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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: July 17, 2020, 12:55:22 pm »
Long hot August nights
Deny illicit cravings
Your pleasure is mine


A quiet conversation
Where no one knows us
In some little bistro
Without any fuss

This feeling I get
Whenever you’re near
A bond invisible
Yet oh so clear

Intangible shadows
Cloaking our secret
Long lingering looks
No words are needed


Watch me walk away
The past a trailing anchor
Cast adrift and sunk

Tango at midnight
Lead me beneath silver stars
In rhythm in love


Desire is a flame
Nurture it to fiery life
Burn oh baby burn 🔥


Let my aching soul drift away
Upon gentle intertidal ruffles
Floating beneath crayola skies
I dream of you and fantasise
Of what may be in a perfect world
Beyond the misty caliginous shores
Where you can at last be mine
And I can be forever yours


Look no further now
Sleight of hand betraying hearts
Downfall of affairs


Look on the bright side
Happiness is infective
Smile and others smile


In the heat of his devouring gaze
Every night is just the same
I dance for him and none other
Gold is the shade of our exchange
He doesn’t speak nor do I
In this charade we do not lie
He is my protector in a cruel world
But when I dance my dreams unfold
#sensewrds 449

By the light of a silvery bashful moon
Shyly peeping from behind a cloud
Dance me to the far side of heaven
Far from the chaotic madding crowd


Down down down below
Underground shall we now go
Long lost forgotten souls
Vaults of seething dead
In the catacombs far below the street
Obsidian depths our eyes do seek
Looking for what I do not know
But I know it’s close
Down down down below

465 #DarkLines
📸Travis Grossen

“Drugs, my love?” her cool gaze resting for an instant upon my face

“#anathema to me” lips curling in wry self-mockery

“this is my only drug now” indicating her smouldering cigarette

“those days are a memory now”

then, after a humourless laugh

“a dark memory” 


She had the kind of looks that would stop a raging bull in his tracks, make him forget what he’d been raging about & want to give it all up an’ go roll in a field somewhere

She had the kind of acreage that a man could spend a lifetime sowing wild oats and cultivating


Of smoke and shadows shall U be
conjured from mysterious splintered reality

Ensnared fascination in a world gone mad
you’re a wicked illusion - a soul gone bad

So come lie with me in this cruel endless dream
 where everything is tumbled - not what it seems

#cornflower eyes
Cherry red lips
Cotton candy cheeks
Shadow dusted lids

Whatever you want
Is what she’ll be
Your private dancer
For all eternity

Within your mind
Obsidian depths
She’ll live forever
You have to accept



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #586 on: August 09, 2020, 12:26:54 pm »
#dusty petals strewn
Where lingering shadows mourn
Hidden from the sun


I taste your name upon my tongue
Bittersweet rapture in the morning sun
The space beside me has grown so cold
Without your heat and passion so bold

Tread lightly
Though you may know the path
Proceed gently
Though this world may be known
This is my dreamscape
Don't shatter it


Between them
I sit
Their only child
Not knowing what to say
Replaying our life
The good & the bad
The laughs along the way


Each breathless second
Measured in pulsation
Stretched taut
Upon a rack of sensation
Anticipation burns
Once more


You are the one
I cannot regret
You are the one
I shall not forget
Your touch
Your voice
Your very soul
Calls to me still
Echoes within
Feeds my need
Keeps me whole
So think of me
In dead of night
My arms around you
Holding so tight


Yesterday’s tears
As diamonds upon glass
Carve silent tracks
Salty streams
To bathe flushed cheeks
In warming balm
Of sweet forgiveness
For all my sins


You are the drum
I am the beat
Drawn to your rhythm
Savouring the heat

With a single touch
I’m on sweet fire
Set me wildly aflame
A passionate pyre


Look in the mirror
And what do I see?
Experience and wisdom
Looking back at me


Destiny is for others
Those for whom the Gods
In capricious whim
Have a wicked purpose
What was written in the stars
Now in the heavens realigned
And I am left wandering
A soul long forgotten
Awaiting my time
Awaiting my rebirth
Not knowing what I’ll find...


Walk on the wild side
Animalistic passion


Be it Heaven or Hell
Life is what you make it
You can take a one way ticket
Or maybe spin in circles
It’s all up to you
And how you face it
Running from your demons
Tearing down the hill
Straight into Purgatory
A sad end to it all

📸Felicia Simion

I looked for you
In the dead of night
My dreams so haunted
Your touch so light

I hear your voice
Echoing still
That secret need
Stealing my will

Addicted to you
My secret craving
There is no escaping
There is no saving


His lips spilled promises
oh so sweet
I could not resist
I was too weak
And so he took me
By the hand
Beguiling my mind
With mysterious plans
I was completely
Under his spell
Mesmerised by his voice
Oh so swiftly I fell


Velvet brown
Dark as sin
With just one look
I’m drowning within

A wicked smile
Curl of the lip
I’m melting fast
Aching to sip

Can you feel it?
Hot and sweet
Driving me wild
A burning need


He was a fire banked
Embers aglow
But awaiting the scent
Of her sweet surrender
To arouse the beast
And seduce her below


How hard the Big Easy
Neath a Creole moon
As the Fleur-de-lys shines
& the voodoo dolls croon

Beads & brass bands
In the depth of the night
Intoxicate the city
Bathed in neon light

So take my hand
We'll swing til we're dead
Dance thru the night
Paint the town red
#PoemTrail 469

How silent the night
Beneath an #iridescent moon
Whether prey or predator
Her silver caress captures all
To enrapture and entrance


It’s a lonely road
To Hell and back
Strewn with memories
Fade to black

Where do dreams go?
As we awaken
Lost and forgotten
They are forsaken

In song & silence
We do remember
Those we loved
Each cold December

#image credit: Aesthetic

Dancing as if her emotions were exploding within
Unable to contain the seething cascade
Held down too long they were a keg awaiting the spark
And as the guitars played in fantastical rhythm
She unleashed the wildness within held too long in the dark

#SenseWrds 454

Surrender to me
In the misty veil
As the world falls away
It’s so surreal

With senses surrounded
I’m touching the void
Drowning in sensation
My will no more buoyed

Whirling in motion
Caught in your spell
I’m a unicorn dancing
All the way to Hell

📸I. am_ nah
#DarkLines 470

There once was a Roman named #Calculus
A big strapping fellow with a big strapping abacus

No one did it better in all sorts of weather
With fingers flying he summed hell for leather


Blues & back-roads
Always in my blood
Seeping from the soul
Saxophones do weep
Haunting my mind
Weaving a sultry spell
I’m drawn into their web
Surrounded by rhythm
Heart & bones tremble
To the addictive lure of
A New Orleans magician

📸1) Bruce Weber 2) Comstock

Morning in mourning
A veil of tears
The day of the funeral
Goodbye to those years
And the future ahead
We’ll not get the chance
Now that you’re dead
I love you still
My blessed friend
& forever shall remember
The smile in your eyes
Your heart so tender


Behind the light
Fading fast
A Summer feeling
Now in the past
& reminiscences
Of a time long gone
Names and faces
I try to remember
But in the sunset mystery
They are but embers
Fading so fast
The cruelty of dementia


The first thing I do, when waking up, is listen, just listen, to the chirping and singing of the glorious Dawn Chorus as the world awakens, too. 

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R1

For but a fleeting moment in endless millennia, it all came to a halt & silence reigned. The hum of traffic quietened to nothing and all we saw were vehicle-empty streets.  Then the world kick started spinning & streets filled again.

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R7

Joe, you look like a bum *striking a match to light the Marlboro dangling from his lip* do you even know what “formal” means? *a cynical twist to my lips as I gave a cool once over to his casual ensemble* the flip flops will have to go!

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R8

A gentle nudge would be all it took
No one would know nor even look
Just one little push and over he’d fall
He’d not see it coming - no chance to call
No kick in the ass for you my friend
You’ve had it coming - this is the end

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R3

With each breath upon my neck he coils my inner tension tighter, each word growled to my ear draws me closer to the edge. How expertly he holds me poised, teetering, begging until I’m falling into relaxed bliss held in the haven of his arms.

