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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #480 on: August 13, 2017, 03:10:12 pm »
Tempers flared
Times so desperate
Without rain
Sweet drenching
Thirst quenching rain
All would scatter
Blown away upon dry winds
Marbled halls filled by echoing silence
Ethereal wraiths fade into shadows
Their warnings unheeded
Of what is yet to come

#SenseWrds 296
What I feared most
Before I even knew
Was the deafening sound of silence
The empty space beside me
A lifetime without you

Here's to the crazy ones
Who take that leap of faith
Throw themselves off the edge
Unafraid to try
Never showing their fear


Taste buds frolicking in gay abandon
Each fruity mouthful dancing upon my tongue
In quenching effervescent jubilation

Strangled by those inner fears
My voice cannot be heard
Screaming demons taunt & jeer
While I crumble inwards
Choking on silence


Chaotic spirals twisting endlessly
A universal maelstrom always in motion
Drawing all within even as she casts all outward


As Summer fades to becoming Autumn
She lingers sweetly in the air
Yearning 4 what she knows is ending
Your scent upon her skin


Ink spilling across a virgin page
Narrating the melancholy of a patient heart
Her storybook destiny yet to unfold


Good fortune beckons upon the horizon
Launch your hopes on destiny's seas
Cast your soul far afloat
& let the Fates guide U home


A drama queen in killer heels
Her career a corpse dragging behind
She'd show those critics
& make them bleed


Glowing reflections of a NIGHT SUN
Shimmering upon a MOON RIVER
Prelude to the SUMMER STORM
Conducted by her maestro

Strike the deal
Upon the charlatan's anvil
Gamble your soul
What's left of it in tatters
& seal a Devil's bargain
In cold blood


Shield thine honest portals
They own to what they know not
None need know of what has occurred
Bury it deep & it'll be our secret

One rambling aimless thought after another
Spilling from the depths of a chaotic mind
Trapped in a meandering imagination


My very own
I thought he was
Once upon a time
But it wasn't true
I just didn't know
So here I am
Alone again
Easy come
Easy go


A shimmering jewel in a velvet sky
Setting the very heavens alight
Bedazzled by her unknown depths
We gazed in awesome wonder

They named him
Lost n alone
Ever wandering
Seeking a home
A family life
The warming comfort
Of a loving hearth

#SenseWrds 298
Drifting upon an open sea
Rolling with the moonstruck tides
Sails unfurl 2 catch the wind
Mere playthings 2 what the Gods decide


Stir things up
Make some trouble
Kick over stones
Shake the trees
Life is 4 living
So just get out there
Laugh much more
Just B


Her hair a cascading river of flame
Copper hues dance in the evening light
A conflagration in his arms
Lit from a fire within

Whispering echoes of a troubled conscience
Swim and writhe within my mind
Though years may tumble by
My fears still remain alive


Back & forth in endless dance
The ebb and flow of an incoming tide
Upon a silver shore we stand
Hypnotised by the endless slide


Draped in velvet
The liquid night
Cloaked our entwined forms
This Gothic romance
Forbidden rapture
Our wicked destiny adorned

Terpsichorean melodies
Come swirling through the trees
Mother Nature
In harmony
Orchestrates her majesty
Upon a gentle breeze
#SenseWrds 299

Here I stand
On a perfect day
Skimming stones
Nothing much to do

Watching the waves
And gulls above
Thinking only of you

Ravaged by the storms of life
My damaged soul can bear no more
And so a barren vacuum awaits
In the vast emptiness of my heart
Glittering waters
Bedazzling the eye
Bless the oncoming day
We stand and watch
Lulled to peace
As wavelets dance and play


Come tweak the tiger's tail
Dance with the Devil
Scream at the oncoming storm
Dare 2 do what U fear most
Roll those dice
Go on



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #481 on: August 20, 2017, 12:13:22 pm »
Lounging with not a thing to do
Enjoying a lazy Sunday
As slow as molasses
On a hot August night
Time slips by in sluggish creep

Drawn to the darkness
Beyond the abyss
A beckoning lure of malice
Where shadows that slice an empty soul
Lurk in malevolent wait
As dawn creeps softly forward
Awakening the world to a brand new day
Luminous possibilities crystallise
Offering a radiant hope


Building anticipation
1 touch upon the next
Exploring fingers
Curiously seeking
Stroking fervent desire
2 a consuming fever pitch
Memories lay as scattered petals
Beneath a weeping willow tree
Where my love & I did once sit
To watch the world we knew go by

Come follow me towards the dawn
Where a lifetime of love awaits
& impossible hopes come true
In dreaming portraits of you


Slave to my simmering emotions
Shackled by chains of the heart
A puppet upon a pulsing heartstring
A plaything of the Gods

#SenseWrds 300

Upon mighty wings of destiny
I soar with Angels on high
Gazing with pity upon earthbound man
As I sweep far above in the sky

Plucked from the apple tree
Rosy cheeked and succulent
Sliced to perfection
Crisp and refreshing
To tempt the craving palette


As the raging wave cascaded behind
An adrenaline rush surged thru his frame
Igniting an all consuming need
To ride the storm

When the storms of life
Gather in a frowning sky
& all things fade 2 grey
Open your heart
2 the healing wonder of love

#IntrigueVerse #love

His pale skin luminous
He shone bright as a diamond
Yet so glacial remained his gaze
His soul locked within a frozen cage


Blanching in trepidation
A trembling willow bowing to destiny
Poised upon the very edge
Her pale skin a luminous beacon


As the dew upon the bloom
With the first blush of Spring
Shall my love for you
Forever be
As fresh & new
As when we met

#SenseWrds #love

Lapped by the tender caresses of curling waves
The beach lay back & surrendered to it all
With but a sigh of shifting sands


Celestial jewels shining bright
Garlanding the velvet sky on high
As voyagers in their nocturnal quest
Sail towards the horizon


Here & now
Is where you are
All your decisions
Choices made
Led to this very place
So live your life
& bloom where you are planted

Ethereal mystic merry go round
Standing silent in the night
Awaiting Hell's own ghoulish riders
Taking their wild final ride

