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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #540 on: March 03, 2019, 02:02:11 pm »
Upon the world does he hungrily gaze
Cool eyes assessing every place
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Like ants do they scurry in fearful haste
Worlds apart yet bound close together
They’ll feed his hunger & his embrace
From his sentinel seat staring into space

#PoemTrail 330
Cast in stone
Born in fire
Baptised in blood
Formed from rubble
Civilisations destroyed
They roam the earth
Dust in their wake
Across a ravaged land
Bled dry and crumbling
What more can they take?



Not a hurricane
Swept me away

Twas a vortex spinning
Out of control
Never letting me settle
You’ve made me whole

🎨~ @SquidMitchell

Something lurking
Within shadows deep
Haunting my mind
Denying me sleep

Open doors
Labyrinth layout
What horrors await?
Of that there’s no doubt

Twisting passages
Hidden from sight
Conceal hungry eyes
Craving a bite

Linger no more
If you can

#BardBits 177
When Kings and Queens
Villains and Varlets
Play Games and Thrones
Someone will rise
As another shall fall
Tis a beastly lesson
Bathed in drenching dragon fire
That none shall survive
When Fortune’s Wheel spins
& we’re commanded to heed her dread call

#BardBits 178
This aching tension
Stretched to the brink
Upon the rack
Am I drawn
As a fly to honey
To you

Sensations race
Dancing across my flesh
Spiralling desires converge
Sensitive vortex sublime
Flames within coalesce
Consuming me whole
In sweet carnal conflagration

#CarnalVerse 198
Giddy as a unicorn caught in a spiral of glitter
Dizzy with excitement as fizzy as lemonade
Whispers and rumours that you’re coming home
Set my heart pounding and blood racing
As butterflies dance in uninhibited profusion

In a blaze of glorious light
Flaming across the heavens
A Phoenix took furious flight
Scorching a path amidst the stars
While smouldering fire walkers
In envious jealousy watched
The past reborn before their eyes


📷lisaleo @morguefile_site

Scurrying ants among the ruins
A landscape blown to withering dust
What once we knew now see no more
We didn’t see
                          Didn’t want to know
Now all is clear in the gathering storm
Of the giant watchers we saw long ago

📷Stefan Koidl
#DarkLines 332

Shadows & ink spill our history upon the virgin page
A tender sorrow greets their historic tidings
Etched in blood or wretched tears
Harshly written on the soul that all may heed
Lest we are drawn deeper into the mire

🎨1) Ana Rosa 2) T.C. Garcia


Let not those wicked perfidious words
Torn from lips once sweetly curved
Poison your heart to the grace of love
Born from one to another in the bloom of youth
He breathed my name
                                        And time stood still
Unable to resist the temptation of his flame
I savoured the burn without inhibition
Bathed in his fire & knew my life
Would never be the same

 #CarnalVerse 199

#image Volodymyr Tverdokhlib

What lies beneath this frozen waste?
That was once a heart filled not with hate
When flowers bloomed and birds did sing
Then came the storm and dread lightning

At the dying of the day
The withering of the light
When silence falls
A shrouding cloak
Then shall I recount the ways
Before I fall apart and down
Of all you meant in all your moods
To me and everyone you ever knew

#PoemTrail 334

(📷: Bettina Güber)
The city can be a lonely place
Even amidst crowds in a daily rat race
Look into the shadows thrown by lights
White wisps still wander alone at night
Unseen they exist on the edge of life
Forgotten victims of a time full of strife

333 #DarkLines

(📷Shawn Lin)

From shadows we cast do sorrows flow
Pooling in corners where we never go

I thought I was
I knew you were
What I believed
You didn’t care
Years did pass
We carried on
But nothing changed
And you passed on


Saved by dawning comprehension
She lay her burden down among the pebbles
And dreamt of a time when she’d be free
Nevermore to be bound by darkness
From now on she’d let herself just simply be

More luminous than the silvered moon
Bathed in mysterious night magic
She danced amidst the fairy rings
Grace and elegance in every turn
Embraced by velvet polished darkness
Until her pale ivory cheeks bloomed red

📷1) Michela Meda 2) Beth Foster

Pure as the rarest virgin snow
Delicately spun from angel kisses
Mother Nature drapes the land
A wintery shroud of pristine grace
Her beauty framed in Venetian lace

(📷Rogan Brown)

#PoemTrail 335

Effervescent Joie De Vivre
Sparkling luminescence
Bubbling through her veins
Always in his presence

For him she’d dance
Forget her fears
Live forever within his arms
No more a time for tears

#VerseAngel 242

The veils between worlds
Ripped at the seams
Mischief set loose
In horror filled dreams

Bed of jackals
Wolves & snakes
Pit of nightmares

Weave your tales
Provoked entanglements
Meet me in thy Stygian hell
For in this lunar cycle
I’ll never tell

#BardBits 186


Long before this
So many years
When the world was young
And we in youthful vigour
Did bloom in the sun

Now here we stand
Upon the very edge
Unafraid of the future
What lies ahead

Take my hand
Together we’ll go
Following our path
No one need know


Was it real or just a dream?
A fantasy drawn from desire?
That things may not be what they seem
And fingers may still be burned by fire
The way things were may be much safer
But to never know what just may be
Would stifle a soul that yearns to see

Rocked gently on a sea of dreams
Swept away on a tide of fantasy
Beneath a sky of trailing stars
The gods did smile at my foolery
Then a strange feeling came
Chilling my blood
A hollow sensation
Leaving me numb
So here I lie
Not yet at peace
Slumbering on
Ill  at ease

Longing for something
I know not what
To fill the void
Within my heart

This empty space
That echoes still
With regrets aplenty
Yet yearns to be filled

They do not know nor understand
What draws us together and keeps us bound
The craving to touch, to savour and feel
In this carnal world that we have found
Where only we two in unity exist
Where we can let go and not resist

#CarnalVerse 201

Fortune’s Wheel spins wildly on
While Karma smiles and spurs it on
What you did think you’d once escaped
Is coming back around to be your fate
You cannot run nor even hide
I’ll watch you drown in the coming tide


A fleeting glimpse caught on the street
Amidst a sea of seething crowds
Faceless strangers yet one stood out
Was it Fate that brought us to this place
To meet once more in a state of grace

No second chances
No returns
Rules to live by
Yet how the sting burns

Roads not taken
Conversations not had
Always playing it safe
Always looking for the bad

Let the sunshine in
Chase out the rain
Let me fall in love
With you once again


As the sun shall rise with the new dawning day
Fresh and new as a brass ring brightly burnished
I’ll face the future with hope newly sprung
Succinct words on my lips from a song gently sung

#SenseWrds 398


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #541 on: March 10, 2019, 02:06:03 pm »
To the East I turned
And then the West
The South I ignored
And North did I spurn

Everywhere I did look
In this twisting maze
Each path that I took
Twas as if I were crazed

Orient myself once
And once more again
It’s out there somewhere
In the lightning and rain


Liquid beauty enhancing this silken aquamarine world
Submerged from view though never imagination
We slip from the depths to ride the crests
Cavorting with mermaids, fishes, dolphins and the rest

(🎨Vivienne Bellini)

#PoemTrail 33)

“Improvise” they said
“Think on your feet”
“Roll with the punches”
“Don’t think so deep”

The next thing I knew
I was digging a hole
For them and their advice
They’re now being buried whole

Caught up in the rapture
Of beauty and form
He couldn’t imagine
The oncoming storm

Poised on the #overlook
Upon the very cliff
He gazed at the landscape
And wondered “what if..?”

With feathers unfurled
He leapt to his death
A brilliant star falling
A legend given birth

Like thick molasses on a hot July night
He melted my heart with words sweet as #syrup

Beneath these boughs my heart finds shelter
A safe haven from the wrecking storms of life
These leafy #xysts that do not judge
But stoutly stand and protect me from strife

#Quillverse 97
As the last petal fell
Upon a lonely grave
I raised my eyes
To the heavens above
And a piece of the puzzle
Fell sublimely into place
I thought of your soul
Taking a place in the clouds
To soar forever
In the wild blue yonder

#BardBits 192

Colour my world in glittering hues
Such vibrant sensuality to tempt the palette
Across the spectrum let your jewels shine
In the rainbow cascade that bathes my life

📷credit: 1) Aricadia 2) Samarel


Is it an echo of footsteps that lingers still
Or the memories of you haunting me until
The guilt that gnaws constantly at my mind
Is laid finally to rest allowing me to find
In some shadowed recess my peace of mind

Pic: hotblack @morguefile_site

Blood shadows walk the crimson earth
Between the lines they trace a macabre path
For those that can feel their chilling presence
See the warning signs dipped in bloody gore
Run far, run fast, if you think U can
In the end you’ll fall like every man

#DarkLines 335
📷 Edvard Munch
In the sweet dreaming time
Afore the world slips into slumber
I wrap the peaceful silence tight
My soul is too full of this brittle life
Craving simplicity of what once was
And could in time become so much more

#SenseWrds 399
As gentle as thistledown
Blown upon the wind
As tempered as steel
That won’t ever break
But will always bend
With a smile to match the sun
A grace and style second to none
She is the warm heart
The tender embrace
In a world going mad
She is the safe haven
#WomensDay⁠ ⁠

The #epitome of all that is good
In this cold hearted crumbling world
That snarls and bites at every hand
Where wolves put on the fleece of lambs
And hide their teeth behind wide smiles
While evil dwells within their hearts
And the Devil approves all their plans


Build not your world upon fractured pillars
That tremble and crumble in their fragility
Set your foundations on steady ground
Build upon them and your life will be sound

#Quillverse 100

Who would suspect a speck on the wind
So small - insignificant - would be the herald
The silent clarion call that no one heard
To shatter the tranquil calm before the storm
In the devouring onslaught of what was to come
The tornadic maelstrom that swept us all away

#BardBits 195


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #542 on: March 22, 2019, 03:02:48 pm »
Hypnotic rhythm in melancholy time
Weaving dark fantasies mingled with crime
With a widow’s mournful gaze lost in lace
Burying hearts deep as she trails through life
Reaping a deathly crop - you too be replaced?

