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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: August 04, 2019, 12:15:29 pm »
Calculating minx
Spinning seductive intrigue
Meaning not a word


Time and time again
From dawn to dusk
Enraptured I stand
Cascading emotions
Rich with memory
Flood my mind
Drenching my soul
Cast in moonlight
Pale and ethereal
I whisper your name
But there is no answer
Only the sighing wind
Through mourning willows

This wicked game we play each night
Tormenting each other knowing it’s not right
Secrets and shadows are where we meet
Bound to those rules that give us no peace
This is so wrong yet still feels so good
Denying ourselves nothing while caught in the mood

Bewitching courtesans in fragrant display
Beautify this world as colourful bouquets
Smouldering eyes and captivating Cupid’s
Do play love’s game among luscious orchids

Moth to the flame
She drew them in
One by one
Addicted to sin

Too hot to handle
Some did get burned
Unmanned and bitter
Cast off and spurned

Yet still she glowed
Radiant and serene
A jewel beyond price
Coveted as any queen

The night shields
What the heart craves
Enfolding velvet
Black as sin
Wraps sweetly around
This world we’re in
Flesh on flesh
Skin on skin
Bathe in our heat
Cascading emotion
Sensations coil
Hot blood pools
Heart beats pound
The closer we pull

#CarnalVerse 242
Enamoured devotion
Written in the stars
Pledging our love
The future is ours

Hatred and lies
We left far behind
They cannot poison
This love we did find


Dance me away under a midnight moon
Waltz me unto paradise bewitched by stars
Wrapped in the safe haven of your strong arms
This silver light enchantment is forever ours

#moonmystic 18
In the dead of night
When the north wind blows
Hammering at the doors
Rattling all the windows
Then do I curl in upon my side
Hugging my pillows close
Beneath blankets I try to hide
Missing your heat
The feel of you near
Then do I feel you
Comforted without fear

All that I am
I give to you
All that I will be
I devote to you
In your eyes
I am more
Than I ever dreamt
You arms the safe haven
My soul was seeking

#BlackDahliaProse 431

Our secret hideaway
Hidden from view
The world shut out
It’s just we two

Where none can see
Or know we’re there
This is our place
Our canyon of privacy


Catching moments
Fluttering gently
Float on by
Dream weaver butterflies
Precious n delicate
Barely there
Then gone
Chromatic horizons
Bejewelled brilliance
Chase out the dark
Let in the light
A brand new day
A new life

Many rooms has my cavernous mind
Some open while some are locked
Secrets lurk in shadowed corners
Waiting to trip the unwary thought
Enslaving forever a guilty conscience
Trapped in a #cellar black as Hell


In my heart I give you absolution
But my mind argues against redemption
Be grateful you’re not on trial risking your life
Nor that am I the jury toying with a legal knife


Whisper your desire
Wrap your tongue around your wish
Carnal lust satisfied


Time is upon us
Fate plays her hand
Destiny awaits us
Let’s take a stand

One day at a time
Or so we thought
The sands have run out
The ending we sought

Look to the front
Heed not what’s behind
The future before us
The stars have aligned



Split second timing
Blink of an eye
Monster had it coming
The guy had to die

Finger on the trigger
Steady as a rock
Right between the eyes
His head on a block

#SlamWords R1 #noir

Mysterious circumstances?
Or so the Police report said
What? Are they fools?
The corpse was shot full of lead!

#SlamWords R2 #noir

A ghost in the night
No one had seen
Disappeared down some alley
The Godfather’s Queen

Gone missing with the loot
Took off and running
Put out the word, boys
This gal’s got it coming

#SlamWords R3 #noir

Sirens scream a warning
Strobing lights flash bright
Stilettos pound the streets
Shadows flare in the night

She’s running from the law
Everyone she ever knew
$$$$ weighing her down
A guilty conscience too

#SlamWords R4 #noir

Bagged and tagged
Tossed in a van
No rest for the wicked
All that’s left of the Man

Coppery tang of blood
Murder in the air
It’s St Valentines all over again
But no one seems to care

#SlamWords R5 #noir

Painting bloody patterns
Lurid abstracts on a slab
Gory brilliance under light
Dripping still upon the floor

