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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #540 on: March 03, 2019, 02:02:11 pm »
Upon the world does he hungrily gaze
Cool eyes assessing every place
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Like ants do they scurry in fearful haste
Worlds apart yet bound close together
They’ll feed his hunger & his embrace
From his sentinel seat staring into space

#PoemTrail 330
Cast in stone
Born in fire
Baptised in blood
Formed from rubble
Civilisations destroyed
They roam the earth
Dust in their wake
Across a ravaged land
Bled dry and crumbling
What more can they take?



Not a hurricane
Swept me away

Twas a vortex spinning
Out of control
Never letting me settle
You’ve made me whole

🎨~ @SquidMitchell

Something lurking
Within shadows deep
Haunting my mind
Denying me sleep

Open doors
Labyrinth layout
What horrors await?
Of that there’s no doubt

Twisting passages
Hidden from sight
Conceal hungry eyes
Craving a bite

Linger no more
If you can

#BardBits 177
When Kings and Queens
Villains and Varlets
Play Games and Thrones
Someone will rise
As another shall fall
Tis a beastly lesson
Bathed in drenching dragon fire
That none shall survive
When Fortune’s Wheel spins
& we’re commanded to heed her dread call

#BardBits 178
This aching tension
Stretched to the brink
Upon the rack
Am I drawn
As a fly to honey
To you

Sensations race
Dancing across my flesh
Spiralling desires converge
Sensitive vortex sublime
Flames within coalesce
Consuming me whole
In sweet carnal conflagration

#CarnalVerse 198
Giddy as a unicorn caught in a spiral of glitter
Dizzy with excitement as fizzy as lemonade
Whispers and rumours that you’re coming home
Set my heart pounding and blood racing
As butterflies dance in uninhibited profusion

In a blaze of glorious light
Flaming across the heavens
A Phoenix took furious flight
Scorching a path amidst the stars
While smouldering fire walkers
In envious jealousy watched
The past reborn before their eyes


📷lisaleo @morguefile_site

Scurrying ants among the ruins
A landscape blown to withering dust
What once we knew now see no more
We didn’t see
                          Didn’t want to know
Now all is clear in the gathering storm
Of the giant watchers we saw long ago

📷Stefan Koidl
#DarkLines 332

Shadows & ink spill our history upon the virgin page
A tender sorrow greets their historic tidings
Etched in blood or wretched tears
Harshly written on the soul that all may heed
Lest we are drawn deeper into the mire

🎨1) Ana Rosa 2) T.C. Garcia


Let not those wicked perfidious words
Torn from lips once sweetly curved
Poison your heart to the grace of love
Born from one to another in the bloom of youth
He breathed my name
                                        And time stood still
Unable to resist the temptation of his flame
I savoured the burn without inhibition
Bathed in his fire & knew my life
Would never be the same

 #CarnalVerse 199

#image Volodymyr Tverdokhlib

What lies beneath this frozen waste?
That was once a heart filled not with hate
When flowers bloomed and birds did sing
Then came the storm and dread lightning

At the dying of the day
The withering of the light
When silence falls
A shrouding cloak
Then shall I recount the ways
Before I fall apart and down
Of all you meant in all your moods
To me and everyone you ever knew

#PoemTrail 334

(📷: Bettina Güber)
The city can be a lonely place
Even amidst crowds in a daily rat race
Look into the shadows thrown by lights
White wisps still wander alone at night
Unseen they exist on the edge of life
Forgotten victims of a time full of strife

333 #DarkLines

(📷Shawn Lin)

From shadows we cast do sorrows flow
Pooling in corners where we never go

I thought I was
I knew you were
What I believed
You didn’t care
Years did pass
We carried on
But nothing changed
And you passed on


Saved by dawning comprehension
She lay her burden down among the pebbles
And dreamt of a time when she’d be free
Nevermore to be bound by darkness
From now on she’d let herself just simply be

More luminous than the silvered moon
Bathed in mysterious night magic
She danced amidst the fairy rings
Grace and elegance in every turn
Embraced by velvet polished darkness
Until her pale ivory cheeks bloomed red

📷1) Michela Meda 2) Beth Foster

Pure as the rarest virgin snow
Delicately spun from angel kisses
Mother Nature drapes the land
A wintery shroud of pristine grace
Her beauty framed in Venetian lace

(📷Rogan Brown)

#PoemTrail 335

Effervescent Joie De Vivre
Sparkling luminescence
Bubbling through her veins
Always in his presence

For him she’d dance
Forget her fears
Live forever within his arms
No more a time for tears

#VerseAngel 242

The veils between worlds
Ripped at the seams
Mischief set loose
In horror filled dreams

Bed of jackals
Wolves & snakes
Pit of nightmares

Weave your tales
Provoked entanglements
Meet me in thy Stygian hell
For in this lunar cycle
I’ll never tell