336 #DarkLines

📷Amanda Diaz
Wide awake 2 a shamrock dawn
Top o’ the morn to one and all
Skipping along in a rainbow vision
To where a pot of gold lies awaiting
“The luck o’ the Irish” I sing to myself
Scores of leprechauns scurrying beside
Each garbed in Kerry Green & full o’ Irish pride
#BardBits 196
Acoustic perfection in every note
Play it loud enough to shake the roof
To hell with the neighbours
Let them rant, **** and complain
They’ll never hear jazz played like this again

Daughter of ravens
Descendant of Odin
All hail to thee most wise

In blood and storm
Wrath and fire
I beg of thee hear my cries

#Quillverse 103
Liquid caressing gaze flowing luxuriously
A decadent voyage of kinky sensitivity
Across silken flesh that aches
In naked need for your touch
                                 Your warm breath
This nuzzled fantasy desired too long
Made now sweet succulent reality

 #CarnalVerse 204

Maybe today
                     Maybe tomorrow
                                                 Maybe never
Stalled in procrastination station
Life bleeding out on the track
Cannot bear to move forward
Yet even more terrified of going back


What poisonous temptation
Sweet honey coated
Lures me on in seduction
Whispering to all I yearn for
Until I'm lost within a maze
Dark and cruel
                 Carnal and beautiful
Spiralling in ecstatic free fall
Entwined in your serpentine coil


Far far far away
Beyond my gaze
The very horizon
I think of you
Across the miles
Yet always so close
Within my heart
My very being
Such treasured memories
And always of you

Opium infused senses conjure fantastical images
Drunk on anodynes inhaled in an inebriated haze
Creatures from nightmare lore gather and writhe
As demons and angels twist within a screaming mind


Smouldering temptation beckons
Each velvet soft command uttered
Dark with rich carnal intent
Fires my blood to aching need
Bathed in drenching desire
A liquid craving so deep
For a masterful touch
Upon quivering silken flesh
#CarnalVerse 205
🎨OneinchPunch Photography/Aesthetics

In your eyes I see demands I ache to fulfill
From your lips spill commands I cannot deny
With every dragging touch you draw me under
This emotional maelstrom that tears me asunder
These ties that bind which no other can see
Entwine us forever in a carnal destiny


Misty veils of long forgotten times
Lingering images of faces once known
Do you remember them at all?
Or have they drifted away like smoke?
Those you once loved and held dear
Once-called friends now long disappeared


Blood & tears have I spilled
Tending this garden of memory
Where spirits linger in thorny blooms
And luscious scents conjure emotions
A rose by any other name still smells as sweet
And one day soon by a yellow beauty
Shall we again in future’s promise meet

#BardBits 203

Weeping willows shall mourn her passing
Drifting dark waters shall be her shroud
Call her name softly in sorrowful memory
Watch her fade as the waters bear her down

#DarkLines 339
Lost on the wind
Before I knew
Carried away
Far far from you

My last words given
How I wish I’d known
They can never be retrieved
From my lips were they blown

Think kindly of me
When you look back
As I hope you will
My heart now has ****


What do you see when U close your eyes?
Is it the past you cannot forget even though you try?
Or is it a future full of wonderous possibilities?
An open door within your mind stands ready
Do you close it never to walk through?
The choice has always been within U
Devouring flames engulf a sorrowful soul
Righteous pyre to what could never be
Unfulfilled dreams add evermore fuel
Whispering “I’m sorry” in tortured tones
I say goodbye to all that was ever me


Turgid emotions become potent delight
Liquid heat flows in sultry decadence
Suffusing silken flesh in rosy hues
As sweeping lips bathe honeyed kisses
Upon quivering flesh laid bare in carnal offering
Upon a limber sheet stretched anticipation taut

#CarnalVerse 206

#Riddles and mysteries caught in my mind
Roiling crucible where hopes and fears entwine
Fate is decreed upon whims of merciless Gods
Their pawns are we not with our souls forfeit


You only die once
     But did it have to be in my bed?
Difficult to explain
      A body lying there dead...
What should I do?
      The garden is so full
Maybe the patio
      Mmmm maybe that’ll do...


Old songs like old friends soothe my soul
New frequencies breath into them new life
A seamless soundtrack throughout the years
Without ever realising it chased away my fears

#PoemTrail 341

(🎨Jelena Jovanovic)


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #543 on: April 06, 2019, 03:38:19 pm »
On swift raven wings they fly
Bearers of omens across the sky
While far far below where no one can see
An elf plays a fiddle in a moonshine melody
No forested illusion surely can this be
No love harvest reaped in a Tolkien fantasy

#BardBits 207
Lowering clouds consumed in grief
Thunderous promise to shatter the peace
While weeping willows hang their heads
In mourning of those who are now dead
Epitaphs carved by skilled caring hands
For those long passed from these cruel lands

#SenseWrds 400
Hot sultry nights rich with sensual scents
Lingering looks betraying decadent desires
Night falls and all inihibitions burst free
Unleashed and unchained without a care
We blend as one in seductive carnal sexuality
#CarnalVerse 207

Conrad Photography / Aesthetics
Sentiments and sand castles
Upon dreams are they built
One grain upon the other
I watch with orbs of wonder
The universe spins ever onward
Things are set in place
My hopes become reality
Destiny becomes my fate

#BardBits 210
Come, come follow me
Through the forest and on
Can you see it now?
Up ahead... the lonely tree?
Where wild hearts lay down
Mourning what they’ve lost
Enshrouded in dark memories
Remembering the heavy cost

(🎨Shawna Erback)

#PoemTrail 342

Gleaming gold
Mined from the depths
Delivered unto sunlight
Precious in my eyes
Worshipped by some
Desired by many
Riches beyond dreaming
Revered by the gods
You surround my finger
And beautify my neck
Forever gleaming softly
In pristine luminescence


Dancing shadows
They hypnotise
Twisting and turning
Confusing my eyes

Wherever I look
There they are
Looming before me
Never too far

I try to run
I try to flee
But there’s no escape
They always find me

Dust to dust
Whisper soft
Upon my knees
For all that is lost
A beloved book
Well thumbed indeed
Now forlorn
Cast wearily aside
Overgrown by weeds
Faded blooms
Scent long gone
Adorn your tomb
Beneath a dying sun


We were victorious
Into glory did we ride
The enemy vast before us
Brothers in arms by our side
The martial face of Mars
Did we turn upon our foes
That day of brutal savagery
No gentle mercy did we show


Once upon a dream
A long long time ago
Ethereal voices called to me
Conjuring wondrous images
In indigo ecstasy
Illuminated from within
I lay spellbound
Wrapped in a cool burn
Of bliss this had I found

🎨1) DQ Dinh 2) Quotes

Ride the lightning
Embrace the fear
Take hold of your life
Everything you hold dear
On wings of Pegasus
Let your dreams take flight
Without negative inhibition
Brightly shine your light

#PoemTrail 343

(🎨Nick Gaetano)

Shades of twilight
Violet through indigo
Through sensual purple
To soothe my soul
And calm my mind
In the quiet time
When all is still
My poet arises
Awakening inspiration
And from my poised pen
Eloquent verse begins to spill


Never saw it coming
Lured to my doom
At the very brink
Face of an angel
Voice of a siren
A dame without heart
Emotionally dead
She played my hand
& all she desired
Was to fill me with lead
Barrel of a gun
Now all I can see
Are those cold eyes
Trained down upon me


Nine steps to death
Why so few?
One sip of poison
That’ll be two
Beaten by Fate
I had no choice
My last hand played
Even taken my voice
Redacted innuendo
Not on my watch
I’ll go to my doom
Not even that
Can they botch

#BardBits 215

Unique in beauty
Unique in style
No one before her
No one came after
Always remembered
None can replace her

#HintFiction 6

First taste was intriguing
But the #second was divine
By the third I was hooked
And on the fourth he was mine


Bewitching enticement
Consuming my mind
Until too late
I was to find
A beautiful lie
Blinding my eyes
I couldn’t see through
So well did they tantalise
Too far did I fall
Succumb to their spell
No way back
Deep in hell
{🎨1 Depositphotos.com 🎨2 Pinterest}

Soft flowing time does bear no judgement
How a man lives or how a man dies
At the sinking of the sun & dying of the day
Down upon our knees do we all pray for redemption
While the sins of our heart are bared for all to see
Down upon our knees begging for salvation

#SenseWrds 401

Spinning words as if of the finest yarn
Weaving tales that grow to become legend
A #poet casts verse out far into the world
For those ears that listen they are the finest of pearls


Against hellhounds we hadn’t a prayer
Each night they kept coming in our nightmares
Scenting our fear they hungered for more
Ravenous for blood through our minds they tore

#Ashverse 21
In the darkening hours
As light slowly fades
Death calls our name
The hand dealt by Fate played

🎨Maxine Tacardi

#DarkLines 343

A spirit running wild can be a dangerous thing
A soul breaking free caged too long inside this skin
Dreaming in red called to the animal within
Unleashed desires that now lead me to sin

🎨1) MT Yildiz 2) Quotes & Notes
Horizons unlimited promise endless opportunities
A railway track stretching until far out of sight
Memories left behind in the melancholy past
While my wondering gaze stares far ahead
Piercing the yellow haze that lingers but won’t last

#Quillverse 116

Though the thunder roars
And the lightning strikes
Let your #voice be heard
Through the day and night

Always looking backward
To the circles of the past
Never-ending spirals
Spinning down the years
Never seeming to learn
Viewing mistakes thru tears
Verdigris tinted memories
Spinning thru my mind
Inflaming my conscience
Of all I left behind
(🎨Susan Maxwell Schmidt)
#PoemTrail 345

As sharp as a razor
Such a #vicious tongue
Each word a deep slice
That cuts to the bone

Blood flows like wine
Crimson and red
To pool on the ground
Coagulate about my head

A seeping chill
I cannot deny
Lingers in the air
My time is nigh

Pulling me under
Murmuring softly
A deathly lullaby
To my dark surrender

344 #DarkLines

🎨Gerbie Pabiliona

On a moonlit night in some far off place
Two strangers met, coming face to face
The cafe was crowded yet they faded away
We talked and we laughed and for me, you stayed

 #SlamWords R1

A strange connection
Mysterious thread
Drew us together
Want to see where it led
What’s this between us?
This weird destiny
Fate brought us together
Now just you and me
Am I going too fast?
Do you feel it too?
Is this for real?
Can this be true?