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R5

Each one so perfect, so singular & unique
So perfectly formed - each a mysterious wonder
Yet each so fleetingly fragile in its perfection
No carbon copy could ever do justice
To the magical mystery of our glorious Mother Nature

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R9

As the cacophonous world quietens, fades away, there’s just you & I here & so much to say.  But, as we share a long look, it’s all left in the past, words not needed. It all comes down to this - memories & love & once upon a time...

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R10 (final)


How blessed is
The gift of words
Expressing the complex
In kaleidoscopic imagery
Weaving tapestries of emotion
Drifting upon a flow of ink
Steered by sentiment
Writers chart a course
Straight to the heart
The very heart and soul
Of the spellbound reader


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #587 on: August 22, 2020, 11:00:06 am »
Daydreaming fantasies
Drifting lazily
Almost meandering
Picturesque clouds
Within my mind
Maybe today
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe never
There’s no rush
No pressure at all
When the time is right
I’ll surely know
It’s my choice
After all

It came sudden upon us
We fell to the ground
Praying so hard
Neath that rumbling sound

Tis only thunder
Rolling on by
Beating the heavens
The gods’ rallying cry


Those whispering voices
That whirl in my head
Seductively promise
Belay all my dread

I am the puppet
The unwilling marionette
My strings being pulled
My destiny now set


“Full of body” the Sommelier intoned, voice rich with dark humour he poured the Macabre Vintage with exquisite delicacy.

A heady bouquet enveloped my senses & with a sigh I surrendered to the seductive influence on my tongue.

Then the nightmares began

474 #DarkLines

Barely there
On the edge
A shadow memory
Out of reach
My wistful reverie
My lost daydream
Trying to hold on
Wil o’ the wisp
It slips
A flicker of light
Fading to black
And I’m left alone
Wishing it back

📸Indie Danielle Harris

Illicit nuance
Secret passionate craving
Loving obsession


Silent rumours swirl
Obsessesive confidences
Lies and denials


Master and commander
To me you are both
Holding me captive
Tethered to the post

The clock is ticking
But not for me
Got nowhere else to go
Got nowhere else to be

But here in the dark
Seduced by your touch
Your lips and your tongue
That offer so much

#SenseWrds 461

#zero to hero
It’s now or never, my friend
Swallow hard - be brave


#one is the loneliest number
But only in your head
It is also the greatest freedom
Nothing in it to dread



Runnin’ ain’t so wise
Do the crime then do the time
Big Lou is waiting...


She was a rhapsody of shadows
A sublime symphony of sensuality
Supine in seductive submission
She was the very artful composition of sin


My Master’s voice

I have no choice

Draws me in as no other

My wickedly illicit lover


I curl around you
In my dreams
All through the night
You calm my screams

You are the darkness
Keeping demons at bay
Your strength my bastion
Because they don’t want to play

So wrap me close
Hold me tight
Be the knight I need
All through the night

Like cheap confetti
You shredded my heart
With your words and actions
Twas time to part

We had a good run
Twas too good to last
The rumours and lies
Millstones of the past

So sling your hook
There’s the door
Take a long walk away
Can’t be with you no more


Walk on by
Just keep on moving
Nothing to see here
It’s a mystery

Shadows and wraiths
All that is left
Of a life in the fast lane
A family bereft

What the heck happened?
Guess we’ll never know
Why they were speeding
The sign said Go Slow


Home is in your arms
Wrapped up ever so tight
Home is wherever you are
My hero
                My white knight


You growled my name
How could I resist?
In that husky tone
Of dark carnal promise

Like a moth to the flame
To you I was drawn
Mesmerised by your charm
So I stayed until dawn

Escaping my world
The shackles and rules
My spirit set free
To shine like a jewel


How bittersweet the pain
The exquisite slice
That writhes through my senses
That feels so damned nice

Rapturous euphoria
Marquis de Sade
The pleasure addictive
Lies behind the facade

So moral and proper
Or so people think
I’m a mystery walking
Change in a blink

Warm caress of a cynical stare
Stirs my craving
Lays me bare
A Devil’s smile from cruel lips
Mercilessly tempts me to take a sip
Our gazes lock with nothing said
No promises made ‘cept for bed
I’m a moth succumbing to a flame
Enjoying the chase
The seductive game

📸Fabian Perez

Who am I when the sun goes down?
It’s not who I am when the sun shines bright
Shackled by society’s rules during the day
I shed myself as the day sheds light
Trailing inhibitions now left in my wake
I’m a wild child dancing until day break



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #588 on: September 02, 2020, 01:37:17 pm »
Warm caress of a cynical stare
Stirs my craving
Lays me bare
A Devil’s smile from cruel lips
Mercilessly tempts me to take a sip
Our gazes lock with nothing said
No promises made ‘cept for bed
I’m a moth succumbing to a flame
Enjoying the chase
The seductive game

📸Fabian Perez
Within your eyes
I found love
Within your arms
I found heaven
Within your words
I found peace


#quantity was vital as hell when your haulin’ dynamite, flyin’ downhill, the brakes on fire an’ a dead end ahead. Prayers flew furious an’ fast, boots pushin’ the brake thru the floor, white knuckled grip haulin’ on the wheel.  All the angels in heaven can’t save his ass.

This kiss that betrays
Moon-thrilled desires
Bound in passion’s web
Amidst ropes of pearls
We bathe in rapture
Drenched in carnal dew
Pleasure soaked
We catch our breath
In aching anticipation
To dance once more
In the arms of Eros


Office etiquette
Deplorable ambition
Wages of pure sin


Awaken the spirit
Unlock the heart
Free the mind
Unleash the soul


Too long the demons
Screaming within
Scraping my mind
Whispering sin

A fractured mind
Splintering soul
Unhinged and lost
Withered - not whole

Swallowed by the dark
Consumed by shadows
The light long forsaken
In Hell far below

477 #DarkLines
📸Josh Clifford

In a fountain splendour
The heavens rained down
Canyons of amber stars
Upon weary windswept lands
Dazzling in myriad ways
They cascaded beauty
And brilliance all around
Colouring the pages of time
One by one in jewelled hues
And the Gods did smile


On days like these
& others, too
I sit by the fire
& think of U
Haunted memories
One by one
Float thru my mind
The past isn’t done
Not by a mile
Still shaping my will
Directing with guile
Yr still winning
Weaving yr web
Demonically spinning

478 #DarkLines
📸Mystic Arts Design

Ride a unicorn
Dance with faeries in wild glens
Midsummer madness


Whirlwind sonata
Sonorous orchestration
Dance me to the edge



Thick and heavy
Like sweet molasses
The air did hang
That August night

June bugs dancing
Cicadas calling
Spanish moss waving
What a beautiful sight

Carnal temptation
How could I resist?
His look that burned
That hot August night


In some woodland glade
Machiavellians meet
The Earth theirs to seek

#scifi #haiku #scifaiku
(📸Claudio Pilia)

Reflections of me
Do I see in you
Your gentle smile
All that you do

My own dear miracle
A dream come true
A blessing forever
I’ll always love you


Within my mind
Deep n dark
Where stories live
The creative spark

Feeling the words
Flow from my soul
The ink that heals
Never grows old

Spilling the verse
Upon virgin white
I could do this forever
Definitely all night 😈

Talk to me of wonderful things
Hobbits, elves and golden rings
Weave a tale mysterious and old
Of wizards, dragons and courage so bold



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #589 on: September 16, 2020, 02:23:56 pm »
So many miles we have to go
Worn with fatigue and feeling so low
The land of our own we now have to leave
Death in our wake and no time to grieve
A “Trail of Tears” one day shall it be known
Seeds of tragedy are they now sown

📸Robert Lindneux
Gently swaying in hypnotic rhythm
My senses sonorously succumb
Lyrically speaking we were in perfect step
Our syncopated moves in the right groove
Finding notes we didn’t even know were lost
Through the night locked in sensual harmony


Her web spun, well planned seeds planted, she lured the fly in, drawing her unsuspecting prey closer with each beguiling glance from those thick lashed ebony eyes that promised heaven and so much more...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 1

