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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #495 on: December 18, 2017, 09:19:12 pm »
Merry Christmas 🎄
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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #496 on: January 01, 2018, 11:01:32 am »
Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 💋💋


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #497 on: January 01, 2018, 11:07:06 am »
Imagination takes flight
On wings of mysterious fantasy
My soul soars to the stars
Wrapped in wondrous dreams

Come, fly away with me
Beyond the horizon
We cannot yet see
Let us dance upon a thimble
Taking joy where we can
And all in tranquil balance

Between fate and destiny
The push and the pull
A dynamic tension binds us together

Entwined in silken viscosity
We slip from one to the other
And back again

Shear force of nature
Whims of the Gods
Taunting our weakness
They toy with our thoughts

Senses seduced in heady INDULGENCE
Succumbing with a whispering sigh
Dancing upon my tongue
Tempting my greedy desiring palette

#DimpleVerse #23words
In the depth of midnightís embrace
When darkness prevails
And daylight succumbs
Then shall I dream
And think of you
And the sunlightís revival
Of your return
To brighten my world once again

📷George Frederic Watts
His Christmas wish
Gaily wrapped
In sweet anticipation
Lit up his world
This Christmas night
Seductive with temptation


Entranced in moonstruck awe
We stood enraptured below
Her glowing luminescence
Bathing the world in silver
Captured our minds in wonder


Side by side
Folds in time
Beyond our sight
A presence felt
Behind the veil
Mysterious knowledge
We walk alone
Yet never together
Always in step
Though we do not know it

#WyldeVerse 42

Beside a fire
Flaming bright
Iím lost in thought
Of you this night

Warm impressions
I cannot forget
Of all that you are
Since we first met

Within the flames
I see your face
Your love and laughter
Patience and grace

#SenseWrds 354
Once upon a time
Just over the rainbow
Through the looking glass
Beyond the river bend
Almost within reach
Yet still out of sight
This new chapter
I yearn to write
Evades me still
A thief in the night
Still trapped for eternity
Reading this old book


Deny me now
Look away
Forget you ever knew

But I shall remember
Hoarding emotions
Of a love once new

Now torn asunder
Burned to dust
Left to ashes by you

📷Kirsty Mitchell

Snowflake kisses
Delicate lace
Fall gently now
Upon my face

Icy touch
Soft caress
Silent adoration
From Heaven above
They chillingly bless


Snowflake kisses
Delicate lace
Fall gently now
Upon my face

Icy touch
Soft caress
Silent adoration
From Heaven above
They chillingly bless



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #498 on: January 08, 2018, 12:31:08 pm »
Diamond brilliance to set the universe alight
Multi hued profusion shining bright
A New Yearís Eve dazzling shine
Under which I am yours
And you are mine

#SenseWrds 356
Time of sorrow
Pain and heart break
Torn asunder
Loveís cruel thrust

A new year dawning
Fresh and new
Soothing balm
I shall forget you

Mist of healing
Hear my prayer
Put this all behind me
As if you were never there

Dusty petals
Scattered wide
Strewn mementoes
Now brushed aside

Heart of ash
Dust to dust
Tattered beauty
Love left to rust

@WickedParamour 🌹
Sly and cruel

My gentle soul

New Year hauntings
Past come to life
Whatís gone before
Come creeping from the crypt


Looking forward, not back
The past a barren landscape
The future fertile with possibility
It beckons me on
With hope forever burning in my breast
One step upon the other
Towards a destiny decreed by fate

Turn the page
This stagnant shroud
Cast to the ground
Embrace the change
Blown by portentous winds
Unshackle your caged mind
Submerse yourself
To the lapping brim
In the sea of optimism

Bewitching temptation
Addictive sensation
Drawn to the wicked
Enslaved by desire
Seduced by sensuality
In her carnal masquerade

Lazy SPIRALs drifting round
Stardust dreams of heaven found
Chaotic thoughts
Sink from view
Lost and gone
Leaving peaceful silence

We bloom in red
In passionís profusion
Hot with fresh blood
Be under no illusion


Monsoon dreams
Stardust wishes
Come shade my mind
Until you return
Within these fantasies
Shall I bide my time
Helplessly waiting for you


