intense suffusion
Laced with ecstasy and thoroughly whipped


What the heart knows
The mouth shall not #admit


And then came the first colour of Autumn
To bathe the land in shades of gold
Mother Nature in all her flaming glory
Perfectly frames a landscape set afire

📸Joan le Jan

Random sonnets come easily to mind
Sweet flowing rhymes that dip and sway
Whenever I hear my name upon your lips
Sweeping me off my feet to dance me away
Far far away where the crowds do not go
Beyond the horizon to a place only we know

#iamwriting #poetry

An electric touch that sparked the flame
Delightful explosions rip through my frame
Sensory avalanche in full overload
Combusting my mind with a drawn out moan
You stole my heart without even trying
One touch was all it took and I was flying…

 #Erotica280 705

That sapphire gem upon her finger still sparkles as brightly as the day he slid it on. Yet those achingly blue eyes he once drowned in are just a little shadowed.  The morning glory of her once golden hair, now cascade in ashen spill.

#SlamWords #51stEdition - round 2/4

Lost among the shadows
A soul adrift in lengthening nights
Haunting the dark while searching
For a ray of light to break the constant Hell

#SlamWords #51stEdition #encore - round 9

Footsteps in the morning dew
Delicately follow the dawn’s path
As seasons turn once again
Autumn becoming Winter
She gathers close her glacial raiment
To re-awaken the land’s memory of frost

#SlamWords #51stEdition #encore - round 7

Beginnings lead to endings
And then begin once again
An endless spiral ever turning
And through it all ever changing
Racing in circles and barely holding on
We are the creatures seeking the reason
Trapped & encaged as amused Gods look on

#SlamWords #51stEdition #encore - R10

Lengthening days would curtail her excursions to the cemetery.  Folk thought she went to weep among the lonely gravestones, stone sentinels witness to a widow’s grief but none knew she went to renew the spells trapping his soul beneath ground.
#SlamWords #51stEdition #encore - R9

Captain of the football team
Their star Quarterback
#jock of the locker room
Nothing at all that man did lack

Respected by the team
Hell, all of his peers
Beloved of the ladies
Just listen to them cheer


Liquid persuasion
Tempting addictive palettes
Uisge beatha



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #617 on: October 04, 2021, 02:04:41 pm »
Those silent echoes
Felt deep within
A heart in torment
Caged in a prison

Of a heart torn in grief
For a loved one lost
Rendered and bleeding
Still counting the cost

The world spins on
While I remain apart
Still mourning the loss
Clutching my heart


Explaining nothing
My reasoning is my own
My body - my choice


Look in the mirror
Ancient eyes stare back at me
The past still breathing


Midnight solitude
Felines prowl in hunting mode
Predator terror


Never never land
Far beyond dreams, let us fly
Magic and wonder


Betrayal is the wound
Deep cut and bleeding
Oozing life drains yet
Though I still stand
Bent but not broken
Cursing your name
With bitter regret
Of that day long ago
When the world ceased
Turning and held its breath


“see you aroun’, Joe” he growled, chewing on a cigar

“you knew the #score when you joined” humourless lips almost sneer

“the boss ain’t good at forgivin’ those that cross the line an’ then you go an’ do it twice. Terminally stupid, Joe, terminally stupid”


A hundred bottles lined the shore
A tribute to the party the night before

The bodies of the fallen strewn all around
Hung over mementos collapsed on the ground


#glib words
in supine grace
from sly lips fall
honesty misplaced

beware the wolf
concealed as lamb
a predatory smile
for the prey so damned


with each word I wrote
 each letter placed
  one after the other
   the lock was picked
    the cage opened
     my soul set free
      to soar upon high
       for if I could not write
        then my soul would die


#venture into wonderland

Down the path
Through the rain
Around the oak
And back again

Ignore the looking glass
Don’t look back
Keep on walking
Avoid all the cracks

The queen is watching
The Mad Hatter too
Don’t ever stand still
Or they’ll catch you…


Don’t turn your back
Don’t turn away
My heart beats for you
It’s always been that way
You are the only one
The pulse within my blood
Slice me open to the core
& there you’ll find your name
Carved deep in the bone
To me it’s never been a game

#FromOneLine 103

Think not upon the coming night
As the sun sinks slowly from our sight

Wild creatures stir to roam the land
Callous of heart in what is planned

Blood shall flow in their cruel wake
Demons ride forth - the Earth to shake


Strawberry kisses
Dandelion wine
Summer madness
Moments in time

Lazing in meadows
Brooks babbling near
Gazing at clouds
All seemed so clear

The world was ours
We lived for the day
Enjoying each moment
The future far away


Swirling enigmas do veil the obscure
That which walks in moonlight is not always pure
Consider good fortune to be on your side
When stealing homeward that you are still alive