The soul may be gone
If ever he had one
Silent he’s still speaking
Artistic “smoking gun”

#SlamWords R6 #noir
Under the cover of darkness
Black shroud of blind despair
The gal’s still running hard
Careening swiftly down some stairs

The subway is her refuge
They’ll never find her there
Tracking without conscience
She hasn’t got a prayer

#SlamWords R7 #noir

Her momma done told her
A long long time ago
Use what the good Lord gave you
Let that be your weapon of choice
For the shameful truth is
This is a man’s world, honey
And you’ll never have a voice

#SlamWords R8 #noir

Trail of clues and questions
Even a blind man could follow
Money, drugs and gold
A harsh pill to swallow
A philanthropist on the surface
Cruel crime boss underneath
Fooling everyone he met
He deserves the goddamn wreath

#SlamWords R9 #noir

Tale of a life gone in a flash
A dead woman now walking
She’s keeping all the cash
In the aftermath of murder
Grim death in the night
She may look back in sorrow
But knows what she did
And did it very well
Still it feels so right

#SlamWords R10 #noir
Like water down a drain
Oozing life bled away
Once a soul fighting for breath
Now with time ticking away
He was a stiffening corpse
Ravaged and broken
Left on the floor

#SlamWords R1 #noir

Like a punch to the gut you didn’t see coming
The knife in the back when you were running
Hiding in plain sight when no one knew
She was the poison mixed in a cruel brew
She’d take them down from the inside
One by one she’d watch them all die

#SlamWords R2 #noir
Cold blooded murder
But what did they know
Fingerprints and smears
Are all that would show
Not hers, though, mind
She’d watched n learned
Paid her dues, too
They all had it coming
When the whole house blew

#SlamWords R3 #noir
Lies and deception
Her momma taught her well
Smile all the time, love
And send them to Hell

Suspicions and secrets
Never cast her way
A blonde angel walking
Waiting for the day

Morals and corruption
Never far away
They bled the city dry
She’d make them pay

#SlamWords R4 #noir

Hard boiled gumshoe
Ten pack a day guy
Thought he’d seen it all
But this was new to his eye
Just didn’t make sense
Didn’t add up
Gut instinct screaming
Louder than those sirens
Through layers of smoke
Sharp eyes searched
Determined to find
Elusive betrayals

#SlamWords R5 #noir

Sleight of hand was all it took
Red herrings and misdirection
Send them running down the wrong path
Send them hunting for another connection
Patsies each and every one
She’d be long gone and far away
Before they realised they were wrong

#SlamWords R6 #noir
End of an era
Cruel end of dreams
When nothing is ever
Quite as it seems

A city in flames
Sodom & Gomorrah
Gold was the God
And worshipped by all

Built on blood
Fear & a gun
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to run

Had to burn
Had to die
I lit the match
Sweet cleansing pyre

#SlamWords R7

Wolf on the prowl
Stalking the night
Scenting her fear
Scenting her plight

“Come out, come out
Wherever you are
Tis futile to hide
You won’t get far”

Savage and bitter
Cruel was his mind
She’d burned his father
No trace would they find

#SlamWords R8

Proof of guilt?
That you’ll never find
Buried too deep
Thrown to the wind
Tossed in the gutter
Burned in the night
I’ll never talk
Cat’s got my tongue
Forget you ever knew me
Just let me go
Don’t waste your time
No one needs to know

#SlamWords R9

Running away fast
Dollars and stardust forgive
The mess left behind

#SlamWords R10 #haiku


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #556 on: August 17, 2019, 02:54:06 pm »
Stained with madness divine
I walk the land that is mine
My doomed soul burned black
Raw and bitter poisonous crack
Spreading poison with venomous ease
Death trails in my wake
                                           A carpet of morbid disease

375 #DarkLines
📷Ian Espinosa
Celestial stars grace the beautiful darkness
A purity of purpose across the heavens
Unveiling the divine feminine of destiny
Foretold in mysterious prophecies
Translated by ageless Magi hermits
Lost among the illustrious mountains