Dreams take flight
Soaring kite high
In a sun drenched golden sky

Ride the wild zephyr
To where miracles happen
And flourish

#DimpleVerse #23words

Blooming in deep red profusion
Wild skies explode in chaotic hues
Mystically drawn by unseen Gods
Indigo dreams thread doubting shadows
While screaming minds splinter
And reckless abandon offers mortal release


Dust motes fall
In fine draping veils
Undisturbed by life


Mysterious muse
Ethereal angel
Amaranthine dreams

#DimpleVerse #sixwords
Bewitching enchantress
Mysterious muse
Form my dreams
Paint my life

#DimpleVerse #tenwords
Heaven sent
Divine inspiration
Wrought in dreams
Drawn by desire
Addictive beauty
A muse in repose
Sweet inspiration
Of all he ever sought

#DimpleVerse #23Words

Beyond the horizon
Somewhere in time
There shall you be
Patiently waiting
As years may pass
Days unto the other
The future is ours
& together we shall be

Insatiable appetite
Devouring all
To feed the beast
Or suffer the fall
Gluttonous gourmand
Without control
Consuming it all
Heís sold his soul

Separate parts
Yet drawn together
Become one
They come
And go
Yet still I am here
But the total me?
Youíll never know

Capricious fate
Mercurial destiny
In fickle amusement
Do cruelly rend
Fortunaís cloak
Casting flighty ambitions
In passionate wrath
Upon the barren ground


No hunterís mark
Shall pierce her flesh
No mortal wound
Shall dim her spirit
Yet with just a kiss
A gentle word
Cupidís arrow
In accurate flight
Could not her heart



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #499 on: January 14, 2018, 12:26:25 pm »
Dangerous games
Calamitous misfortune
Come shape this life
Spread your poison

What has begun
Shall be undone
As the wheel does turn
And the rivers run

Shield and spear
Crown and sceptre
Are yours for the taking
If youíll but accept her


Dangerous games
Calamitous misfortune
Come shape this life
Spread your poison

What has begun
Shall be undone
As the wheel does turn
And the rivers run

Shield and spear
Crown and sceptre
Are yours for the taking
If youíll but accept her

The Nightís Bus is waiting
Just for you
Only for you

Destination Hellís Gate
For innocents abroad
Itíll surely wait

The journey swift
Right to the end
Say your prayers
My unfortunate friend

No need for bags
Just bring yourself
Say goodbye
To your life
& your wealth

Thistledown soft
Petal sighs
Follow you everywhere
My adoration
Cannot be denied

Limerence dreams
& lovelorn wishes
One day youíll be mine
I cannot dismiss it

Your scent
Your touch
Your voice
& love
All shall be mine
ĎTis the Godsí own choice

Let your tongue be the brush
Your imagination the palette
Paint me in your words
From deepest shade
Unto palest light
Let your brilliance shine
& all the moods that you are
Never from my mindís eye fade

Over the hill
And far away
So long have you travelled
A year and a day

Shining warmly
A beacon so bright
I set in the window
A guiding light

Homeward bound
Your compass is true
You know the way
Your journey almost done
Welcome home
Has been far too long

#WyldeVerse 44
Angel of the night
His dream and delight
Within shadows you meet
Secret and dark
But never on the street

He hides her well
From all in his life
His secret addiction
That no-one can know

A veil of rain
Mournful tears
Do wash the ground
Where we once walked
Where love we found

I see your face
Wherever I go
Always there
Tis you
I know
These lonely tears
My heart does weep
Do drown my spirit
In memories sweet

#DimpleVerse #23words

Those days are gone
Long long ago
When we were young
And didnít know

What games we played
With innocent hearts
Laughter and fun
From dawn to dusk
Until we grew up
Life tore us apart

Now found again
Our simple toy box
Crammed with memories
Their stories unlocked

Here I lay me down
Beneath tranquil skies
Amidst picturesque vistas
Here shall I rest awhile
My soul grown weary
My heart turned to stone
Idyllic sanctuary
My secret long sought haven
At last found