#BardBits 186


Long before this
So many years
When the world was young
And we in youthful vigour
Did bloom in the sun

Now here we stand
Upon the very edge
Unafraid of the future
What lies ahead

Take my hand
Together we’ll go
Following our path
No one need know


Was it real or just a dream?
A fantasy drawn from desire?
That things may not be what they seem
And fingers may still be burned by fire
The way things were may be much safer
But to never know what just may be
Would stifle a soul that yearns to see

Rocked gently on a sea of dreams
Swept away on a tide of fantasy
Beneath a sky of trailing stars
The gods did smile at my foolery
Then a strange feeling came
Chilling my blood
A hollow sensation
Leaving me numb
So here I lie
Not yet at peace
Slumbering on
Ill  at ease

Longing for something
I know not what
To fill the void
Within my heart

This empty space
That echoes still
With regrets aplenty
Yet yearns to be filled

They do not know nor understand
What draws us together and keeps us bound
The craving to touch, to savour and feel
In this carnal world that we have found
Where only we two in unity exist
Where we can let go and not resist

#CarnalVerse 201

Fortune’s Wheel spins wildly on
While Karma smiles and spurs it on
What you did think you’d once escaped
Is coming back around to be your fate
You cannot run nor even hide
I’ll watch you drown in the coming tide


A fleeting glimpse caught on the street
Amidst a sea of seething crowds
Faceless strangers yet one stood out
Was it Fate that brought us to this place
To meet once more in a state of grace

No second chances
No returns
Rules to live by
Yet how the sting burns

Roads not taken
Conversations not had
Always playing it safe
Always looking for the bad

Let the sunshine in
Chase out the rain
Let me fall in love
With you once again


As the sun shall rise with the new dawning day
Fresh and new as a brass ring brightly burnished
I’ll face the future with hope newly sprung
Succinct words on my lips from a song gently sung

#SenseWrds 398


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #541 on: March 10, 2019, 02:06:03 pm »
To the East I turned
And then the West
The South I ignored
And North did I spurn

Everywhere I did look
In this twisting maze
Each path that I took
Twas as if I were crazed

Orient myself once
And once more again
It’s out there somewhere
In the lightning and rain


Liquid beauty enhancing this silken aquamarine world
Submerged from view though never imagination
We slip from the depths to ride the crests
Cavorting with mermaids, fishes, dolphins and the rest

(🎨Vivienne Bellini)

#PoemTrail 33)

“Improvise” they said
“Think on your feet”
“Roll with the punches”
“Don’t think so deep”

The next thing I knew
I was digging a hole
For them and their advice
They’re now being buried whole

Caught up in the rapture
Of beauty and form
He couldn’t imagine
The oncoming storm

Poised on the #overlook
Upon the very cliff
He gazed at the landscape
And wondered “what if..?”

With feathers unfurled
He leapt to his death
A brilliant star falling
A legend given birth

Like thick molasses on a hot July night
He melted my heart with words sweet as #syrup

Beneath these boughs my heart finds shelter
A safe haven from the wrecking storms of life
These leafy #xysts that do not judge
But stoutly stand and protect me from strife

#Quillverse 97
As the last petal fell
Upon a lonely grave
I raised my eyes
To the heavens above
And a piece of the puzzle
Fell sublimely into place
I thought of your soul
Taking a place in the clouds
To soar forever
In the wild blue yonder

#BardBits 192

Colour my world in glittering hues
Such vibrant sensuality to tempt the palette
Across the spectrum let your jewels shine
In the rainbow cascade that bathes my life

📷credit: 1) Aricadia 2) Samarel


Is it an echo of footsteps that lingers still
Or the memories of you haunting me until
The guilt that gnaws constantly at my mind
Is laid finally to rest allowing me to find
In some shadowed recess my peace of mind

Pic: hotblack @morguefile_site

Blood shadows walk the crimson earth
Between the lines they trace a macabre path
For those that can feel their chilling presence
See the warning signs dipped in bloody gore
Run far, run fast, if you think U can
In the end you’ll fall like every man

#DarkLines 335
📷 Edvard Munch
In the sweet dreaming time
Afore the world slips into slumber
I wrap the peaceful silence tight
My soul is too full of this brittle life
Craving simplicity of what once was
And could in time become so much more

#SenseWrds 399
As gentle as thistledown
Blown upon the wind
As tempered as steel
That won’t ever break
But will always bend
With a smile to match the sun
A grace and style second to none
She is the warm heart
The tender embrace
In a world going mad
She is the safe haven
#WomensDay⁠ ⁠

The #epitome of all that is good
In this cold hearted crumbling world
That snarls and bites at every hand
Where wolves put on the fleece of lambs
And hide their teeth behind wide smiles
While evil dwells within their hearts
And the Devil approves all their plans


Build not your world upon fractured pillars
That tremble and crumble in their fragility
Set your foundations on steady ground
Build upon them and your life will be sound

#Quillverse 100

Who would suspect a speck on the wind
So small - insignificant - would be the herald
The silent clarion call that no one heard
To shatter the tranquil calm before the storm
In the devouring onslaught of what was to come
The tornadic maelstrom that swept us all away

#BardBits 195


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #542 on: March 22, 2019, 03:02:48 pm »
Hypnotic rhythm in melancholy time
Weaving dark fantasies mingled with crime
With a widow’s mournful gaze lost in lace
Burying hearts deep as she trails through life
Reaping a deathly crop - you too be replaced?