Warm and sultry, the very air hung heavy with promise that August night in the Louisiana bayou as gentle waves lapped cool and silky against her naked moon kissed thighs.  How long would he keep her waiting, her hunger for his touch growing...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - R2

Mesmerised by the hypnotic timbre of his voice, as if each consonant and syllable were richly dipped in chocolate and savoured, my senses shivered in anticipation of what I knew not, only that I seemingly couldn’t live without knowing...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 5

Tongues did wag in garrulous exposition
From behind net curtains in condemnation
Nosy biddies with nothing better to do
Than sit and gossip until they were blue

#SlamWords #39thEdition - R3

And so I sit and dream the day away under a restless sky, a deep-seated longing for more than this burning in my breast. His touch like fire brands me still, he holds my heart, my very will.  I am the moth, he is the flame, sere my flesh with his name
#SlamWords #39thEdition - R6

The slap of his leather glove upon the other’s rough shaven cheek was a bold declaration of murderous intent, his piercing  hooded gaze almost lethal in its bold directness. No trace now of the tender passion that had brought him to this point...
#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 7

Wild & reckless
Like the free blowing wind
She raced Thru life
Trailing a path of sin
Bohemian charm some did say
But she knew better
Twas the madness within
Spilling out every way
So fast did she run
Escape her past
Leave all behind
Lost in the dust

#SlamWords #39thEdition - r4

Heading down the back straight like a rocket sled on rails, making up time for the imposed slow start, he raced round the track, scrambling like mad to close the gap on the lead car, tyres furiously spewing gravel in his wake...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 1

With casual ease he eased down beside her, his muscular thighs flexing though his nervous tension was betrayed by the set of his mouth, those lips she adored now clamped together as he worked out how best to tell her the cruel news...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 2

It’s was “catch & release” day down at the ole creek today and boy they were reelin’ them in faster than Ole Bob could count ‘em!   And it was so chaotic that no one noticed the grizzled tomcat sneaking one or two back to the barn...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 3

“such a serious demeanour” she mused, a single red tipped talon smoothing the frowning crease upon his sweating brow, the playful intent within her action at odds with the malicious gleam in the depths of her ebony gaze “relaaaaxxxx”

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 4

Such a quiet little village, nestled in the valley where sweet little honeysuckle draped cottages dozed in sleepy unconcern of the wider world around. So when the war came the uproar caused echoed for decades and place was never the same.

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R5

As acres of moribund asphalt gave way to fields of verdant green, Mother Nature felt her spirits lift from the ashes of despair to see her land restored to the beauteous fertile treasure she so adored...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 6

Too long spent holding back, denying her true nature, always being someone else, who she believed they wanted to see.

Poised upon the edge, fledging wings unfurling, screaming her name she dived in to a bustling world ready to FEEL.

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 7

Emotions fragile as paper boats
Set free upon an endless ocean
Of coalescing feelings of hunger
Stirred up by desires and emotions
Brought to life at your masterful touch
The rough growl of your voice
That I love so very much

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 8

“how very singular” she primly stated in an arctic tone, one exquisitely plucked eyebrow arching in cool contemplation of the rugged male lounging in unabashed naked repose upon the bed “one presumes you’re not here to tuck me in”

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R9

The last goodbye on some lonely field
The sound of war echoing around
Gazes locked in furious emotion
“until we meet again”
Murmured in fevered devotion

“come back to me”
Who said it we’ll never know
Slowly they parted
Watched each other go

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R10

Every breath he took seared
Burned me to my very core
A Fire Breather from Hell’s domain
Left me craving ever more

Every touch trailed sensory sparks
Branding my flesh with his name
Screaming aloud as the rapture burst
My world would never be the same
481 #Darklines
📸Ryan Cryar

Captured moments
Treasured forever

Between the pages of my mind
Pressed and secretly savoured

Fading scents
Of Summer days

All take me back
To when we played

And danced in the sun
With innocent hearts just begun

📸1) Ashique Ridwan 2) Lisa Silva

To walk a lonely path
Aimlessly meandering
Seeking what I do not know
Only that I’m missing you


I lingered longer than I thought
Lazing in the fading Summer sun
Drenched in somnolent lassitude
Just people watching with some wine
What a pleasant way to spend some time

#SenseWrds 470

Guilt and paranoia
I now call them my friends
Each day that slowly passes
The torment never ends

Tired of keeping secrets
The burden is too much
Just who am I protecting?
Time to kick away their crutch

📸1) Alessio Albi 2) Ars Thanea

Tread soft upon the shadows
Of the past that haunt us yet
In the small wee hours
When all is silent, dark & still
Disturbed memories shift in murk
To cloud the mind & steal the will
For the eye of the storm has focussed
And within it Demons do lurk

482 #DarkLines

Turning back
#widdershin style
Covering my tracks
Could take a while

The future looks bleak
Don’t want to go on
Rather live in the past
Before things went wrong


Beguile me not
Thou wayward spirit

Though your words
In seductive tones
Tease my senses
Reward my moans

As the last rays fade
And dark shrouds all
The shackles do loosen
My wild side calls

I cannot fight what I desire
What you awakened in me
And set of fire

#sensewrds 472

Stimulating words
Passion enunciated
Carnal lubricant


Night falls fast
Will you as well?
Or will you rise

Taking flight
Soaring above
The dying light

Of a flickering flame
Almost lost in the dark
As night falls to snuff the spark


Liquid sensation
Fiery trails of temptation
Desire turns molten

#haikuLust #haiku #poetry

And so he walks
The lonely streets
Life on hold
Stuck on repeat

No way back
He burned his boats
A long time ago
Now nothing floats

Don’t weep for him
Wasting your time
He’s a shadow now
A cypher of crime


And so he walks
The lonely streets
Life on hold
Stuck on repeat

No way back
He burned his boats
A long time ago
Now nothing floats

Don’t weep for him
Wasting your time
He’s a shadow now
A cypher of crime



Mother Nature
Adorned in gold
Burnished in bronze
Autumn so bold

She’s a beauty indeed
Without compare
Glowing and vibrant
In the still Autumnal air



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #590 on: October 10, 2020, 09:02:49 pm »
Why bother to explain?
Why bother to care?
You wouldn’t listen
Completely unaware

Of the pain you caused
That cut so deep
That left me bleeding
Too shocked to speak

Captivate my mind
Invigorate my senses
Whip me to frenzy


What would you do?
If I took your hand
Held it to my heart
Whispered your name
In the hush of night
When all is silent
Shadowed and quiet
With none to see
Me bare my feelings
My naked emotions
Stripped of artifice
To stand before thee
Just as I am
What would you do?


These stolen moments
Fragments of time
Illicit assignations
Make believing you are mine


A glass of red
Or should that be white?
Should I be waiting
Willing and soft
Or should I go out
Be gone when he arrives?
These are the questions
Swirling within
All just too comfortable
When we craved illicit sin?