Wrapped in your arms
Lost within your embrace
All the parts of me
Shall become as one
This magnetic fixation
Do you exert
This abstract intensity
That holds me entranced

#poemtrail 221

Reckless & beautiful
She was a legend
Unafraid to wrap the world
The very universe
Around her little finger
Her fearless spirit

#DimpleVerse #23words

Avaricious hearts
In rapacious greed
Do covet thy gems
For them
They shall bleed

No miserly mind
In parsimonious blight
Shall hide these jewels
From thy greedy sight



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #500 on: January 26, 2018, 01:56:58 pm »
When voices
In jubilation
Join together
In harmony
Then shall we all
Reside in peace
Our troubles seeming
Far away

Formed in Stygian gloom
Silent bestiality slithers forth
Hungering for souls
Thirsting for blood
Seeping from shadow to shadow
Opaque gaze bewitched by Hell
To devour all they seek
The Devilís horde slips free
At the birth of darkness
To rise and consume

Persuasive whispers
Soft arguments
Pull me to and fro
This interior monologue
That spurs my guilt
I turn away from all I knew
My lonely soliloquy
Unspooling in mysterious evolution
An echo of of hopes and dreams
Of all I wish
In an unending stream
Of consciousness

His presence lingers still
In his scent upon my flesh
His taste upon my tongue

I count the hours
The very minutes
When we can be one

Play the game in secret
No one knows nor sees
Tis our secret hideaway
Just for you and me

Poised on the precipice
In sweat soaked fear
My courage shrinking
To wisp and wither
At nightmareís gate
Threshold of Hell
This nocturnal phantasm
That plagues my mind
Chills my blood
Slithers betwixt the cracks
Of a shattering mind
As if nothing there

How proud you look
Upon your throne
Do you ever look down
Do you even notice
Those upon the ground

You rose so high
Much too fast
On the backs of others
Thought itíd always last

Winds are blowing
Change is coming
I hope youíre ready
For soon
Youíll be going

Spark to the flame
Tinder to the flint
Unruly passions
In wild explosion
Friction set the charge
As pliable limbs
Framed sensual consent

#dimpleverse #23words
She flew on wings so wide and white
Racing the wind far from sight
Prevailing against the oncoming storm
Her ambition only to make safe haven


She waits
Ethereal guest
Upon the stairs
In a state of unrest
A warning to some
A welcome ghost to others
Tread with care
For you disturb
What you cannot know
What you cannot share

This time we have
So fleeting and fragile
Here for a moment
Then gone forever
Before it is wasted
Let the floodgates open
Let emotions pour forth
And live for the moment

#WyldeVerse 45
Love and ashes
Upon barren ground
Scatter and drift
None left to be found

Upon this pyre
To a love so true
We cast our hearts
No more can we do

With soul reborn
I turned the corner
Woke up finally
Running away
From myself
And destruction
Unlocked my cage
Threw away the key

#DimpleVerse #23words

Gentle mist
Ethereal veil
Fleeting glimpse
Through the pale

Footprints soft
Upon hallowed ground
Betray your path
Without a sound

Twenty-four hours
Thatís all we have
As time slips by
Grains of sand
Until tomorrow
When we must part
Never to be
This close again


Green eyed monster
Jealously possessive
You haunt my mind
Whispering envy
Desires unbidden
Of all I can have
If Iíll only be yours
Succumbing seduction
Addictive attraction

.. .

Whispered wishes on the wind
Bloom in LILAC profusion
Sonorous harmony sings your name
& Sweet memories weep mortal tears of infusion

Emotions boil
Seething vengeance
Wrathful anger
Bestirs the beast
Predators prowl
Hunters seek
Raptors soar
While prey does sneak


Surging maelstrom
Sweeping me under
Tumbling oscillation
Drawing me down

With every fluctuation
Distorting confusion
Consumes my mind
Until I am drowned

Brilliant horizon
Platinum sand
Silvered clouds
A gilded sun

Bathed in warmth
Basking in joy
This peaceful haven
I call my very own

#DimpleVerse #23words
Scented sensual words
Redolent with aromatic rose
Swirl in heady mists
To drench my mind
In passionate hypnotic anticipation