Writhing shadows shift & fade
Revealing his macabre gaze
A ghoulish maestro conducting cadavers
Towards a cruel death crescendo


Soulful eyes
That view the world
In wide eyed wonder

Sights to behold
Beauties to be seen
Witnessing all its splendour


Surrendering my all
Without hesitation
In falling into you
Submerging myself
I arose reborn
Myself set free
Yours forever more


Iridescent strands that sway
Drawn by the moods of mercurial seas
Her toxic beauty a shimmering veil
Concealing a venomous kiss


What secrets beyond those shy distant stars
Lay hidden awaiting to be told
Celestial lucid brilliance in vibrant display


When others turn away
Shaking their bent heads
That is your time
To come to the front
Step up to the plate
& do what they won't


Welcome to Hell
Population growing every day
Where those who've lost hope
Stumbling in the dark
Fall to the abyss
4ever do dwell


Magic wrapped around her soul
Infusing power beyond human imagination


Like water slipping through my fingers
Time lost all meaning
Losing grip on harsh reality
A fertile imagination became my haven

Endearing whispers
Gentle kisses
Each one a vow of devotion
That lingers on
Down through the years
Enduring heartfelt emotion


Luminescent brilliance
Setting the velvet sky alight
A universal crowning glory
A wondrous magical sight



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #482 on: August 27, 2017, 12:46:35 pm »
In the sighing of the summer wind
The whisper of the trees
I always feel you
Close beside me
Your laugh
It echoes

Her venomous heart
Riven with poison
Bled for vengeance
Bitter retribution
For his cruel deceit
Beating a mortal echo
To his end

Velvet soft touches
The merest brush
Ramping sensation
Stroke upon stroke
Weaving a carnal spell
Sweet craving
Sensual temptation
Whispering my dreams
To the silent moon
Beneath the sheltering arms
Of a gently weeping willow
Shedding my burdens
2 fly free
#SenseWrds 302
Let me be the muse of yr
Daisy chain adoration
Drape me as yr artist desires
My form the canvas
Upon which U design
Your desire

Eclipsed by the sun
I see a darkness
Drawing near
Enveloping all
Velvet blanket
Draping our souls
2 quench the hope
Steal the dawn
Bedecked in jewels
Her bay of lights
A shimmering necklace
This twilight princess
A royal jewel
In the Mediterranean crown

I left the light on
Burning bright
While I wait
Thru the night
If U follow our path
On yr pilgrimage 2 love
Here I'll be
4 U

#Poemtrail 98
Flame & flint
One strikes the other
Sparks do fly

Hopes n dreams
A wedding ring
My heart sings
Close your eyes
Imagine me
By your side
'Neath sunny skies

Talking quietly
Peaceful calm
As butterflies drift
Without alarm

A veil of mist
To mourn
The passing of the day
As night descends
Quenching sound
To echoing silence
& flowers say goodnight

#SenseWrds 303
Blood pumping
Heart beat thundering
Eyes aglow
Excitement building
I see him now
Thrilling elation
Coming home


You have to know the rules
Before you break them
In a moment of madness
Without conscience or guilt
The real you set free at last
Such a temptation to a jaded palate
Innocent sweet heart beating true
Before the painful lash of life
Crushes it to oblivion

Strolling neath grey faded skies
Swollen clouds drizzling tears
Nature in vibrant kaleidoscope
Burnished 2 luminescent brilliance
Poised on the brink
A bird about 2 take flight
Unto the unknown of a virgin sky
On the verge of discovery
Excitement takes hold

Spinning in ever decreasing circles
Spiralling without control
Gravity my dominant master
Orchestrating my inevitable surrender

Cast away upon abandoned shores
She lies forsaken
A gift to the curious waves
Tugging gently at her bow
Teasing her slowly to sea

Shedding inhibitions
Unpeeling layer by layer
Until nothing is left
No inhibitions spared
Just skin
& all for you


Measuring the pretty noose swinging in the breeze, I stared in absolute horror at the death trap waiting above skeletons piled


Without anchor
I drifted
Lost sight of the shore

Upon moonlit tides
I searched for you
Always seeking


Mischievous minx
Ever calculating
Always trouble



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #483 on: September 07, 2017, 01:27:08 pm »
With words so sweet
U drew me in
Weaving yr magic
No carnal sin
Reeling me in
A prey caught fast
Snare 2 my soul
Trapped me fast
Dawn's misty stillness
Seeping upon the still sleeping land
To quiet the awakening morn
Within her ethereal foggy embrace

Scatter you wishes
In windblown confusion
Upon Fate's capricious whim

From shadow 2 shadow
A fleeting whisper of wind
Caught in a glance
Then gone before I knew
Just another runaway
That could B me

With grace & elegance
In perfect illusion
She bewitched in alluring charm
A brittle marionette
2 delicate in mind
Gone 2 soon
#SenseWrds 305

Untamed exotic beauty
A creature of the night
In primeval curiosity
Prowling your mind
Unforgettable in her untamed display


Whisper my name
In sweet frenzied aftermath
When hot blood cools
In rapture's glow
& loving vows
Tear into your soul
Etched 4ever
A lover's trust
Sweet seclusion
In lustful deception
Lavender silk
Spilling in profusion
Trailing lies & betrayal
Upon a floor

Dancing daisies
In wild profusion
Spreading happiness
And joyous illusion

#hangtenstories 271

Velvet darkness
Quenching the light
Where shadows shift & glide
Raven-eyed raptor
In somber attire
Watching U run
Nowhere 2 hide


Passion aflame
In burning escalation
Exciting the blood
In lustful adoration

My eyes plead
Silently urging
When will I see U again?

Bone deep
My soul weeps
Will we meet again?

& the clock chimes 12

#SenseWrds 306
Screaming banshees shatter the night
Their wild ride tearing across the sky
Wild hearts can't be broken
But they can be devoured

Unquenchable addiction
Roused her NAKED NEED
To slake her THIRSTY lust
In the carnal well
Of his hunger

My heart knew you before ever I saw your face
This timeless thread that binds us through eternity
An endless love spooling on

Surging tempest in rolling gush
Slave to the moon's mercurial mood
A passionate unquenchable overflow
Upon a surrendering beach


You fool
U think you can?