& so time ticked down
Fragments of a life ill spent
Uncaringly tossed
Lingered within his eyes
Scent of Provence heavy
Cloaking his senses
He knew she was near
Burdened by guilt?
The truth she held
Cold as her heart
Key to his redemption
A secret she’d not impart

#SenseWrds 474

A #collage of memories
Each one unique
Never to be forgotten
Treasured within


Crimson lit up the glittering night sky
At the very hour his soul took flight
I lit some candles and said a prayer
As he left this world without a care
His hand in mine, I whispered “goodbye”



Just another day, just another man
Banging on doors, selling what he can

#colporteur pamphlets tossed in his wake
No one willing to listen to his take

On sin and forgiveness in this cruel town
People going to Hell and it’s a long way down



How #anfractuous the mind
That twisted, contorted
Beyond the laws of physics
The essence of truth
To escape the conviction
The hangman’s noose
That awaited his dying jig



With wicked fingers he plays my senses
Strumming a tune that weaves a spell
Saturating my mind with carnal images
Overheating emotions that surge and spill
Crying aloud - drowning in drenching fire


I see you there
Hiding - watchful
You haven’t a prayer

I hear you breathing
Blood rushing
Heart beating

I am the darkness
Never ending night
Hungering to feed
You’re in my sight

Come a little closer
Almost there
The abandoned light
Conceals my lair

#DarkLines 486

Talk to me when the wild winds blow
Of Summer lands unburdened by snow
Where spirits soar and souls revive
With the simple joy of love and being alive


The promise of what could have been
Still lingers in shadowed corners
Suffusing the lazy sun dappled air
Dust motes gently swirling
Trailing confusedly in yr wake
Shrouding as they slowly fall
The tattered remnants of my soul
Left bleeding out upon the floor

Ethereal whispers swirled
The book closed
Thudded to the floor
As the flame flickered
Guttered & died
The darkness breathed
Shrouding us all
Bell book & candle
We knew it well
But the bell hadn’t rung
We were too late
Never-ending night
To B our fate

“drunk and disorderly” the Officer said, thrusting the weaving miscreant forward by the scruff of his neck

“#obstreperous turd” the miscreant’s father muttered, reaching around the Officer, to land a head slap of stunning proportions upon his wayward son


Just breathe...
His scent surrounding
Consuming my senses
Seducing my mind
Soft brush of lips
No words needed
I savour the desire
Hungry for more
My flesh quivers
Aching for
The #spill of emotion
Cascade of sensation


Momma done birthed a drifter
It’s the highway vagabond life for me
Fell outta nest when I got too big
Ain’t never goin’ back, ain’t nothin’ there
Blowin’ where the wind blows
Got no ties to hold me down
I’m a tumbleweed rollin’
From dead end town to dead end town


Perusing the map
Latitude or longitude
Call me Columbus


Creeping fog swirls in a sluggish miasma, shapes and shadows shifting within, swarming ghosts behind the veil they croon and wail in desperation to breach the ethereal wall and my flesh crawls at their demented sound, knowing I must pass but how...?


Losing myself in the vision of you
The scent, the touch, the heat of you
All that I am and all that I need
Is all that you are and my soul now freed

📸 Mario Sanchez Nevado

the wicked allure of a beguiling tongue bewitches my mind with images that deliver an illicit thrill as I savour the carnal intent within the atmospheric universe you’ve designed so well

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r1

a stab of light thrusts without warning between paint-**** walls, scattering a twist of shadows to the corners where they writhe and contort in demonic fury...

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r2

trapped in a cacophonous world where furious noise drowns everything out, the loudest sound is a breaking heart, a soul screaming in the throes of death while bemused people ask “did you feel that?”

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r3/4


an uneasy silence lingers with anticipatory dread, malignant and malevolent, it crushes the listener as fading echoed footsteps dwindle even though you’ve not left, I still feel your chilling presence looming within shifting shadows...hungering

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r6

the harsh slice cuts bone deep, the feel of the blade exquisitely precise upon my parting flesh, a rosy bloom slipping forth in deliciously growing profusion to focus scattered thoughts in euphoric rapture as a demonic tongue laps indulgently

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r8

shrouding darkness falls, consuming the fading awareness of a screaming mind now cruelly leashed by demonic shackles that deny one last question from dry **** lips, the dehydrated husk that is all that is left, a trophy for the Devil’s wall

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r9


“never again” are easy words to say when there’s no temptation to lure you away from a righteous path now strewn in broken promises but a bloody vow made upon my bleeding heart cannot be broken, there’s no restart and a debt must be paid...

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r10

“twas the beginning of the end” folks cried out as they clasped their loved ones close, fearful eyes upon the encroaching hoards that swarmed the land, the flashpoint now forgotten in the apocalyptic conflagration

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r1

How cruel the slow scrape of time
Watching myself wither with no reason or rhyme
Once I was young, full bloom of youth
Now I am old, there is no harsher truth
Remember me as I would be
Not as I am, a dying tree

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r2

the exsanguinated cadaver
abandoned upon the floor
left no clue of
what went before

eviscerated by a hand
delirious with glee
the malevolence inflicted
was chilling to see

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r3

Etched in acid, such a beautiful design, the words fluently flowed upon the wall.  Crimson in shade, merciless in tone, they promised a reckoning & coming soon.  Denial was futile, he couldn’t run, for a target was upon him, the hunt begun.

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r4

Ambushed in the alley
Nowhere to run
Guess this is the end
Three against one

But I like those odds
Got nothing to lose
C’mon, boys!
Show me your best moves

No clue as to why
Well not really true
Double crossed Fat Sam
Time to pay my dues

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r5

On a road to nowhere
Nothing going right
Dead End ahead
Or so the sign said
Should’ve seen it coming
That kind of night
Pedal to the metal
Full throttle all the time
No turning back
Sharp turn ahead
Couldn’t care less
💋momma goodbye
Sorry for the mess
#SlamWords #40thEdition R6

“Too little too late” the words rattled in my head

“why’d you hesitate?” I tortured myself with what might’ve been

But my conscience just snorted and said it was off to bed muttering about warning signs I was too dumb to heed

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r7

Welcome to the Midway!
Roll up, roll up!
Come one and all
Thrills & chills
Games of skill
Test your mettle
Upon our rack
Stretch your senses
Open your mind
Cast fears aside
Take a chance
Cavort with a ghoul!
Drive yourself mad
Be nobody’s fool


Forbidden allure of addictive seduction
Divinity’s dark path to the carnal side
Deserving delights in secret locations
Consume lingering caresses between soft moans
As passion flares in volcanic conflagration


Lay me down
In sweet meadows blooming
Where wild flowers grow
In all manner of profusion

Sip from my lips
The sweet nectar of love
While clouds scud by
In the heavens above


Bizarre exchanges in the depths of the night
Lingering glances between liquid eyes
Betray strange encounters in dark alleyways
Chance and circumstance their unknown allies
Where secrets and lies swirl in wicked abandon


Those eyes that once sparkled
Now dull with fatigue
Those lips that once smiled
Now thin with dismay
Where did she go?
That woman I once knew
Where did she go?
Who are you?
The mirror was silent
In sympathy or reproof?
How harsh time has been
Thief of my youth


Meet me in October
Neath glowing nature in bloom
Autumn passion stirs


from the shadows
always watching
I feel their gaze
stripping me naked
nowhere to hide
nowhere to run
I’m a puppet dancing
at the end of strings
held tight by a master
and the nightmare he brings

📸: Alexas_Fotos


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #591 on: October 20, 2020, 01:41:21 pm »
Frantic scrabbling at the door
Falling thru on to the floor
Furious kisses land where they must
Enslaved by a passion - burning lust
Clothes scattered where they will
Craving the illicit thrill
Confessions can wait - we cannot
This 1 last time, this 1 last fu...
You feeling lucky?
Come take a spin
The wheel awaits
Good fortune for you
Or a bloody gruesome fate
Show us what you’re made of
Sugar n slice? 😳
Strap in and hold on
This ain’t gonna be nice!


They came to #chat
From far nwide
2 metres apart
No longer side by side

Where have they gone
Those good old days
When 10pm was just starting
Now we’re sent our separate ways

Let’s hope they return
Be4 the fun is all gone
& we’re all automatons
No longer seeing anyone

In hidden valleys
Sweet rolling hills
Raindrops fall gently
As kisses they spill
Flowing in trails
They map rosy flesh
In carnal contours
That you know best
A whirlpool sensation
Tightens the need
The craving grows deeper
For the hot spill of seed

Stripped of defences, I’m  #naked before you
With eyes wide open, I’ve nothing to hide
What you see is truly what you get
The woman you knew that was trapped deep inside


Beware the looming shadow
He’s coming for you soon
Feeding on your every fear
Neath a blood red moon

A killer clown turned loose
Hungry for your blood
The dark times are coming
Beware the demon flood


In sweeping arcs of a dazzling blade
My misbegotten ways he bade
Me cease forthwith - this very moment
#describing what would be my torment
And with a cruel flick of the wrist
That sprayed wide a crimson mist
He slashed me to the very core
& so thereafter I was no more


My life is a #movie
My death even more so
What cannot be imagined
Then truth shall they forego


Some call it #stalking
Obsessive fascination
Mourning desires


Betrayed and branded
By fire am I forged
Hell’s Gate awaits me
My destiny torched