336 #DarkLines

📷Amanda Diaz
Wide awake 2 a shamrock dawn
Top o’ the morn to one and all
Skipping along in a rainbow vision
To where a pot of gold lies awaiting
“The luck o’ the Irish” I sing to myself
Scores of leprechauns scurrying beside
Each garbed in Kerry Green & full o’ Irish pride
#BardBits 196
Acoustic perfection in every note
Play it loud enough to shake the roof
To hell with the neighbours
Let them rant, **** and complain
They’ll never hear jazz played like this again

Daughter of ravens
Descendant of Odin
All hail to thee most wise

In blood and storm
Wrath and fire
I beg of thee hear my cries

#Quillverse 103
Liquid caressing gaze flowing luxuriously
A decadent voyage of kinky sensitivity
Across silken flesh that aches
In naked need for your touch
                                 Your warm breath
This nuzzled fantasy desired too long
Made now sweet succulent reality

 #CarnalVerse 204

Maybe today
                     Maybe tomorrow
                                                 Maybe never
Stalled in procrastination station
Life bleeding out on the track
Cannot bear to move forward
Yet even more terrified of going back


What poisonous temptation
Sweet honey coated
Lures me on in seduction
Whispering to all I yearn for
Until I'm lost within a maze
Dark and cruel
                 Carnal and beautiful
Spiralling in ecstatic free fall
Entwined in your serpentine coil


Far far far away
Beyond my gaze
The very horizon
I think of you
Across the miles
Yet always so close
Within my heart
My very being
Such treasured memories
And always of you

Opium infused senses conjure fantastical images
Drunk on anodynes inhaled in an inebriated haze
Creatures from nightmare lore gather and writhe
As demons and angels twist within a screaming mind


Smouldering temptation beckons
Each velvet soft command uttered
Dark with rich carnal intent
Fires my blood to aching need
Bathed in drenching desire
A liquid craving so deep
For a masterful touch
Upon quivering silken flesh
#CarnalVerse 205
🎨OneinchPunch Photography/Aesthetics

In your eyes I see demands I ache to fulfill
From your lips spill commands I cannot deny
With every dragging touch you draw me under
This emotional maelstrom that tears me asunder
These ties that bind which no other can see
Entwine us forever in a carnal destiny


Misty veils of long forgotten times
Lingering images of faces once known
Do you remember them at all?
Or have they drifted away like smoke?
Those you once loved and held dear
Once-called friends now long disappeared


Blood & tears have I spilled
Tending this garden of memory
Where spirits linger in thorny blooms
And luscious scents conjure emotions
A rose by any other name still smells as sweet
And one day soon by a yellow beauty
Shall we again in future’s promise meet

#BardBits 203

Weeping willows shall mourn her passing
Drifting dark waters shall be her shroud
Call her name softly in sorrowful memory
Watch her fade as the waters bear her down

#DarkLines 339
Lost on the wind
Before I knew
Carried away
Far far from you

My last words given
How I wish I’d known
They can never be retrieved
From my lips were they blown

Think kindly of me
When you look back
As I hope you will
My heart now has ****


What do you see when U close your eyes?
Is it the past you cannot forget even though you try?
Or is it a future full of wonderous possibilities?
An open door within your mind stands ready
Do you close it never to walk through?
The choice has always been within U
Devouring flames engulf a sorrowful soul
Righteous pyre to what could never be
Unfulfilled dreams add evermore fuel
Whispering “I’m sorry” in tortured tones
I say goodbye to all that was ever me


Turgid emotions become potent delight
Liquid heat flows in sultry decadence
Suffusing silken flesh in rosy hues
As sweeping lips bathe honeyed kisses
Upon quivering flesh laid bare in carnal offering
Upon a limber sheet stretched anticipation taut

#CarnalVerse 206

#Riddles and mysteries caught in my mind
Roiling crucible where hopes and fears entwine
Fate is decreed upon whims of merciless Gods
Their pawns are we not with our souls forfeit


You only die once
     But did it have to be in my bed?
Difficult to explain
      A body lying there dead...
What should I do?
      The garden is so full
Maybe the patio
      Mmmm maybe that’ll do...


Old songs like old friends soothe my soul
New frequencies breath into them new life
A seamless soundtrack throughout the years
Without ever realising it chased away my fears

#PoemTrail 341

(🎨Jelena Jovanovic)


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