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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #525 on: November 03, 2018, 03:02:28 pm »
Pulse pounding hypnotic horror
Leads me down in death defying spirals
To one frightening encounter after another
Where demonic thrills and chills prowl
Hungry to feast upon mortal souls
Their ravenous appetites too long unappeased

#darkcircus #madcarnival #madVerse
A marionette enmeshed in a web of imagination
Cast by the Ringmasterís demonic whims
This mesmerising seductive darkness
That beckons me onward unto my fickle fate
Denying this feeling of unease
To pull me under a sweeping tide of menace

#madcarnival #darkcircus
Dark Cinderella without any hope
Lost in a city so cruel and black
She dreams of a day one day to come
When sheíll walk in silver beneath the sun

10/19 Prompt 1558 (pic): Art by unknown

In myriad hues
Captured in my heart
Shall I think of you
Cool red in passions flame
Wrapped in shades of warm blue

#DimpleVerse #23words
Mourning becomes her
Or so people said
Not to her face
No never that
They had more sense
Than a wish to be dead
So walk on by
If you see her pass
Breathe a sigh of relief
Keep your gaze downcast

#noir #poetry
So blind you could not see
Deaf to the warnings you would not heed
Too late the fly caught within her web
The Beast within the Beauty
The lightning within the storm
Sheíll break you down
Leave you scattered adrift
Lost on vanityís lonely shore

306 #DarkLines
(🎨Gerbie Pabiliona)

Within my mindís eye
Forever captured
Frozen in time
Wrought in rainbow hues
A rapture in VISUAL POETRY
Iíll remember the magical view
Whenever I see this PHOTOGRAPH
And smile as I think of you

📷 by @aleksharlow
Buried within these poisoned dreams
Dual realities bleed through the looking glass
Rising from the depths to spill and seep
This descent into madness so fast and steep


Caught between burning realms
These smouldering pyres that surround
Nowhere to turn in a world set aflame
The darkest hearth writ large with my name

(🎨The Beginning of AshesĒ by Mikael Aldo)

#PoemTrail 302
Shedding the unclean trappings of a life gone sorely awry
Pure grace surrounded and lifted the downtrodden soul
A shining light of undiluted clarity bathing the shadowed world in a once forgotten beauty

#BlackDahliaProse 314
As night draws down her mourning shroud
And skies grow black with no moon allowed
Then shall he come with steps of dread
Trailing nightmare horrors in bloodstained red
Jack Oí Lantern was once his name
Heís coming for you
For on this one night
You are fair game
#WrittenRiver 1566

Falls the blood upon the tomb
Beneath these silent witnessing oaks
Hallowed ground yet not for thee
Who walks the earth yet be not of it
For this one night when veils are torn
Releasing the cursed and Hell spawned

#IntrigueVerse 149

Spawn of Hell wreaking terror
Two by two they onward come
Demonic angels of impure innocence
Sweet candy freaks of All Hallowsí Eve
Bolt the door & seal fast the windows
In spirit shall they steal within
In cast out damnation shall they depart

308 #DarkLines
(🎨Thomas Jerusalem)

Lost in the mist
Where echoes fade
Abandoned horrors lurk
In God forsaken shadows
That hunger for souls
The tired and dejected
Among the missing
Of this cruel modern life
& When the night breaks
Then so shall they


With reptile smiles
They do seduce
This monster mash
Of the mummified
& The undead
Who yet stalk the night
In parasitic legion
Prowling 4 souls
Hungry for flesh
From below they seep
In poisonous flood
On this night of nights
When the will is weak
& perfect 4 frights

#BardBits 66

An Angel's kiss
White feather blessing
I feel your presence
Beside me
Within me
Never forgotten
Forever and always
Memento Mori


ďCome a little closerĒ
He murmured low
Drawing me near
Temptation I know
Two become one
In nightís secret shadow
Passionís promenade
Fulfilling desires
As the hours slip past
& our need climbs higher

(Left 🎨: Richard Blunt)
#PoemTrail 304

She was ice and fire
A bolt of lightning
Straight to his heart
Searing his soul
No more would he wander
Adrift and alone
Always on the outside
Ever searching for a home


Beneath forest canopies
Shadowed and quiet
The pixies cavort if you believe
Traipsing leaves in glorious legion
Guild the ground in glorious fusion
Where boots and bards linger and muse
Upon a universe in harmony with chaos diffused

🎨- JMB

#BardBits 69

In silent battalions they march in rows
These talking spirits that walk no more
Beneath live oaks with mourning moss veils
Mature aged sentinels ever standing guard
Over honourable souls laid down to rest
Now at peace on this Day of the Dead



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #526 on: November 11, 2018, 01:14:23 pm »
Profuse in fiery passion
Did glorious Autumn
To Winterís bleak embrace


Through copious tears that rained on down
Did the Heavens adore a parched land
Bringing forth fresh buds of newborn Spring

As morning mist
Within valleys deep
Echoes of fears
Once all too real
Until just a memory

Did your courage waver in those final hours
As darkness encroached and the light did fade
When all that you believed was put to the test
And left you naked, alone crying softly for aid

Left upon that grassy knoll
Where the scent of cordite yet lingers
Memories cascade in mourning waterfall
& history sends imagination reeling
Did those wheels & wagons of long ago
In the ebb and tide of cruel Fateís whims
Lead us to the here & now of destiny

#BardBits  71
So fragile in her delicate beauty
Winterís cloak in exquisite detail
Wrought in gossamer designs
To beautify First Frostís icy kiss

#NatureVerse 139

Among the clouds
Set me flying
High on high
In an azure sky
Among the birds
Iíll spread my wings
Cloud castle dreaming
Of wishes - hopes
And wonderful things


The years hang heavy
My world spins on
Everyone I knew
Now dead and gone
With a heavy heart
Weighing me down
Iím last one standing
Now all on my own

310 #DarkLines

(🎨Derek Hess)
Lost in reverie
Of memories golden
Treasured and precious
 I rest my soul
Count my blessings
Thinking of us

#DimpleVerse #23words
Surrender to Fate
Let the universe decide
Que sera sera
Whatever will be
Will surely be
At the sinking of the sun
At the low ebb of the day
Remember you did
Walk on water
Before the years grew many
& old friends grew too few

Eternity beckons
But Iím not ready
Unfinished business
I tell myself
Promises made
Left dusty
Upon a shelf
Hand over hand
Back and forth
To twist
Am I coming
Or going
Caught fast
In throes of time
Without control
Fast losing my mind

#BardBits 75
As the last rose of Autumn
She bloomed in full glory
Afore the brambles took hold
Cruelly crushing out her flame

#BardBits prompt 74


Was hearing you loved me
Before things turned bad
For one precious moment
So sweet and so pure
I was your entire world
And you rapturously mine


Be not so bold
Ye knights of old
To kings & queens
You are bought and sold
Sent upon quests
Seeking fortunes in gold
To fight cruel dragons
Breathing fire at the door
Or winning damselsí hearts
So sweet and so pure

#BardBits prompt 76

From the depths
So cold and cruel
Comes a beast
Of legends tell

With twisted tentacles
Malevolent gaze
Watch your back
The kraken awakes

Into the deep
Far down below
Seamen cast their fate
And meet their foe


Consumed in passionís burning quicksand
Caught fast within a carnal maelstrom
She shed inhibitions to rise as a phoenix
Dancing naked beneath a blood red moon


Look deep, my friend, donít be shy
The amethyst mystic shards donít lie
Your destiny foretold if you can but see
The dangers that lurk within the deep
Sapphire blue to be your shroud
Within Neptuneís arms you shall be found

#BardBits prompt 77


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