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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #570 on: December 21, 2019, 04:06:53 pm »
Romancing the Devil
Hooked on the dark within
Come play with matches🔥

Black shadows beckon
Within he waits
My dark passion
My carnal downfall

Words slipping sideways
Sobriety sliding south
Drowning all my troubles
Dribbling from my mouth
Here I’m shivering
Tennessee Whiskey on my tongue
Smooth as molasses
Tryin’ 2 forget all I’ve done
Those truffle eyes
That lied n lied again
Haunt my mind
Cause me pain


Drizzle of kisses
Soupçon of salacious thoughts
Bring to a high heat 🔥


Reckless abandon
Slow burning consummation
In bed by midnight


Let me hold on to it
Just a bit longer
All I have left
So precious
Memento Mori
Of all that is you
In my mind’s eye
You’ll always be
Burning bright
Never fading
My guiding light


Hold my hand
The cold is creeping
Don’t let go
The numbness is seeping
Say my name
Tell me I’ll live
I know you’re lying
But it’s a fib I’ll forgive
Stay beside me
Be my friend
As the light fades
Until the very end


Light refractions
#Crystal perfections dancing
Rainbow brilliance


A moment in time
#frozen  forever
Our hands touched
Our gazes locked
We tried so hard
To break the hold
But we’re so weak
The draw too strong
The pull too much
We fell so fast
Tumbling down
Lost in the rapture
A world of our own


O #fickle Fate, what hast thou in store for me?
A mere mortal prey to your mercurial whims
Toy with me not for I am too wretched of soul
The years tumbling like dominoes before me
Stretching ahead they’re but the shackles I wear
O wise Fate, release me from this mortal servitude

O #fickle Fate, what hast thou in store for me?
A mere mortal prey to your mercurial whims
Toy with me not for I am too wretched of soul
The years tumbling like dominoes before me
Stretching ahead they’re but the shackles I wear
O wise Fate, release me from this mortal servitude

& the wild winds blew
Their tempestuous rage
Ferocious in strength
Commanded my obedience
Demanded subservience
I was the flickering flame
The light in the darkness
They wouldn’t allow
& so they devoured
Snuffed me out in a flash
To languish once more
A guttered force on a floor

Sonorous chiming
Hark the tolling of the #bell
Ringing the changes


Tennessee temptation
Sultry and smooth
Lingers upon my tongue
I’m getting in the groove
“Pick your poison”
My demon cajoled
Bourbon or nicotine?
Watching me fold
That smirk in his tone
He knows me well
How weak I am
Going straight to Hell

#darklines 408 - 📷Marc Schaefer

Reaching out
Is never easy
Harder and harder
Or so it seems
We’re all lost
Voices drowned out
This modern world
Deafening cacophony
That doesn’t care
Of the sinking seconds
Remaining to save
The poor souls fading
Beneath cruel waves

#darklines 407 📷Alex Perez

A frosty morning greets my eyes, as I lay amidst a sea of wrapping paper.  Seemingly miles of ribbons strewn in rainbow hues all around while there he sits, wagging his tail, drowning in eggnog we didn’t drink, too focussed on each other...

#SlamWords #encore - round 1/2/4/5/6

A sleigh ride serenade to the chime of bells, wrapped in blankets to keep us warm, we dashed through a wonderland draped in snow as mischievous choirboys chased us wildly, tossing stacks of snowballs, the sound of our laughter hanging in the air...

#SlamWords #encore - round 6/7

Those well stuffed stockings had well and truly caught his eye, and she knew she shouldn’t have climbed the ladder to place the ⭐️ at the top of the 🎄.  His teasing fingers, cold upon her thigh, reached to snap her garter as she shrieked “Vicar!”

#SlamWords #encore - round 8

While high above the Gods do watch
Set upon seats of silver stars
And smile to see the humans cavort
In Yuletide jubilation so merry
As gentle flakes of snow do fall
And “silver bells” sweetly carries
Upon the air to warm the hearts

#SlamWords #30thEdition #encore - round 9

He took me up to heaven
I saw swags of silver stars
Comets flew in dazzling brilliance
My soul did soar as he tightened his hold

#SlamWords #30thEdition #encore - round 9

Tonight’s been a marvel
Messy but perfect
I’ve enjoyed myself
Words tumbling forth
Painting verbal images
Challenging my mind
Stretching my imagination
I can’t wait for Christmas
All wrapped up in tinsel
And pine scented celebration

#SlamWords #30thEdition #encore - round 10

Seduction city
Suffused lighting temptation
Shivering touches


Bathed in the heat of his slumbrous gaze, I relaxed in the warmth of his strong embrace, his strength my haven in a world grown dangerous and cold, his arms my safe harbour.


How easily he holds manipulative #sway
His words hypnotic in rhythm and rhyme
With hooded eyes halve glazed they stare
Their lips spilling mumbled chants and prayers


I see you
Standing there
In the shadows
Watching me
I feel the heat
Of your burning gaze
Tracing my curves
You started a fire
A conflagration
My perception of U
Is there’ll be no waiting
Take what we need
As U want to do
Slake you’re thirst
This night isn’t thru

#PoemTrail  407

Like a #mirage
Teasing my senses
Offering shelter
A safe place to be
But all is folly
A cruel cruel joke
Played on us by Gods
Who have no heart
In the blink of an eye
You were gone
Without a trace
No even a footprint
To mark your place


Starshine brilliance
Bathes the land
Mysterious omens
All carefully planned
Conjure the moon
With just a word
Savour the power
The mad rush
Then the lazy flow
The pull of temptation
You know where to go
A mix of magic
& desire
She’s waiting
For U
📷1)Natacha 2)Tom Munro

Lingering gazes
Sensations coalescing
Marauding hungers


How lonely she seems
Standing there
Neath lowering skies
An abandoned air
Long has she waited
A Black Church on the Hill
Her foundations sunk deep
Her heart beating still
Her time shall come
As it did once before
Long ago it seems now
Fate shall knock on her door

#PoemTrail  408

Intense attraction
Lure me to the carnal side
Passion consuming


Crimson intensity
Midnight carnality blooms
Lost in dark desires


Ink is mightier
Cruel words eviscerate
Blood flows on a page


Fairy lights were twinkling
To the dancing of happy elves
The Boss had left in a cloud of snow
The North Pole was theirs at last
Tinsel had found a corkscrew
& hidden bottles of wine
Now they were #wringing
With every bottle downed
Every bit of joy from a very good time


If I could do it all over again
Rerun the past correcting mistakes
Like a movie that needs a serious edit
Why would I want to relive the pain?
My greatest regret still cuts so deep
The words I never meant to say
Cut hard to the core
And that blood still seeps


Fairy lights were twinkling
To the dancing of happy elves
The Boss had left in a cloud of snow
The North Pole at last was theirs
Tinsel had found a corkscrew
& hidden bottles of wine
Now they were #wringing
With every bottle downed
Every bit of joy from a very good time


How softly falls the Winter rain
Veil of tears from heaven above
No #virtual sleight of hand
Cool kisses landing on my cheeks
Lifting my face - I smile
Blessed by their sweet benediction


Paris in daylight
May be for some
But I much prefer
Paris in night
Beneath glittering stars
Draped in brilliance
She does beguile
Mesmerise and entrance
An indulgence of the senses
Such a gem of beauty

 #BlackDahliaProse 489

No matter the place
The time or the day
He’s there in my thoughts
No words does he say
In the warm kiss of the sun
Soft caress of a playful breeze
I feel his tender loving care
Knowing he’s right there with me


Cruel alchemy
Bewitching and beguiling
Magnetic pull or not?