 #SlamWords R2

I don’t want your apology
Just your time
Words spill all too easily
Snatched away in a breeze
Yet time is so precious
Spare me a moment, please

 #SlamWords R3

How do I mould what I feel into words?
You know I have feelings for you
I know I shouldn’t yet cannot deny
No hear me out first before you decry

 #SlamWords R4

What have I done?
What did I do?
I should’ve known
When I met you
No promises made
Hard to believe
Yeah, I remember the drill
I was so naive

 #SlamWords R5

You’ve never hurt me, ever
Tis I who held the knife
Sliced so deep it cut my soul
Too late did I know
Finally understand
Twas all in my head
Hurt by my own hand

 #SlamWords R6

Just a few more minutes and then I’ll go
You’re looking angry, hurt and confused
But I have to say this so that you’ll know
Or I’ll always regret not telling you so

 #SlamWords R7

I don’t believe it
Your eyes tell me the truth
Though your lips spill the words
It’s all a sham concealing you

 #SlamWords R8

This is breaking my heart
Shattering my very soul
To sit here in front of you
In the pouring rain and cold
Hearing the end in each slicing word
More devastating than I’ve ever heard

 #SlamWords R9

You met me a strange time in my life
When all seemed possible and I felt alive
You awakened my heart, my very soul
You put me back together - made me whole
I’ll never regret ever meeting you
I know it was love and I know it was true

 #SlamWords R10

Without a word, nor even a sound
Just an eloquent gaze that drew you in
Falling endlessly, tumbling helplessly
Those slumbrous depths of seduction
Promised a gentle landing upon velvet
Such was the nature of the beast you craved

#image credit: 1) Rebeca Saray

A #vacant sign hung above my bed
Highlights the pain ever since you left
A cold empty space where once there was heat
Maybe Tinder will find me some hot man to meet


Follow the cries of the whippoorwill
Through blooming meadows
Beneath cloud scattered skies
To where you can run amidst open spaces
You soul set free to sing once again

{🎨 1 lovethispic.com Tim Brunson}


What keeps you up at night?
Is it memories of us?
Of what could have been?
Do you pace the floor
In the cold moonlight
With a whiskey in hand
Or is that just me?

#slamwords #encore R1

On nights like this when the cold winds moan
I wish you were here to hold me close
Your heart beat in my ear soothing and strong
What happened to us, just where did it go wrong?

#SlamWords #encore R2

Did I let you down when you needed me most?
Did I walk on by without looking back?
Was I so consumed by life I didn’t look deeper?
Brought to the here and now by your silent attack

#SlamWords #encore R3

Call it Kismet, Destiny or Fate
Something strange happened here
We just couldn’t ignore
Blood turned to fire
The night held its breath
Two worlds collided
A hunger we explored

#SlamWords #encore R4

My heart whispers “you’re not safe here”
Stripped emotionally bare before your feral gaze
Pinned in place unable to leave
Feeling the weight of cruel judgement
Crushing my soul, I just want you to believe

#SlamWords #encore R5

I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye
You were a part of my soul, flesh to flesh
But by bit a little bit died when you left
I stood alone and knew the mistake
That night I had made as I watched you leave

#SlamWords #encore R6

Those words you spilled from bourbon laced lips
“We are not the same and never will be”
Cut deeper than you knew, the harsh reality
Twas then I saw us for truly what we are
Two souls in orbit around some emotional Death Star

#SlamWords #encore R7

We may be looking at the same stars
But we’re still on different sides of the world
One in the light, the other in darkness
So far are we apart yet almost in sight
The dawn of a new day, the demise in twilight

#SlamWords #encore R8

Falling for you wasn’t in the game plan
It wasn’t in mine and it wasn’t in yours
From the moment we met that night in Paris
It became all about you and all about me
There was nothing else, couldn’t you see?
It was written in the stars, meant to be

#SlamWords #encore R9

Mysterious alchemy lost in time
I do not question it’s manner or rhyme
On the night we met things fell into place
The world aligned as I gazed at yr face
Such perfect chemistry yet bad timing
I cannot regret what we once had
I’ll hold it dear & won’t be sad
#SlamWords #encore R10


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #544 on: April 06, 2019, 04:20:36 pm »
You've written some good poems here. Thank you very much for sharing.


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #545 on: April 20, 2019, 02:24:47 pm »
Take me to church
Before it’s too late
Bathe me in holy water
Shield me from my Fate
I’m not a bad person
Just took the wrong road
Lead me back to the path
Let me lighten the load
Of guilt that I carry
For all that I’ve done
Pray for my salvation
To walk in the sun

Sliced and diced by your very hand
Such exquisite precision I had to admire
As I lay on the beach bleeding out on the sand
Thinking of your betrayal as slowly I died
Your face the last thing I would ever see
Moonlight refecting in the blade above me

#horrorprompt 268

The #violence within the depths of his eyes promised retribution of the deadliest kind should I make the mortal mistake of stepping too close to those bars.


The fear in my eyes
That you’ll walk away
The hope that fades
The dying of the light
Things I can’t hide
In the cold light of day
Safe by your side
Where I so long to be
Is a dream I hold dear
Or must I bid farewell
So long to freedom
And lay down to die

#ashverse 22

In those eyes once full of hope
Dark shadows of guilt now linger
Memories of faces now long gone
A #veteran proud but the scars are within
Concealed from all but deep to the bone
The pain still burns strong as acid

From the mysterious East shall they come
Those night swarming brethren of lore
Darkening the skies to midnight black
Consuming the sleeping land to the core
A barren wilderness all that is left
In their path of destruction on to the West

345 #DarkLines
🎨Pelly Benasi

As lanterns play their soft light upon the bay
Soft waves lap tenderly against the boat
The glow of the sky set deliciously aflame
In a sunset so spectacular it does rival firelight

#QuillVerse 120

Chasing elusive dreams through the twists & turns of imagination
Cast out of time chasing white rabbits and chaotic dreams
A strange feeling of spiralling madness leading to wild insanity

🎨1) Stanislav Istratov 2) Quotes & Notes
Colours bursting with #vivid intensity
Shade my life in bejewelled hues
Rainbow brilliance and radiant saturation
Illuminate the dark corners and chase them away


Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Only the once but oh sweet Lord what a sight!
We painted the town in #vivid shades of red
Gliding in demonic syncopation with the living dead


A follower of laughter forever shall I be
Wherever there is mirth shall my soul find tranquility

#BardBits 227

When days are dark and storms are near
When all about you flinch in fear
Wear hope and faith upon your chest
Like a cashmere scarf of softest yarn
To keep you warm and safe from harm


Hark! the crow
He comes for you
Upon the seas
With the flow
Fearless warriors
Who know no fear
In search of land
We shed no tears
For those who fall
Beneath our sword
The Gods have spoken
From Valhalla’s Hall
#Vikings we are
Unto the end
None are better
Our name we defend

You were the lure
The undeniable temptation
I was the prey
The unsuspecting pawn


Moments of happiness
Precious fragments
Stolen in the dark
Treasured in the day

Passing strangers
No one can know
What we do
Where we go


Surrendering without a fight
The #vortex sucked me in
Swamped by the rapture
Cascading pleasure
I whispered goodbye
And sank ever deeper


A smile is not a smile
When attached to a crocodile
Beware the hidden bite
The tear and rend
For you are too trusting
My far too innocent friend


The tender brush of your thumb upon my neck as warm fingers wrap slowly in tender persuasion, my carnal destiny sealed with a soft moan of sweet surrender this #SensualSaturday to your masterful direction...


Creeping horror to chill the blood
This petrifying suffocating silence
Swallowing the fear that chokes
Denying my throat the scream
Blacker than Hell the shadows come
Those vengeful demons that steal my tongue

#horrorprompt 270

Brooding trees in melancholy silence
Stand sentinel to my thoughtful introspection
Of those lifeless limbs now hanging limp
That once supported my youthful frame
Now twisted & gnarled with age
No more to lead me far astray
Amidst their cradling evergreen cage

#BardBits 230

Beware the #vixen beneath the fox
What lies on the surface only conceals
The bite behind that shall not heal
Shallow you were in thought and deed
You’ll pay the price as I watch you bleed
No, no - don’t run - you cannot hide
This night you’re mine so swallow your pride

I call you #villain to your damned face
Lacking conscience, you are a disgrace
Torturing the innocent with your threats
Of all that shall become of them
Should ever they fail to pay their debts


When angels scream the heavens do weep
Cascading tears to drench the sorrowful soul
Not all monsters are to the bone scarred deep
Do you believe what you see or what you feel?
What you can imagine or what you know is real?

🎨1) J.L. Damon. 2) Quotes & Notes
Paris in Springtime
The bloom of love
In golden light
A garland of flowers
Scented bouquets
Encircles the tower
Everywhere I look
Colours in flourish
Scents fill the air
A time to cherish

#Quillverse 121
Measured by the passing hours
Smiles are few and far between
Between one phone call and the next
Still in my heart though sight unseen

#VerseAngel 255

Take that chance
Leap into the #void
Hope for a miracle
It’s your life
And as you tumble
Spiral free fall
Always remember
You gave it your all

Polished #veneer and practised manners
Conceal the cruel wildness withinMan
Society demands what our nature cannot
Barely lurking beneath such a thin disguise


Shadows and memories
All there is left of you
Whispers on the wind
A lingering scent
Of a time long ago
A lock of hair treasured
Once brunette now grey
Curling within my tender palm
Your hand once in mine
A touch lovingly sublime

#Quillverse 122

Return of the light to where shadows do dwell
In redemption we find ourselves once again
To forgive is a struggle that only time will tell
And peace is a gift that our hearts will attain


Upon a pyre of shame and sin
We became a holy conflagration
Cleansed by flame burning bright
This mane of fire a beacon of light
Shadows chased and burned to Hell
From sanctuary where the pure do dwell

#DarkLines 348
🎨 Nise Loftsteinn

#venom laced words
Bitter and cold
Spilled from her lips
A prophesy foretold

Poisons and potions
Death in the night
Creeping delusions
A demonic fright

Prayers and faith
Try what you can
This is beyond you
The end of Man


“Ladies first” he indicated with a serrated bloody smile.