But listen hard
The breath you feel
So close
So near

My voice
The last laugh
You'll ever hear

Echoing silence to cloak shifting shadows
That collide and swarm in riotous fury
Ghosts of what was once
Yet can be no more


A single touch
& my world TILTED
All I knew
Ever believed
The NUCLEUS of me
My soul
Forever changed
Because of U


Synchronised in step
We never sleep
Insomniac addicts to the pulsing life
Kinetic rhythm of the vibrant city
The heartbeat within


Run so far
Not one step farther
A final reckoning at hand
Turn about
Face your fate
Do you stay and die
Or live and go?


Beading sweat
Hotter than a catfish
Frying in the noon sun
His eyes spoke death
Thoughtful fortitude
& softly offered
Say when

Russet 2 gold
Copper 2 fire
Rudeneja creeping
My world set aflame
Burnished ablaze
Mother Nature herself
Draped in bonfire hues

No matter how far
How wide I roam
Upon this Earth we know
The unseen tie
That binds me still
Guides me back
And always will

#SenseWrds 307

Valourous heart
Steadfast & true
Take up thy sword
Win back this ground
Honour bound
To win or die
Our hopes in you
Do now lie
Risking it all
On the throw of the dice
We placed our hopes
Where they fall
How they roll
Fate will say
Taking a heavy toll


Silent night
All is still
No wind
No rain
Just a chill
We stand in wait
At midnights chime
On a country crossroad
Demonic rhyme

Pulsing nightlife
Drumbeat rhythm
These neon veins
Dazzling brilliance
Blinding citylights
Hypnotic luminescence
My world
My life

If we only have this night
In the eons of time
From dusk to dawn
Neath the cloak
Of velvet night
Let us live a 1000 lifetimes

Rise like a phoenix
Shake free the ashes
The future is bright
The future is yours
Take these broken wings
Learn 2 fly
U are strong
Shadows within shadows
Riddles in the dark
Secrets & lies
Blind corners
Dead ends
We stumble in fellowship
Stronger friends


Over the sea
& far away
Journeys end
Shall come 1 day
There & back again
We promise ourselves
But not right now
Not today


Cloaked by night
Beyond Darkness' reach
She glides in shadow
Where none may see
A silent wraith

This precious land
Where once we walked
Lost and reclaimed
In the swing of a sword
The vow of a King
Returned to glory


Bent out of shape
Twisted by the Shadows
Misbegotten hellions
Sluggish battalions
An army of the dead
These shambling cadavers

Champagne corks
Effervescent bubbles
Exploding one by one
We say goodbye
Shedding tears
A closing party
2 Summer's glory

Serenity in soft beauty
Sweet pastel paradise
Scented suffusions
In rose petal lullabies
Renewing inner spirits


Why didn't I see?
Sand running thru my fingers
Words lost on the wind
Distracted by life
I never saw U slip away


A brilliant mind tormented
His PUZZLING suffering
In brutal display

Cascading spirals
In tumbling profusion
Twist & turn
Perpetual gyre
This beautiful chaos
Always in motion
Hypnotic orbit

Lone bastion
All that remains
Of a life laid down
Buried in the dust
This prairie dream
Now shattered & gone

#SenseWrds 308


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #484 on: September 18, 2017, 02:10:18 pm »
Love everlasting

Memories in bloom
Petals and roses

A Summer bouquet
Of all we are
One to the other

Untouchable faith
In the hope of the future
Battered but unbroken
By life's fierce storms
2 rise again
In triumphant defiance
Dream or die
The Sandman said
Hypnotic gaze
Upon my face
Tick tock
Chimed the clock
& the minutes
Spun on & on
In endless torment
Seas of golden ripened wheat
Ripple beneath a SEPTEMBER MOON
As birds in flight
Sweep and swoop
Migrating home
At the dying of the day
As the sun sinks low
Bowing toward a rising moon
Ruby rich liquid heaven
Offers warm satisfaction

#SenseWrds 309
A fistful of vengeance
Drawn from the grave
Vowed from the heart
Sworn in cold blood


Hauntingly beautiful
Ethereal elegance
Gracing mankind
Musing inspiration
2 bless those fortunate
Who dream
Nay wish
2 flourish

Golden days grow short
Once blooming gardens
Now slip to Autumnal sleep
Summer's end drawing close
Wrapped in the glory of Fall


When U call
& no one's near
Don't look for me
I am not there
In the whispering wind
The sigh of leaves
There shall I be


You lit me up
like a cigarette
inhaled me
blew smoke rings
round my heart
till I no longer knew
who I loved
or who I was that loved

Neil G

I'm the quiet addiction
You cannot deny
The secret craving
You cannot hide
In your mind
Your very blood
Within U always
I'll abide


Moonlight's SWEET CARESS
A cool soothing touch
Awakens me in the SMALL HOURS
Tempting the THRILL SEEKER
The risk taker


He was a tough act to follow
Honour & bravery his shield
This path we take
This rough hewn road
Unto the end
We never shall quit


Gilded perfection
A golden dream
Bathed in starlight
A muse supreme
Aurelian temptation
Shining grace
Precious lady
Lovely face
Fairytale rhymes & fantasy
Light & dark in mystery
Sweet gentle Snow White
Vibrant Rose Red
Sisters forever
Or so Grimm said

Mulled wine and good friends
Gather before a crackling fire
To talk of times and faces long gone
Remembering each
One by one

#SenseWrds 310

Cloaked in shadows
Gaze a glittering single orb
He's a wraith without name
Where hunger drives
Insatiable need
To devour
To feed


Bravery & honour
Riding side by side
This crazy venture
Born of madness
To seize the gauntlet
Ignore the peril
& rise to victory


Kiss me quick
Hug me hard
Bite me soft
Offer me your reward

Growl my name
Soft n slow
Taste my nectar
Watch me glow


Precious jade
Jewel of the Orient
Imperial desire made real

Men fought for you
Men died for you
Before you
All would kneel


Drawn from the well
Of secret treasures
Sweet memories
Wrapped in silk
Tied with a bow
Of you & I
Long ago
Where are you now?