📷1)Lindsay Rapp 2)Flora Borsi
Rumours ran like #wildfire
Burning goodwill to cinder
I ran so far yet not far enough
Unable to outrun the conflagration
That devoured my prints to ash

Lost in veils of misty tranquility
Where songbirds sing and willows grow
Clandestine assignations are sweetly made
Between curious strangers no one will know

#blackdahliaprose 434
How sharp the dagger
Tool of your wicked deceit
To pierce a soft heart


We left the world behind
Ran until we ran out of road
Never once looked back
Blessed days we now call our own


Bound for #glory
Flags unfurled
They road into legend
Brave and true
With naked steel flashing
They flowed downhill
Their foe now turning
A brutal time to kill
As Autumn leaves fell
Shrouding the fallen
A shot echoed loud
A victorious yell


Frosted stars
Cold and distant
Guard amethyst secrets
Throughout eternity
Charcoal sins
Tarred reputations
Bittersweet betrayals
Cruel deceptions
Rumbling echoes
Spilling over
Threading thru time
Always there
Traitorous poison
Treacherous blood


Crimson lips whisper
Curling tongues dance
Salacious seduction
Wrapped in tangled touch
While silent mirrors watch
And motions turn urgent
Tempestuous desires
Become rampant needs
Drenched sensations
Locked in licentious exploration

#CarnalVerse 245

Walk with me, now
To the Bridge of Tears
And there shall we pause
Amidst this forest mine
Where mystery & magic
In psyche deeply embedded
Do swirl in the waters
That rush far below
Sweeping melancholy
To where weeping willows grow

#NatureVerse 175

2-Frederic Oger

A #shell of a man
All that was left
When they pulled him out
Of the hornets nest
That hell torn ground
Nothing now
Behind his eyes
Damnation and guilt
Still terrorise
The spirit now lost
But not quite dead
He’ll return
When he’s ready
And his ghosts
Laid to rest

Brewing tempest
Boiling skies
It’s now or never
The Four Horsemen ride

Into the storm
From the East
To Hell and back
We race the Beast

On a lonely road
Where crossroads meet
We’ll make a stand
Or die on our feet

📷Evgeny Kuklev
“Cherry Blossom Thunder”
Stranger names out there
Breezing through life
With sandalwood charm
She’s a joyous soul dancing
Through everyone’s lives
Her honeysuckle breath
Tempting the beguiled
As patchouli potions
In luscious scents
Sooth stressful worries away


Super size me, please
No such thing as much too big
Just give it to me!


Bullets rained
Lead confetti
Black on black
Frown on frown
The cops came running
A banging on the door
We made a quick exit
Stampede on the floor
That was the night
Oh what night
And we left ‘em hanging
Begging for more

An #explosion of colour
Psychedelic extravaganza
Bursting brilliance
Exuberant hues
Rainbows n unicorns
Fantasy in motion
A captivating wonderland
In glorious confusion


His touch orchestrated a #symphony of sensation
Playing upon alabaster skin with dexterous skill
A maestro of perfection in tune with my desire


Memories linger behind spellbound eyes
So many whispers haunting my mind
Of an Avalon where Merlin’s advice
In soft portent did ominously foretell
The fall of Arthur to Destiny’s sword
That no crystal ball could mysteriously reveal



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #557 on: September 07, 2019, 05:52:09 am »
He hung the moon
Silvered jewel
In a stardust sky
Because she asked

#BardBits 355

Captivating in every detail
The very essence of beauty
Gracious in her caring touch
Harmonious and passionate
For the crown she wore
Wherever in this land she went
This sceptred gem of an isle
She gave of herself so much
A gilded yet invincible reign

#BardBits 356
Fathoms deep
Yo ho ho!
The Devils Deep
Where mermaids roam
For he who would dare
Thrill seeking search
Treasures lie there
Amidst Dead Men’s bones
That only the bold
& greedy of soul
Shall brave the depths
For the addiction of gold

Image = Aesthetics
I see you quietly standing
Within shifting shadows deep
#Lingering without moving
What’re you waiting for?
Is moving on so difficult?
What is it here you still cling to?
Silent yet watchful I feel you
A guardian angel but for whom?
Or a reaper waiting to guide? Me?