Trickling memories
Inescapable tears
Shattered illusions
They spill forth
A veil of sadness
For what was
What could be
This mortal sin
I cannot conceal
Emotions writhe
I canít keep them in

Kaleidescopic whirl
Chaotic rainbows
Set in fantastical spin

Brilliant radiance
Fluorescent shades
Colour my world
From within

Psychedelic prisms
Dancing vibrant hues
Brightly sing
Raise my spirits
In florid gaudy views


My love lies sleeping
Neath weeping willows
As shadows creep
Become his shroud

While mournful crows
Do circle and settle
Silently watching
In murderous crowd


On wings of angels
Soaring high
In your arms
Iím set free
Touching the sky

My high rise lover
No limits
No bounds
No distance between us
My feet off the ground

From the sea
She was born
In her gaze
Far reaching

She stood upon the headland
In silent watch on a distant horizon
Haunting and grey
For a love once lost
Forever and a day

#DimpleVerse @MadQueenStorm
In some hidden valley
Far far away
A jewel lies waiting
Rich verdant enchantment
Where troubles are shed
And secrets laid bare
There shall we rest
Among sylvan beauty
Where even jaded stars
In their lofty appointment
Shine brightly down
A glittering adornment



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #501 on: February 09, 2018, 02:21:37 pm »
Chateau of my heart
My sweet fairytale
Where fantasy is real
And reality concealed
My wonderland in ice
A frozen dreamscape
My own

#DimpleVerse #23words
Ethereal mists
Haunting shadows
Flicker and dance

In some hidden hollow
Secret and shaded
Dim figures creep
Their steps long faded

Silence descends
Shrouding timbre
Concealing from sight
Creatures hide swiftly
Fearing the mortal bite

Silver dawn
Early sunrise
Awakening the world
Tranquil peace
Calm reassurance
Finding zen
In the sweet dawn chorus

Colour my world in scarlet passion
Sin in every thought of you
Everywhere I look

Within shadows deep
The haunting landscape stirs
Black Forest magic
In malevolent anticipation
Demonic appetite
Insatiable hunger
Drawn towards the innocent dawn
It can almost taste
Yet never devour

Black and white
Light and shade
I bare my soul
My heart for you
Inhibitions cast aside
In your arms
Are fears shed
And desires unleashed
This landscape noir
In which we exist
Becomes our world
Hidden in carnal mist


Let the taste of wild honey
Rich and sweet
Tease your taste buds
Into bursting life

Let your imagination blossom
Nurtured and nourished
With tender love and humble devotion
Bloom for yourself, my love
For you are your own creation


Crimson streaks across a blood red sky
Paint sanguine portents of passionate illumination
While tarot cards bleed tales and foresight
Staining my mind in gory confusion


The fabric of life
Hangs ripped and torn
Revealing a universe
Starless & void
Where darkness pools
In malignant wait
Gazing at the nether
Mindless eyes stare blankly
From impassive faces
Becoming more harrowed & pale
As life drains slowly away


From desolation
Unto hellish damnation
Madness spins
In wild gyration

Cry to the wild
In screaming unison
Onward they come
A Valkyrie storm
Majestic and awesome
Terrifying and wild


Tranquil simplicity easing
Into soothing calm
Inner spirits illuminate
Where darkness consumes
Blooming in ever growing profusion
Until all is brilliance
No longer an illusion


Breathe your last
Thou unfortunate carrion
You shall not escape
From this mortal gloom

A sacrifice made
A soul consumed
You shall not escape
This shall be your doom

You offer up nothing
But yourself alone
You shall not escape
This soon will be
Your fetid tomb


Ropes of love
Tender chains
Tied to you
Youíre in my veins
The air I breathe
The sounds I hear
Your booted feet
Your gloved hands
Youíre always near
Youíre in my head