Death defying by turn
Inescapable fate
Ringmaster of Torment
Patiently he waits

Tongue of a serpent
Wiles of a fox
He binds me tightly
Locks me down in a box


Play me soft as you fall asleep
Strum my senses with every sweep
Of fingers warm upon my cheek
Orchestrate my nocturnal lullaby


“By the light of a silvery moon...”
he sang in a deep velvet croon

Loading the rifle with bullets of silver
The #hunt was on and he’d deliver

A head or a limb, the heart would be sweet
He’d slice ‘em and dice ‘em
Lay their corpses at her feet


#drunk on your scent
It enfolds me
Delirious pleasure
My drug of choice
Passionate infusion
Elixir of desire
Each lingering touch
Trail sparks to the fire
Drench me in flame
Drown each of my senses
Sight, sound, and taste
As I call your name


These #unrequited feelings
That keep torturing my mind
I try 2 bury, try 2 forget
But they still rise every time
Yr husky growl
The fire in yr eye
I’m an addict craving
That I cannot deny
You are the flame
I am the moth
Immolation my fate
I can’t switch it off



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #592 on: November 01, 2020, 01:41:55 pm »
A barren wasteland I call my heart
Scarred and bruised, torn apart

The heat in your gaze that could not sustain
The passionate fire that blistered my veins

So here I lie just thinking of you
A #frozen smile, maybe a broken dream or two

Memories taunt
Memories haunt


Is this all a game to cruel capricious gods?
Dreams that spiral continuously in my #head?
That cavort and prance in eager enticement
Of what may be in a world of wonder...


Curiosity is a wonderful thing
For that which lurks waiting within
Distracted by misdirection
Demons cavort 4 yr attention
Empty cages gape wide with hunger
A feast of souls 2 B plundered
The centre ring 2 B their tomb
Locked forever in stygian gloom

How could we survive the conflagration?
The burning flame of lustful combustion
Then gone before the awakening dawn
I swear the sheets were #smoking still
Your scent seductively stealing my will


Guilt howls like a screaming #banshee
Accusations scrape at my conscience
Nails on a blackboard
Could be no more cruel
Than remembering what I did to you
Once upon a time in a land faraway
Hidden in the past - back in the day


Entangle desire
Weave a web of seduction
Captivate my flame


Burn my world to smouldering ash
Watch me implode in a flaming flash
With just one touch, the lash of your tongue
I’ll be your slave, to your demand I’ll succumb...

Tingles scatter in volcanic profusion
Did I mention I love the feel of stubble?
Each brush of hot lips & sweep of a tongue
Drenches my body in burning sensation
Swept away in a passionate rush
To a world of desire - inhibitions soon crushed


Dark illusions concealed by smoke
Sleight of hand dripping in blood
If you could but see behind the mask
You’d take to your heels, flee oh so fast
A killer performance every night
Racking up bodies - oh what a sight


Do you dream of me
In the depths of night
As you twist and turn
Hidden from sight

As I do of you
Whispering your name
My carnal mantra
In this seductive game


A warm sigh breathed on a cold Winter’s night
A cry in the dark for a soul set to flight
One beating heart joined by another
The tender blessing to a child from a mother
Love is a tender ephemeral thing
Ever so fragile yet can bend with the wind


I sweat
I strain
I feel the burn

I’m a #machine
I gasp to the beat
Of a pounding heart

Blood pumps
Lungs heave
Muscles scream

Let me die
Can’t do no more
Leave me here
Gasping upon the floor...


Indescribable incantations growled by a mysterious stranger on a moonlit night led to my sensual downfall.  #spellbound I succumbed to the seductive promises woven within, his dark mesmerising gaze stealing my will even as his voice lured me to the dark side.


#moon sick I gazed
adoringly forlorn
bathed in silver
as stars glittered
I whispered my love
to the silent moon


I am the memory that still lingers
Haunting a conscience too long gone
I am the past you cannot forget
I am the temptation you should regret
For in the #spell you seductively wove
You cast the die as my love turned to stone


That carnal distraction I can’t resist
The dark addiction that steals my breath
Luring me from the straight and true
A salacious detour but only with you



Bobby-Jo, yeah that was her name
Had a nice little earner goin’ on, if’n I recall
Patchin’ lost souls up good as new
Settin’ ‘em free to mosey right on along
She minded her own business
Didn’t bother none
‘Til the hunters came
an’ took her for their own


A candle burns
In the window tonight
To guide you home
A welcoming sight

A candle burns
In memory of you
Of what we have
Regrets are so few

A candle burns
Flickering sign
That I’ll never forget
That you were once mine


Hush, my darlings
Be not afraid
The lost & the damned
Are counting the dead
Mortal remains thus cast aside
Down down deep in Hell
Their souls to reside
Waste not your prayers
They can’t help now
In the cruel aftermath
Only torture is allowed


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #593 on: November 10, 2020, 01:59:46 pm »
How could we survive the conflagration?
The burning flame of lustful combustion
Then gone before the awakening dawn
I swear the sheets were #smoking still
Your scent seductively stealing my will

A feedback addict locked in a world
Of digitalised dreams flickering
Endlessly looping without cessation
The images stream in chaotic cascade
Plugged in to a net that feeds the hunger
A slave to the network consuming his soul

📸Alex Tooth

Write our names in glittering stardust
Across the midnight sky
Wrap me tight in silvered dreams
This love I have cannot be denied


The voice held a special kind of magic
Weaving sweet tendrils of subtle seduction
My eyes filled with stars of dreamy imagination
As I fell under the spell without realisation
Holding the night within my mind’s eye
I succumbed to the masterful persuasion

📸M. Salah

not much #solace given in that obsidian gaze that slid with cruel contemplation towards me...

I swallowed, hard, as the fear gripped me tight and I crumpled without thinking to my knees...

“daddy?” I whispered, knowing deep inside he’d long left this world...


Within his slumberous gaze
Dark with carnal intent
I saw the promise of #ecstasy

And I burned in anticipation
Of his dominant touch
His rampant seduction

The need, the ache
I hungered for more
That only he could assuage

📸Luis Royo

#pour out your heart to the silent universe
Let the stars share your unquiet burden
In the darkest depths you’ll still see a light
A shining beacon to enlighten your heart
And know you’re never alone when all seems night


Does a #smitten wolf howl to the cresting silver moon?

#hangtenstories 1436

Hollow footsteps upon unquiet ground
Trace beguiling paths with barely a sound
Haunting the place a soul was laid to rest
The breeze of their passing is a chilling caress


Emotions and whisky
Never a good mix
Leave a heartbreak hangover
Overdosing on Netflix

Guilt and regret
For all that was said
That sour aftertaste
That says the affair is now dead

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 1


Emotions and whisky
Never a good mix
Leave a heartbreak hangover
Overdosing on Netflix

Guilt and regret
For all that was said
That sour aftertaste
That says the affair is now dead

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 1

 *a state of mind* or so I was told, as they lowered him slowly into the ground

*insanity has no cure* they also did say as the crimson kiss of twilight bore my love away

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 1

Tripping over pieces of a broken heart
Carelessly strewn where they fell apart

You were the anchor in a world gone mad
A haven for a soul hiding from the bad

Now the universe has shifted - all is dark
I’m hunting for matches seeking a spark

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - R3

A half full bottle
Is that all that is left?
After a night of memories
That leave me bereft

A long empty night
Stretches ahead
But I’m long past feeling
But not past dead

Demons still lurk
Deep in my mind
Can’t drown them out
Cruelly unkind

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 2


The bite and the burn
Sweet Lord but it’s good
Just what I needed
Just when I could
Feel no more
I’m numbed to the teeth
Drowning one glass at a time
Until I’m on my knees...

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 3

So here you find me
Slow dancing with shadows
Cheek to cheek with my past
In those memories I’ll wallow

Warmed by the liquor
Jack D on the rocks
Flicker and fade
Pour me into my box

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 4

Fumbling towards numbness
One shot at a time
On the rocks or without
Or even with lime!