So far from sunset
So close 2 dawn
We wait & watch
Eyes fixed on the horizon
Wishing the sun 2 rise
Praying 4 salvation


No matter how far
How wild the ride
I'll follow you always
With love by my side
Together we'll make it
Till death do us part


Precious time
Slipping by
I never saw it happen
Looking back
I see the signs
One by one
Until it's gone
Finally done

#SenseWrds 311

Tap a rhythm
Heartbeat soft
This never ending
Sweet song of life
Orchestrating our every breath
Until the music stops

Hope lies in obsolete ruin
Crushed beneath a darkening sky
Bewitching gramarye now lost forever
Scattered upon mercurial winds


Rejection has such an icy sting
Slicing deeper than any knife
What heart could ever survive?


Blessed sanctuary beckons
A beacon in the dark isolation of war
Shelter for the battle weary
When all else is in desolate ruin


Beware the stranger
In familiar surroundings
Preying upon the unwary
Dangerous encounters
You cannot control
Nor evade

Tame not the wild rambling rose
Her savage beauty can't be captured
Bent 2 our will without harm 2 her blooms
Her freedom pruned


Symphonic harmonies
Wrap in lush profusion
One upon the other
Sublime layers
Sweet orchestral composition
In rich conformation

These stones that stand
In sentinel guard
As the land around
Withers in decline
Shall forever await
On a blessed hero's return

A long time ago
Yet not forgotten
Haunting words
They echo still
In the sighing of wind
Babble of a brook
Rhythm of song

Rose bush climbing
Draping grey stone
Cascading blooms
In September's chill Fall
Blood red in memory
Of Summer's sweet reign


Sweet Johnny Reb
Will you marry me?
Before tomorrow comes
& you're taken from me
& tonight we shall dance
Sing & be merry

#SenseWrds 313

Evening falls ashen amidst the creeping shadows
Where tired feet trudge their weary path home
& candles wait 2 light the way home
Incantation dark
Weave natures rhythm
Black magic runes
In blood drawn
Come design 4 me
Pentacles bold
U were mine
B4 U were born

Chapter and verse
There's a story in her eyes
Written in the curve of her lips
Sweet ripple of laughter
If you but take the time


Light and dark
Black and white
Seemed so simple
In day's harsh light
Then U changed
Became fading shadow
Slipping from sight

Memory of skin
Warm and tender
Brushing velvet soft
Against my own

Chemistry of tears
Liquid despair
For what never was

Peeling layers
One by one
Revealing all
I have none
Not anymore
Not from you
I'm what you see
All that you touch
Is me


Insatiable muse
Diviner of sin
I'm waiting
My love
Unlock your desires
Let me in


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #485 on: September 27, 2017, 02:14:15 pm »
Prowling beast in a forest
Silent predator stalking
Preying upon innocents
Caught in moonlit silhouette
Feeding nocturnal hungers

Is there no satisfying you
My greedy pet
Your hungers passionately intense
For what I alone can give
In our carnal banquet

Never discovered
Lies dormant
Foundering upon life's shore
Until waves of desire
Release her lonely state

Whiplash spirals
& the clock ticks on

Screams my mind
& savour the LITTLE MERCIES

Our two worlds collided
& the heavens moved
I saw galaxies in your eyes
A Universe of wonder
While Fate played her wicked game

Let me go
Set me free
Uncage my heart
Let me be

Running wild
Alive at last
Don't look back
The past is the past

Drowning in my darkness
Sinking into the abyss
My soul swept away
Upon a demonic wave of bliss

A secret wood
Sylvan paradise
Where feet have walked
This way before
Ghosts of footprints
Left forever
In the ochre soil

#SenseWrds 314
A yawning abyss
Canyon wide
Where my heart used to be
A lacuna
This crater
That none can touch
Until you return
Once more

#MadVerse #WOTD

Restless desire
This burning flame
Deep within
Urging me on
To that final release
Where I lose myself
Blissful ease


We are dust and shadow
Born of the moon
Ephemeral mysteries
Hidden in darkness
Adoring the stars
From our Stygian obscurity


Hot flames of wicked desire
Sorely tempted his raging beast
She was jet fuel in a black dress
Combusting his thoughts
To a mess


Reflections in silence
Upon a tranquil surface
What lies beneath
Stirring in wait
Spreads a warning chill

#SenseWrds 315

Kaleidoscopic colours
Grace the painted sky
Garlanding the heavens
In double rainbow adornment
A gift to watching eyes


Come out
Count out
Sweet child of mine

Come see
Come see
What you may find

Tick tock
Tick tock
Comes now
The witching hour

Lose yourself in the insatiable rhythm
Surrender to love's inevitable destiny
& free the wild spirit raging within

Entombed within shackling inhibitions
Mummified emotions stir and shift
My once dead heart revives to beating life

Winsome wishing
Of the longing heart's desire

So long the years
Since last we parted
Of my hungry heart
Craving your voice
Your touch
Your love


These forgotten dreams
Lost upon life's stormy winds
Torn from my heart
Before their birth


Silken inspirations
In dreamy glamour
Grace in motion
A wish made real
Unfazed by it all
Her regal passion illuminates


Ethereal wisps
Morning mist
A shimmering veil
Concealing all
Shy Mother Nature
Slips into view
Revealing all
Her world made new

Sweet belladonna dreams
That writhe with dark wishes
In serpentine orchestration
In night's velvet embrace
Seek your desolation

With razored silken dexterity
Smiles conceal an assassin heart
That beats for none
While words draw blood
Kill them with kindness


My breath the whisper at your ear
My touch the gentle warmth so near
Though U cannot see me
I'll always be walking beside you


A mind sharp and clear
Drew forth illustrations
Lusty beyond imagination
2 tempt jaded appetites
Satisfy the creature within

#SenseWrds 316

Play the card
Roll the dice
U want it all?
Then don't play nice

Sleeping beauty
Slumbers deep
Awaiting U
While counting sheep

In sepia days
A long time ago
Men watched the tides
Ebb n flow
But all is gone
Drab n grey
My monochromatic memory
Blown away