Art Mocah.org

Images unspooling in broken reels
Sepia tones to black and white
Those fading memories of bygone times
Haunting my heart to sink from sight


Treasure discovered
#diamond bright fixation
Greed burns deep
Lost redemption


Tears stream in #rivulets
Pouring from a soul
Drowning in torment
Never again to be whole


Blood moon rising
Do you sense the change?
Or hear the distant howling
Of a soul trapped in pain?
It’s coming for you
Somewhere in the night
Hiding within shadows
Uncaring of your plight

#SlamWords #52ndEdition - round 1

How hungry it is
Appetite unassuaged
Always stalking prey
From it there is no escape

So you can keep running
In fear for your life
Hiding beneath covers
Staying in the light

#SlamWords #52ndEdition - round 2

Silent screams echo within my mind
Frozen in fear, I’m locked in time
Brimstone breath so hot upon my cheek
I daren’t move though how it does reek

#SlamWords #52ndEdition - round 4

Within secret dungeons
my demons shall to seek
To slay and destroy
overcome and obliterate
I was a chained prisoner
with no hope of at all
But those shackles are gone
no longer trapped on the wall

#SlamWords #52ndEdition - round 5

With a sinister smile that slices my soul
I’m a fly caught in a web of unholy thrall
Those fangs descending that mesmerise
Drawn like a magnet to my own cruel demise

#SlamWords #52ndEdition - round 9

Ripped from the womb
Demon claws steal
Slaughterhouse nightmares
Bodies dripping so real

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore - round 1

All around the walls closing in
Cage, bars and locks
The outlook seriously grim
Poltergeist hauntings
Going bump in the night
Yet here in the cage
Things will be alright

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore - round 3

Nothing like the smell of freshly tilled soil on a chill morn.  Unless it’s a fresh grave with a body so worn. Broken lives buried with unspoken secrets. Except for the priest who has so much to fear. Watching where he treads. Hell so near.

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore R4

I loved once
A long time ago
A soulless creature
So much did he know
Seduced me with lies
Though cast no reflection
In the depth of midnight
He held me in thrall
To his chill benediction

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore - round 5

Pure terror gripped
A vice round my heart
Arterial sprayed red
My last heartbeat
Paranoia’s muse
In alabaster white
Smiled softly down
At my pathetic plight

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore - round 6/7

Born of fire
Hellish damnation
Trailing ashes
And brimstone
From a funeral pyre
Unadulterated evil
Some whispered behind
Praying on their knees
For a faith they’d never find

#SlamWords #52ndEdition #encore - round 8

A #stutter in time
A hesitation
A pause in the flow
A fluctuation
All in a moment
As two gazes meet
Captured forever
That love we did seek



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #618 on: October 23, 2021, 10:48:50 am »
Something’s coming on the wind
A stirring somewhere I’ve never been

Moonlit madness with demons cavort
Cotton candy nightmares in a hellish resort

With a quiet sense of dread I turn slowly to view
An obsidian cloak descend - the world to subdue

#MadCarnival #madVerse

Deep in the forest
Amidst Fall’s gilded wonder
There shall U find me
A blanket of gold I’ll be under

Leaves to be my bed
Vivid hues my vibrant veil
Blazing & colourful
All others shall pale

Roll in my glory
Taste the wild
Feast on my beauty
Yr senses beguiled

#Staggered steps leading me down
Uneven and ragged, round and round
Stygian silence welcomes me home
Away from the light, so far have I roamed
Darkness beckons with seductive guile
Goodbye cruel world, at least for a while


Darkness returns to soak the land
Steal every fading flickering light

A living death for the ones left behind
On their knees praying for the Fates 2 be kind

With a banshee wail the witching season arrives
Amidst brimstone & fire & a shout of “All Hail”
#MadCarnival #MadVerse

Black cat prowling in the dead of night
Wicked shadows creep just out of sight
Hark the scream of a soul dragged away
Lost forever in Halloween’s wild disarray
Witches gather in covens and smile
Stirring magical potions to bedevil & beguile


Come a little closer
Just a little bit more
For the tales I’m about to tell
Will chill you to the very core

Misdirection is my wicked skill
Deception the tool of my trade
Evil intent my secret thrill
Lost souls the currency I’m paid

#MadCarnival #MadVerse

"it would be #fun" they said
"you'll love it", they said
And then the wheel turned
I heard the Gods laugh
My blood became as ice
Light dimmed on my path
My world closed in tight
I'm a prisoner of the night