I gazed down at the bubbling fountain of crimson gore, swiftly becoming a lake about the dying man’s head.

“And I only went #vegan last week” wistfully toeing the John Doe to his back. “He’s all yours, Vlad”


Along obscure paths
Forgotten and lost
I’m led far astray
Not counting the cost

In pursuit of a dream
Fantasy made real
Crow follows in my wake
My destiny surreal

Crow doesn’t judge
He is but my witness
Sitting on the fence
Spying on my business

#BardBits 235

Betwixt our worlds
Mysterious #veil
Soft mist of time
We feel the other
Yet cannot touch
Sense the need
Denied so much
Breathless whisper
A gentle breeze
Brushes my soul
Gives me ease



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #546 on: May 03, 2019, 02:45:40 pm »
Forsaken wishes
Confetti on the wind
A love repudiated
A heart in two broken

Normal dreams
Are for another
But not for me
There is no other

Disappointment burns
Crueller than acid
This day I’ll remember
Where you were not
And all that you said

#Ashverse 23
My #vices are few
My deviances many
I’m a sinner to the core
Pleasure is my calling
Ever seeking more
Without inhibitions
Carnal delights
Through sultry afternoons
And hot Summer nights

Dawn of a new day
Rebirth in Spring
This Eden on Earth
New hope does it bring

Beautiful bouquet
Sweet scents abound
In a world of colour
Graceful flowers surround

Lay me down gently
Amidst peaceful meadows
My soul recharged
Where serenity grows

#BardBits 236


Leading me astray
Breaking the rules
Corrupted by lust
For love are we fools
Dark carnal cravings
Addictive appetites
What would you do
For just a taste?
A twisted story
Hungry temptation
Wracked by guilt
In sensual redemption


🎨1) Aesthetics

Grace by name
Graceful by nature
Gracious in every aspect

#hangtenstories 871
#vague promises made on a moonlit night
Spilled in profusion from passion laced lips
Honey sweet words that coat my mind
A carnal craving dancing the line of addiction

Set me afire in passion’s inferno
Singe my soul to the very core
This Hell in my bones you’ve set alight
Unquenchable cravings in the night
Unburnt denials are dust on the wind
Epitaph to love this desire can’t rescind

#QuillVerse 124
Tenuous grip
Nothing beneath me
Just thin air
Fate now beckons
Death is near
I feel the scythe
But not the fear
Pray for me
As none other
Fading strength
Weakened will
Whispered goodbye
A bitter coated pill

349 #DarkLines
(🎨Daniel Jensen)

Passionately #vehement
He rose magnificently
A lion in heart
Brave and resolute
A fiery orator
Igniting his audience
To awesome conflagration
The ashes still falling today


The world diminishes to lacklustre focus
Full of #vapid people leading vacuous lives
Where all colour is bleached to sullen grey
When you are gone the sun fades away


A thunderous roar to herald a clash of skies
Preening gods on high in bloody conflagration
While a winged creature in divine illumination
Does gaze upon the peaceful silent Moon
Orbiting an Earth wrought in deadly confrontation

#QuillVerse 125
Twas a night like this
Quiet and serene
When the mountain roared
And the rocks did scream
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
We said our prayers
Lay down and died
Wrapped in huddles
Sometimes alone
Salvation didn’t come
But #volcanic Death
Touched our home


The struggle so real
To stay on the fence
A balancing act
Or make a choice
Stand up for a belief
Or forever stop my voice?
How do I know
What’s right or wrong?
Nothing is certain
Or written in stone
My problem is within
My fear of the unknown
& yet ...still I #vacillate

Memories wrap silken coils around my mind
Gentle yet 2 strong to break so tight they bind
Letting go of U has never been so hard
Immortalised in ink you’re forever in my heart
Lost & found in the same breath we’re never apart
#image 1) Victoria Frances 2) Quotes & Notes
Maybe we can
Maybe we can’t
What if we should
Better if we shan’t
But we never will
T’was only a dream
Wrapped in a fantasy
Watched on a screen

#VerseAngel 258

One by one
Two by two
They follow blindly
Out of view

Down the hole
Around the bend
Into Hell
No one a friend

Lost forever
No turning back
Seduced by greed
& All that you lack

The Devil knows
What’s in a heart
The deepest fear
The cruellest part

#horrorprompt 275
With a single look from her liquid eyes
Ensnared he was before he even realised
Her smouldering gaze behind smoky lashes
Flirtatiously promised a world of passion


Patience, my love
Not long to wait
A few more hours
Then shall we feast
Upon carnal delights
Sweet fruits of Eden
These stolen hours
Feeding addictive craving

#NRRTG #SensualSaturday
Fragments of time
Ephemeral echoes
Of places since forgotten
& voices from long ago

Streets we now walk
Paths once thick in dust
#vestiges of quiet memories
Remnants dissolving in rust

I took a #vacation
Once upon a time
Far from reality
A time out of time

My dreams took flight
Soaring on high
On winged hopes
Across the sky

Oh how the Gods laughed
I was so foolish
To think I could escape
This world the cruelest


An Angel’s lament softly rings in a lyrical sky
As tears of the moon fall in a silken veil
Sweet chimes of heaven to grace the night
Bejewelled dark sun a gem in my eyes

#moonmystic #5

What dark enchantress lures me here
A midnight prayer that none can hear
Only the stars and they aren’t near
Lost hours in dreaming of all I desire
Casting down cards to bet my soul
Rising up on my knees a Phoenix on fire


🎨1)Dark Beauty 2)Quotes & Notes

Poppy field blankets
Rich crimson hues
Spreading to infinity
Where blood once flowed
Now serenity for souls
Long lost
But not forgotten
A #victory they said
But not for the fallen
We shall remember
Honour their name
Without their sacrifice
We’d not be the same

A voice on the wind
A face in the sky
Everywhere I look
When I close my eyes

A rose on the prairie
Late flowering bloom
To mark your passing
With love from your groom

Sage wildly tumbles
Never ending run
Across untamed prairies
How the Wild West was won

Hidden within the depths
Sweet swirling spirals
Words within words
In wondrous rhythm
Hear the #Cadence
Mysterious flow
Of poetry in motion
Listen to me grow

Hour after hour
Tick tock
Tick tock
I keep myself busy
Not staring at the clock

Thoughts of you
Haunt me still
I chase them away
Back they come

Was it only last night
Seems so much longer
That you held me tight
& I whispered
Call me

{photo www.elephantjournal
Whimsical wishes lead to fountaining joy
#Effervescent emotions coalescing in euphoria
Cascading hopes and dreams a sweet waterfall
Warming the heart of me to the depths of my soul

“Walk a mile in my shoes”
So many secrets
Along that mile
His tale unfolded
With each step
The farther I went
The more spilled ink
Or was it his blood
That flowed
Across blank pages
Now deeply scarred
With endless words
Of dark obsessions
Or odd confessions
Society breakdown
Technology is dead
Tossed on the scrap heap
Status Code Red

No one foresaw
That this day would come
When the batteries died
What we would become

Now are we lost
Struggling to perceive
A life without servers
Those silent oracles

#PoemTrail 353

So quiet, so demure
They didn’t see her coming
Thinking her so pure

Waiting was so hard
Hiding in the dark
For just the right time
For just the right spark

A night blooming flower
Waiting for the light
Her beauty blazing forth
A breath taking sight


In the palm of his hand
Beats in syncopated rhythm
With pulsating demand


There’s a long and winding road
Where angels softly tread
A sprinkled path of stardust
From the Heavens sweetly spread
Though we may not see it
To it strangely we are drawn
As we wander in the night
Until we reach the dawn



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #547 on: May 14, 2019, 02:13:01 pm »
Hard to believe as I sit here now
With the years of my life weighing me down
That there was a time when everything was new
Now it just seems we go round and round

#SlamWords #1

Those tell tale signs I know so well
Demons on my tail all the way to Hell
Keeping secrets that I want to spill
Knowing I can’t or it’s me they’ll kill

#SlamWords #2
Have you ever wondered
In the darkness of night
Why it’s you they followed
Was it blood lust at first sight?

#SlamWords #3
Between the thunder and the lightning
Between the growl and the bark
Did the thought never occur to you
Don’t go walking in the forest
Especially after dark

#SlamWords #4
Messy stacks of paperwork are all they can see
As they write down your details on Form XYZ
Once a person fully fleshed with blood
Now just a body laid out in the morgue

#SlamWords #5
“ Don’t cry for me”
I want to say
But I cannot
So here I lay
Heabreak to healing
If they’re ready
But they’ll recover
It’s me who they’ll bury

#SlamWords #6

And there they go
With their flawed logic
And blind emotions
Spiralling into oblivion
In ever decreasing circles
They’ll soon meet themselves
Coming all the way back
Before blindly chasing their tales
On a never ending track

#SlamWords #7
Where do you go to escape
When the inner demons come
Pointing out your flaws
The things you’ve never done

#SlamWords #8
“Be gone” you scream in silence
By now falling upon your knees
Tearing out your hair in clumps
Praying to be left alone
Just wanting only to be

#SlamWords #9

These 3 a.m. confessions
As the world slumbers on
Yet here I am awake
Whispering to the moon
So many secrets
Serene and silver
She always listens
It’s very true
She’s seen it all
Then slips away
At first light
And a bird’s call

#SlamWords #10
What once was thought impossible
What once we never dreamed
Upon a midsummer night’s fantasy
Became a sweet reality for me indeed

#SlamWords #1
And with a single smile
As twisted and cruel as his mind
He tossed down the verbal gauntlet
“A blank slate means there is no proof
There never was nor any witness
What’s done is done and that’s the truth”

#SlamWords #2
Beneath a diamond studded velvet sky
Lit by the fire of flaring comets on high
Wishing on a shooting star for who knows what
I’ll never tell but, let’s face it, you know me well

#SlamWords  #3
Trapped in Hell
Or is it Heaven
Or God forbid
Somewhere between
Held in thrall
To the silent pull
Of your magnetism
Feeling a fool
Did I never learn
Did I not think
How far I’d fall
How low I’d sink
In this game U play
That sucked me in
So gullible
Yet inevitable

#SlamWords #4
I walked to that cliff
Danced along the edge
Taunting Fate with a smile
Destiny with a wave
You can’t save me
From this path I choose
The winner may take it all
But not when you’re the loser

#SlamWords #5

Tossed like a cork
Emotions seethe
Trapped in a #maelstrom
Sprung in wild degrees
In every which way
The tumble and roll
This thing called love
That holds my soul

As stars diminish their shine
And slowly fade from view
When the world goes dark
And voices fall silent, too
Then shall we weep as one
For what we held in our hand
Mindless of it’s tender care
Dust to dust, sand to sand

#SlamWords #6

Bought and sold was his demonic plan
To send us forth and fight for his land
But the circle turned and we were undone
Betrayed in the dark - taken one by one
Under siege by the force of his own hand
Brought to our end by the greed of a man

#SlamWords #7

Peace be upon you
Within this place
Where none can harm you
You’re in Gods grace
Sanctuary, my son
Lay down your sword
For here you are safe
Within hallowed walls

#SlamWords #8
Life is a mysterious journey
Unwinding in twisting paths
The future isn’t written
It can be changed
You make the choices
No one but you
You are responsible
It’s your own destiny
So step up to the plate
The only question left is
Will you or won’t you?