Inside the storm
Crucible of fire
She waits for you
Wiccan desire

Twists of fate
The spiral & turn
Dragging you down
In Hellfire shall you burn

Reason no more
For damnation awaits
A cruel state of mind
Neath a hunter’s moon

📷1)Polygon 2)Daimen Pape

Oh how she bathed in the #glow
Golden flames dancing before her eyes
Those burning bridges she left behind
A glorious backdrop to a future so bright


Can you hear it?
Pulsing in the air
A soft heartbeat
Almost silent
Tis the rhythm of life
and through all of us
Does it sweetly flow


I lie awake
Counting shadows
On the ceiling
Yet still no sleep

A clock chimes
Soft and steady
The hour is late
I’m achingly ready

A stir of air
Hot brush of breath
Heat surrounds me
Skin on skin

Skimming fingers
Firm and strong
Tend my fire
Tonight shall it burn long



Divine Metamorphoses

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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #571 on: January 01, 2020, 06:37:13 pm »
Happy New Year 🥳


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #572 on: January 05, 2020, 05:23:05 am »
Happy new year to you, too 😘


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #573 on: January 05, 2020, 05:34:12 am »
A storm is building
Whipping passionate senses
Satisfying burn 🔥


He wrote me a #letter
But where did it go?
Each day here I wait
With nothing to show

He wrote me a #letter
He promised he had
But each day that passes
I become ever more sad

He wrote me a #letter
It arrived finally
Here I sit reading
Of a love just for me

Gentle flakes are falling
Blanketing the ground
Grace and serenity
A silence so profound

Be the beacon shining
A shimmering crystal light
Chasing shadows and the dark
From the long Winter’s night

📷Holiday Aesthetics


Like the sweetest of #puddings
He lapped at my rich cream
His tongue a wicked torment
‘Twas a delight of a dream


‘Twas just before midnight
Such a long time ago
That an angel came calling
I saw her prints in the snow

With #grace and serenity
She did lay herself down
To pause for a moment
Her wings spread upon the ground


With #feline grace he prowled closer, scenting my fascination with a purr


Poetic confessions he spilled to me
One Winter’s night with the world asleep
“Trust in me” his eyes did plead
From a haunted gaze as his voice beseeched
In silence I sat and let him speak
Neither judge nor jury to his outpouring release


#coral confusion
Pastels in calm profusion
Soothe my raging world


A lingering calm
Peace heard in slumbering waves
Silent watchers wait


How sweetly shine those baubles bright
In the twinkling of soft candlelight
While #festive voices so near and dear
Do merrily welcome in the New Year


And the whirligig continued
Spinning out of control
As masked clowns grinned
Malevolent in their glee
The day the #circus came to town
The day the #circus came for me!


A lazy meandering touch
Brushing sensitised flesh
Trace #explosions of heat
In a lingering smoulder and burn
That stokes the salacious fire
In our addictive conflagration


That dark slow drawl
Smoother than molasses
Makes me shiver
Whimper and shake
He knows the words
And how to growl them
He understands
Just when to give
And when to take...

#poetry #iamwriting

“Encore” the shouts ring
Echoing from left to right
Diva sensation

#vss365 #haiku

By #candlelight
Incandescent illumination
Seduction in every word
He drew me ever closer in
Weaving a mesmerising spell
Magic and mystery
Within him do dwell


Free the spirit
Step into the now
Unchain the soul
Escape the crowd

Sweet taste of champagne
Sparkling upon my tongue
As the bubbles do burst
One by effervescing one

Surrender to life
Love & desire
Within your arms
I shall take fire

(📷Dita Von Teese, Cointreau)
#poemtrail 410

Bouquets of wild flowers
Scented and sweet
Did he always give me
Whenever we did meet

Once bitten, twice shy
Was how I did feel
Too many times hurt
Yet this was so real

And so here we are
My hero beside me
A new chapter starting
Setting both of us free


Roll the dice?
Flip a coin?
What did it matter?
The result is the same
Fat Sam had the hand
My time had run out
It was time to face facts
Of that there was no doubt
So dig a hole, boys
And dig it deep
In it they’ll put me
In it I’ll sleep

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore R1

Can you hear the echoes of voices long past?
As we stand at the crossroads pondering our path
Behind us are bridges long burned and all gone
In front are the choices we face on our own
A lonely place when all’s said and done

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R2

“There are always consequences” he growled, grinding his heel deep into my hand as I lay stunned on the ground
“You dipped your wick in the wrong ink well” such a cruel smile and I knew then I should’ve killed him off in chapter one

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R3

The silence was deafening but so I’d been warned
When the cacophony ends then so should you beware
Still waters run deep we are so often told
‘Tis the quiet ones who often become the very bold

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R4

Stumbling, tripping, flailing he fell, moving forward if downward with an alacrity unexpected in a man of his size

Stepping backward just in time, he watched him tumble on by with a look of horrified bemusement

Those rugby balls could seriously fly

#SlamWords #31Ed #encore R5

Tha laughter echoed, spontaneous and wild, reflecting a spirit set at last free.  She took one last look, a smile upon her lips, as she tossed a handful of dirt into the grave whispering “good riddance to bad rubbish” before turning to leave

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R6

“honour amongst thieves, mate” he shrugged with a smirk “honesty really ain’t the best policy, though” those weasel sharp eyes watching my every move “now why’d you go to the cops?” circling me like a ravenous shark scenting my blood

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R7

Burning bridges with every word
I turned my back and walked away
Not thinking that I’d ever return
Too young to know what I’d blithely burned
So here I stand mending those fences
Asking for their forgiveness
Brought harshly to my senses

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R8

Sometimes it’s all a state of mind
Rolling with the hand Fate deals
Rising to the challenge
Or sinking to the depths
How we approach things
Or turn away in denial
Makes us who we are
Makes everything real

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R9

“you know, sometimes distance doesn’t matter” the hologram stated, those eyes I remembered gleaming oddly “near or far, I’ll forever be with you but not in a weird way” his husky voice, so beloved, swiftly clarified with a chuckle

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R10


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #574 on: January 18, 2020, 01:14:14 pm »
“you know, sometimes distance doesn’t matter” the hologram stated, those eyes I remembered gleaming oddly “near or far, I’ll forever be with you but not in a weird way” his husky voice, so beloved, swiftly clarified with a chuckle

#SlamWords #31stEdition #encore - R10

Liquidate my mind
Dissolve desirous senses
Pool my emotions

Could I resist?
Should I resist?
Do I even want to?
The animal magnetism
Hot & feral
Drawing me nearer
A moth to a flame

The very air crackles
My senses overloading
The pull undeniable
Like water cascading
I’m drawn to the edge
Tumbling over
Caught up in his game


