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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #510 on: May 21, 2018, 01:28:45 pm »
Counting down the days
Until we meet again
Time it passes slowly
Each hour as if ten

When we can be together
No longer far apart
Two souls again as one
With but a single heart

With a flare most becoming
And a smile curiously charming
A roguish reputation trailing his steps
Rumours most dark and intriguingly wicked
Swirled in his passing in whispers aplenty
To cloak his reputation in debonair decadence

@🎨Abigail Larson


Within flickering flames
I see an angelic face
As you were then
Before you fell from grace

Why have you come
Here to me now
To you I swore devotion
I made it a vow

Memories slice deep
They pierce my soul
Please take me with you
Without you I’m not whole

#SenseWrds 395

Peaceful serenity
Calm and soothing
Sweet balm of conscience
Surrounding my soul
Lost in my dreams
Where LILACs do bloom
In tranquil profusion


In whispered dreams
Deep in the night
I feel your touch
In arms that hold tight

But you are not here
You never were
You slipped away
My hear did tear

Demons do flock
As murderous crows
Haunting me still
A door I can’t close

🎨1 - Angela Taratuta/2 - Enmi Wahlbäck
Slow falls the curtain of night
To shroud the world in somber shade
Blacker than a Raven’s wing
Quieter than a new filled grave
Souls bewitched do shift and rise
To greet the moon and their solemn demise


🎨Abigail Larson
Strawberry lips and candy floss dreams
Wrapped in sugarcoated promises
Offer carnal satisfaction to your secret addiction

Among the stars
Shall we together soar
Let our dreams take flight
Today and evermore


With a surgeon’s skill
You made your mark
Without hesitation
Then all grew dark
Just a little more
I’ll not tell
Beyond and below
You know me so well
Crimson spills
Ever so fleeting
But dig deeper
My Maker I’m meeting

(Image credit/source: Azra Spahovic on IG)
#PoemTrail 255

Shifting sands
Through time surround
Not what they seem
Tis all a lie
Unveil the truth
As you believe
From the dust
Shall you rise
What you wish for
Shall you truly receive

#SenseWrds 396

Inscribe your love
Flowing curlicues
Tattoo my heart
In rainbow hues
Colour my mind
In heavenly shades
Of a paradise found
For all our days


In some shaded bower
Where wild BLUEBELLS grow
Shall we meet in secret
Where none shall know

And BEAUTEOUS thoughts
In soft confusion
Tumble and spill
In cascading profusion

As Beast to his BELLE
Shall you be mine
In this here and now
Until the very end of time


So fragile in this fleeting time
A barest brush of air in passing
Is that you?
                     Or my mind amusing?
Close my eyes and there you are
A smile playing upon your lips
My silent lover tender and true
Always there
Always you


Crushed by the hand of vengeance
I fell with a silent scream unto the abyss
This killing joke that Fate did play
A poison spreading with diabolical infusion
No candle flickering before a darkened mirror
Whispered incantations
Shall ease my suffering & humiliation


Vanilla frosting and cocoa perfection
Craving becomes a sweet seduction
Molten allure in chocolate confection
Teasing my senses to drooling salivation
Seducing my palate into sublime addiction


Wandering phantoms haunt me still
Hopes and dreams of what once was
Drift and weave directionless
Amidst the endless blue

#DimpleVerse #23words

A mind BEGUILED succumbs
UNFURLING thoughts
As petals sunkissed
In enraptured acquiescence
Of an Eden found
Where none did exist before
A gentle smile of BONHOMIE
Fleeting upon lips seeking more


Chasing butterflies
Or were they dreams
Fleeting they passed
Shimmering wings
In every hue
They called to me
Drew me on
Ever out of reach
Yet always in sight

#WrittenRiver 1400

The die were cast
No taking them back
The choice made
The path selected
Demons discouraged
In sly whispered conjecture
My conflicted soul flinched
But the Devil was seductive
My destiny now sealed
Those invisible shackles tightly cinched

#IntrigueVerse 126

Within the reflection
I went looking for myself
In crystal pools so clear
I searched and searched
But all I found
Was an empty broken vessel
Surely there's more to me
Beneath the surface
Hidden yet fighting to be free

#art ( 1- Jody Kelly /  2- Honore Daumier )

One to the other
Always together
Ever struggling
Unresolved to our fate
We silently fight
This schizophrenia
A poison
My true self
Or a lie I tell myself
One shall win
Or one shall fade
One seek the light
Or one die in the shade

#DarkLines 252

📸(Eric Lancome)