#SlamWords #9
As I tumbled off the cliff
Gravity not my friend
Rolling head over heels
End over end
Falling ever faster
Your words come back to me
In the end all that matters is
That I loved you
And you loved me

#SlamWords #10
Whiskey sours and rhinestone #reminisces
In some southern backwoods honky tonk bar
Let’s raise a glass to the best of us all
To the good times we remember and forget the bad
To the best damn days, my friends, that we ever had


Her name was Rose, I do recall
But folks just called her #waif
Those that saw her anyways
Then one day she just disappeared
One day here the next just gone
Guess folks just stopped noticin’
An’ she faded into nothin’

A free spirit soaring
She rode the storm
As the heavens clashed
And the Gods did roar
The Valkyries flew
Brandishing swords
Screaming their fury
To the night lit sky
Chasing their destiny
& the prey that would die

#image credit: 1) Omnion 2) Quotes & Notes
#ephemeral thoughts
Fleeting moments
Snatched on a breeze
Whimsically transient
Then gone in an instant
Before the idea could form
The very notion take flight

Love is an endless ocean
Unchartered and mysterious
Where the adventurous of heart
Fearless and brave to the core
Slip the heavy anchor of life
Set course for the unknown
With hopes and dreams alive

#VerseAngel 261

Power radiates in ever-fevered circles
Addictive aphrodisiac deepens my desire
Gripping sensations tighten by degrees
Til I’m wracked upon this carnal bed
Incoherent mumbles spilling from my lips

#CarnalVerse 220
In ever decreasing circles
Thoughts and worries spin
Colliding & breaking apart
My restless spirit torn in two
As hopeful pools of light fade
To the surreal glow of karma
& lips silently pray for a change
Of fate, destiny and fortune


🎨1)Neon 2) Quotes & Notes

At the #zenith of flight, the raptor rocketed in a steep dive towards ground, the scream of her unseen prey shattering the silence of dawn, then was cut off...forever.  And in that moment all became clear, if I didn’t find sanctuary soon, I too would be silenced forever.


As storm clouds gathered, black as doom, and birds on the wing sought swift shelter, a dazzling rainbow magically appeared to chase the blues away in a #surreal moment of meteorological wonder.


Gentle bloom in the first budding flush
To greet the warmth of Sun’s soothing touch
Beauteous grace with a dazzling floral flourish
Nature’s tapestry designed in bejewelled flowers
Scented garlands to decorate this homely Earth

#becomingfragile 🎨pixels
Sweet succulent desire lingers like perfume
Heady carnal infusion of sensual temptation
Lust a flaming brand that burns to the core
Igniting this rapturous addictive conflagration

#BlackDahliaProse 398

On rainy nights when storms do linger
Lonely souls on deserted streets wander
A streetlight melancholy throws lazy shadows
While high above curious eyes do observe
From a room with a view of this planet Earth


🎨DarrenHester @morguefile_site
Down lonely darkened streets
Without purpose do I wander
A lingering eerie stillness in my soul
The city at night does not rest
It breathes, it watches, it waits
For the desolate of mind
The wistful of spirit afraid to dream
To stumble within its embrace

#BardBits 257
Entombed within the chilling #aphotic embrace of Neptune’s aquatic realm, I surrendered my soul to the whims of mercurial Gods of Fate and whispered a last goodbye to the world of light...

Blackbird, blackbird
Sitting in the tree
I thought you were one
Now you are three
Obscuring mist
Sealing from view
This dream-like vision
A warning for sure
Piercing the illusion
An obscure veil
I wait in the shadows
My cruel betrayal

🎨1)Nicholas Bell 2)Quotes & Notes

This languorous mood
These halcyon days
That leave me #supine
Counting the ways
Our lives entwine
As threads interwoven
In this tapestry of life
Where love need not be proven


He promised me #gargantuan
All I could see was a minnow
I fell so fast he must’ve laughed
Lies, all lies, such a rotten fellow

#HintFiction 51


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #548 on: May 27, 2019, 02:23:20 pm »
Your memory burnished
In the maelstrom of crowns
Stormladen clouds hang
But we will remember
Those golden days
When you fought as a lion
Leading forth the brave

#SenseWrds 403
The great illusion
Poisonous #chimera
The promises made
We did believe
Like lemmings
We flowed
Like water
Over the cliff
Upon rocks
Of disillusion
Hope lost

Gentle balm upon my cheeks
Healing tears so sweetly flow
Each day he lives a blessing more
Hope ever more becoming fragile
In Autumn’s delicate turn to Winter
A seeping chill of loneliness crawls
Consuming the heat of love’s faded passing

Too late to realise the truth, that the drifting #flotsam on the evening tide all that was left after life’s storms had passed, now broken and shattered but still on a journey, yes still on their way...

Deep in a forest where willows weep
Kiss me there while angels sleep
Amidst the silent creeping ferns
Hold me tight while passion burns
Where shadows bloom their darkest
The raw & the real become obsessed

🎨1) Aesthetic 2) Quotes & Notes
Sweet #sillage of my love’s long passing
Lingers still within our secret bower
Where Cupid’s Arrows in wild profusion
Pierced our flesh in passionate illusion

A lonely lamp
A Martini glass
Lipstick stained
Abandoned now
Nostalgic rhythm
Vague shadows sway
This smoky dark club
Are reasons needed?
For what took place?
With none to see
And none to hear
For friends read lovers
Passionate poetry
In seductive motion

#BardBits 265
Broken teeth and shattered bottles
Just another Friday night in a dead-end town
Where no one knows and even less cares
Just more lost souls heading underground
Where dead men dance to the Devil’s tune
Bathed in blood beneath a blackened moon

#horrorprompt no. 282

On ashen wings I’ll rise again
From the dust your booted heel
Mercilessly ground down
Resurrected within to fly again
Shackles of guilt falling away
To be so free but I’ll burn anyway
In freedom uplifted only to fall
The taste so sweet upon my tongue

🎨1) Pat Erickson
#myriad emotions churn desperately seeking resolution
Pulse racing excitement builds to over whelming passion
Devouring all consuming needs result in carnal consummation

Follow me down to the riverside
Where the soft #susurrus
Sweet babbling waters
Soothe heated spirits
And calm the soul

Did I save u?
Or did you save me?
By your side
Through it all
Facing the enemy
Over The Wall
Then victory came
Tore us apart
Or was I abandoned
Did you have no heart?
Winterfell is yr home
One I’ll defend
As I watch for U
Coming home
Soon I hope
To yr faithful friend
#ashverse 25
I feel you there
In the shadows
Always watching
Always close

That delicious #frisson
Sweet anticipation
Stroking my senses
Sublime seduction

Ethereal #gossamer wings
Delicate as morning mist
Unfurl gently in the air
As tenderly as an Angel’s kiss


Beneath the Frangipani Tree
Shall I sit and think of you
Delicious scents upon the air
Infuse my soul as if the dew

A song of paradise
Sweet and pure
Comes to my ears
An avian siren’s lure

(Image credit: “The Frangipani Tree” by Carlos Ramirez)

#PoemTrail 359

What once was
Could be again
1 door closes
Another 1 opens
Amid the ruins
Tender shoots do bud
Raise yr head
Open yr eyes
Dreaming awake
It may come true
Life is so short
Do not despair
What was a sweet sorrow
Is a beauty so rare
🎨1)Karol Nienar  2)Quotes & Notes

What #vile apparition comes to me?
Haunting sighs poured in my ears
Without form or touch it lingers near
Scythe in hand
                             Death has come
Too soon for me but too late for some

He didn’t see it coming
Was looking the other way
Betrayed and destroyed
A stiletto in the back
Surrounded by sycophants
Didn’t see the Joker in the pack

#VerseAngel 266
Like birds
Take flight
The wind
Lifting them high
To fly so free
In a dreamy sky


Through sylvan #verdant beauty we run
Beneath blue skies and a very bright sun
Mother Nature nourishing tired souls
Breathing renewed life into spirits grown old

No #breath of wind to caress our sails, hanging limp from a skeletal mast.  Forlorn and becalmed upon still waters, have the Gods abandoned us or is this their test of our resolve...?