#languorous loving
Hot August nights bring rapture
 Tempting sweet kisses


Heather in the glen
Sweet purple haze in full bloom
Colours of Scotland


Reiver’s moon tonight
Hark the coming of wild wolves
Balefire and blood lust


A glen lies weeping
Mourning souls not forgotten
Yet linger there still


Hark the Pipes and Drums
Soul-deep stirring harmonies
The Saltire flies high


Live life on the edge
Cavort with wild abandon
Dance with the Devil


In some secluded sanctuary
Lost in time & mystery
Faeries dance in silver light
To a persistent pulse of the night
Across miles of darkness so secretive
Wild wolves howl cries eerily plaintive
Misty moonlight veils the world
& magic flows in streaming swirls


Broken wings still try
Courageous hearts must still fly
Hope a burning flame


How #muddled our minds
When we do set sail
Upon unchartered waters
While stars in the heavens
Gaze down in wonder
The vagaries of Man
Mere flecks in a universe
Wildly spinning
Are but cruel amusements
To the whims of Gods



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #575 on: February 08, 2020, 01:46:43 pm »
#yearning addiction
Craving sweet adoration
Lustful contentment


The consuming maelstrom of emotion
Overwhelming #cacophony of life
Into the wild tumult I threw myself
Spinning and tumbling in so much strife


My haven in a storm
My fortress against all strife
He is all I ever wanted
For him I would give my life



“#amaze me” the voice cajoled
Dark, seductive, it whispered
Breathing life to my deepest desire
Drawing forth from my depths
That which I’d thought locked away
A spark soon to become a fire
All-consuming to leave only ashes

I am my worst #adversary
Waiting for the mistake
The trip stumble and fall

I look into the mirror and see
The shadow behind my eyes
Gazing cruelly back at me


Legends are forever
They truly never die
In memories we do remember
In tears we sometimes cry


Might have?
#could have?
Would have?
Should have?

If I knew then
What I know how
Not sure it’d matter
The road I turned down

Fate laid her plans
None I could evade
So here I am now
My hand truly played


Dancing with devils
Tiptoeing right on the edge
Falling stars screaming


Whispering waters
Soothing unquiet emotions
Peace now reigns supreme


Fools in love
Playful hearts
Smiling eyes
Curling lips
Through life
Ever dancing
We slowly entwine
This child’s play
So effortless
Meant to be
Sitting in her heart
Forever he’ll be


Endless horizons beckon
What lies ahead we do not know
With curious minds that seek
Unafraid to take the first step
Take my hand and beside you I’ll be
I will be there to share and be free

#dimpleverse #destiny

Liquid sensation
Brimstone and fiery lust
Molten submission


Take my hand and lead me down
To where the wild meadows bloom
And there shall we make a wonderland
Of love and dreams draped in sweet garlands


He lived as he died
In the fast lane
Runnin’ from the cops
Always reaching’...
Usually into some sap’s pocket
The big pay out just ahead
Or around the corner
Guess he finally ran outta road
Starin’ down the business end
Of a smokin’ barrel with no mercy



With movements frenetic
Becoming swiftly #frantic
They clung one to another
Desperate to stay together


Disappearing  light
Fading gold to indigo
Peaceful calm descends


Her crown gilded in a swift sunrise
How bright and golden did it shine
The pastel coloured world did fade
In humble honour of a beauty sublime

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore  R1

The neighbours were talking, again.  Knowing eyes watched as whispers of wisteria moved, nudged aside by curious fingers as prurient gazes looked beyond a rosy view to the poisonous garden beyond...

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R 2

Rippling with muscle, dark haired and handsome, the intriguing hero was a blur of motion, his sword cutting a swathe through the bad guys with the intrepid heroine cursing every step of the way...

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R6

“exquisite etiquette and good manners ain’t worth a tub o’ spit out here, lady” he spat the words out, the rough & tumble years of a harsh frontier life carved in his features “you gotta learn to toughen up real fast if you’re gonna survive

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R7

Alone, again, the night closing in, suffocating atmospheric depth without end... you think she’d have learned by now... but no, seemed she was a slow learner... stumbling in rainlight noir without purpose... again... maybe the next time...

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R8

As bordellos went it wasn’t half bad, the usual leather, lace & pretty polished brass fittings but beneath, the stale scent of good luck turned sour and dreams slowly drowning in rotgut whisky and tobacco... then again, who wanted to talk...

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R9

If these rings of keys could only talk, so many stories they could tell *his eye twitching as if sharing a joke only he knew* some of them bad, so downright terrible you’d never sleep again* shrug* others not so much...so what’ll your’s be?

#SlamWords #32ndEdition #encore - R10


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #576 on: March 10, 2020, 02:45:06 pm »
Cruel rumours - sly looks
Too many to bear
Too harsh to ignore
Such vulnerable exposure
Shook the foundations
When the walls crack
Our confidence falters
Stumbles & falls
With uncertain breaths
We seek the courage
Reaching out
For that helping hand

#image: Aesthetics
Soft footsteps lightly tread
In my dreams does she sweetly come
To soothe my soul and calm my spirit
One last chance before the end
To hear her gentle laughter
The lightest brush of her touch
Afore she offers her hand
And leads me to my resting place


Behind closed doors
Sealed in the dark
Secrets do stir
Writhe and cavort

We pretend they’re not there
That we’ve nothing to hide
Yet those doors remain sealed
The darkness locked inside


Candle on the sill
Return to me in my dreams
Memories we made


A candle I’ll light
To safely guide you homeward
Flickering beacon


Spinning in circles
Neverending spirals

Everywhere I look
Searching for you

Sliding sideways
Slipping from view

The loopholes of time
That conceal me from you

As the universe spins
How the Gods do smile

In cruel contemplation
Of our tumbling separation


A warrior soul wrapped in silk and lace
Her hidden strength a will of steel
Tempered in battle against the odds
She’d slay her foes and never kneel

#image credits: Jose Ferreira

Featherlight strokes
Barely there
Unfold illicit memories
Of a time you were here

Dewy valleys
Lush fields of Eden
Where we took our pleasures
Drowned in sensual dreams

#erotica280 #154

Liquid submission
Coiling anticipation
Coalescent flame🔥

#haiku #haikulust

Your words touched my soul
Wrapped themselves so tight
Sunk deep into my heart
Made me once again whole


📸Fine Art America

Forget me never
In the stars it is written
Two now become one

📸The Golden Scope

Fragile hopes built upon illusory dreams
I listened to my heart but didn’t truly hear
Blinded to your beauty every time you were near
In the end, promises are just words
Lost upon the breeze as soon as they’re spoken

#image credits: 1) Mihai Criste 2) Quotes

A spaceman came travelling
From so far away
Found what he wanted
A game of pool to play

Who knew there were bars
So far out in space
Major Tom’s been holding out
Such disgrace

So rack ‘em up fast
Line up the beers
He’s here to stay
High 5 & 3 cheers

📷Martin Hadrovic

In raven black raiment does she walk
A banished spectre now who once was free
Her disfigured heart shaded by Devils
Shadowing her footstep in demonic tread
Upon a crimson bridge of never ending sorrow
Her time of mourning shrouds her mind

#salemverse 86

📷Echo Fox Books

Lilliputian soul
Breaking down barriers fast
Rise above it all


They did not come 2 talk with us
Nor learn our different ways
Instead they came to ravage our land
To violently end our days

A cold hearted swarm from some deep Hell
2 drown our world in shades of black
Nowhere was safe from the poison spread
A matter of time ‘til we’re all dead