From Spring's early birth
To Summer's awakening
Mother Nature
In dramatic fiery display
Transformed in a blaze of glory


A silhouette dancing
Caressed by shadows
Bewitching enigma
Alluring in mystery
She haunts the mind
& never lets go


Crescendo of feeling
Emotional inferno
To erupt inside
U rend my senses
In cascading torrents
Of passion's flood
Sweeping me away

Fiery Autumn kiss
My world set ablaze
In gilded brilliance
Of copper and bronze



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #486 on: October 08, 2017, 12:11:18 pm »
Poetry whispers
Gentle rhythms
Weaving images
Emotions divine
Playing within
My ripening mind

Weaving magic
Casting my spell
I conjure the wild
Fantastical mysteries
To dance at my call
Bathed by a silver moon

Torn apart in stormy maelstrom
Remnants of a love left in tatters
Haunting my weary heart
Yet erase you?
The strength
I have not
From shadows dark
Where light dare not shed
They crawl & writhe
Hungering with dead eyes
For Anubis' mortal kiss


Hark! They come
The Graveyard shift
Slouching legion
Of mortal remains
With shrouds shed
For but a night
Moonlighting as Man

Beneath violet skies
Aglow in Autumnal anticipation
Spiralling leaves cascade
Tumbling in the dying light
Within the orchard
#PoemTrail 95

What it takes 2 love
Much more than we ever will know
Less than ever we shall comprehend
Yet much richer are we for loving

My fragile world I offer into your care
My faith in the very essence of you
And all that you are
Understand because I love you

A moment in time
Two souls wandering
Found each other
Upon the mysterious
Bridge of sighs
For but a second
We were one again


Mists of melancholy
Drift and swathe
To cloud my weary mind
In hollow delusion
That you were ever mine

Inimical idols
Patiently wait
Ever watching
Hungry 4 more
Feeding addictions
They feast upon despair
Ever knowing
Always there


Sleep walking thru life
Fragile in my chrysalis
Such a safe world
Then U came
Your touch the key
To an awakening of my senses


As a flower beneath the sun
She blossomed in his GENTLEMANly care
His LADY by his side
They wore each other
With such pride

As Fate decrees
So must I bow
My life unspooling
At its command
Tick tock
Chimes a clock
& time marches on
2 soon
Comes the dawn
Mysterious portal
Of a wild imagination
Where creatures roam
In morbid fascination

#SenseWrds 318

May your harvest be bountiful
And your gourd overflow
With the fruits of the season
From the seeds you did sow


Somethingís coming
Can you smell it in the air?
Brimstone and malice
With a predatory snare


Shifting unease
Like poison
Does flow
A quiet sense of dread
Chilling to the bone
To burn like acid
Til Iím me no more


Scourge of the carousel
Always behind
Cotton candy nightmares
Marauding my mind
Screaming their madness
ĎTil Iím deaf & blind


Moonlit madness
The freaks run wild
Clowns and gremlins
Demons and such
Befouling the air
With their poisonous touch


Nightmares walking
Behind every door
Tangible illusions
Darker than before
Do softly call your name
& beckon your mortal fall

Sprung from the chrysalis
Newly awakened
To her BOHEMIAN fantasy
Brought to a PYGMALION life


Falling into the void
Bereft of love
This journey I travel
Distance overcome
A lonely pilgrim
In wilful separation
Of all & none

This bloody queen
In crimson depths
So deep
Plunges the land
Again & again
Her majestic path
Twisted ambition
Steeped in mourning

Rapturous maelstrom
A desire rediscovered
In tragedyís mourning aftermath
2 celebrate life abounding
Sinking into the rapture


The way you feel
Wrapped around me
As we lay entwined
In the depth of night
When all is quiet
Just you & me
& our beating hearts

My QUEST unfinished
I stumble on
In search
Ever in search
I need to find
Of a lie

A spiralling maelstrom
Into orchestrated chaos
Screaming banshees
Riding the whirlwind
Of this twisted storm
I call my life

With somber eyes
Veiled in mourning
She laid a ruby rose
Upon a mist shrouded tomb
While just beyond the pale
Nightingales sang


Emotions rage
Black as my mood
To spur my blood to boil
Your soothing touch
Tranquil words
A gentle balm
To calm my stormy soul

Shattered broken skies
Cracked wide open
A gaping maw
As wild valkyries released
Set the land to screaming flight

Rich as burgundy wine
The taste of copper & fear
A feast for the lost demonic souls
To satiate their undying hunger


Birthed from a well of shadows
Where demons in darkness dwell
Unholy creatures slither to life
To swarm & creep
Upon the land

Trust in yourself
All that you are
Youíre a beacon of hope
In a darkening world
Take a leap of faith
Before fear engulfs

Topsy turvy
Upside down
Unto the ground
Spiralling earthward
In mortal freefall
No time 2 pray
Not even 2 call
In dreams I search
Always for you
When secrets are shared
Deep in the night
And thoughts of you
Chase insomnia away


Whispers in the mist
Ethereal wraiths of long ago
Seep in sluggish miasma
To steal the anxious breaths
Of those afraid to rest


Hurled thru time
By mercurial Gods
Traceless she wandered
A lost lonely soul
A step out of time
An anachronism
With no way back

Grace in motion
A star in the heavens
Her elegance sublime
In the smoothest of motion
Nimble & agile
As ever an angel could be

In ardent adoration
His words tantalised
In provocative inspiration
Of all that she was
Or could ever be
In his loving arms

What lies beyond
A mystery
What lies behind
A tragedy
You cannot change
What has been done
Look 2 the future
& what is 2 come
Stygian cloak
Of velvet night
Where soothing silence
Conceals my nyctophilian addiction
Cimmerian shadows
Swift and concealing
Steal effortlessly across the land
To swarm and prey
Upon those too weak to stand

Thoughts like a maelstrom
Cloud my weary mind
Beyond the fog of sleep
I feel your ethereal presence
Yet still you are not here



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #487 on: October 16, 2017, 01:20:21 pm »
Ghouls abound
When night slips her crown
To creep from blinding shadows
Devouring all sound
A maddening rush
Spins you round