As #life ebbed away
     with the fading of the light
I whispered goodbye
      even as you said goodnight


In your eyes I've lived a thousand lives
From your tongue I've tasted paradise
Upon my soul your name is etched
You are my future sprung from my past


#strangers we were upon the dawn
as moths to a flame, so were we drawn

Exploring boundaries we didn't realise
We fanned the flames of raging desire

Image from Pinterest

Within my mind do dwell #monstrum
Scraping & scratching claws at my skull
They know my secrets & hidden desires
Softly taunting they slither & slide
Always there haunting my mind


With exquisite delicacy the blade is placed
Upon my heart which does urgently race
Hypnotic horror does slowly dawn
That he's playing to the crowd
This day to be my final morn

#madcarnival #madver

#trust is too hard
In a world so cold
Lessons are learned
Souls bought n sold
What is given freely
Cannot be retrieved
Keep your own counsel
Don't let yourself be deceived


Halloween nights beckon
Trick or treat - will you dare?
By the light of a silvery moon
Or the shadows beneath a stair
Whispers seducing lovelorn hearts
Drenching passions aching to start
Secrets spill in slow confession
My darkest wish - my carnal obsession


Crimsoning echoes in fiery array
Drape Mother Nature in full glory




Fierce torrents swamp all
Valiant warriors fight
Dark #forces still win


How sweetly they cry
Your children of the night
They welcome their Master
This cold Winter's night

Fly swift dark Lord
To your dread lair
A banquet awaits
Fresh blood is prepared

Soon to rest thy long lived bones
Upon earth freshly dug from your home

They come
Bursting forth
Obsidian nightmares
Hellfire damnations
Tormenting souls
Demonic possession

#darklines 586

#stolen moments coalesce
Cascading emotions spill
Secrets bared in shadowed doorways
Inhibitions unbuttoned / unleashed
Passionate conflagration burns
A smouldering pyre all that's left


To #crave
Your touch
Your taste



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #619 on: October 31, 2021, 11:51:38 am »
#craving his touch
His caressing breath


Shhhh gentle viewers
The #ceremony is about to begin

A scent of brimstone
Spark of flame
Wreak of vengeance
I conjure a Name
A gentle sigh
A soul is set free
Black as Hades
To drown in the sea


#Cerulean dreams
Silk or denim
Sense or sensuality


His words are the key
Unlocking my mind
Unleashing the craving
He so well defines

This #mood he commands
With a slip of his tongue
A touch of his hand
And I truly come undone

Addictive obsession
He stirs my soul
With wicked temptation
And inhibitions unfold


To tame the darkness without
She must tame the darkness within

Her demons torment with wicked glee
The angel struggling to be set free


Night falls
A sweeping shroud
Veiling the crime scene
A heart bleeding out

Cordolium devastation
No witnesses found
'cept the ghosts of our love
Still haunting the ground


In my words
Shall linger the
#trace of love


The #hunt was on
Challenge accepted
He looked everywhere
And I mean everywhere
His search technique
Let's call it that
Extremely thorough
And oh so deep
Ransacked my form
Wreaked sensual havoc
Tangled my senses
Left me spent
Aching for more


#accidents will happen
Best take care
Death and destruction
Await you out there

Am I scaring you?
Are you afraid?
Best stay at home, then
Where dreams are made


#Wicked intentions in quiet locations
Whispered secrets and lurid promises
In shadowed doorways deals are made
Thirty minute love affairs laid bare
Desperate cravings & hungry addictions
Lonely souls forever seeking lost connections


I know he's there
Watching, waiting
My #noctivagant shadow
Hiding from the light

While I sleep
He creeps about
I hear his steps
In the dead of night

His touch so soft
Upon my hair
I pretend I'm sleeping
Shivering in fear


The bell is rung
The book now closed
The candle snuffed out
To the world
You are a ghost
One last act
The final curtain call
As stage lights dim
Scrawled names on a wall
Too late for some
Prayers unheard
The Reaper shall come
To gather the accursed

📸 Aesthetics


Echoes of forever
you can hear them
on the wind
In the sigh
of lapping waves
upon a distant shore
Or in the softly spoken words
within a quiet country church
when we promised the earth
and oh so much more


Razor sharp scythe
With a #hellion grin
A soul gnarled & empty
Screams followed him
Slicing & dicing
He cut a mean swathe
Relishing the gory flood
In blood he wld bathe
Reaping the harvest
Souls by the score
By the light of the moon
Ghoulish craving 4 more

Autumn leaves swiftly #flee
Scurrying in copper clouds
Chased by capricious gusts
Clutching those last precious moments
Their Winter shroud a burnished glory