‘Tis all I have, this small #patch of land *frail almost fragile shoulders shrug, her quiet gaze tracing the patched ground almost lovingly* not much, I know but it’s still mine *her smile lighting her face as she lifted her eyes to the dawning horizon* it’s still mine


In a land of mist and fairytales
Oh such a very long long time ago
Mythical creatures did dwell in this place
Where only standing stones and tumbled ruins
Now gather moss in this mysterious space

#SlamWords #33rdEdition R1 / 2

From high atop the windswept cliffs, lookouts keep a sharp watch, alert eyes forever scanning the wild restless ocean as she boils, dashing her rage upon the rocks while the kelpies froth and the selkies sinuously slip betwixt mesmerising mermaids

#SlamWords #33rdEdition - R3 /4

If these ancient oak groves
Bastions of the forest heart
That beats yet with sacred feeling
Could only speak
What lost wisdom they could bestow
Upon a world become deaf and blind
To forgotten magic that yet still lingers
Awaiting the awakening

#SlamWords #33rdEdition - R6/7

In the hollow hills
Where blood was spilled
Under an amber moon
So very long ago
Forgotten now by most
The road to yesterday
Still seems so clear
The ghosts not laid to rest
A glimpse of the future
If the past isn’t heeded
Is a tragic legacy at best
#SlamWords #33rdEdition -R9/10

Oh how refreshing is a dew drenched morning
The land freshly washed and sparkling in the sun

#SlamWords #33rdEdition - ER1

Ripples of light danced upon the quiet water, playful as a child yet far beneath, lurking in the depths sinuous shapes flow in dappled profusion, here and there the sun & shadows catching them in their passing guile....

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R2

Ah the wild exhilaration of speed
To race the wind and chase the horizon
With heart-pounding excitement
Senses truly bursting with life
We laughed defiance to the Gods
And let the Sea Witch fly upon the waves

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R3

Amidst silken ribbons ablaze with colour
Around the Maypole shall we dance
While on her honey suckle enshrouded  throne
The May Queen in her daisy crown
Does sweetly smile, her hyacinth sceptre
Laid upon her lap, so regally she rules the town
#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R4

Follow me, follow me
Down secret paths
Through meadows wild
And forests deep
Where shadows grow
Lost in the woods
And light shall not pierce
This sylvan wonderland
Where souls seek peace

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R5

30 pieces of scattered silver
Left untouched upon a lonely hill
Beneath a soul forever tarnished
His name to this day reviled still

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R6

And the Angel at my side whispered “the bones of the past cannot hurt you, do not be afraid” and with newfound courage I stood straighter, the harsh sound of earth falling upon my tormentor’s casket sweet music to my ears and I smiled....

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore - R7

Timeworn eyes in hopeless despair search the ravaged battlefield for the husband she waved off a week or so ago while clouds like ragged banners stream in a mackerel sky.  Tho’ the jackals are coming she’ll not rest ‘til she finds him...

#SlamWords #33rdEdition #encore -R8


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #577 on: March 29, 2020, 10:54:43 am »
Safe sanctuary
Close the door and turn the key
Refuge from this world



Carnal combustion
My lingering solitude
Together ignite


Swimming in your eyes
Drowning in sensual dreams
Fly me to the moon


Indigo through violet
Purple through pink
How soothing the twilight
To a mind upon the brink

Unknown is the future
We cannot foretell
Will it be Heaven?
Or will it be Hell?


Mysterious orchid dreams
Heady suffocating sensations
Tall dark handsome strangers
Swirling sensual promises
Neath glittering starry nights
Is magic sublimely made
And I surrender in divine submission
To devouring eyes of burning ocean fire


Forlorn liberty
Bring solitary pleasures
Hear my voice and smile


Lemon frosted dreams
Candy sweet kisses rain soft
Upon craving lips


Burning addiction
Cascade sweeping sensation
Liquid heat pools deep


Sliding past second
Straight into third
Coming up #short
He shot the player the bird


Seasons shall pass
And so shall this
We’ll do it together
A communal promise


The gentle brush of a passing breeze
Is that you or just my secret wish?
A rosy blush blooms upon tender flesh
Achingly forlorn without your touch



A graceful #swan
Delicate and fragile
Beautifying an ugly world


And yet the world turns
Endlessly spinning
She does not know
Nor comprehend
The spiralling depths
Of the silent abyss
Consuming lost souls
With a hunger unknown


Can you feel me?
Sense my weakness?
Between us a wall
An invisible barrier
We cannot see
Yet feel it’s strength
So close yet so far apart
A heart torn in 2
A sense of separation
The mirror ****
Betwixt two worlds
So here I’ll wait
Just for U
📸Sebastiao Salgado

A golden chalice
Vessel divine nectar full
Drown mourning sorrows

#hangtenstories 1214


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #578 on: April 17, 2020, 02:38:53 pm »

Passing #finisterre


No more

#kicking and screaming
Frustration yields to anger
Burning bridges collapse


Suffocating silence enshrouds
Eclipsing fear of what lies beyond
Sealed doors that never unlock
Strange voices come and go
Footsteps with purpose pass by
Yearning to make a connection
To feel the warm touch of flesh
And know that I’m still human
📸L.A. Clark

Sunshine on gold
Sparkling jewels
Each one a treasure
Too precious for this world

Radiant in beauty
Shining and bright
Hues beyond wonder
Brilliant in the light


To the heavens did we soar
Youthful hearts set free
Souls in passion aflame
Among the dazzling stars
We burned so brightly
Too hot to handle or tame
Looking back upon the ashes
When once upon a time
I was completely yours
And you were utterly mine



Where butterflies flit
And moon beams shine
There shall I rest
Until you be mine

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R 1

Ivory orchids in a midnight garden lay scattered in disarray upon the ground, tumbled earth betraying the unfortunate passing of a soul from this world to another while the one that is tragically left behind stumbles away to grieving solitude...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R2

In some past life they called her “Daisy”
So sweet and pure of heart she was
Too gentle for that world and time

She wore moonflowers in her hair
And everyone who saw her swore her fair
Of face and every laugh a delicate chime

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R3

Upon a vessel of wild imagination dreams take flight, sailing across the heavens, trailing comets in our wake while a sea of sunken stars shine in dazzling brilliance, illuminating our passage to a world of intoxicating wonder...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R4

Maverick was his name, though as I recall he had many a moniker in his day.  With rough hands but a tender heart he’d soothed many a filly in her fright and with a silver tongue wooed many a maiden to her ultimate enraptured ruin....

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R5

Paradise beckons seductively
Hot sun and warm sea kissed sands
Where cares are set adrift
Breath tall palm trees swaying
In the jasmine scented breeze
There shall rest my soul
And build my dreaming castle
In pearlescent gleaming sand

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R6

Running straight into your arms, the safe haven of my soul, where I can be just me.  Where prying eyes and vicious tongues cannot touch me nor do any harm.  My bastion against the world, the home of my heart.

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R7

Chasing the sunset as we chased our dreams, never losing sight of the beauty in things.  Over land and sea, forest and desert, we flew with the wind on quicksilver wings....