All of my life
Within this suitcase
My dreams
My hopes
My reasons to live

Ever so neatly
Pristine perfection
Preciously guarded
Folded precisely

Always at hand
Within my reach
Treasures I keep
Under lock and key


Words spilling recklessly
Tumbling forth in wild profusion
Falling dangerously close to accusation
They sliced with vicious accuracy
Cutting deep as never before
And slowly my heart bled in cornered confusion


Tattered thoughts and timeworn words
Faded remnants of a life long lived
Now gathering dust in lonely corners
Where none do notice nor enquire
Unseen by all and heeded by none

(Image credit: John Aiello)
#PoemTrail 256

Fairness and light
All things bright
That’s what she was
As all would tell

Beloved by all
She graced the world
Her smile and laughter
Like a flower

#VerseAngel 169

Sung sweetly to me of what could be
As DAWNing rays gilded the sky in silvered hues
And my heart gladdened to see such divine luminescence

From the depths
He shall rise
Legend and fantasy
Brought to wondrous life

Touch the flame
Breathe the fire
Ignite my flame
Feed the desire

To touch the sky
Walk upon the edge
My life to thee
I solemnly pledge

(pic): Art by Bayard Wu challenge.
#WrittenRiver 1402

Seal the ring
Sand the floor
Liven your bow
Close the door

In the gathering place
Shall we congress
Meet me here
I’ll be in a white dress

Then we shall dance
The night away
Lost in each other
The world at bay

#WyldeVerse 62

Learn to love once again
Listen with your heart
It’s always your friend
Let go of what you fear
Unlock the bars of your soul
For beauty surrounds you
And within you it thrives
If you can but feel it
Tis the song of a thousand lives


So tender is love
Within my trembling palm
Do I offer my beating heart
With all that I am
Or ever shall be
To you I am bound
Until the very end of time


Take my hand
Walk with me
Along the path
Beneath the tree
Through the meadow
By the stream
A haunting love
A beautiful dream
Whisper my name
And I’ll whisper back
You’re still the one
‘Tis no act



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #511 on: June 03, 2018, 03:25:58 am »
Drowning rapture within your arms
Bathed in the circle of your loving charm
Floating away on a cloud of dreams
These stolen moments are all we can have

#carnalverse 163

Fire calls to fire
Drawing the heat
From ember to flame
She was the spark
To set him alight
Out of the dark

(🎨both) by Ryohei Hase


A wave that breaks upon the shore
Spends itself
                          There is no more
Pause and breathe
Take a step back
Let emotions cool
Respond after that

#WyldeVerse 63
Lingering thoughts of a time long ago
Haunt the rooms within my mind
That once were filled with light and laughter
Now dark and empty without any echoes


It could be sweet
Upon my tongue
Or bitter
As the vilest drug

To say I’m sorry
The pain I wrought
Betrayal in your eyes

#verseangel 172

Escalating heart beats race
A fever running like fire
This naked need
To feel your embrace
Drown in sensation
Succumb to aching desire

#DimpleVerse #23words

Two crowns upon a battle field
Claimed by all
Won by none
While high on high
The heavens clash
In the stormy language of clouds
Afore the sweet clearing of the sky

Tread with care
For the ledge is brittle
One false step
Upon your path
And you shall tumble
Unto your death

#darkjoke #darktale

Soft caress of warmth
Upon an upturned cheek
Innocent pleasure
In this golden moment
Across the miles
I kiss my sunset
And think of you
Kissing your sunset too


These veiled promises
Made one unto the other
Do seal our fates
For all time together

Beneath gossamer threads
Silken and pure
I think only of you
And know I am sure

(🎨Jake Hicks)

#PoemTrail 259

From ethereal wisps
Dancing across a Summer sky
To doom laden thunderheads
That lower in sullen violence
The language of clouds
Speaks fluently of human nature

From the shadows shall they creep
Hidden in a darkness so thick and deep
Soul withered demons seeping forth
To gather in my mind whispering of death


Sweet meadow scented summer breeze
Sun gilded tresses that tumble and tease
Whispered promises of fulfilled dreams
In a bower where magic & wishes convene
Innocent laughter that rings in the air
A Mid Summer madness calling us there

( 🎨 Tamar Frank  )

#NatureVerse 118
Bittersweet indulgence
Temptation undeniable
Beckoning “taste me”
Of a craving intense
Becoming addictive
I am the slave
Before my master
Doing whatever
Needs to be done
To feed my yearning
This eternal need

{photo (1) mystikavontana.gr (2) Flickr}
Entangled within desire’s web
Interwoven destinies converge
Corrupted pleasures seeking expression
In the tapestry of life find carnal redemption

1) Ayami Kojima 2) Gemityy - DeviantArt

In some dark chamber
We cannot see
There hangs a tale
A travesty

No sound is heard
No echoes roam
Nothing stirs
You are alone

For the truth that you seek
The secrets and trust
Lie concealed within
Shrouded in dust


These fleeting visceral stirrings
Where memories dwell deep within
There can I still feel you
A warm glow within the centre of me

(🎨: Marcela Bolivar)
#PoemTrail 260

A cry in the dark
A scream in the night
The city alive
So brilliant
So bright
Sufferance be damned
Vociferate from the roof
Let your voice be heard
Set free the ever loving truth

🎨Elisabetta Renostos artwork!