I breathe
I close my eyes
I feel the kiss of a breeze
I lay back and gaze at the skies
Reflected focus of all that can be
In a perfect world for you & me
Where there is calm and
Sweet tranquility

Farewell, my love, farewell
Sweet sorrow shall be my friend
For now until we meet again

#ashverse sp32

In the sweet quiet secretive hours
Lost somewhere twixt dusk and dawn
Two souls converge where none can see
In the erotic shadow dance too long denied
This grindingly slow seduction of the mind
That feeds the craving of carnal addiction

#CarnalVerse 249

The legends foretell
Or so I believe
That what we desire
We may not receive
Within those hearts
That once did beat
Where angels walk
Silent & unseen
Hushed & abandoned
Delayed empty vessels
We pray for them
& the Demons they wrestle

📷John C. Wright (Forest Angel)


How #brightly the sun does shine today
Troubles and worries all fading away
So let’s raise a glass to a weekend of fun
Chilling in the garden & the barbecue done

Sin spilling desire
Object of forbidden lust
Pity my longing


A wasteland does sorrow make
Of a tortured soul encased in ice
This empty belonging cast aside
Betrayal of a love left far behind
So damn what I’m becoming
Curse this spirit yearning to be free
Tomorrow is but a whispered promise
Fragile delicate precious & ethereal

#ashverse 33
Echoing dreams of a time long ago
Siren songs sing of SINday delights
Swirling mysteriously within my mind
To seduce the soul to euphoric rapture


In tangled laughter we entwine
Lips spilling scarlet ink promises
Upon untouched porcelain flesh
The soupy fog of sweet uncertainty
Ever deepening as hours unfold
Releasing scented jasmine virtues
Beneath a star scattered night sky

The sweet with the sour
Duality of nature
Calls to the soul
Evoking emotions
The passion and fire
The addiction and desire
What lies beneath
Hidden from view
Is the fragility and power
That lives within you

📷Melanie Furtado (Divine Feminine bas-relief art)

Sometime lies hide
The deepest truths
Between the cracks
Within broken breaths
On the other side
Of you and fear
Awaits a dawning hope
But whisper it softly
Comforting cashmere
Wraps a heart beating
Innocent and pure
The anticipation so fleeting


Twas in the #gloaming
That special time
When I saw him first
Afore he was mine

With eyes so black
And hair such too
He drew me in
I was his to do

So bid me farewell
I have to leave
Remember me fondly
Tis no time to grieve

📷The Gloaming by Nightt-Angell
Leaves #rustle underfoot
Hastening steps beat a tattoo
Trailing blood still stains

“Bit #presumptuous”

#what, I’m just sitting here”

“Yeah, but you’re on my front porch”

“Oh, I didn’t know it was yours”

“And you’re drinking my beer”

“Didn’t know that either”

“And yet you’re still just sitting here and drinking it”


A heart possessed
A soul consumed
Angelic protection
In a world marooned
Where madness flows
An unstemmed tide
Terror eclipsing
In a roller coaster ride
To touch the divine
To reach the stars
This captured essence
Of everything we are


Satiate my mind
Whisper my name to the stars
Wrap me in crimson

#haikulust #haiku
They’re not the kind of calling cards a gal likes to receive 😈

Chocolates I’d prefer
Roses too would be nice
But not so much a body
Left still chilling on ice


Dance upon my grave
Shake rattle and roll devil
Killing time and me


Wistful wishes
This time for me
Set finally free
To spread my wings
Start over again
Look to the future
Wide open horizons
So watch me fly
Take that leap
I’m now in charge
My fortune to seek


My dark passenger
Always there
Goading emotions
Stirring hate
Igniting fear
I’ve given enough
Count my scars
Bereft of hope
I’m breaking down
Memories of dreams
Torment me still
I cannot go on
My soul so cold
Jealously killed

📷G. Basura

A hop a skip and a great big jump
Building excitement making blood pump
A blind leap of faith into the future

#SlamWords #27thEdition

Divine Metamorphoses

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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #558 on: September 20, 2019, 07:33:08 pm »
Wonderful prose Lady Winter's Tale ☺💓