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R8


“Windswept, wild and lonely” will be chiselled upon my epitaph on some darkened granite in a cemetery that no one but crows do visit now that Winter has come, and all is blanketed in snow...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R9

Been runnin’ too hard
Too long and too fast
Always with the wrong crowd
Never escapin’ the past

Lady Luck had no pity
Brought my world crashin’ down
Nowhere to run
When the mob came to town

So bury me deep
At least 6ft under
A place to rest
A moment

#SlamWords #34thEdition R10

Whispers on the wind
Rumours in dark corners
The waters are poisoned
Mysterious currents stir
Reputations shall be sullied
And destinies cut short

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R11

Miles shall I travel across the world yet wherever I go, there you shall be, forever in my mind, the way it should be ...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R12

Whatever you do, don’t look back!  Run! Run, I tell you! Forget all you saw, forget all you know! For the love of God, Romeo, go man, go! Me they’ll forgive but not you, my love, forget you knew me!

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R13

footprints on a beach, a path of flickering candles in the sand led my weary feet upon a meandering journey to the magical bower you had prepared, lapped by gentle waves and soothing breezes, your gaze drew me onward, tempting me as no other...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R14

Drifting in a soft daze, sweet birdsong music to my ears, the hammock lazily swings to the rhythm of my dangling foot, a gilded goddess bathed in afternoon sun, kissed by a gentle breeze while dreaming of you...

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R16

Land of my fathers
Vessel of my toil
Grant me the rich bounty
Of your life giving soil

Sweet Bohemian beauty
Of this land I have known
Together we are stronger
My heart you truly own

#SlamWords #34thEdition - R17

Your prompt this round - bohemian beauty

Hand in hand
Or was it a dream?
My mind playing tricks
Nothing as it seemed

A wish from the heart?
Fevered and true?
A longing made real
Of my love for you

#SlamWords #34thEdition R18

A prowling panther
Taut sensual temptation
Carnal dark promise


Reaching for the promise of tomorrow
Mysterious shadows beckon alluringly
Haunting the other side of memory
Do ghosts dream in black and white
Where intimate connections fade in time
Leaving bare skeletons of you and me
#image Kayla Varley


Liquid sensation
Pooling rapture seduces
Carnal addiction


A slumbering beast
Dark eyes that threaten
To quench deep desires
Without mercy
Until surrender
Total submission
To the victor the spoils
The pleasure
Oh such pleasure


Where gentle waters lap
Upon flowing silvered sands
There shall I rest
For an hour or so
As the Loch Song weaves
Her harmonious spell
Soothing my soul
She knows me so well
For now this is all
I’ll ever need
In The Bay of wishful dreams
My haven of tranquility

#poemtrail 438

#isolation in a barren wasteland of abandoned hopes and dreams, only dust now gathering to suffocate and drown from memory the “what could’ve been” ...


If there ever were a when it's now
In the quiet hours before dawn
And misty veiled valleys slumber
As vengeance hungrily prowls
With a cold heart black as Hell
Tis now the silent watchers should cry
Setting aflame the bale fires
And so the alarm flies fast

#salemverse 93

Honeyed words
Flows upon my senses
#Joy fills
And I am his
Unbound temptation

#erotica280 203

In darkness
Within shadows
He prowls
Liquid stealth

I feel his breath
Hot upon my neck
Awaiting the bite
The delicious pain

A silent predator
Dark promise in his gaze
Patiently stalking
Surrendering prey


Blazing comets race
Starlight extravaganza
Glittering heavens


Seductive rapture
Coalescing sensation
O how the flame burns


Smouldering embers
Dark whispering temptation
Combustion sparks


Weaving a song in leaves
Across the many miles
Down through the years
Mighty does the proud oak stand
The spirit of nature alive
Offering me sweet shelter
Beneath him shall I forever thrive

#BlackDahliaProse 538

Bring me to my knees
Let me worship at your alter
Baptise me - drown me
Brand me with your burning touch
With lips that trail carnal fire
Become my addiction
My hungry passion
In the depths of night
Surrender to you without a fight


Strumming a six string rhapsody
So sweetly upon my yearning heart
This silent wistful interlude
How could we ever part

Note by note you played your song
A haunting ghost of a melody
That wrapped around my lonely soul
Harmonising in a beautiful symphony


In some shaded hollow he waits for me
Passing the time conjuring sensual poetry
Within his mind a carnal world of wonder
Alluring yet playful my soul torn asunder
So there shall I seek him within the dark shadows
And ease his torment as our wicked words flow


“All that’s left”, the coroner said
I couldn’t face him
Couldn’t even raise my head
I stared at the floor
The walls and the door
But I couldn’t escape
What I was there for
&  so I looked
For but a moment
But long enough
My mind in torment
“Yes, it’s him” I gulped

#darklines 440

Liquid sensation
A passionate obsession
Addictive desire


Crackling midnight flames
Writhing forms beside a #fire
Explosion ignites



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #579 on: April 28, 2020, 12:47:22 pm »
Liquid sensation
A passionate obsession
Addictive desire


Crackling midnight flames
Writhing forms beside a #fire
Explosion ignites


Just words
Yet when spoken
In the gravelled tones
Of a seductive voice
They become
So much more

Warm thick honey
Soaking my mind
Drowning my emotions
I’m bathed in rapture
And again

To the heaven
The wonder
Of our sensual world

Tranquil sonatas
Sonorous harmonies flow
Rolling rhythms


I gazed in your eyes
Saw the planets align

I heard your words
And was lost in heaven

I felt your touch
And knew I was home


Sweet excerpts of emotions
Delighting my bemused mind
Haunting echoes of happiness
I thought were forever lost
A yearning ink-stained heart
Spilling scripted love words
To a hungry-for-love soul
The perfect line to underscore
How you always make me whole


Dance with the Devil
Disheveled illusions
Damnation desire


I #peaked too soon
Bridges left burning behind


In the quiet solitude of my darkest dreaming
Nocturnes & lullabies soothe me to sleep
My slumbering mind haunted by your face
As you steal my lost soul and capture my will
I’m waiting to breath & follow where you lead
The Devil in your wicked smile

📸Kirsty Mitchell

Carnal redemption
Salacious absolution
Lusty surrender


Wolverine mountain
Dark side of desolation
Oh how the cold bites...


Valorous heroes
Honour and bravery yours
Thus are legends made


Blood brother honour
Stalwart bastions of hope
A land defended


Luminous beauty
Tangled webs weave carnal paths
Trailing fingers tempt


Those aching midnight whispers
Soft and gently luring my mind
Tempting the unabating hunger
To furious howling life

Blood soaked addiction calls
I hear you, my friend
The inner beast unleashed
Upon a quiet slumbering world

Pray for us all

📸Heorhii Heorhiichuk

Have you ever wondered about the nature of time?
Those drifting grains of sand flowing deeply by
A never ending stream of lost possibilities & finite moments
Now gone forever - never to return
Fate comes & goes while no one notices until too late

We cry out loud
But no one hears

We see others
But they are blind to us

We are free
But there is no freedom

Spirits shall guide us
For this world is ours no more



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #580 on: May 13, 2020, 01:43:49 pm »
Lipstick smudges on pristine white collars
Accusations let fly with lethal precision
Drink from the well of carnal oblivion
And never regret the depth of obsession


April was one 🔥 lady
Branding all with her heat
With burning rays
She left her mark
Now tears of rain
That gently fall
In sorrow trail
As she she slowly leaves

Give me wide open skies
In which to spread my wings
To leave the world far behind
And see what the future brings

An empty road and a full tank of gas
Are all I need to escape the past
So set me free and let me fly
For if I stay here I’ll surely die

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R1

Anywhere and everywhere
Your spirit and your soul
You’re never very far from me
You’re a shelter from the cold

In every rain drop on my cheek
The rays of a warming sun
The tender caress of a gentle breeze
I feel you in every one

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R2

“come a little closer” said the spider to the fly
“I only wish to admire your wings, I swear I do not lie”
And so beguiling were his words
So full of liquid honey
That soon the fly was tightly bound
And his end was not so funny...