Gentle as a newborn lamb
A pilgrim upon her knees
A penitent seeking absolution
For sins committed in sacred deed

A scream-o-rama to curdle the blood
And shake loose your white knuckle grip
As all that you fear now comes to vengeful life

Feed my addiction
Just one more time
Let me gaze upon your gentle face
Before I am called
To Heavenís Gate
& taken unto grace
#SenseWrds 321
Feeling between your words
For the thread of emotion
That binds us tight

Strangers we were
At the break of day
A look
A smile
& the journey began
From where we were then
To where we are now

Cut to the bone
How words can hurt
I cared too much
& you too little
These scars you left
Always there
& never to heal

Venus in slumber
Amidst silken drapes
Her carnal dreams
In passionís arms
Writ clear
Upon her tranquil face


Let your light shine bright
Be the beacon in the night
When all is subdued
& silence descends
Be the warmth
In a world grown cold
Beware the Sins
Pride leads to Envy from Sloth
Causing Lust to arise egged on by Wrath
Resulting in Greed turning to Gluttony


You leave images
Painted with words
Within my adoring mind

A carnal landscape
In intimate detail
Each landmark well defined

My saviour came
The other night
As dusk drew close
My dear Dark Knight
In dreams I saw him
Brave & true
Watching over
Ever true

What lies beneath
The briny sheen
A predator waiting
Prowling the depths
For the unwary victim
That none can save

In blooming surrender
Among glorious lavender
I conjured dreams
In a purple haze
Of you & I
Until the end of days

If these messy sheets
Could spin a tale
Of wild nights
& carnal abandon
Spent in loving you
Discovering all
In sweet surrender

Theses memories of you so jealously guarded
Watercolours upon the landscape of my soul
Washed away in the rain of mourning tears
Once upon a time
In ruby draped splendour
In glacial froideur

Come quickly see
Warped perception
Of twisted superstions
Conjured 2 life
What U perceive
Shall U receive


Sweet Children of the Night
Come taste of the flesh
And savour the bite

Eternal silence of the damned
Condemned to walk the night
Blood is the Life though never mine
For I am denied the Grace Divine

Untouched by Timeís cruel hand
Her porcelain purity undimmed
Carefully preserved in pristine isolation


Memories of you
Long buried deep
Slip betwixt the cracks
To haunt my mind
Of what we had
Before a jealous storm
Tore you away


In solitude I gather myself
Shards of my life made whole
In tranquil peace where echoes fade
I think of us & those promises made


Bewitching deviant
Misspelled enslavement
Carnal corruption
My soul torn open
To bleed at your feet
In Wiccan offering

Unveil the beauty
Of a hidden soul
What lies beneath
Is more precious
More rare
Than treasure uncovered


Courageous braveheart
Fearless & true
While lurid tales abound
Seeing is not believing
No matter the rumours
We hear of you

#SenseWrds 324


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #488 on: October 26, 2017, 01:17:11 pm »
Warped perceptions of inner demons
Roaming shattered minds within madhouse mirrors
As curdling screams taunt creeping flesh

Subtle terrors stalking the night
Creeping in shadows
Avoiding the light
Whispering your fears
Even as they taunt your guilt

These bleeding bones
That tell no tale
Secrets they keep
Even as they seep
Crimson tears accusatory
Need no words
A gory story

Carnival madness
Iíve found my home
Amidst greasepaint monsters
That scream and moan
This freak show family
I now call my own

...These secret ties
That bind us close
In hidden shadows
Where none can see
Nor even know
Our dishevelled lives
We leave behind


Whisper it soft
Your secret taboo
Of what U crave
Desire me 2 do
Here U R safe
Can be yourself
Iíll never tell
Lips are sealed

Slave to uninhibited passions
Burning hungers unassuaged
Her glacial contemplation
In frigid castigation
Reigned his appetites in


Wild corkscrew ride
In spiralling chaotic confusion
A maelstrom riptide
Of demonic revolution
Where minds R lost
Souls R bought

The dead arise
With empty eyes
Hungry for more
A taste for flesh
Garnished in fear
Hark my friends!
For the ghouls draw near

This paralysing allure
That draws you in
Enslaves the urge to run
Prey for the taking
Marked and tracked
Now theirs to devour

Deceptive lull
Portentous quiet
Before the madness
Spins again
Take a deep breath
Say a prayer
Your time is near
Blissful death
Deceptive lull
Portentous quiet
Before the madness
Spins again
Take a deep breath
Say a prayer
Your time is near
Blissful death
Conjured by a mind lost beyond all reason
Worlds and creatures
Wild beyond imagining
Shunned by their demonic creator

#IntrigueVerse 75
Wield with power
The bloody gauntlet
Crush your foe
Before they rise
Slip free your demons
And unleash vengeful the tide

Wistful PRELUDE in natural harmony
Adoring a PROLONGED sunrise
When without PREAMBLE you appeared
Before my PROLOGUE even began
I look in the mirror
What do I see?
A memory of U
Looking back at me

I miss U Mom
Every day
I wish U were here
& could stay

#SenseWrds 325

Satiating carnal desires
An unscrupulous LOTHARIO
Seducing in shadowed boudoirs


📷 korrektivpress

Harbingers upon wings of mercurial sombreness
Wreathing commiserations around hearts torn
Hark their warning sensations & rise
We yearn for what lies beyond our reach
Yet not so far from our wistful sight
A dream unrealised though never forgotten


Gentle sprinkles of tender rain
Fall like diamonds to sparkle
Showering heavenly beauty
In a drenching cloudburst of emotion


Prowling seducer of innocent minds
Brought 2 his knees enthralled
Embracing this delicate moment
By silver moonlight beguiled


Fearsome portents loom
Of fiendish devilment arising
When dread nightmares
In bloodless profusion roam
Slaughtering dreams


In dying days of Summer
Deny me not my desire
For in these twilight months
As Winter snows creep close
My bones ache 4 warmth
#SenseWrds 327

Chills & thrills
Fun of the fair
Come test yr nerve
If U dare
Silver blades slice the night
Carving shapes
A malicious delight

Spirits rise to scream your name
Ghoulish remnants of rotten souls
Craving your death defying martyrdom
In sudden conflagration