#poeverse #mpy #amwriting #vss

I lay down with the lambs
Fool thought me one of the sheep
I played it cool all the way through
Kept my head down nothing to lose
All the while I watched and waited
Patience my strength unabated
Until the day, the hour should come
And I would rise and overcome


A tight rope we walk
Every day
Measuring our words
All that we say

To keep the peace
Or not
As we choose
Not everyone’s a winner
Sometimes we lose

These balancing layers
One upon the other
Are the frames of our lives
In which we live
In which we survive

#WyldeVerse 64

Sweet serenity holds me tight
When I feel lonely in the night
Calming my racing mind
Soothing my swift beating heart
Until I am come to that secret place
Where only peace inhabits my space

{photo (1)natbg.com (2)eligasht.com}


My pristine world became surreal
As the absinthe fairy teased my mind
Expectations tumbled and fell so low
That fantasies soon began to flow...


Art by Tim Walker

Sunset kisses upon a beach
Far from home and out of reach
We danced in the sunlight for all to see
We threw our cares to the breeze
This was just you and me


These too soon goodbyes
They cut so deep
A whole become two halves
To walk a lonely path without shadow
A part of me now forever missing
A jigsaw missing that one vital piece


This scarlet thread that binds us
Weaving between our existence in rhapsody
And the drops of forever upon our tongue
Time is a boon we recognise too late
When eternity’s scar fades to white
And we succumb without fear unto our fate

#FocusedVerse 78
#GreatExpectations #Dickens
Riotous rhapsodies of colour
Bedeck the world in jewel hues
& SUMMER whispers SOFT promises
In the playful breezes that tease my senses

#DimpleVerse #23words
🎨Kent Wallis


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #512 on: June 17, 2018, 02:27:23 pm »
This fleeting sunshine of soul
This happy time betwixt the shadows
All to quickly passes
Fading from the mind
Until all that remains
Are memories and echoes

Blood red was one
Bone white the other
Inseparable in life
As they were in death
Two halves of a whole
Split cruelly asunder
They haunt the earth
Their souls left to wander


#DarkLines 261
Where nothing is real in a tangible world
But look a little closer and all will be revealed
Unlock those sealed portals of your mind
Let the veils that blind fall from your eyes
This world you know a sham in cruel disguise

We knelt to pray
Parley with the Gods
But they ignored our words
And we became their prey
Every night and every day

#DimpleVerse #23words
Succumbing to his seductive spell
That sly temptation his eyes did promise
Even as his lips wove images of carnal delight
Before the night had begun to dawn
A deal with the very devil had I sealed in blood
Taking risks at every turn I consumed the apple fate offered

When all five senses fell deeply asleep
My sixth sense kept me wide awake
What they could not see, hear, feel or touch
It kept me company, protected and loved

(🎨Andrea Benge)

Twisting in never ending spirals
We writhe in contortions unbelievable
No undulating rhythms shall orchestrate me
In free flow am I once again set free
To breathe, to dance, and most of all - just be me

🎨Taylor Christine Photography

Amidst a sea of clover I lay me down
Let the world in madness spin gaily on
While I in sweet repose count my blessings
And thank the Lord for all that I have

(Image credit: Scott Weber)

#PoemTrail 263

Emotions run deep between the lines
A BEAUTIFUL SOUL speaks from the heart
Articulating feelings in cascading rhyme
We SENSE WORDS that spill in profusion
Exotic verbal bouquets offered in salutation

Tribute to @_Sense_Wrds 💕


Down the hole
Head first I roll
Tumbling and falling
Your name my voice calling

Fantasy and insanity
One and the same
In this world so magical
With creatures inimical

Queens red and white
Mad Hatters and mice
I try to escape
This world not so nice


Waste not this precious gift bestowed at birth
See what’s important - recognise its worth
Mercilessly unspooling before my eyes
Time slips past and I can only whisper goodbye

#Ashverse S2 20

SUBMERGED within my own thoughts
The waters whisper quiet wisdom
Eddies of calm soothe my senses
And I am baptised, reborn once again

#DimpleVerse #23words

Evergreen & timeless he waits
Concealed in the folds betwixt time
Time not his master
For U hold the power
As the sands expire
& your heartbeats fade
So shall you draw him
To your side
Be not afraid
For U are not alone
He has come
To guide U home

📸Chris Halderman
#DarkLines 264

I need you here
Right now
Beside me

Can you hear my voice?
Feel my thoughts?
Or am I forgotten?
Was it all for nought?

