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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #600 on: January 03, 2021, 09:50:05 am »
They're very good. Thank you very much for sharing.


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #601 on: January 10, 2021, 02:11:44 pm »
Thank you


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #602 on: January 10, 2021, 02:21:25 pm »
Loquacious gossips
Intriguingly salacious
Yet I know the truth

My senses tell me
That he is near
They shiver & burn
But not in fear

My blood races
In hot anticipation
Of his hungry touch
That liquid sensation

He holds my mind
Sweeps me asunder
The gaze of a wolf
My soul to plunder

The prey of a #vampire
Lured to burn in his fire


#vexed am I
Nay, perturbed
Confused emotions
Up one day
Down the next
I am indeed #vexed
Locked in a spiral
Spinning too fast
I’m out of control
Praying this won’t last


Where do I go when the nightmares come
Thieves in the night to steal my tongue
I cannot scream, I cannot shout
They’re coming again without a doubt


Catch more flies with honey
She was the temptation
He the beguiled foolish fly
Dying to taste her
Never thinking to ask why
An elegant enigma walking
Insouciant in all she does
Cold blooded to her finger tips
Always “I” and never “us”

#image Alexei Karigov

Bathing in sensual sensation
Our reflections entwined
Snaked and curved lasciviously
While the mirror above dazzled
To our cries of satiation echoing
The neighbours banged their outrage
In carnal tandem to our writhing rhythm
Upon walls that shuddered as we did

Had I but one wish in the whole wide world
That he’d take my hand and about it his fingers curl
Safe in his hold my heart forever would be
But tis only a dream and forever my secret fantasy

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - round 1

Alone I walk, my mind far far away
Lost in thought upon my fate
To be denied the one I love
Kept far apart tho’ our souls be together
Memories alone cannot lessen the void
For an aching heart that has no choice
That fills in time remembering his voice
#SlamWords #43rdEdition r1/2

His touch is my sweet secret delight
In this most scandalous of dances
‘Neath the curious gazes in sight
With twining fingers we tantalise
And betray our hearts while
Twirling tendrils of rumours we hear
Rushing as water spilling over a weir

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R2

#snowdrifts and snowballs
Glacial whiteouts of chill fun
Snowflakes on my tongue


My name whispered upon his lips
So precious a sound always to treasure
The inner warmth when wrapped in his arms
Is a stolen gift that gives oh such pleasure
Betrayed by stations we cannot deny
We play our parts though our souls surely cry

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r3

When the darkness falls
& the demons come
Come back to me
& be the one
Who draws me out
Releases me from
These shackles & chains
The cloying doubt
Why did you leave?
Where did you go?
The demons just laugh
But I have to know

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r4

How far have I wandered?
How far did I roam?
On this endless quest
So very far from home

The ties of that life
Left so long ago
Still pull at my mind
Just won’t let me go

Would I the guts
The bravery
To face down my demons
& just let me be

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R5

Last night they came
To urge restraint
But I didn’t listen
A villain they’d paint
My heart’s true love
What did they know?
Rumours & hearsay
Whispers & lies
Not my sweet William
To all I’d deny
Shield our true love
& to the heavens I’d cry

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - R6

Oh they were masterful
Lords of all they surveyed
Confident in manner
Peacocks upon display
Managing families
Finance & estates
None dare disparage them
They’d meet a harsh fate
Or so they did think
But then again
Fortunes can change
In a blink

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore R7

Her gentle Spring’s touch delicately wove meadow grasses as she murmured soft words of beguiling enchantment

Soon he’d be hers forever more just as the Gypsy woman foretold as she sat within her mysterious forest bower

Soon she’d not be alone

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore r8

Surrender your heart
To the sublime wonder
Found in his arms
As your soul falls under
The spell he does cast
With every whispered word
Seduction in his gaze
The promises you heard

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore - r9

With a cold cruel smile she watched him disappear beneath the waves

“new beginnings” she murmured into the misty dawn

Pausing for one last pleasurable moment to watch the final few bubbles expire on the surface

“enjoy your swim” she smirked

#SlamWords #43rdEdition #encore r10


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