The darkness beckons
A shadowy lover
Cloaked in secrecy
He patiently waits
Eternity his
For none can hide
None can run


Spun from threads of somber mourning
This web of grief enfolds my haunted soul
Entombing memories of you until we meet again


HEAR ME O thou great Redeemer
My heart is an OPEN WINDOW
Thru which I bare my deepest secrets
In a humble SOUL TO SOUL with U


As fairytales turn to nightmares
Ethereal wraiths gather around
Tell me once but warn me twice
Delightful details not so nice
#PoemTrail 203

Deep within the BROODING forest
Where wondrous light never falls
A SUBDUED soul slumbers still
Her presence a DARK DECADENCE


Deadly illusions shift & shimmer
Flickering in mesmerising display
Intriguing the minds of innocents
Drawing them to their doom

A scrape of nails along my spine
Whispering sighs where none are known
On these haunted nights that Iím left all alone


A raven knows
A raven is wise
He sees whatís within
We cannot hide

Spill yr secrets
Unbare yr soul
Bit by bit
Nothing whole


Joan of Arc
Fair Maid of Orleans
How far you did come
With kings & queens
Betrayed in the end
Though steadfast you were

#SenseWrds 328

Each gentle caress
Smouldering touch
That inflames the blood
Evoking forgotten memories
Of what we once had
Together so good

Divine Metamorphoses

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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #489 on: October 30, 2017, 09:11:32 pm »
Great works of creativity Lady Winters Tales


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #490 on: November 12, 2017, 10:53:37 am »
Enchanted evenings
Mystical moments
Bewitching beauty
Timeless tantalisation

With a flutter of wings
She took flight and soared

Stardust and moonlight
In crowning glory
A celestial halo
To wreath her earthen brow

Beyond the edge of sanity
Where the raw & the real
Truth & fantasy
Carve an imperfect mask
Upon porcelain perfect features

A tree grows strong
In the face of adversity
When storms do threaten
& wild winds blow
Casting wilted petals
Upon barren earth

Mystical sorceror deep in the forest
Conjuring wicked portents magical
Hunted yet feared
She wrought her will upon the land

#SenseWrds 329
Taken by the night
Creeping inwards
From shadows deep
They slither forth
Masterful monsters
Always watching you
Seeing things
Lust that lingers in the air
Sultry & heady
Long after U were there
Silken flesh yearns 4 more
Together we have
So much 2 explore

Dissolving reality spirals wildly out
As entropy orchestrates shattering corruption

Carved from marble
Flesh & blood
Once that was
Now is no more
Frozen in time
Still life in repose
Awaiting your touch

Angels & demons
Within dark corners
Do lurk in dire anticipation
Saints & sinners
Do endless battle
Without hope of salvation
Voodoo child of the sluggish bayou
Borne from poisons flowing black
What demons whisper in your mind
What evil ever calls U back
A bit of mischief
Wrapped in impishness
Where jokers do frolic
& devilry runs amok
While jesters mock
& capricious gods laugh

Caged emotions
Seeking release
Always on the inside
Looking out
Suffocating inhibitions
Shrouding a soul
Begging to be free

Seduced by the velvet sumptuousness of night
They succumbed to carnal temptation
In shadows deep & dark
Where secrets do hide

Silver strands creeping stealthily towards the dawn
Awakening the land with a soft warm golden kiss

#SenseWrds 331
Known only to lovers
I see in your eyes
Enfolds us warmly

Come come
Sweet child
And follow me
From treat to treat
Sugary sweet
All the way to Grandmaís house
On the confectionary trail

Creatures of the night
Flitting to and fro
With wings so black
And hearts so cold
They prowl the frigid air
And poisonous fog

Lanterns light the path
Beyond which
I dare not tread
Echoes of footsteps
Still tremble on the air
Of those long past
Or dead

Rituals and recitals
This haunted mansion
Witness to many
Within now silent corridors
Demon hunters stalk their prey

Sip the witches brew
If you dare
These will o the wisp
Ethereal nightmares
Seep like poison
In a spinning promenade of ghosts

Gracing a celestial brow
Stratus clouds do gild
Fleeting beauty in the heavens
We stand below
In awe struck thrall
Gazing still
A dream in silk and velvet
She haunts his mind
A vision in cashmere luxury
Of grace divine
Unattainable yet unforgettable

Riding trailing stars
Set ablaze on cometsí tails
Curious travellers from afar
Seeking knowledge
From those fearing contact


Weary warrior at journeyís end
The goal in sight
Though not yet won

Stooped in prayer
Upon his knees
For what soon will come
#SenseWrds 332
Formed in the crucible before time began
Molded by forces beyond our simple ken
Malleable clay formed Man fired in the kiln

Hearts lay broken in a trailing wake of melancholy sorrow upon the heels of arrogant heroes who crush without care

Naughty as hell
Or so they said
A very bad influence
The papers read
A scheming Lolita
Enslaving menís minds


Naughty as hell
But twice as nice
If you ever think of leaving
Iíll make you think twice

She bravely faced the fierce onslaught
The brief respite of nightís dark hours
Left her bereft of hope yet still she stood

Such tangled weeds that suck & pull
At a soul yearning to break free
In Edenís haven a sanctuary found
Where I can be just me
#SenseWrds 333
Intoxicating scent
Aphrodisiac sublime
Weaving thru my senses
Wildfire in my blood
U draw me like no other
As none ever could

As petals scattered
Memories lie tumbled
In dejected profusion
Upon hallowed ground

Of what once was
In Summer's warmth
Now grown cold
In Winter's shadow

Yet still I hear yr voice
Feel your breath upon my cheek
Until we shall meet again
Within those sacred halls

#SenseWrds 334
Frigid glacial Arctic magnificence
Incessantly creeping
Ever seeking
This molten volcanic hellish temptation

Hurricane words lost in a storm of emotion
Clouding tempestuous thoughts brewing within my mind


Crimson light upon shining cobblestones
Brilliant neon a luminous beacon
Shining bright in the velvet night

Lord of the forest deep
Where creatures wild quietly creep
Observes in patient yet rising hunger
For his Summer princess in full bloom

Forever etched upon my mind
Treasured UNFORGETTABLE memories
Of everything you are
And what you mean to me



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #491 on: November 19, 2017, 07:20:17 am »
Good Stuff 😊
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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #492 on: November 24, 2017, 01:30:38 pm »
spewing vitriol with every step, he raced hard upon my heels, razor tipped claws reaching out with murderous intent, with my lungs bursting I couldnít even scream...