That raw ache that tortures
That squeezes my soul
Is fast drowning in liquor
Is it round eight or more?

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 6

A little shaken
A little stirred
By your warm touch
By your whispered words

Promises you made
Without a sound
So I’m making wishes
But you’re not around

So let me go
Just walk away
I gave you my heart
I’ll have it back one day

#SlamWords #41stEdition - round 5

*it’s ok to cry*
the fools said
without knowing
the reason why

complicated feelings
loving and hating
drive you to madness
drive you to despair

so I kept quiet
just carried on
but washed off the blood
buried the gun

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 4

Reaching for my sanity
In the middle of the night
I took a turn down some blind alley
Now I’m a little lost in twilight
Demons, nightmares stalk my steps
I’m stumbling in the shadows
Clutching at straws & fairytales
Adding bourbon to the mix

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - R5

Some days are better
Usually spent with U
Always there in my mind
My own private lure

Some nights are lonelier
When U don’t come
Knocking on my door
Seduction on yr tongue

Wicked are the times
Stolen & free
Wrapped in each other
Just U n me

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - R6

How cruel the weight of memory
This burden of total recall that cannot be denied
In the process of living the haunting thoughts linger
The albatross around my neck being *did I even try?*

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 7

A moment’s grace
Is all I ask
To take a breath
Consider the path
I’m set upon
That leads to U
Only to U

The way a smile felt
The day we met
Melted the ice
That sealed my heart

No regrets
No goodbyes
Together forever
Since I gazed in yr eyes

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - R8

A blood feud some called it
A family spat others said
But the past is alive & well
With old wounds that still bled

New scars torn open
On another moonshine run
Granpappy was an outlaw
The sheriff his grandson

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 9

Maybe some day
When the sun shines again
& the dark clouds have lifted
But until then
We’ll take what we can
Meeting in shadows
Dancing in the rain
Once we were strangers
Ships in the night
But our day shall come
When the stars re-align

#SlamWords #41stEdition #encore - round 10

Mourning becomes her
Or so people said
Not to her face
No never that
They had more sense
Than a wish to be dead
So walk on by
If you see her pass
Breathe a sigh of relief
Keep your gaze downcast


As ribbons streaming from a Maypole
Dance merrily with a nimble breeze
So did my thoughts
At your sweet words
Buzz louder than the bees


I have a rendezvous with Death
At some disputed barricade,
When Spring comes back with rustling shade
And apple-blossoms fill the air –
I have a rendezvous with Death
When Spring brings back blue days and fair.

By Alan Seeger
#LestWeForget  #RemembranceSunday 

#fudge in my ice-cream
Cream on my cake
Hundred and thousands
For pity’s sake
Meringue upon lemon
Victoria sponge
Baked Alaska
Melting on my tongue
A spoonful of sugar
A shower of sprinkles
How long is the lockdown?
Never see my ankles again

Neon prophets reign in glowing scriptures
Give the Devil his due as you addictively succumb
Supplicants one and all to this cult of technicalities
Prance in wild abandon crying “welcome to the new age!”

📸Pierre-Marin Delaisi

Can you hear it?
Heaven’s harp?
Strummed by Angels
Tugging at my heart

They’re guiding the way
Calling me home
Tis a sweet sound to hear
I know I’m not alone


Death metal rattle
Rock n roll savagery
Let the good times roll
Down in the Hollow
Taking no prisoners
Comes the bone collector
Slicing and dicing
The wicked blades dance
You know you could try running
But you won’t stand a chance

497 #DarkLines

📸Javier Peñas

He came again
I heard him breathing
His shadow looming
Could feel him listening
The solid oak of the door
A barrier, a barricade
But not to him
He knew me too well
I felt his power
Scented his #excitement
& watched his face
Push through the wood
Reforming above me


“Come a little closer”
He murmured low
Drawing me near
Temptation I know

Two become one
In night’s secret shadow
Passion’s promenade
Fulfilling desires
As hours slip past

Caught on edge
Aching to fall
About to soar
I give him my all


Forever seeking
In the shadows
In the arms of strangers
Sweet absolution
She’s a carnal spirit
That knows no rest
Craving passion
Lust addicted
By your touch
Your fantasy
Your sin...


With but a whisper
You stole my breath
Enraptured I fell
Unto your regard
Your lips formed words
I could not absorb
For the blood that thundered
A pulsing rhythm of the heart
This maelstrom of emotions
That with but a whispered word
You started....


So cruel it bites
Tortures my soul
This #savage addiction
That never grows old

I hear his voice
Smell his scent
And I’m melting fast
With carnal intent

Liquid heat pools
I’m all a quiver
In burning anticipation
He’s truly a giver


Clay Death

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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #594 on: November 10, 2020, 03:49:30 pm »
Promise me heaven
With all that you are

Bequeath me hell
When you journey too far


That precious commodity
Slipping by
This home I once knew
Now lost in the past
Yet gilded memories
Of us
Live on


Upon a snowflake
Wrapped in wonder
Sat a Christmas elf


Sullen clouds
With Winter snow
In swollen misery

While far below
In expectation
Children do gather
Eyes eagerly aglow


So many locks
Without keys to be found
Lay strewn behind me
To cover the ground
Each a memory
Forever locked
But never mocked

A Winter queen
With frozen tears
She waits in anticipation

Of a Snow king
For whom snowflakes dance
To offer a diamond ring


What demonic hand
Dipped in blood
Designed this cruel facade?
Etched in pain
And agony deep
Brush stroke lacerations
Wounds seep


With a beckoning smile
He drew me ever closer
I breathed him in
Drowning myself in sin

Concealing STACCATO words
As TAILORED bullets
In taught intimate glide
Nimbly TANGO

Set sail upon waves of stardust
Blown by playful solar winds
To ride the crest of racing comets
Seeking glory beyond the stars

Firelight glow
Pine cone scents
Warm mulled wine
Between cupped hands
To sip
To savour
While limbs entwine


Torn from my lips
Fate was 2 cruel
The words I tried to say

My wasted breath
Was his undoing
A breaking point
& he walked away




Dreams are born
In a cradle of light
Where nostalgic melancholy
Surrenders to quiet contemplation
And hope is resurrected within

Around fires aglow
Gather our friends
All whom we know
As night descends
To welcome a Winter solstice
And the season moves on


Clothed in Mother Nature's finest
Succulent enticement sublime
My hunger
My desire
My resolve
So weak

#SenseWrds 207

Storm tossed soul
Spent upon life's shore
A wounded vessel
Without anchor
Never to sail again passion's ocean


With burning ambition
She aimed for the GLASS CEILING
EXPANDING her boundaries



As ivy 2 the branch
Our souls do so entwine
Each a part of the other
Until death do us part
& in the final reckoning
Bury us as 1


To be with you
This Christmas Eve
Is truly my heart's desire
Sharing sweet candy kisses
'Neath hanging mistletoe
Beside a fire



wonderful prose.


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #595 on: November 19, 2020, 01:26:35 pm »
So black was his heart
& fierce was his gaze
In battle no equal
#Scotland’s dark wraith

James 2 his friends
Black Douglas 2 foe
Holding fast the Border
Where no enemy dared go

Steadfast & loyal
Down thru the years
Tru friend of The Bruce
 Held so very dear

Strangers we were
Passing by in the night
Caught in the rain
We sheltered
Shared a smile
A look, then another
& magic swirled
As we fell
Fingers entwined
Ravenous for more
Temptation beckoned
Silhouettes merged
Two became one
& didn’t look back

#SenseWrds 477

On some forgotten battlefield
A long long way from home
There stands a man in battle dress
Awaiting the call to stand down

His vigil continues where he now stands
The world spins on - makes no demands
While poppies bloom in profusion wide
The world remembers their sacrifice

Tangled shadows weave & dance
Soul keepers & bulletproof angels
Bound by words that cannot be spoken
In silence they circle in echoing spirals
Light to the dark and back again
Their beauty and grace a symphonic refrain

📸1) Airyciel 2) Erebun

Lost in my Lilliputian fantasy
Designing a #miniature delight
Every one a diminutive masterpiece
Such a perfectly proportioned sight


In the quiet of the night
The silence that descends
My body speaks in whispers
That only you can hear
Within shadows we entwine
Two lost souls becoming one
Hiding from those curious eyes
The attraction just too strong


A rabbit’s foot
Eye of newt
Wing of bat
Tongue of boot

Hubble bubble
Stir the pot
Sprinkle on regret
All you’ve got

Bring to the boil
Heat and flame
Demonic incantation
A whispered name

#superstition brew
Soup of distress
I call the spirits
To this address...