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R3

Each day upon this road of life
I go a little farther
Each twist and turn, each rise and fall
is a lesson to be learned
I take my time, enjoy the ride
for it cannot be repeated
Upon life’s path the end is known
but the route we take is our own

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R4

Rise a little higher than those that are around you
Fall a little harder when the ground gives way beneath

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R5

The gentle swing and sway
The teasing to and fro
Of a gentle summer breeze
Playful upon dancing hedgerows

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R7

Lost in the feel of rapturous applause
she didn’t see it coming
nor comprehend the cause
Oh how the audience loved her
and clapped in wild abandon
yet on the morrow the critics
savaged every heart felt emotion

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R8

“How far can we go?”

“All the way, doll, all the way”

“But that’s too far, I am not ready”

“Then buckle up, baby, and hold the bars steady”

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R9

To race the warming rays of dawn
To break the edges of the night
And greet the coming morn
How we did laze and while away the hours
Dreaming of a future then
That would be one day ours

#SlamWords #35thEdition - R10 (final)


His palm a warm weight upon sleepy flesh, his fingers grazing a knowing path of seduction. My early morning solitude a myth as I blink ebony lashes to greet his wicked slumbrous gaze. Waking up never felt so good...

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R1

The lingering scent of what once was still hangs upon the air. No matter how many times I change the bed and wash the linen, you’re still with me.  Haunting my mind and consuming my senses as if you were still here.

But you’re not...

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R2

Supple shadows that shift and weave
from the corner of my eye

Yet still and stand when I turn around
with an echoing mournful cry

Are they memories of who we were?
Of souls long lost just wandering by?

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R4

Cherry blossom and apple trees
The scents of summer caught on a breeze
Wildflower perfumes that hang in the air
All whisper memories of a time you were there

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R5

An ugly squall lashed the panes, a violent echo of the churning emotions roiling within the room.  Pitiless eyes that seethed with unspoken rage stared, memories of holding hands now a cruel mockery, when all he could see was her wedding band
#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R6

How bitter the sting of perception as reality delivers a brutal blow
How blind the eyes that refused to see yet cannot look away
In the eyes of a child the truth laid cruelly bare
He is your blood - tis a fact you cannot deny

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R7

Crown her regal brow in Nature’s glory
Bathe her ivory form in sun warmed gold
Drifts of apple blossom shall trail each step
For the Queen of May your heart shall hold

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R8

Lost in the moment
Deaf to the world
All I hear
All I could ever wish
Are the timeless sighs
Of a timeless desire
When you were mine
And I was yours
When all was golden
Such a magical time

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R9

So raise a glass
And one or two more
To one last time before we part
And toast the memories
Of the ones we have loved
And to the future
And the ones we shall know
The future a mystery
A timeless river in flow

#SlamWords #35thEdition #encore - R10 (final)

Lingering looks from slumbrous eyes
Sensual messages left unsaid
All lure me towards you
And to the inevitable bed



The last twist of the knife cuts deep
Piercing the blind vessel of a breaking heart
Cruel passions from wild desires emerge
Breaking boundaries that leave us bleeding
Amongst the strewn detritus of a dying affair

📸1) Siciliani Texel 2) Quotes

He took my heart
Stole it clean away
Swore he’d never hurt me
Swore it clear as day

So here I am now
Standing in the rain
Staring at the ground
Relishing his pain

Should I show remorse?
A hint of regret
For what we once were
Now that he lies dead...


How sparkling the ring
In the morning sun
How dazzling the smile
The wedding just begun
How fulsome the praise
Delivered by the groom
The way things turned out
All done much too soon
How calm was the bride
In all her finery
Chaos all about her
A lace wrapped effigy
#sensewrds 422

Luminous angel
Exquisite delicacy
Sweet absolution


Glorious raiment
Daisy crowned Queen of May
Sweet Mother Nature

Credit: peter_pyw/pixabay

What brand new dreams come to haunt
To stalk my conscience in the secret dark
When all is quiet and the ghosts of my past
Unquiet in their deathly beds of soil
Arise to walk this land once more


Knowing my own unspoken, deepest desire
He lit the spark that ignited the fire

A carnal inferno he did so combust
In night of passionate, erotic fuelled lust

#Erotica280 230

We are but pawns
Mere chess pieces
Moved this way and that
Upon an unfair board

At the blind mercy
The cruel rapacious whim
Of capricious gods
Their smiles so crooked



How warm the sun upon my skin
Apollo’s kiss to my sweet surrender
Among sweet meadows shall I await
The coming of my celestial lover


Momma done warned me about guys like U
Spinning those lines the dames all adore
I told myself I wasn’t like them
Told myself I’d not be yr fool
Yet here I am again, still watching the clock
Listening for yr footsteps, yr key in the door
Your whisky soaked shamble across the floor

Does the city own you or do you own her, Joe? 

I hear you walking in the dead of night
     along rain wet cobbles that glisten in the light

Wearing dead man’s shoes that leave no prints
     you’re a shadow from a nightmare with a blade that glints

📸He Walked by Night

What bruised heart
That braved the cold
That faced the world
That cried out loud
So cruelly torn
Yet still beating
Pulsing with determined life
To keep on going
Whatever comes
Fate still playing
A crooked game
Cards placed down
One by one
And destiny waits...


A tattooed symphony wrought in bewitching fashion
Indelible phrases that mystify yet amaze the eye
How heavenly the calligraphy that speaks to the soul
Yet renders the reader blind in its beautiful sight
Unknowing the precious treasure bestowed

#PoemTrail 447
(📸Vadim Sadovski)


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #581 on: May 24, 2020, 02:24:37 pm »
Flowing shadows spilled across the room, chasing amber shades of sunset in a glorious dash for the freedom of the door, warming a path for but a fleeting moment the ivory flesh of the sleeping figure upon the bed...

#sensewrds 425

📸Annie Peng
My isolation
Blissful tranquil oasis
Time to be myself


Those hours I did while away
Dreaming of a better day

Watching clouds pass on by
Scudding in a brilliant sky

Where have our dreams gone?
Did they melt away as ice ‘neath the sun?