Prowling the night
Walking the streets
Whispered whimpers
In shadowed doorways
Betray assignations
Sultry seductions
Neon lights pulsate
To melodic moans
Behind closed curtains
Where none can see
As the night trains roll
With gregarious growls
Far beneath, far below

These steps I tread
With fear and dread
Of what I know not
Just haunted thoughts
Of those before me
In many a guise
Who’ve walked this path
Haunted by despairing cries

#MadVerse Image: Karol Nienartowicz

A shroud
I wait
Heart pounding
For the tread
The heavy hand
Coming out of the blue



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #549 on: June 07, 2019, 02:45:44 pm »
Gone with the wind
An elusive zephyr
Barely there
Then swept away
As dust motes fly
Then gently settle
Thoughts in spiral
Spin and tumble

The city is cruel
Harsh and bleak
She sees everything
Vengeance she’ll wreak
Waiting and watching
She does not sleep
Desperate measures
She shall take
On anyone
She knows is weak
You can run
But you can’t hide
She’s always there
Planning your demise

📸Robert Wiles
#DarkLines 359

Iridescent hues
Gild the lily
A goddess in neon
Drip by drip
She’ll come undone
As U paint your desire
In brilliant colours
Upon a pale canvas
Of her flushed flesh
Dew kissed passion
Gloriously displayed
Yr masterful artistry
Deliciously displayed

#PoemTrail 360
(📸Shane Turner)

Call me crazy
But can you feel it, too?
This weird connection
Ever since the full moon?
Dance with the devil
You may just get bitten
Dance with an Angel
You’ll surely be smitten
How do we know?
How do we decide?
Just hang on tight
It’s gonna be a wild ride


The sky poured out its #regret upon a parched land.  Too long abandoned by the heavens, **** and crumbling, she decadently bathed in the precious balm cascading in moisture-giving adoration from the skies above.


A double shot of bourbon
From my good friend, Jack
Followed by a round of tequila
From Jose in the back
A lotta #regrets boys
To drown in this night
So let’s raise a toast
To damnation this night


Pour me another shot of #regret
Make it a double and put it on my tab
Life’s a **** with a mean right hook
Who done sucker punched me good
But I’m still breathing an’ bidin’ my time
Then I’ll come back mean an’ swingin’
And this time I’ll be out for blood


Codename #Orion
That’s all I know
A predator by nature
& forever my foe

A cold dark creature
Something of the night
He could track anyone
If the price was just right

So when you’re alone
In the dead of night
Keep a keen watch behind you
He’ll be just out of sight

Just a TOUCH
Elusively brief
Human warmth
Gently shared

I’m here with you
You’re not alone
We’re in this together
As the saying goes
One for all and
All for one

Can he keep a secret?
Tell no one at all?
Can I truly trust him?
It may not be my call

It’s been so long
Keeping you to myself
I need to share the burden
I have to survive

These letters from you
All that is left
Of a love beyond words
Of a heart now bereft


A needle
Some thread
A #patch or two
No one will notice
No words will be said

We all have our issues
Fears and concerns
Everyone trying to get by
Afraid to get burned

We all fall down
We all need a hand
To get right back up
None of us an island


Mysterious dreamer
Who stole my heart
With sensual grace
A seductive touch
A bird in wild flight
Did I soar in his arms
Only to fall so far - so fast
The ache & the burn
Of unrequited love
Unquenched desire
The yearning hunger
To feel again the fire

Once upon a #reverie
You touched my heart
And stole my soul
All of me I gave to you
Wrapped up in love
And tied with a bow


“don’t struggle”, he growled
“it’s too tight”, I grumbled
“looks just right to me”, he considered, with a shrug
“you’re not the one hog tied to the bed”, I grouched
“that’s because I’m not the one who lost the bet”, he smirked, smacking my peachy yet twitching rump

“Every single day, I struggle with myself not to scream out loud my anger at this situation”

“You can’t bottle it up, Lucy. This rage inside you needs an outlet or it’ll tear you apart”

“I’ve found a great outlet...kickboxing...violence and screaming..the best!”


Drifting fingertips tease my senses
With every touch my flesh sings
The greedy growling of my beast
This carnal hunger to slowly feast
There is no rush
There is no haste
You tempt my appetite
Craving more than a taste

 #CarnalVerse 226

You’re the coffee
And I am the cream
Together we’re divine
Together a dream

But keep us apart
And so bitter you’ll be
That no one will like you
Except perhaps me

#VerseAngel 268

So much wisdom
So much knowledge
In those #ancient eyes
That gaze deeply into mine

Eons of lives
One flowing to the other
Captured in their steady shine

Without words
They say so much
Those ghosts
I feel their presence
Their supportive touch

#vss365 #vss365a

Foundering #weary arms
Weakened by fatigue
Swung bloody swords wildly
Tripping upon battle riven dead
Mud-buried in gory legions
Brothers to the bitter end
As the light of glory fades
The blazing sun of Empire
Mirrored in their dying eyes

#sinistersunday 40

And in that instant
Betwixt light n dark
Lightning forked
& the sky split apart

A new power formed
In the #crucible of Time
Roiling with flame
So brutally divine

No one was safe
No one could run
This power saw all
This power was
After all
              The Sun
#Vss365 #vss365a

“what d’you call this again?” sticking a fork in the crumbling sticky mess

“Eton #Mess the menu said”

“well they got that right” still poking at it suspiciously

“try it, dude, it won’t bite”

“looks like something my gran would make” tentatively tasting


A tender mercy that whispered her name
As the spark flared & tinder took flame
Letting go in all-consuming fiery conflagration
Devoured scarred hidden depths of wild emotion
A phoenix rising she spread her wings
2 fly among the stars while Angels sing
📸 Quotes & Notes

There’s a #willow in the forest
Weeping out her broken heart
Upon a quiet lonely river bank
Where no one can surely see

There’s a #willow in the forest
Trembling gently all alone
I know about that #willow
Because that #willow was me

#vss365 #vss365a

“Give me strength!”
The mystic cried
To no one in particular
For everyone had died
Eating too much #lotus
The blossoms all around
He’d been planting souls all day
In the iron hard ground
The last man standing
The last one to go
He dug extra deep
& let himself go
#vss365 #vss365a

Close you eyes and open your mind
Spread your senses and just explore
Feel the #phantasms lingering close by
Guardian angels always by your side

📸Delta’s D&D
A #craven heart that beats with fear
Of the coming night that draws so near
What demons hide we cannot see
That  wait in the dark - just for me
Drooling fiends that have my scent
From the Devil they come - Hell bent


A #craven heart that beats with fear
Of the coming night that draws so near
What demons hide we cannot see
That  wait in the dark - just for me
Drooling fiends that have my scent
From the Devil they come - Hell bent

Delicate delights tempt the palette
In seeking elusive frenzied fulfilment
We savour the wild flavours of our desire
As they burst in waves of luscious profusion
Upon our seeking tongues

#CarnalVerse 228


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #550 on: June 16, 2019, 12:57:15 pm »
#Spontaneous combustion
Is what the doc wrote
But folks just smiled
Turned their heads
Looked the other way
The Devil looks after his own
Is what that Doc should’ve said

One more shot of whisky
To drown the taste of you
The burn in my throat
The cause of these tears
Not for you
                   No never again
I’m over your memory
I’m dancing in the rain
My life now a #party
And you’re not invited

#SlamWords R2
Bustin’ out
I’m breaking free
Of the ties that bind
Suffocatin’ me

Hittin’ the road
Chasing my dreams
Workin’ it all out
What freedom means

#jubilation in my heart
Your name on my lips
A few bucks in my pocket
Life is a bottle of champagne
Time I took a sip!

#SlamWords R3

Twisting and turning
Caught in a spiral
Emotional hurricane
From the inside out
Wrenched from reality
Drained of sense
You’ve got me spinning

#SlamWords R4
Beyond the stars
Just over the moon
In some far off galaxy
In my mind’s eye
Is a place for us
Just you and me

#SlamWords R5
The sound of corks popping
As guests gather round
The many clinking glasses
A jubilant glorious sound

#SlamWords R6

Throw the dice
Lay down those cards
Say a sweet prayer
Defying the odds
Lady Luck?
or the Devil himself?
Who knows
Of even cares
Just play another hand
Put your trust in Fate

#SlamWords R7
Little black dress
High heeled shoes
Diamond necklace
Purse full of attitude
Don’t call her “babe”
“Sweetheart” or “doll”
She’s one classy lady
And too good for you

#SlamWords R8

It ain’t the miles on the dial
It’s the milestones achieved
Faces and names in my life
Some I can’t even recall
But each one was precious
And so worth the time
Of being their friend
As they were mine

#SlamWords R9

Confetti rained gently down
Scattered and wind blown
A soft loving whirlwind storm

Rosy hued petals in my veil
Velvet soft eyes holding yours
As we danced in the cascade
Laughter and love captured

#SlamWords r10

#smoke n mirrors
So easily fooled
Charlatan souls
Spilling lies
Poison words
Bloodstained lips
With evasive eyes
Block your ears
Shield your gaze
They cannot hurt you
Here in your heart
Your always safe place

#vss365 #Vss365a

joie de vivre in every step
The scent of Summer
The kiss of the sun
I’m in love with life
And everyone

#SlamWords #encore 1

Lost in the moment
Wrapped in your arms
Falling under your spell
Your bewitching charm

Hold me close - never let me go
My knight in shining armour
How I survived without you
I shall never truly know

#SlamWords #encore 3

That secret first kiss
When no one yet knows
The sweet thrill of discovery
And the feelings that grow

Nothing quite like it
Senses come alive
Bursting with exuberance
The sheer joy of life

#SlamWords #encore 6 7 8

The merriment started deep within my heart
When I heard the gavel sound in that cold Crown Court
As he was dragged kicking and screaming from the dock
My soul was free at last - a burden lifted and I laughed

#SlamWords #encore 2 9

The best best of times
Or so someone said
A long time ago
I believe they’re now dead

As I look back
Across the years
I know that it’s true
What had I to fear?