I’ll wait
But never
Say never
The stars
How bright
They are
They too
Are patient


A protagonist to some
Antagonist to others
All depended on the outlook
Which side you made your stand


She was a #golden girl
Trapped in a #gilded cage
Shining like the brightest jewel
She dazzled upon the stage

A bird of luxuriant paradise
Setting the city alight
Glorious in such rich plumage
Her brilliance pure dynamite

#blackdahliaprose 625

Dust motes waltzing within rays of light haunt empty spaces where ghosts now linger, hugging shadows yet yearning to touch the light once more...


as soft as petals
your lips touched mine
and love did bloom
in sweet profusion


As pebbles tossed into a pond
Your words sent spiralling ripples
Sensations sublime never ending
And I succumbed with a sigh
To drown in drenching pleasure


Of lace & light are we made
Woven by enigmatic hands
The mystery of creation
Such a complex magic
Within what strange alchemy
Bestowed by the Gods
Shall separate strands
In entwined filaments
Forge this creature that is

📸1) Janusz Jurek 2) Nico Bustos

Obsidian stare
Carnal appetite for more
Delicious craving



And the #laughter continued long after he’d passed out, bouncing off the walls in maniacal echoes betraying a mind so insanely unhinged he’d never taste freedom again...


Cover my heart
Shield my soul
Tis a cruel world
That leaves me cold


Her #laughter, that’s what I’ll remember the most.  How much she loved life and all it gave.  With a smile she brought joy to all she met but her laugh was the best and no one who knew her would ever forget.


There’s something in the air
Swirling shapes without form
They shift & writhe in ecstasy
Amidst the thick miasma veil
Chasing sunset you won’t escape
In silent menace they swoop & dart
Hungry for souls out on their own
Thereby does hang a sorry tale


Bugger! *muttered swearing continues*

What’s up? *my industrious coworker asked without looking up*

#jammed my finger in the drawer *blowing on said abused digit while waving it around in a fashion that could only be described as decadent*

You won’t die *he chuckled*


Hush, my sweet
Come quietly now
To the forest we’ll go
Beneath oaken bows

And there shall we
In sylvan splendour
Our love shall we prove
With touches so tender

‘Neath a silvered moon
And starry skies
We’ll hold back time
And drown in passion’s rise

#SenseWrds 480

#plump was not a word she’d ever recognise, she was more curvaceous than #plump with curves that required a DANGER sign all of their own, wider than a crocodile’s smile and just as deadly...


Anticipation sets me all a-quiver
His scent surrounding
His heat a flame at my back
This sensual haze confounding
My senses, I sway mesmerised
His touch a whispered caress
I’m a puddle of aching need
Pooling at his command
Unspoken desires breathed



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #596 on: November 30, 2020, 01:40:34 pm »
Survival was a hidden #talent
they’d  not seem the last of him
In shifting shadows of the underworld
He moved, a wraith haunting streets
Of a city grown dark & cruel
Hunting for pleasure, the thrill
Of the chase, moving in for the kill
Death’s chilling final embrace


Bury me deep in a solid #pine box
6 feet under, maybe more
Just for luck, you know the score
Call my name thrice, then close the book
Snuff out the candle waxing in the nook
Harken the bell that shall ring no more
It’s pure song deadened as I’m lowered thru the floor

I’m the mistress of my own destiny!
Yet he commanded my soul as none other
The seductive pull of his carnal smile
Drew forth my craving, my hunger for more
Drenched in need I succumbed to his spell
Lured to the very edge, I dived into the well


#black lace kisses
bestowed by a stranger
on a dark moonless night

give me the shivers
the thrill and anticipation
of illicit delight


Sinking in decadence
Alabaster thighs held apart
Lazily lapping lubricated luxury
Tastebuds sigh in carnal delight
As the animated ambience writhes
In voyeuristic contemplation
Of tender throes & inhibitions
Long cast aside
On this wild lusty ride

#CarnalVerse 296

They called her Stella
Shame & disgrace
To the woman who birthed her
In tis godforsaken place

They called her Stella
Doing things on her own
Surviving as she had to
& doing it alone

They called her Stella
Gunsmoke n lace
Retribution on her mind
Reaper smile on her face

In the #wax and wane of a moonlit night
A figure came to me in a silvered light

Ethereal wraith drifting with the breeze
I bowed my head and sank to my knees

Did I dream that night of a wandering star?
A curious interstellar traveller visiting from afar?


Time becomes an enemy when Death stalks your steps
Scribed in light strokes upon your flesh is a metaphorical sentence
Branded & seared they cut ever deeper as the hours pass by
Til the words don’t hurt anymore you’ll be screaming for merciful absolution
📸Tracy Martin

#heartless abandon
Running on empty too long
Forlorn confusion


Making reckless choices while floating on the rocks
Turns strangers to lovers long before sanity knocks

Come the rising dawn and the cruel light of day
Lovers become strangers once again & try to walk away

#image credit - Aesthetic

Diamonds are hone
From Earth’s patience they are borne
Dark to brilliance


Teach me not rush the hours of the day
I cannot control their steady march
To take a breath when I’m rushing by
To sit perhaps and gaze at the sky


How cool you appear as you sit meeting with others yet your eyes, always flicking to mine, betray your curious craving. Testing your resolve I shift silk clad thighs to cross one with the other, all the time #teasing with a tilting curve to crimson lips...


The secrets we keep
Hidden from view
Locked inside
Where they are safe
Or so we think
Until we forget
Let those secrets slip
No misplaced key
Can unlock my lips
But a shot of bourbon?
Maybe two
Then all is lost
To dust & emptiness
That’s the true cost


Beauty scattered amidst meadow flowers
A bruised bouquet of sweet surrender
No heart so cruel would be her judge
In the fading light would anyone remember?

#DarkLines 503
📸JR Korpa


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #597 on: December 13, 2020, 02:39:47 pm »
Break the binding cage
Free the soul locked inside
The true price of love


When the days are short
And the nights are long
When it seems too hard
That you can’t go on

Then think of Spring
And blooms aplenty
The cold didn’t kill them
Your heart is not empty


About his head
Dark #portents swirled
Ravens and crows
Black daggers beheld

Destiny was calling
Seductive and cruel
On the wind came cries
His rage they did fuel

Battle engaged
To win was the all
Blood was the currency
He’d come too far to fall

Upon a mysterious playful breeze
A midnight flight of falcons appeared
Soaring so high they flew overhead
In arrow formation with wings so far spread
I gazed in awe as they flew out of sight
Wondering where they were headed
In the deep dead of night

#BlackDahliaProse 633

Pawns we are without any free will
Played by Masters just for the thrill
Tis a liars game of bluff & deception
Half truths & secrets without exception
Breaking down moves in dark wounded faith
That the final gambit wins or takes us to our grave


How cruel the night’s chill kiss
Sealing my fate in glacial bliss
Beneath a waning Winter moon
Death steals my soul much too soon

#SlamWords #42ndEdition - round 1

A whistling wind howls like a ravening beast
Hungrily slavering for my soul to feast
In the shadow of pines I feel it nearing
Stalking my steps into the clearing
Here shall I meet my violent end
At the hands of he I thought was my friend

#SlamWords #42ndEdition - round 5

Footprints upon pristine fields of snow
Led me down a path I previously could not go
Sun blinded by dazzling brilliance beneath
I followed the trail to the edge of the trees

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 1

Delicate sparkles dance in the sun
Brilliant as diamonds every one
Spun glass could in no way compete
This treasure I’ve found is all that I need

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 2

And there she lay where she was found
About her pale brow a mistletoe crown
Porcelain flesh as the new fallen snow
Holly & ivy entwined in her bower, silent and cold

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 3

Volleys of music rang through the air
A warning to all that they should beware
Come any closer and it’ll be your end
The Angel at peace is a Celestine friend
Ornaments as ammo were a curious sight
As they flew like blades after those in flight
#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - R4

He is the last in a world of white
The others all gone, melted from sight
A lone snowman standing sentinel
What secrets does he know
Of those footprints leading nowhere
Trailing crimson drops in the snow?