Beneath the mask you always wear
Beats the heart of someone who deeply cares
Tis just a front - a cruel masquerade
A cloak you wear to keep you safe
I feel the pain you try to conceal
Please let me inside so you can heal

#VerseAngel 346


Rainbows and unicorns
Brightly shine and dance
Kaleidoscopic brilliance
Dazzling the curious mind
Chasing away grey clouds
Until all that’s left
When all’s said and done
Is the soaring dove of hope


Waking dreams comfort
Insomniac nightmares haunt
Living on the edge


With nothing but lipstick
And a luminous crimson smile
She lured them so close
With her beauty she beguiled

A Queen Bee in her element
Reigning supreme
No one could eclipse her
She was living the dream

#verseangel 349

Breathe with me now
Gentle and slow
Let the worries
Of this world
From your shoulders
Swiftly flow
Tomorrow shall come
But today is still here
Enjoy what you have
Don’t borrow unknown fears


Reaping the wild wind
Watching them come
From the East they flowed
We dared not run

With nowhere to run
Here making a stand
With backs to the wall
They’d not take our land

Riding hurricanes of horror
Screaming banshees came down
Savage as locusts
Devouring our town


So many thoughts
Tumbling and spinning
Wild confusion within
Did I misunderstand?
Was it all a game?
Cruel masquerade
The wrong impression
Tis not a mistake
I’ll ever make again

#verseangel 351

A free spirit dancing
Floating on a breeze
Her spirit ever flying
Captivating everyone
Smiling wild flower eyes
Above lips always smiling
She is sunrise perfection
Happiness and light


If only we could
Then of course
We would
Indulge nocturnal desires
In written words
That we could keep
And savour at will
When the hours are long
And the nights are still
Late night confessions
We dare not speak
Unrequited longings
For each other
We seek


Silken gravelled tones
Strumming my senses
Luring my mind
To the darker side
Where passions consume
Drawing me further
His voice beckons
Drowning in sensation
Addicted & craving
Lost to the rapture
Beguiled by the beast
This maze of insanity
They call falling in love



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #582 on: June 12, 2020, 01:52:01 pm »
#dreamcatcher reveries
Fantasies of the heart
What I wish for
In the depths of night
You capture
Hold safe
Til I see the light

The night comes alive
Neon ricochet bright
They’re coming for you
Lighting up the night

Run, baby, run
As fast as you can
The tracers will find you
Bullets from a gun

Shapes and shadows
Echoes and screams
Blood on the cobbles
Brutal death foreseen

#DarkLines 451
📷Ryan Oswick

A conscience stained
In scarlet ink
Whispers of lust
Passion and slink

Souls and flesh
Alike become one
Craving and addiction
Flaming combustion

Colliding & breaking
Apart fall the rules
Burning desires
Molten lava quickly pools

📷Caras Ionut

Over the fence
Where the wild poppies grow
My thoughts go dancing
Among hawthorn hedgerows

Birds and wild flowers
Sweet meadow grass
Summer time blossoms
The hours slowly pass

(📷Chris Barbalis)
#poemtrail 451

Early in the morning
When roseate dawn is rising
With creeping fingers of light
Chasing the dark away
The very air hangs still
As if the land holds her breath
For but a long drawn out moment
Before silence is broken
And bird song sweetly sounds
And all is ...perfect


Upon the edge
Deeply breathing
Eyes shut tight

Everyone pushing
Everyone pulling
My mind spiralling
Utter confusion

Cannot step back
Afraid to go forward
Frozen in place
Make a decision

One step
Two steps

If I fall...
What if
I fly?


Wild country pursuits
Nature’s bountiful heaven
Tranquil meadowland


Fleeting memories
Snapshots of my life
Linger yet within my mind
Fading from sepia to black and white

Faces I can still recall
The names long forgotten
Haunt my imagination
Old friends I’m sure to meet again

#blackdahliaprose 558

Shrouded in grief
She mourns
Lost and alone
She trembles
Silent and pale
She stands
Feeling his presence
His breath upon her neck
The noose tightening
Within her mind
Rasping words growl
“not even in death shall we part”
And a tear falls...

📷el tracador del luz

#darklines 452

Lingering whispers
Smouldering eyes
Caressing touches
Slow burning fires

He came in the night
Answering my prayers
His arms wrapping tight
How passions did flare

No promises made
How could this last?
I lived in the moment
Nothing further was asked...


#hydrangea Road was where she lived
A quiet cul-de-sac in a quiet village
Everyone knew everyone else
With a lovely sense of community spirit


Too far and too fast
Look away and you’ll miss life
Open your eyes wide


#buckshot n bourbon
Hell of a night
He’s a nightmare walking
Looking for a fight

If you see him coming
Get out of his way
Better still, I warn you
Go another way

Been a long time coming
He’d finally had enough
He’d bring the war to them
Things were going to get rough


Mournful wraith upon a moonless night
Her path meandering where no steps follow
Veiled in mist she treds soft upon dusty petals
Ever waiting for her once-true love
Caught betwixt the worlds unresting
And so her ghost walks...still


Leaving behind all that we knew
Taking that leap into the blue
Finding freedom in just letting go
Escaping the past - reap what we sow

#SlamWords #36thEdition R1

On into the distance
Rolling curves lead to
Ever more open vistas
Excited to explore

With no map to follow
Just going with the flow
I’m like tumbleweed blowing
Along the open road

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R4

Jumping at the chance
Never thinking twice
A leap of faith I’m taking
Not caring of the price...

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R9

Holding on to a dream
I’ve not a one
This time I’m taking control
I’ll be dead before I’m done

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R10

Miles and miles of open road
My journey a long one
My conscience a heavy load

Choose a direction
Make a decision
It doesn’t really matter
My mind cloudy of vision

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R1

“flip a coin” he tossed, smirking with insolence, his close set eyes taunting - knowing I needed a set of wheels and wondering just how far I’d got to get them...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R2

“looking for adventure, little lady?” the voice growled close from the shadows but were swiftly followed by a gurgling sound as his larynx was crushed by a merciless unseen force. “nope” she tossed, her black as night gaze aglow...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R4

Moonshine running was in my blood, the back ways & byways familiar as the back of my hand but this time it was different. The Feds were all over us like flies on a corpse and the scenic routes wouldn’t be our saviour this time....

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R5

When the wind sings, my soul soars.  It whispers of freedom and far reaching horizons where time is subjective and means nothing...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R7

Running on nothing but empty, yet still I ran, never looking back for what was back there? Only bridges left burning, the stench of the pyres still coating my throat, eyes raw with strain I raced on into the night...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R8

“follow the horizon” the old man said but I should’ve known never trust a drunk even if he was an old friend.  Who knew finding a haven would be so hard? No one here to trust & sure as hell no one would miss me but I’d been running so long

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R10

Show me the dark side of your smile
Whisper of wicked things worth my while
Tempt me from the good path unto the bad
Make me forget everything that made me sad



Just another maybe in a long line
Of what ifs and if only
Just another lost opportunity
Another chance to win it all
Staring out at an empty void
Wouldn’t it be easier to let myself fall?


Fleeting sensations that soothe my soul
Cascading waterfalls of quiet solitude
Amidst shade dappled meadows
And murmuring crystal streams
There shall you find me
Quietly dreaming

#sensewrds 437

A New York minute
Frenetic going places
Forgetting to breathe




Blessed with an unexpected gift
Of glittering ribbons of starlight
Moon dust and diamonds
We danced beneath the heavens
And counted our blessings

📸Felicia Einsty


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #583 on: June 27, 2020, 01:17:09 pm »
Dance with the Devil
Obsidian revelry
Demons in motion


We walk in the light
Trailing writhing shadows

...sashayingwith sinuous sensuality across the neon lit street to purr with licentious promise close into his ear, “whatever U want is yrs”, her dark liquid gaze slumbrous beneath the flickering street lamps “for the right price” crimson lips a dewy temptation...