I’ve lived and learned
Or so I believe
The future is hopeful
My path now seems clear

#SlamWords #encore 10

#smoke and mirrors to deceive the eye
With sleight of hand I’ll take you for a ride
And mesmerise your mind with wonder
‘Til your disbelieving soul is split asunder

#Vss365 #Vss365a
Bind me in rapture
Let our lips spill desire
Lace my very soul
As we set the night afire

Tie me in knots
As I come undone
Wrapped in your arms
Paradise hard won


I count my blessings
One by one
These fragile #wings
You graced me with
Each feather a testament
To the faith you had
Still have, I guess
In me
         and all that I am
I love you, Mom
I love you, ma’am

 #vss365 #vss365a

“I feel your pain” she murmured, lips seductively close to his ear, as she slid a stiletto betwixt his ribs, time & time again. & as the blood began 2 run, she smiled a smile of pure hate, her whispered words “ U said I wasn’t #empathetic” the last thing he heard
#vss365 #vss365a

In #midnight’s secret light does love come creeping
Stealthy as a promise whispered unto yearning ears
To warm the craving heart with Cupid’s seeking arrow
That sweetly pierces and with barbs anchors deep
Enough that no one in jealous rage can ever tear them out
#vss365 #vss365a

Oh what wonders shall we conceive
Captured in AMBER we can perceive
Wonder upon wonder in Heaven’s eye
To sink slowly from view in dusk’s soft sigh


Fires blazed all around, the smoke thick & choking as the heavens gloried in gilded wonder &, with steady hands & steely gaze, the determined pilot steered the seemingly doomed craft to safety. The sulphurous breath of Hellish destruction trailing behind.
#NRRTG #ThrillMeThursday

#ravenous addiction
Tormenting temptation
Ravaged cravings
Driven insane
Blood drenched
Unsated hunger


Beloved disorder of a wilful heart
Howling delight of a passionate soul
“Branded disaster” did they name us
As we revelled in hot lusty cavort
Before their condemning frowning eyes
Setting their jealous tongues a-wagging
And the Devil smiled & welcomed us home

#ashverse #sp 28

“don’t #bolt the door, lad” a gnarled finger points
“why not, Da?” turns to stare with frowning eyes
“not part of the agreement” he groused, distracted, listening
“what? who with?” frowning confusion
Jangling harness outside
“a press gang, lad, for U” grim smile

#vss365 #vss365a

Dark hypnotic #voice
Weaves alluring seduction
Senses now succumb

#haikulust #haikus

Did you ever think?
Turn & look back?
Or wonder why
In the dead of night
Lying there on your own
In a cold & lonely bed
Such raw emotions
Spilled in blood & ink
White hot anger
Blood red rage
That’s what it means
Or didn’t you realise
That’s what happens
When angels cry

A lot of miles under my belt
A lot of memories too, I guess
They call me #vintage
But that’s alright
They’re still growing some
Don’t know any better
But the day’ll come
And sooner than they think
When life’ll creep up
And they’ll wish they’d listened

#vss365 #vss365a

Walk with me
As once you did
In meadows sweet
Far from here

A hollow sound
Is now my heart
Without you near
A broken part

The colour of dreams
So muted & pale
In the dead of night
Betwixt the veil

Of life and death
I miss you then
My dying breath
Unto the very end



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #551 on: June 23, 2019, 02:20:20 pm »
Rearing high amongst the stars
My #totem rides from here to Mars
In iridescent brilliance it does blaze
To guide my path through all my days

#vss365a #vss365

And so it begins
The dance of love
The calendar moves
And the clock ticks on

Burnished in gold
A Venus arising
She waits for him
& his footsteps arriving

Beauty illumined
A visual feast
Feeding his hunger
Soothing the beast

📸Mayer George
#CarnalVerse 231
Thick and brooding
The #fog rolled in
Suffocating sound
It cloaked the land
Veiling the evil
Concealing wickedness
Sucking the life
Draining souls
Leaving nothing
Desolation it’s gift
Roiling disaster
On it swept
A barren waste
All that was left

#Vss356a #vss365
Or dream
Set adrift
Soundless scream
Staying afloat
Just barely
A paper boat
Rip tide currents
Tossed and turned
Chasing horizons
On feet newly burned
Water and sand
What does it mean
Danger on land
Or death at sea?

(📸David Sasso)
#PoemTrail 366
They called me mad
Used the word ‘insane’
Yet I proved them wrong
Time and again
Well, when I say ‘I’
I surely mean Adam
He’s my closest friend
And ever so sentient
He may appear metal
But deep inside
Where you cannot see
There beats a heart
And it beats for me

#vss365 #vss365a
She wore a smile like a loaded gun
With a quick fire delivery aimed at the heart
Words flew like bullets killing one by one

The bodies fell faster than rain from the sky
For this dame with a powerful need for revenge
Writhing before her as she watched them die


No matter how many years
I still feel your #embrace
Holding me tight
As if you’d never let go
How badly I miss you
And wish I’d let you know

 #vss365 #vss365a

Rumours like serpents
Entwine and grip
Dragging her down
Through murky waters
Until the dark closes in
Suffocating all light
And all that is left
Is the chill loneliness
Of the everlasting night

(📸Marcela Bolivar)
#PoemTrail 367

The Devil rides beneath #iron skies
And the innocents run and hide their eyes
Denying a fate they cannot evade
For this the state of the World today

#vss365 #vss365a

Balls of steel
A will of iron
Brave as a lion

He took them on
Standing firm
Against the tide
No way to turn

A loyal Knight
Bold and brave
He went down fighting
Honourable to the grave

#vss365 #vss365a
📸Andrew Hillhouse

Deadly spells and wicked potions
Consume my soul with dark emotions
Burning candles cast little light
The darkness consumes all in sight
Bell, Book and Candle is all I need
To see this through and set myself free

365 #DarkLines
(📸Miranda Wipperfurth)
He comes in the night
Growling my name with intent
I melt beneath him

#haikulust #haiku

Battle #scars laced his torso
Memories of a life always in mortal danger
Defending the weak against the strong
And yes he’d do it all again if called upon

#vss365 #vss365a

Lurking monsters
Abide within
Sabotaging my mind
With imaginative sin

Distrust is a disease
Fear is a scourge
Hesitate and you’re lost
Losing your nerve

Step into the light
Leave the shadows behind
In yourself you are stronger
In yourself you’ll be fine

#BardBits 299
Quicker than milk left out in the sun, his #mood soured as he stared around the room at all too familiar faces striving unsuccessfully to hide their greed behind false facades of concern as they waited for the Will to be read. Pariahs! And him worst of all!

#vss365a #vss365



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #552 on: June 30, 2019, 01:44:16 pm »
It was all supposed to be
Meant to happen
Written in the stars
Some kind of #cosmic event
Where did it all go wrong?
Was I to busy reading runes?
You too busy looking away?
These dreams so much dust
And all because a lack of trust

#vss365 #vss365a

Smoke and magic
Mirrors and rhyme
Guilt and revenge
Punishment and crime

I see you there
Hidden in shadow
Manipulating hearts
Destroying souls

Come a little closer
You know you want to
Drench me in fire
Steal every desire

It burns
Doesn’t it

367 #DarkLines

Dancing within the rain showers
Cleansing downpour cascades
My sins washed away in streams
Reborn to face with hope a new day

#silver bullets
One by one
By his own hand
Son of a gun!

Ill met by moonlight
He lured me in
Honey coated words
A smile of pure sin

The clock struck 12
I began 2 change
& so did he
As he got me in range

So here I lie
Bleeding out fast
Watching him go
My life now passed
With a smile as wicked as the wielded blade
Her words ”Veni. Vidi. Vici” fell like stones in a pond
As the blood flowed in a crimson unstemmed flood

#QuillVerse 146
These lonely hills have I often roamed
Yet still this place I shall call my home
Here shall I lie when my time is done
Lay my sleepy head down towards the sun
Respite on the mountain shall I then seek
Protecting my loved ones n defending the weak

📸Peter Przybillr
#PoemTrail 369

Leather clad bad boy steaming up the night
Hold me, thrill me, treat me just right
Astride a steel and chrome mean machine
Screaming down a highway - take me far into the night

#ThrillMeThursday #NRRTG
A glorious #epoch
Flappers’ delight
Dancing the night away
A wonderful sight

Bootlegger haven
Booze and guns
Nightclubs a rockin’
Everyone having fun

Until the cops came
Bangin’ on the door
Then everyone fled
Broken glass on the floor

#vss365 #vss365a

#protect and survive
The ones we love
The land we own
This life we have
We’re not alone

A watch tower flares
A farmstead burns
Livestock stampeded
Tonight it’s our turn

So light the flame
Set the turf alight
A hot trod we’ll ride
Thieves in the night

#vss365 #vss365a

The sea did boil on that cruel day
As the storm broke & the ship did flail
All power lost - at the mercy of Gods
Then the #Kraken came from depths unknown
Baleful gaze to chill a man’s blood
A nightmare monster from tales of old
We said our prayers as tentacles took hold

Fragile as a newly falling rain drop
Whisper soft when speaking her name
Let neither cruel words
                                          Nor harsh looks
Torment a frail #psyche in the making

#vss365a #vss365

Walk with me
Beneath night skies
Painted in cerulean hues
Shall we dance to delirium
As gentle breezes kiss
Rosy blushing cheeks
Without question
Rhythm or rhyme
We’ll watch falling stars
No longer chasing perfection
Loving what we have
As I am yours
You are mine

#moonmystic 14
“I’m not a hero”
I heard him say
Holding me tight
Keeping horror at bay
Thru the long night
As war raged
Within my mind
These small acts
Of kindness
Natural 2 you
Heroic in mine
The fire in your eyes
Warming my heart
The howling wolves
Of nightmares
Drowned by rain

#ashverse 29


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #553 on: July 12, 2019, 01:07:14 pm »
Fickle Fate in torn ragged raiment
Tempting mis-#fortune in disguise
Beckons in wily regard from shadows
Eyes making promises while lips smile
Hiding razored teeth of evil beguile
The snarling bite of a crazed world

#VSS365a #vss365
Skin on skin
Feel the rush
Stroking rhythm
Heated touch

Hot blood pools
Heart beat soars
Unravelling here
As thunder roars

I breathe you in
Scent surrounding
In this sultry affair
Both hearts pounding

#carnalverse 234
📸Jet Cat Studios
Until the last snows of Winter
& the first birds of Spring
I shall think of U often
& the love U did bring
Afore the Demons came
& stole you away
Never to return
Tho I pray every day
In yr memory shall I wear
A crimson bright ribbon
In my newly #braided hair

#vss365 #vss365a

“It’ll be touch and go”, the Surgeon said
With a look I chose to interpret with dread
So fragile she looked hooked up to machines
So pale and small that I wish were a dream
Instead of a nightmare harsh and cruel
That seems never-ending, on a timeless spool

As you persist
So shall I resist
Unless you insist
Then you’re gonna get kissed!