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 5

Little Angel I called her
Once upon a time
When she was still human
When she was still mine

Twas Christmas time
About a year ago
When the demons took her
Left her in the snow

Hanging memories
All I have left
Of her gentle smile
Sweet baby’s breath

#SlamWords #42ndEdition  - R6

Silver spangles and candy canes
Inside the elves grotto happiness reigns
Rudolph and the others, ready to go
No two alike as they fly o’er the snow
The North Star above to guide the way
They appear as a comet leading a sleigh

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 7

Hot & fragrant
Dark & strong
My secret craving
Here you belong

Cupped in my palms
Treasured brew
Sipping slowly
Oh, how I love you

I’ll never get enough
Of your rich reward
My tongue is in rapture
My senses adored

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 8

Through the dark hours
When bad things do roam
I’ll keep a light shining
‘Til you return home

The midnight star
Shining on high
Will be your beacon
In the night sky

Wherever you are
I’m thinking of you
‘Til we meet again
I’ll  be true

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 9

In the spirit of forgiveness
Christmas and all that
She’d let them live
Not crush ‘em flat

Bugs on a windscreen
They’d not last long
“‘Tis the Season” 🎶
she softly sang the song

#SlamWords #42ndEdition #encore - round 10 (final)

#measured breaths
One by one
You’ve got this
Get the job done

Neighbours may talk
What do they know?
He had it coming
Buried in the snow

Leave not a trace
Nothing to tell
Secrets of the forest
For a long dark spell


Hark the rhythm of the city
That shake rattle n roll
Down neon lit streets
Grabbing your very soul

The #melody of sirens
Harmonies in the night
The never ending soundtrack
To my every day life


Entangled desires
Deceptive misdirections
The games we do play


A whimpering wet mess
Crumpled amidst the sheets
Straining for breath
Hot blood pounding
Your name
A whispered prayer
On bitten lips


Upon my knees
In fervent supplication
I pledge my life
For what is left
To you and you alone
& in so doing
I purify my soul


Tease my appetite
Tempt my yearning desire
With each
You lay a swathe of fire


Bathed in shadow
Hungering need
Knowing he’d come
His key in the door
What was an affair
Now so much more
Wanton intent
Carnal desire
Whatever this was
It burns like fire
Secret addiction
Middle of the night
Lusty assignation
With a sinful bite

📸John Swanepoel

#golden and pure
How her halo did shine
Brighter than the sun
Celestial divine

Gilded perfection
Adored and admired
Glittering beauty
Bedazzled with fire


They always tried to tame her
Bend her daily to their will
Held her back when she resisted
Her spirit they did try to kill
But tis they that gave in
Tis their spirit she broke
A wild rose yet blooms
While the metropolis chokes


Flickering #candle in the night
Guide me home to be by your side
Light the path that my feet should tread
Weary and tired all I seek is my bed


Obsidian dream
Cruel demons bite all night
#nightime devils smile


Beguiled by #treasure
Hypnotised by plunder
Seduced by the sparkle
Your spell I fell under


I’m floating away
On a wave of emotion
Fragile thoughts spinning
Delicate as fine glass
Rumours did scorch
& shatter my heart
Wish-born you were here
To hold me tight
Keep the demons at bay
On my soul searching reflection
Thru another long lonely night

📸Ling Xiang


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #598 on: December 22, 2020, 01:00:05 pm »
Your tongue
Like a razor blade
Sliced deep
With those #lies

Scars left behind
All that was left
As you walked away
Leaving me behind

Caress my senses in sweeping rhythm
Fiery tempo pulsating within
You’re the instrument of my seduction
Fingers dancing in wicked torment
“play me” I moan, begging for more
Crescendoing cries as I’m laid on the floor

📸Mark Greenwalt

He took my hand
Felt my pain
Held me close
In the pouring rain
Bridging the distance
Longing for connection
I held on tight
Feeling the affection
Two melancholy souls
Coming together
Lost in a world
But not to each other...

📸Benoit Courti / Aesthetic

Salvage my broken heart
from amidst love’s cruel
& crumbling bloody wreckage


Silken #ribbons once adorned my hair
Now ripple and distort in the sultry air

My wrists are shackled, tied to the posts
Straining for release, begging my host

Craving the carnal release only he can give
The burning conflagration I ache to achieve


“ #change your mind” the Devil did tempt, a wicked tilt to mobile lips that could drive a Saint to her knees, and Lord knows I was no Saint but neither a Sinner would I be...

And yet, the carnal promise in that smile lit fires of need I had not the strength to deny...


“you bad boy!” rolling my eyes in dismay at the scattered remains of what was once a deliciously anticipated icing-bedecked confection

“don’t think those big brown puppy eyes are going to work either, not this time”

kneeling to sweep up what was left of a leg....

#SenseWrds 49

Dance with the Devil
Tango in rapturous need
Obsidian need


Temptation beckons
Undeniable craving
Tall dark and handsome


A:  “how #radiant she looks”
B:  “truly she glows”
A:  “what’s her secret?”
B:  “nobody knows”
A:  “guess it must be love”
B:  “you might be right”
A:  “though a strange time to do it”
B:  “not many get married at midnight”
A:  “at the stroke of 12”
B:  “by candlelight”



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #599 on: January 02, 2021, 11:45:17 am »
“Naughty or nice?”
He asked with a smile
I didn’t have to think twice
This could take a long while

He had a damn good rummage
His secret sack held so much!
I burned in delicious excitement
Of his commanding caressing touch

📸Kitty Cat Now
In the quiet of night
When silence descends
& sleepy heads droop
Their day at an end

Stir creatures of the dark
With secrets to hide
Burying them deep
Humanity denied

From shadow to shadow
Beneath snow laden boughs
They stalk their prey
In the cruel wee hours

#SenseWrds 492

Baubles 2 grace a swan-like neck
Diamanté brilliance in the silver moonlight
Nothing that mattered when not given from the heart
Another bought n sold lady he treated like a tart
But patience was a gift she secretly nursed
Soon he wld realise how much he was cursed
#SenseWrds 493

Falling in to rapturous bliss
Lost in a world of nature’s kiss
Green draped raiments ever so pure
Cloak the land in a mossy cure
To heal the stress of modern life
Grown wild, chaotic & full of strife

#SenseWrds 494

The rise & fall
The dip & weave
Of his devilish tongue
It’s hard to breathe

Savage growls
Need & desire
Set me aflame
Senses on fire

Molten lava
Wax & welts
As he commands
So do I melt

Hold me tight
Take me deeper
Wrapped up in U
The night is sweeter

#CarnalVerse 236

Hazy lazy dreams
Shimmering memories lost
#aspire to heartbreak


Blossoms upon the bough
Awaiting precious selection
How radiant in their finery
Such fruitful delectation

A mother’s pride in one and all
A father’s failure to provide
Unwitting of their imminent downfall
How cruel Fortune’s turning tide


Joyous bells do ring
Hope springs #anew within hearts
Happy New Year all


And so it was one moonless night
I came upon a faerie sprite

With dancing eyes and merry smile
She bade me pause and tarry awhile

And so I sat while she did dance
The moonless night I was entranced

📸Nico Jonker

Whispers upon a gentle wind
Ripples in a thread of time
Weave #heartsong tales
In sweeping profusion
Of a soul now soaring
Among the heavens
To grace the stars
Shining beauty sublime

#RIPJanie 🙏

Tap tap tapping sound
Nails on a blackboard
Weren’t ever this loud
With a predatory gaze
That hungered for blood
I prayed hard n fast
Kept my eyes tightly shut
With heart beating fast
Blood pumping wild
The #velociraptor turned
Flew straight at the child
That I once was



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