Within my heart
Shall you secretly stay
Until the end of time
Forever and a day

#VerseAngel 177

Steel-edge dreams from far far away
Of galactic mysteries & wonders amazed
A brutal brainstorm of calamitous desires
Where hope meets fear in a maelstrom of fire
Reality’s revolver loaded & cocked
Turns upon itself as the Gods do mock
🎨 1- Dan LuVisi 2- Erik Schumacher

As the moon did wax and wane
Fireworks exploded in jubilation
While comets in a midnight sprint
Tore their flaming path on high
And far below in a broken world
We stood and gazed in awe


North, South, East & West
I stand at the crossroads
My choice a best guess
My past behind me
My future ahead
Does it really matter?
Whichever direction I choose
Such opportunistic speculation
Leading a path of mortal peril
Unto my final destination - death

#IntrigueVerse 129
Tracing the path within my mind
Gentle curves and sensuous lines
Your alluring labyrinth leads me on
Drawing me deeper I am overcome
No map do I need to chart my course
Tis all from the heart and without any force

#PoemTrail 264
🎨Dani Olivier
Take a jagged breath, then one more
Ignore the corpse bleeding out upon the floor
Our brief encounter needs no words
Actions speak louder, no voices heard
Your untouchable need plain in your eyes
A serenade of sorrows shall bless yr demise

#PoemTrail #FocusedVerse #FocusedTrail
Fantastical mysteries come quietly to life
Weaving mysterious imaginings in a wondrous web
In this landscape of dreams shall I truly find myself

#DimpleVerse #23words
Their sensuous scent lingers still
Drenching memories I remember so well
Smell the roses and I slip back in time
To the last time I saw you - when you were mine



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #513 on: July 05, 2018, 01:00:21 pm »
In the end
When all is said
And the sun has set
Where do I belong?

Familiar places
Empty of faces
I once did know
But now are gone

Forgiving what I’ve done
Seeking personal absolution
Back upon my feet
Though mired deep in destitution

#ashverse S2 E21

Drifting on a breeze
Without a single care
I’m a carefree wanderer
Travelling everywhere
My bed the soft grass
Above me only sky
The moon my nightlight
The river my lullaby
No walls shall encroach
Freedom is my name
Forever shall I roam
No day shall be the same

Bathed in soft morning light
She wore the kisses of the sun
Remembering his touch
How it all had begun
All just a game
Or so she told herself
Yet here she lay
Counting the hours
Until he would come again
Seducing her mind
Murmuring her name

Pic 1: Steve Hanks

The shadows we follow
Echoes of the past
Clouding our minds
Truly nothing shall last
Surrendering ourselves
With open minds
Seeking within
That elusive truth

#art Brooke Shaden photography (both)

Sable lashes concealing a dangerous mind
From a world grown cold, cruel and unkind
Silken veils that shield wicked thoughts
That inner demons commanded
From a soul overwrought

(Image credit: Hedy Lamarr by Laszio Willinger, 1940)

#PoemTrail 265

From the White rose of Winter
To the Red rose of summer
And the Seasons in between
She’s a bright light dancing
A breath of fresh air
Bringing joy and laughter
To everyone

🎨~ @SquidMitchell

Ethereal rays of gentle light
Delicate as diaphanous gossamer
Bathe the spiritual forest in mystery
As fleeting apparitions weave and flow
Casting their magic wherever they go

See Jenny dancing
See Jenny running
See Jenny laughing
See Jenny screaming
Above her head
Silken locks streaming
Bloodcurdling balloons
Behind her streaking
Close they shadow
Wherever she flees
They’ll surely follow
Run Jenny, run
Far & fast
Away from me
Destiny cast


Twin souls in passing
One Summer’s eve
In gilded luminescence
Did eyes meet and hearts beat
Fate drew them together
One unto the other
And capricious Gods smiled
& watched from SILKEN SHADOWS
As destinies unfolded
And prophesies evolved


Alone without a home
And the wind whispers

#DimpleVerse #tenwords

In a time of dreams
Of hopes set free
I heard your voice
Whispering my name
Asked a question
I nodded

#DimpleVerse #23words

This blackout to be my mortal shroud
No starry starry night on high above
To light my path on this lonely road
Nightmares haunt my imagination
Echoes of fear and consternation
Trail my steps until termination