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #559 on: September 21, 2019, 05:04:46 pm »
Rosy hues
To color her world
Ever hopeful
She dances through life
Her heart
As a window
Open to all
Such an incurable romantic

This is good. Thank you.
Magick in Miracles
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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #560 on: September 22, 2019, 01:13:02 pm »
Slam of a door
Key in the lock
Fresh start for me
Time to depart

Where shall I go?
What to do now?
Who do I know?
Whatever life will allow

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 1
Smoother than velvet
Hotter than sin
His words like honey
They drew me slowly in

Should’ve known better
Or so I believed
But that lothario seduced me
Boy was I deceived!

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 4
Should I stay?
Swallow my pride?
Or leave right now
Turn the tide?
Which one is best?
My mind is aswirl
About to explode
Make a choice, dammit!
Just pick a road!

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 3
Willow fronds drifting
Lazy and mellow
While sweet waters babble
Beside wildflower meadows

Here shall I lie
Beneath Summer skies
As clouds in billow
Float high in the sky

#SlamWords #27thEdition 9
Joint was jumpin’
That hot July night
Bourbon was flowing
Poor sap was doomed
From the first look
To the last ball
Watched him sweat

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 5
Here we are
Once again
Face to face
Familiar refrain

Life repeats
If we but see it
Again and again
Too blind to see it

But not this time
A new perspective
Is what I need
I’ve become too introspective

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 6
Dream Weaver
Where do U hide?
Spreading yr magic
In my mind’s eye

Free falling spirits
Whispering wind
Mysterious magic
The secrets within

Of a hiding heart
2 caged 2 live
U reveal much
Allow it 2 give

Yesterday today
A new start
1 step forward
To opening my heart

So fiercely he stood
Sword clasped in hand
Eyes ready for blood
And mine at that
With first a step
Then another
He advanced on me
“Bold move, my brother”
I goaded with insolence
Watching for weakness
In this our deadly dance

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 7
Magpie eyes devour
Glitter & shine
Baubles & gems
Sparkling in sunshine

A pirates ransom
Before my eyes
Awaiting the taking
Million dollar prize

Deny it all you want
But money always talks
And this is calling my name
So toward it I shall walk

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 8
Lost in the dark
Drawing a blank
Compass broken
My boat now sank
Drowning slowly
Disappearing world
How cold and lonely
To a shy nervous girl

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 9

Oh we laughed
Maybe cried
Along the way
All that we tried
Both good and bad
The highs and lows
We’ve experienced them all
Travelling this road
From beginning to end
Let’s all take a bow
And raise our ink swords
To the wonderful #SlamWords

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 10
Witchcraft in crimson
Sultry gaze surrendering
Hot combustion

Confessions in Church
Holy water to purify
Sunday sinners kneel


Eastern wind caress
Casbah infused senses sigh
Oasis delights


Fingertip scrawl designs love’s young dream
Tender and soft upon skin a silken cream
Unlacing her bows with aching precision
He presses soft kisses in adoring admiration
Pinafore ribbons fall in tumbling profusion
Her shattering eyes offering Heaven’s illusion


Torn out
Anchors away
Without compass
Upon horizons
Without name
I’m a shadow walking
Sick of the game


When ghosts speak the universe waits
A resonating solitude lingers
The air suffused with unquiet secrets
Swirling in a suffocating miasma
While far beneath still waters
That opaque depths conceal
Pain and mourning writhe
In absolution’s chains surreal

📷Dylan Furst

Among the stars
Shining bright
I spun for eons
Around the light
Always hoping
Never knowing
Would we meet again
That it wasn’t the end
I heard yr voice
Within my heart
It wasn’t a dream
It was the start
Fall & I’ll catch U
Hold U so close
Remembering the past
That very 1st rose

Nocturnal notes chime gently
Stirred by gentle breezes ethereal
Tree shadows move in graceful waves
Designing mysterious patterns
Thrown by salt water sunset rays
That linger through an Autumnal dusk
To bathe the work in a rhapsodic glow


Beware the temptation of the Devil in Blue
Waves of satin drape curves of pure sin
With one hip roll she’ll fell you like an oak
Along the forest path beneath midnight skies
The depths of her ocean soul untapped
Yet moon shallow breaths betray her craving