A dream
Sweet fantasy
Of a world in synch
Plus you and me

This graceful fluidity
Of need and desire
You set me aflame
My soul afire

Close your eyes
Let reality slip free
Come dance in the clouds
Just you and me


Feel the rhythm
Flowing in the breeze
Drawing you on
Tempting with ease

Stars and butterflies
Dance in your mind
Magic and fantasy
All that does bind

To lift your spirit
Set you free
Freedomís wild call
To be all you can be


Burnished gold
Upon the horizon
Flickering portent
Of fateís demand

Scent of smoke
A prairie alight
A call to arms
To come
And fight

Smouldering barns
Ashes and ruin
A life razed to dust
Though rebuild
They must

#SenseWrds 357

Though years may pass
Endlessly stretching forth
Unfolding before my eyes
That shift and morph
But in the end
Never fade

Out of reach
Above and beyond
Far from sight
Lost from view
Yet still I feel you
Your breath
Your scent
My name
Upon your lips

And I no longer feel alone


Smooth as silk
Your tongue
Dripped honey
Your smiles
Cloaked danger
You spun your web
Drew me in
Pierced my mortal heart

#DimpleVerse #23words

How sweet the sound
Pure and gentle
Of cleansing rainfall
Balm upon the ground

Tears from heaven
Upon my face
Showering cascade
An Angelís grace

#WrittenRiver 1302
In dreams sublime
Sweet subconscious
She silently APPEARs
To LIFT his spirits
From their unKIND despair
His very soul
From its hardened shell
For tis only she
Who can make him whole

Give me a reason
To feel defenceless
To lay myself
Body and soul
Within your arms
Your tender embrace
And never let go

#DimpleVerse #23words

Lovers bathed in colour
Kaleidoscopic hues
In chaotic vibrancy
Danced upon their entangled forms
Painting their desire in hypnotic rainbow hues
Flame haired titian beauty
Incandescent in her loverís eyes
Shades of gold through orange to apricot
Gilding the world wherever she walks


With just a look
A gentle touch
You captured my mind
My very heart
A private ecstasy
Where none could see
You branded me yours
With a soulful kiss
That burned so deep
To my very core

#photo by Martin Krystynek

Secrets and lies
Grave obfuscations
Trail her steps
Bedevil her mind

Hidden in shadow
Forever unrevealed
Haunting her life
With dreams deeply concealed

#DimpleVerse #23words

Secrets and lies
Grave obfuscations
Trail her steps
Bedevil her mind

Hidden in shadow
Forever unrevealed
Haunting her life
With dreams deeply concealed

#DimpleVerse #23words

Proud Pallas
Draped in mourning
Queen of spades
No hidden warning

Take a chance
Throw the card
Sheís waiting for you
But be on your guard

She stalks
She preys
Upon the weak
Beware her gaze
Her inviting smile
Her victim youíll be
Soon beguiled



Set ablaze
Wild conflagration
Burning horizon
Infernal consummation

Dancing flames
Cavorting pyres
A land aflame
Lives expired

#wyldeverse 48

Drifting on a wayward breeze
Melancholy harmony
To bathe my soul
My very mind
In a mournful symphony

#SenseWrds 359

What do you see
At the Midnight ranch?
When twilight dims
And night does fall?
Silent she waits
Patient and still
She draws you in
Closer and closer
Until you are lost
Behind closed doors
No way out
Such is the mortal cost


Stealing soft
He comes
In eventide shadow
Cloaked stealth
His daring resolve
Firm and clear
A thief in the night
A face forgotten
In an ever milling crowd
He slips with ease

📷Makks Tobi
#SenseWrds 360

A rising star
Defying gravity
He leapt to the stars
A brilliant gem
Gilded in wondrous silver
An ostentatious dreamer
Who dared to imagine
To look beyond
His the brightest star of all


Stealing soft
He comes
In twilightís shadow
Cloaked stealth
His fearless resolve
Firm and clear
A thief in the night
A face unheeded
In an ever milling crowd
He slips with ease

📷Makks Tobi
#SenseWrds 360

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Come follow the Firewalker
If you but trust
Fear not the fire
The flames that consume
If you but believe
Your heart be strong
Your flesh shall survive
Little shall go wrong



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