Sweet #liberty
I beg of you
Keep this flag flying
Honourable n true

In thousands they came
Upon oceans and land
Seeking a fresh start
Hope in their hearts

Don’t let them down
Those generations ago
United still standing
A beacon unceasing

#vss365 #vss356a

Sunset flirtations betwixt night & day
A vixen bound by rules comes out 2 play
Beguiled by molten promises in hungry eyes
Sensual scars ache 2 be bathed in golden flames
His scent tempting taste buds hungry for more
& so begins the give & take of a delicious game
#CarnalVerse 235
“#**** of a day, hon”

“you look dog tired, babe”

“been pushing these puppies around all day, love and it’s still hot as hell out there”

“you look like you’ve been draggin’ your tail, too.  Sit yourself down, babe and let Momma fix you something cool”


Walk with me
Beneath night skies
Painted in cerulean hues
Shall we dance to delirium
As gentle breezes kiss
Rosy blushing cheeks
Without question
Rhythm or rhyme
We’ll watch falling stars
No longer chasing perfection
Loving what we have
As I am yours
You are mine

#moonmystic 14
How swift the years pass
On time worn wings
Yet still I see your face
Sweet breath upon my cheek
That long ago night
When our eyes met

#SlamWords #25thEdition R1
On slippered feet
Delicate as angels
We danced a measure
Then another
Swirling about
One after another
Then I tripped
Almost fell
But you were there
I remember so well
Fate played a part
Fair and true
The night we met
When I bumped into you

#SlamWords #25thEdition R2

Twas all a game
Or so I thought
Not realising
The chaos
You wrought
Lighthearted flirting
Nothing intense
Then of a sudden
Unexpected connection
And so my world changed
Dark came to light
That shimmering night

#SlamWords #25thEdition R3
The heady scent of exotic paradise
Coconut and Lime and something else
Forever a memory that lingers sweetly
When I see a bonfire on the beach
With gold flames dancing delightfully

#SlamWords #25thEdition R4
From innocence to heartbreak
In the blink of a sorrowful eye
The gods must have been laughing
As I softly began to cry
So close we were for but a while
What wouldn’t I give to see
Once more your charming smile

#SlamWords #25thEdition R8
Softer than a kitten’s fur
More delicate than a lamb
Such hopes I had
Of what could be
And be again
My fears #unfurled
Uncaged my mind
And I was free
To fly once more
Higher than
A burning flame

#vss356a #vss365
It started out as a mild flirtation
Dancing eyes and smiling lips
Words spilling forth in sweet profusion
And all soaked up in adoring addiction

#SlamWords #25thEdition #encore R1
Our first kiss was beneath the moon
As stars glittered and comets blazed
Sitting on the beach with toes in the sand
Became our favourite thing to do
Wrapped up in each other’s adoring gaze

#SlamWords #25thEdition #encore R2/3

We thought it would last forever
Until the very end of time
Not just another vacation romance
Destiny had given us both this chance

#SlamWords #25thEdition #encore R7

#unfurl inhibitions too closely bound
Go dance in fireworks lighting around
Secret passions and desires unspoken
You only live once - your soul now awoken

#vss356a #vss365

Whip of your tongue
Lash of your words
The sweet #sting
The burning brand
That means so much
When you hold me tight
You’re masterful touch
They don’t understand
They way you do
This need I have
For the dark side
Of only you

#vss365 #vss356a

Amethyst rain from a sapphire sky
Diamond stars and comets fly
Purple haze and Pegasus dreams
Nothing ever as it seems
A celestial bath of dazzling luminescence
Bathed the universe in cascading brilliance

 #moonmystic 15

Flesh on flesh is all I crave
The slip and slide of your touch
Seeking places of sublime ecstasy
Ignoring my cries of “enough, enough”
As the rapture takes me ever higher
Just another long hot Summer’s night
Bathed in bliss and your scent

#CarnalVerse 236
📸Volodymyr Tverdokhlib
#Tricks up my sleeve
Already concealed
Don’t look too closely
I’ll never reveal

What you believed
What you did see
Was but an illusion
Mischievous mystery

Pay up, my friend
You did just lose
You could’ve walked
So wrong did you choose


Fury knew no bounds
As the penny dropped
Yep Twitter was down

What should I do?
Got time now to burn
Sitting staring at a screen
With nowhere to turn

Is this what it’s like
Social media owns my soul
How did it come to this
Social media owns my soul

Bought a one way ticket
On the Long Black Train
Hell bound and rolling
Never coming back again

Racing through the #tunnel
No bright light at the end
Redemption on the cards?
Not for you
                     My God forsaken friend



And the clock struck one
Sands fast running out
A time to kill has arrived
The Demons are out n about

Watch your back he was told
Look both ways and behind
They’ll try to corner you
When you least expect it
Steal your sight and your mind

Prompt 371 #DarkLines



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #554 on: July 27, 2019, 03:23:40 pm »
Still sultry city nights hot with promise
Glow with anticipation in neon brilliance
An emerald temptress hidden in shadow
Silken rapture revealed in her gaze
Lures mortal men to a mind blowing end
Wrapped in her arms to the very end🔥

📸Black Day Photography
#CarnalVerse 238
#precious memories
Raining down
Each one a tear
I may just drown

Never forgotten
Always in my heart
A candle glows
Lighting the dark

“I see the #boy I knew in the man before me”
All grown up and walking the path he chose
That he spoke about when we first me in 1st Grade
In those innocent times oh so many years ago


Yesterday’s Shadow slowly consumed by a Golden Dawn
As Virgo Weeps silver raindrops for the fading Moon Glow
Mourning her lover’s passing while the North Star
In cool white brilliance shines illuminated benediction
And the universe spins on trailing broken dreams

#moonmystic 16
Tyre tracks muddy heading East
Forest shadows hide a beast
Roots so black they do conceal
A beating heart dying beneath
Petrichor emanating in sweet breaths
Willows weep a cleansing aftermath
Rest in peace sweet innocent child
This place your cage eternally wild
#horrorprompt 296
Stranded at midnight
The city howls around you
Disoriented & alone
Screams shatter the night
Flesh crawls with foreboding
Eerie neon dances ahead
A hotel beckons
Will you be a guest?
Do you have a choice?
You’ve nothing to lose
Except your mind & your soul
#BardBits 321

And as the Gods answered his prayers, the heavens opened

#hangtenstories 955

Artistic sensuality
Brushstroke allure
Timelessly captured
In sweeping elegant lines
Translating elusive beauty
In the eye of the beholder
For those beguiled
And those enchanted
Spellbound by the mystery
In velvet brown eyes

A tarnished #reputation
Bloody stain upon a memory
Once cherished in the knowing
Now turned to mourning ashes
Lost upon a vengeful wind
Dusty petals strewn about
Carpet the tomb of a lost once love


I call #bullshit

I’ve not yet said anything

Don’t care, I’m still calling it

You’re not even willing to listen?


Even when this may save your life?

D’you know how often I’ve heard that?

You can’t just give up!

I’m fresh out of hope!  Cancer’s won!


Weave a #spell - make it plain
This is life - not a game

‘Twas the sound of the pistol cocking that drew my attention
The hammer drawn back made my head swivel
Staring down the barrel of a .45 held steady on my head
Vengeful eyes full of hate stared back above a twisted smile
My death seen deep in that gaze

#NRRTG #ThrillmeThursday

Straight shot of whisky
Make it a double
Gonna be a good night
Give everyone a round
Playing the odds
Never felt so good
Dangerous combination
Luck, shots n hope
Double down n dusted
Roll the damn dice
Show me the $
& get me another shot
Won’t ask twice

1)Nick Feria 2)Aesthetics

Through #verdant meadows did we walk
As Summer bloomed and we did talk
Of hopes and dreams when we were grown
Oh how swiftly the many years have flown
As I think back on memories so very sweet
I thank the day that we first did meet


So many sins have I committed
#stacked so high St Peter himself weeps
No forgiveness for a soul so stained
Blackened heart that beats for none
This my confession to the silent night
Before the Devil himself
Comes to steal me from sight


#Quit?  You mean just stop?  Like that?


Not that easy

Willpower, man, it’s all about willpower

Yeah, well, I need a cigarette for that

Just do it

Easy for you to say

Hey, it took willpower not to start in the first place

Yeah, yeah, so you say


Tranquil serenity embraces my soul
Soothing balm to all of life’s stresses
A silent language the universe speaks
For those who can hear yet have no ears
Or those who may see yet have no eyes


Whisper it soft
Hell has ears
Rumours and lies
Sail upon surging seas

Jealous rivalries
Discord and clarion
Bedevil the conscience
Poison the mind

Storm clouds churning
Pregnant with portent
Loom on the horizon
Bitter and stagnant


Low lights & lush shadows
In sultry corners do linger
Play me a melody in soft notes
To caress my waiting senses
In rhythmic persuasion
That captures - entrances
Your after hours seduction
Wicked wiles & charms
Consumes my mind
Devours my desires

📸Beat Street

What can I give you
When you have everything
And I have nothing
That you could ever need
Yet still hope burns
A warming flame
Within a lonely heart
That yearns to be tamed


I heard there was a waiting list
Names & numbers taken
The Devil ticking off one by one
He knows the Hell you’ve been raising

A special place just for you
Up front in the place of honour
Right beside the hungry furnace
For U my wicked friend are a goner

They came in the night
Through forest & field
Creeping through hedgerows
Hoping we’d yield

Yet on the dawn
As mist unveiled
They found us waiting
Blocking the trail

Shoulder to shoulder
Did we stand our ground
Strange bedfellows in need
No one backing down

Chasing the sun in a shimmering sky
The endless Summer of young love
When youthful passions flame to life
Following the unwinding open road
To where the horizon never ends
Living our dreams on freedom’s road
Wind-kissed hair tossed by a lover’s hand 

📸David Mucci


Neon zombie in the dead of night
I see you there - a beacon of light
The seething city awaiting your feast
Unleash the hell - unleash the beast
Blind their senses til they’re overcome
Devour their souls until you’re done

(📸Federico Sironi)

#DarkLines 373

#intent could never be proven
No body and now no witness
Swallowed whole in a lost bayou
It’s a Southern thing, I’m telling you
And most certainly no one’s business



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