I’m coming around again
Wave as I pass by

#lunar madness calls
The wolf within loudly howls
Scent of blood beckons


That first love so real
#somersault emotions churn
Crash and burn too fast

#Lustful loins aching
Burgeoning desires heighten
Carnal cavorting


The witching hour
Or so they call it
When desires stir
And passions rouse

Neon lights bathe
Passion’s dark dance
Two strangers locked
In tango erotica embrace

Lost in their world
Where none can intrude
Entwined and devoured
A salacious interlude

📸 Aesthetics
#carnalverse 256

Tasting passion
Hot liquid heat
The flames build
Conflagration peaks

Quench the fire
Skin upon skin
Drenching desire
Sin upon sin

Pleasure upon pleasure
Always craving the bite
The whip lashing burn
Of your butter soft leather

📸Anatol Misnikou
#CarnalVerse 256

Timeless beauty caught
Precious #amber gems glisten
Nature’s bounty found


Forbidden desires
Sweet mysterious secrets
Longing denial


Pumpkin spice
And all things nice
Scent of woodsmoke
Wafting upon the breeze
The end of Summer
Saying goodbye
But Halloween awaits
Apple cider and bonfires
Fall calls us home
Thanksgiving and family
Then it’s Christmas
The very best time of all

 #BardBits 286

Dark desires betray a dark mind
An angry soul howling his betrayal
Vengeance sought in bloody retribution
For the devastation of the heart torn away
While the soul is left screaming in mutilation

#ashverse 36

The slow descent
Spiralling downward
A beautiful madness
Of whispering voices
Stirring crazy doubts
Shimmering echoes
A soul once devout
The art of drowning
Sinking with style
While waving goodbye
And wearing a smile

📸1)Brooke Shaden 2)Luca Dahl

Find someone who quiets all of the voices in your head
From the whispering conscience to the strident worrier
Who’ll soothe them all with love to sibilant silence
Wrapping me close within the safe haven of your arms

Thank you to @QuiteTheCurious for the inspiration 👏
Ephemeral memories of love
Echo still within my mind
Though now you are gone
The space so empty beside me
That once you filled with life
Warms my soul when I remember
Your touch and the laughter
The all encompassing beauty of you


As the universe spun
Mysterious confusion
I held you so close
Caught in rapturous illusion
Feeling your heat
Your breath on my skin
My heart skipped a beat
As my eyes drank you in
My love from the future
My desire from the past

Yearning hearts die hard
Won’t give up no way no how
Hope fires the craving

Imagine my smile
Crimson lips curving softly
Inviting a kiss


Whisky rough words growled
Smouldering gaze devours
Unadulterated passion spills
In carnal temptation
Throwing shadows cavorting
In wild abandon upon neon walls
As windows shield curious eyes
From such outrageous desires

#verseangel 300

Awareness deepens
Trip stumble and fall in love
Consuming desire


Every breath
Every beat
Every thought
Turns to you

In my #marrow
In my veins
In my blood
All for you

Your touch
Your voice
Your scent
Everything is you


Hazy lazy days of Summer
Amidst meadows sweet
Blooms bursting with blossom
Seduce the mind with scent
Lay me down whispering love
Heat of the sun upon us
Sip strawberry wine from my lips
While grazing fingertips trace
Seduction on dew drenched skin

#CarnalVerse 258

Splendour in the grass
Beneath Summer skies
Long lingering looks
Desire in her eyes

Feed her passion
Fulfill the craving
Be the lover she needs
Her consummate haven

#CarnalVerse 258
Bathed in neon
The city sighs
Crimson relief
Acquisitive eyes

Don’t stop now
Feel the rhythm
The night is envious
Sensuality a given

Curtains wide
The view unshielded
Let yourself go
The watchers unheeded

📸BodyStock Photography

#CarnalVerse 258

The flame of desire burns even hotter
This sweet trepidation before we meet
That tightens the sinews of my heart
To sultry knots of lustful craving
With sensations effervescing
Cascading drenching Autumn rain
Saturating balm for a parched core



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