#horrorprompt 219

All is hushed reverence
We whisper a soft goodnight
To the sinking of the sun
And the closing of the day
In quiet solitude
Do we kneel
Give thanks
And pray

(Photo courtesy of BonnieHenderson at @morguefile_site)


This veil of dreams
My ethereal shelter
Soothes my mind
Calms my soul
As the fog lifts
I clutch at fading wisps
That melt too fast
And leave me naked
At the accusing mercy
Of my turbulent past

#art 1) Jazek Kubicki  2) unknown

#madverse #MadlyWylde

Red and black
Crimson and noir
These be the colours
Of pain draped hearts
Their taste of happiness
To be hemlock flavoured
No bliss on this Earth
Shall they ever savour


My soul a desert
Ravaged by time
Where nothing now grows
All is dust left behind

Then you came
A breath of fresh air
Bringing the rain
Showing you care

Quench my thirst
Drench my mind
Pull me under
Steal my time

#VerseAngel 181

📷Bruce Ayres

We trail the steps of those before us
They are long gone yet still surround us
In the fading echoes of a dying breeze
Along crow road amidst crowding trees
Ethereal memories forever frozen
In a time immemorial we are the chosen

(📷Izard Kane)


A devil unleashed in the dead of night
When all is silent and hidden from the light
She knew it was wrong yet still she dared
To ride the wave with no inhibition spared

Pic 1: Tolga Cetin Photography
Pic 2: Saul Leiter

#carnalverse 166

Welcome night visitors
Ethereal and silent
They’re with me still

The ghosts that I called
One lonely night
So long ago

Spectral companions
I know them well
Sent from Heaven
Or really Hell?

#art 1) Kirsten Keller aka Lhianne 2) Christian Weiss

#madVerse #MadlyWylde

No cosmic cunning mystery this
Secrets and lies laid in plain sight
For all to see who wish to
He prowls among the stars so bright
Woodland wisdom set Heaven high
To set ablaze in wonder the starry night

(Image art: “Fox in the stars” by Meluseena <Lisa Falzon>)

#PoemTrail 268

Through blood did we wade
Waist deep & more
Following the King
All the way to the enemy shore

Valorous honour  we wore that day
When Mars brandished his sword
& showed us the way

Here on the bank
Where the wild flowers bloom
Shall we make a stand
Or face our doom


Time and imagination
A dangerous combination
When nights are sultry
And blood runs hot
When dreams come true
Now I wait for you

#DimpleVerse #23words

His fiery oratory lit the spark
A flaming torch down through the years
In an all-consuming conflagration
The once smouldering wish of a nation
Became the raging inferno of freedom

#IntrigueVerse 132

Come fall on me
Drench me whole
I beg of thee
Bathe me in liquid DECADENCE
That this SPARSE desert
This parched spirit
May breathe once more
And flower again


From the light did she stray
A long time ago - year and a day
Now she trails within shadows deep
The Dark Nun they whisper
As by her they creep
No mortal gaze may view her form
She is a wraith foretelling the demonic storm

📷Doruk Seyman
#DarkLines 273
Her name was Fate
Though some did whisper
Gazing spellbound
In midnight moonlight
As stars scatter
Across velvet skies
Celestial deities do bless
In brilliant cosmic luminescence
Her fame throughout the universe

#art Alan Simas


Look below the surface
Of pristine liquid serenity
Into a world where mermaids frolic
With flowing angelic fluidity
Enticing curious lustful eyes
That covet with greedy carnality
& succumb unto their siren call
And their elemental sensuality

(📷: Eric Wong)

#PoemTrail 269

Forced upon downward motion
snowdrifts footing still
frozen time and place
only echoes of sun
traces left behind
Shades of warmth
Barely a trace
This frozen wonderland
Do gently grace
Collaboration with @MercurialNight
#DarkPsychPoetry #amwriting #poetry
A juggernaut out of control
A BOULDER unstoppable
Slamming through barriers
BOWLED OVER chaos strewn behind
BOLDER and bolder
He crashed on by

#DimpleVerse #23words

Fly the Black
Give no quarter
Take what you want
Give nothing back
The cry of The Brethren
Harsh and wild
They lived by a code
And by a code
Did they die
Without regret
Nor shame implied
They stood their ground
Or swung ‘til they died


The fife shall play
& the drum shall beat
Hear them echo
Down the years
In the Declaration
Of our hopes & fears

Fireworks blaze
In a Summer sky
Cold beer & laughter
A holiday high
In the air is a sense
Of excitement
& wonder
On this beautiful



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