Breathing your name
Haunting melodies play
Your face in my mind
Nothing left to say
Memories hold me
Never let me go
Here I am left
Dancing in the shadows
Alone with my dreams
Feeling you there
A ghost felt
........ but unseen



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #620 on: November 21, 2021, 06:50:50 am »
I hear his key
Tumbling the lock
As I long
To be tumbled
By him
Those dark eyes
Lock with mine
Drawing me closer
His growled #murmur
Wraps around
A seductive cloak
My will to his bound
His touch profound


#Halloween creeps
Shadows do seep
A wolf howls
A mouse cheeps
Ghouls and ghosts
Zombie undead
From their tombs do rise
Hungering to be fed...🎃

Hypnotic colour
Kaleidoscopic chaos
A matter of taste


Thunder rolled
Lightning ****
My #chance came
Never going back!


Silence pervades
Anticipation builds
Senses reach out
Silken binds strain
A footstep
An exhale
The rasp of leather
The scent of a male
Ever closer
She breathes him in
Craving the attention
The depth of his carnal sin


Yeah she was the real deal alright. Made to make a man forget all his problems, at least for a night. Curves with no warning to lure a joe right in. An' send him cryin' back to mama afterwards. Call me a sap but those baby blues ripped out my soul.


Smoky interiors
Bourbon soaked air
Meeting in shadows
Passions laid bare
Sweet jazz playing soft
Lights turned down low
Inhibitions cast aside
No one need know
Strangers to lovers
Assignations every night
Wine #Chilling on ice
Somethings just feel right

🎨 Vettriano

Running in my dreams
Chasing all my hopes
#sleepwalking in the shadows
Hunting down those leads
I never can remember
How everything turns out
Awakening comes way too soon
And I'm left wondering
Wrapped in pensive doubt


Don't #sugarcoat it, darlin'
Just tell it like it is
You're leaving me for another
And on a night like this
She may cook just like mama
Fill your plate and more
But she can't do what I do
Dig up the bodies neath the floor


The thing I dread most
In the depths of the night
That blood chilling moment
A deafening silence blight
As thick mists still swirled
Shifting patterns did they make
Veiling blood soaked ground
Body parts hung on stakes
Festive garlands of gore
To decorate the shore

Burn, baby, burn *eyes bright in the flickering golden glow of the #campfire, lips curving in pleasure as flames leapt skyward to consume the writhing figure lashed in glorious splendour to the beam atop the smouldering pyre* give my love to the Devil when you meet*

Down dark alleyways
Lost among shadows
Where only the brave
Or the very foolhardy
Play Russian roulette
With what's left of their souls
Rent and torn eons ago
Love and lies and stereotypes
Bought and then sold
Searching for something
Lying in gutters
Gazing at stars


Look to the North
And wait and watch
Upon wild winds
Shall they sweep south
Riders on the storm
With banshee cries
Their swords and shields
Brandished high
Eager for blood
They ravage the land
Destruction their aim
Vengeance their plan

#SlamWords 2

To walk in the sun
The warmth upon my face
Is a dream, a fantasy
In my world so out of place
Endless night is my curse
A lonely path do I walk
Silent in the shadows
There's no need to talk

#SlamWords #53rdEdition R4

I'm hurricane drunk
And lost in the storm
Chasing tequilas
And bourbon shots
Drowning in memories
Numbing the pain
So set 'em up bartender
An' keep a rollin' tab
Things are just gettin' started
An' they're gonna get bad

#SlamWords #53rdEdition - R9

Clear skies that once were overcast
Sparkle with a brilliance I hope will last

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - r1

Time hangs heavy here in the bayou
Sluggishly slow as sweet molasses
Nights creep in with thick dense fog
To shroud the creatures of the dark
Ghosts of the past that linger still
The land of their birth and their kill

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R4

Kissed awake by morning frost
Mother Nature's chill blessing
The land a glittering jewel
& the heavens grew jealous
Envious of such dazzling shine
They called upon the lowering clouds
2 shield the radiance of the sun
& drown such brilliance

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R6

Chance of rain? I'd say its good

But not if you're planning on burying bodies out in the wood

Last storm that passed washed the ground clear away

Four Fingered Earl's still in prison to this day

Fool should've buried 'em way deeper

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R7

He swept into Tombstone like a prairie fire

Set the world to rights for the folks over there

Tornado Warning should've been tattooed on his head

If folks didn't follow his rules well they'd soon wind up dead

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R8

Counting down the seconds
How slowly they drag
When you're plummeting earthward
Wings clipped and on fire
Almost floating in a haze
Pressure falling all around you
Nothing more to lose
Just another soul hell bent
On giving the earth a bruise