#verseangel 377


A panther prowling the night
Searching the shadows for prey
Hungry for that first bite
The taste of sweet flesh
Running with blood
Slavering temptation
Senses on high alert
He’s alive with sensation

 #DarkLines 456
📸Saso Tusar


Make me no promises
Tell me no lies
Don’t play with my heart
Don’t drown in my eyes

My heart is my own
That’s how it shall be
You cannot dissuade me
My soul shall fly free

So take my hand
Escort me to the dance
But do not go further
In this you’ve not a chance


Thunder n lightning
Strobing illumination
Nature’s percussion


Within shadows
Dark and deep
She waits for you
Pleasure to seek

Secrets unspoken
Heart and soul
In the dead of night
Fantasies unfold

Footsteps echo
A key in the lock
With pulse rate soaring
A pistol she cocks

#PoemTrail  458

📸Yossi Kotler

“We’ll meet again
Don’t care where
Don’t care when”
Lingers sweetly upon the air
Serenading my mind
With haunting memories
Flowing images of faces
A past slowly fading
A time when we were
All in it together

#SenseWrds 440

Lavender twilight
Obsidian addiction
All consuming fire


Hungry & silent
They come in the night
Ravenous wolves
To savour my plight
Haunting memories
In tumbling flow
Prick at my memory
Tear at my soul
Within my mind
I feel him inside
Watching in silence
Awaiting his prize
I’m the moth
He’s the flame
A secret craving
I call his name

Gentle healing balm
Sweet benediction
A moment of bliss
Heaven’s soft kiss
When all is madness
Chaos and fire
I take a deep breath
And my fears expire
Kissed by rain
Cleansing baptism
My soul is refreshed
Through a glittering prism
📸Daria K. Ritch

Seduce my craving
Feed my hungry addiction
You know you want to


“no promises” she whispered, her palm pressed against his lips

“I’ll take the here and now” her liquid gaze soft upon him

“if that’s all I can have of you...” her words trailing to nothing


Tempestuous will
Furious churning maelstrom
Wrath of vengeful gods


From out of the mist
Slow riding they came
Choosing their path
This was no game

Reiving their skill
Skulduggery their aim
Rich pickings to take
The land set aflame

Jingle of harness
Pike and sharp sword
By the light of the moon
They’ll lift the herd


How #verdant the land
Once called my home
Blooming and golden
Oh why did I roam?

So far have I journeyed
From the place of my birth
Yet still my heart yearns
4 the scent of the earth

The land where I took
My first trembling steps
A paradise in memory
A haven to me


Bleeding the blues in crimson streams
His six string lover comes alive in his hands
In tender adoration he softly strums
Coaxing rhythms sublime for an aching heart
As lyrical lines purr sweetly upon the night
And a city in rhapsody vibrates 2 the notes
📸Andrew Hawes

The endless fall
Until sweet oblivion
Swallows my soul

Wrapped in grace
A rapturous prayer
I taste the divine
Pure and rare

And in that moment
When all seems lost
Hope breaks free
And all is not lost



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #584 on: July 06, 2020, 01:11:36 pm »
Let me be the one
you reach for
The one who
holds your secrets
The one who
knows what you need

Let me be the one
you dream of
The one who
holds your heart
The one who
you run too

Run with me
where the wild roses bloom
Run with me
where horizons give us room

This wild #escapade
we’re running on
Leaving it all behind
and we’re long gone


A rain of stars cascading
in diamond spills
of glittering profusion
Shimmering wonder
of Heaven’s touch
entranced by the beauty
Consumed by the love
lost in temptation’s kiss
A gift from above   
📸Margarita Kareva

Lilies of the Valley
Daisies of the Dead
Crown her brow in bloom
Her soul too soon now fled

#DarkLines 46
📸Alejandro Salazar

Dance without a care
Hungering for the sweet taste
Drench inhibitions



Far away and out of sight
Where the faeries dance
Beneath glittering stars
That shimmer and glow
To the beat of the heavens
And breathing starlight
Between soft heartbeats
Whispering lips wish magic
Harmony and peace
Upon a world so ill at ease

Breathe my name
A soft prayer in the night
Let it linger sweetly
Upon your lips so light


Unicorns prancing
Glittering in the gloaming
Sparkle and moon dust


A spray of sparks fountained from naked rims grinding upon wet tarmac as what was left of the truck careened out of control, lit from behind in the glare of the sudden explosion that blazed the night sky, leaving only destruction on its wake...

#SlamWords #37thEdition - R1/2/3


From splintered shadows that shift and slide in oily malevolence, demons spill forth and where fire and smoke collide they ripple and bloom in a dazzling display of cruel anticipation of the nightmare terrors unleashed upon a slumbering world...

#SlamWords #37thEdition - 4/5/6

In the ringing silence after the passionate storm has passed, the tension released in carnal pleasure, languishing in the aftermath: when the last glow fades then what comes next? When it’s over could the past be forgotten or ever forgiven?

#SlamWords #37thEdition - R 7/8/9/10

Sensory fascination
Collision divine


The ash-dusted morning air hung heavy as a shroud, all life shattered and broken as the land... littered among the remains lay only remnants now of lives once lived in the basking rays of the sun, now swept away in the tsunami of pain...

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R 1/2

Jaded jewel
Once so bright
Aged now
Only seen at night
Streaks of faded colours
Her beauty once so clear
Now only seem to highlight
What about time there is to fear

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R3

Hot & hazy, the air hung thick as warm molasses that July night, the Spanish moss barely swaying and the feel of sweat trickling a carnal journey making you think of cool lips wreaking salacious havoc upon heated flesh as I lingered...waiting

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R4

Sweet temptation
I cannot resist
I’m a slave to sugar
With a strawberry twist

Cold as ice
Melts upon my tongue
Addictive craving
I’ll never be done

So one more scoop
Maybe two
Feed my hunger
You’ll be rewarded
If you do...💋

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R5

T’weren’t nothin’ I could put my finger on but he had a lazy kind of vibe as he moseyed on... never stoppin’ long in any one place, you know? Just mindin’ his own business, keepin’ out of trouble but the ladies felt it... an’ hungered...

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R6

Petrichor and roses
Scent of Summer

Beneath this oak
Shall I rest in peace

A swift rain weeps
Gentle tender balm

Grieve me not
For here shall I be

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R7

Soothed by silence
Such calming peace
My soul weeps for joy
At last I can rest

In the arms of Morpheus
Let me rock to sleep
I’ve found my haven
In his care shall I keep

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R8

Running from the law
Bourbon and bullets
These renegade days
Bandits and bravado
Are coming to an end
Nowhere to go
Backed into a corner
But we’ve been in tighter
And lived to tell
But one of these outlaw nights
They’ll send us straight to hell
#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore -R9

At the crossroads of history Destiny awaits
But I’m suddenly uncertain
Which direction should I take?

Should I stand or fall?
Am I right or am I wrong?
Once I head down that road
My honour may be gone

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R10

Friday night down the docks
How cruel the floodlit pit
Where crimson flows
And bodies sweat
Razor sharp blades
Mortal flesh do meet
Knife Fight Night
Always drew a crowd
Bloodthirsty for more
Violent craving
Marking her prey
One by one
& her hunger grew

 #DarkLines 463


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