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R9

A cascade of memories
Heavy showers of emotion
They rain down
Drenching my heart
Drowning my soul
Sweeping me away
Upon an ocean tide
To some lonely Island
Where I and my thoughts
Shall together long abide

#SlamWords #53rdEdition #encore - R10 (final)

Just #fingerprints
All that remain
Forever preserved
Locked in stone
Of a soul that lived
Breathed and loved
A long time ago
Yet as I touch
Trace their form
My soul remembers
Aches for what was
What can never be
Eternity forever
Between you and me


The lonely road we walk
Unfolding before us
Twisting - turning
Blind corners
Hidden bends
Sometimes with strangers
Sometimes with friends
Yet in the end
Always alone


Teasing lips curve in soft invitation
The half empty bottle of Jack lifted

"this'll cure whatever ails you*

A hand reaches out
Shots are poured
A silent toast offered
Both know the score

"Big Joe sends his regards"

Is all that's said
He slumps dead


Tender threads
Silken strands
Gossamer braids
That trap us all
Secrets & lies
Lost to the thrill
Illicit temptation
Seduced by the fall
Time & again
Cannot resist
The lure of his touch
Drawn to his kiss
Tormented by needs
Ah such bliss

🎨Ron Lesser

High heel temptation
At his command all night long
Stocking serenade


Cascading #ecstasy of emotion


What my mind long #forgot
My heart still remembers

🎨 vettriano

Think you can run?
Think you can roam?
The past is a noose
No "welcome home"

Cast out by the pack
Yet never running free
Hunted for blood
Always looking back

So fly little bird
But not too high
The fall is a long one
& you're still going to die

#DarkLines 591

He is my dark fix
My deep carnal addiction
I am his haven


#hypothetical scenarios
Playing on my mind
"What ifs"
"why nots"
The lies I might find
Do I want to know?
Do I really care?
Or let the night play out
Neath a street light's flare


Scatter diamonds across the heavens
Hang high a shining silver moon
Let stardust paint iridescent wonder
The Gods themselves do verily swoon


As the moon waned
Slid slowly from the sky
Shadows shifted
Morphed & pooled
Congealing dark disguise
#transmutation threat
They walk among us still
Cloaking dark intent
Hungering to kill
Without conscience
No pity at their core
Devil take the hindmost
This is war!


Weave webs of wicked temptation
Immerse my mind in passion's flame
#ensconce your voice inside my head
Drown out inhibition in your wild game
Command my will and I am yours
Carnal addiction the sensual disease
Your touch, your scent the only cure


With a silken flow
Mesmerising drawl
Words spilled from his lips
How #eloquently they did fall

Like a moth to a flame
I was drawn ...enthralled
Willing to burn
To sear my soul

#VerseAngel 509

He was brimstone and fire
Thunder and rage

She was a waterfall
A cooling cascade


His touch
His voice
His scent
His heat
A spell
A web
Of temptation
Lit a fire
A conflagration
My centre melted
I succumbed
His name a prayer
Upon my tongue


#shame would not be her master
Let them point and gossip
Spread their merciless poison
The past was another world
She'd outrun far worse
Yet still the rumours followed
Her neverending burden and curse


#inevitable or so they said
Crumbling fortunes to match their luck
Haunted souls scratching a living
Barely alive their spirits long gone
Nothing left but empty vessels
Wandering mildewed hallways
Drifting with the dust motes
Left to linger by an uncaring world

#horrorprompt 548

Think you can run?
Think you can hide?
Hot on your heels
I'll soon have your hide
Betrayal your mistake
Murder so much worse
I'll be your nightmare
Your demonic curse
Cold breath on your neck
Sharp teeth sinking deep
You'll never hear me coming
From the shadows I creep


She was a wish
The promise that he craved

He was her haven
White Knight bold and brave


One of a #kind
One of the best
No one like her
So different from the rest

And around her they gathered
No peace could she win
From the stares and the whispers
The neverending demanding din


A key in the lock
Step upon the floor
A single command
My knees hit the floor

#pulse rate quickened
I could barely breathe
The slide of his hand
Between my knees

Lips grazed my neck
Teeth tenderly nipped
His tongue an erotic lash
Over the precipice I tipped


Waste of a drink, Joe
Tossing it away
On a piece of trash
Who won't see the light of day
Man had it coming
Yeah, in spades 2
Ain't gonna lie, Joe
He got what was due
But the cops ain't gonna like it
If'n they ever found out
Say, from a little bird
Who knew where 2 shout


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