A nightmare to some
Dream to others
Walking the night
Through shadows thick
And silence eery
Haunting the minds
With fearful intent
They whispered her name
Rose of the Dead

Silk and lace
Sensual slide
Awakening dawn
Sensuous tide

Carnal hungers
Once laced in tight
Slipping free
To caress the night

Smoothing misty veils
That do shroud an Earthen brow
Away do they fall
Leaving all in the shimmering clarity
Of another beautiful morning

Strewn upon some forsaken battlefield
Poppies gather as if bloody kisses
Spread in forlorn affection
On these most honoured
Fallen flowers of manhood
The favourite one
Adored and cherished
By those who cared
In them would her memory
Neither tarnish nor perish

Sheltered by these willow boughs
In tender gentle draping
Shall we find our love
In sweet sensual awakening

#SenseWrds 336
Fear is like poison
To seep and spread
Watching yourself
Every word
Every tread
But there is more
If you but look
With eyes open wide
To better things

Poppies bloom
In blood red profusion
The killing fields bathed
In glorious illusion
From death shall they rise
To walk once more
Beneath heavenly skies

Rosy cheeked in anticipation
Of the oncoming Winter
When frost limned leaves
Hang suspended
Frozen in eery glacial splendour

I said to love
In words sweetly soft
Why do you hurt me so?
What did I ever do to you?
And in the seed of my question
Lay the damning truth
If I never had faith in love
Why would it have faith in me?

Golden rays of dawn come creeping
To bless the land in a good morning kiss
Warmth and light a gift from heaven
What can ever be better than this

#SenseWrds 337
Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
ďCall meĒ I whispered
But no one was there
And my heart ached anew ...

My once cherished yet now scorned heart
Torn asunder by celestial demons
This promised pain the scribes foretold
Yet I was blind to the truth until too late

#art #JackVentriano

Scarlet suffusion in midnight dreams
Crimson beauty in a carnal mindís eye
Seeing red signs towards sensual oblivion

#PoemTrail 208

No need of logic
What I feel
Within the marrow of my bones
Is the passionate longing
That defies all reason
Telling me
That with you
I am not alone

As light fades
Dimming to black
I see your face
In this vanishing moment
And all is crystallised
At once shining true
That with no-one else
Will I ever have
What I had with you

The moon quietly shines
Her beauty gracing the night
While far below I sit
In tranquil solitude
Weaving dreams of what can be
If only you were here with me


Caught betwixt future & past
What went before
Now cannot last
But what lies ahead
Beyond the pale
Is a world full of friction
Deception and lies

IMMERSED in the wonder of our love
Where the EPICENTRE is you
And only you
Soul deep passion EMBEDDED
In hearts joined forever as one

Violet lips whisper of promises
Plum persuasion curving flesh to her will
Where cravings undeniable
Grow day by day
Hour upon hour
Until beneath your tender touch
They irrevocably spill


Drum beats call in primal rhythm
Luring my blood to impassioned abandon
Pulsating tempo loosening inherent inhibitions
Leading our steps in weaving intrinsic patterns

Beckoning shadows luring wayward hearts
Subtle secrets that spill forth
Revealed in moonlightís mystical gaze
Yet tenderly treasured by the soft decay of time

#PoemTrail 209

Blossoming in graceful profusion
Wreathed in Mother Natureís bountiful beauty
A majestic purple reign of such vibrant brilliance
That the ticking of time could not diminish


A serpentís tongue silenced
A rogue brought to heel
A match made in heaven
No other love could be as real


Balanced on the cusp
Teetering upon the brink
We dance upon the razorís edge
Tempting fate with wicked smiles
Daring that which we know not
To berate and punish such youthful guile

#WyldeVerse 37
Caught in these melting moments
That wax and wane with mercurial moods
Sightless eyes that yet see so much
Weep gory tears in futile frustration
At a world consumed in bitter agitation

We take no heed
We who wander
Of signs and such
That bar our path
Across the miles
From sea to shore
And back again
None is a stranger
To we who travel
Who seek horizons
Always beyond
Just out of reach
One more step
Upon lifeís bountiful beach

#SenseWrds 339


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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #493 on: December 06, 2017, 01:53:19 pm »
In dead of night
When all is quiet
Shall I dream of you
And live once more
Our love forever
Shall endure

Never look back
ĎTis done and over
A wound cauterised
A soul reborn
Harsh humanity
Without compassion
Banished for life
It has to be done

#SenseWrds 340
Unceasing time
Always in motion
Impervious to the yearning cries of Man

The clock is ticking
Can you hear itís chime?
For you it does sing
And when it stops
Then you are mine!

Kindness makes me smile
The gentle kiss from caring lips
A tender touch in reassurance
Warm balm to soothe my heart

Lay me down
Whisper to me
Quietly of my destiny

Hush my love
Come swiftly now
Thru the night
We'll steal away

Though Death does stalk
With naked blade
Thru veiling snow
We'll make our escape

Empty lies the glen
Where ghosts yet linger
Solitude & silence
Where dark deeds malinger
#SenseWrds 341
Two as one
A circle now joined
Unceasing motion
Spiralling upward
Touche my love
You were right
We'll dance forever
Thru the night

#DimpleVerse #23words
Weeping violins mourn the passing of the day
Their soulful yearning for a chance now lost
As the sun bids farewell to the rising silver moon
We await the new day approaching so soon


It lives
It breathes
It watches
With quiet patience
Forest eyes
Track your steps
Awaiting your return
In this silvan dream
There is no awakening
Here you'll stay
Here you'll sleep

Lines are drawn
Boundaries set
The black with the white
One is of purity
The other of night
Curves and lines
Valleys between
An explorer's paradise
A lover's dream

Curiouser and curiouser
Tumbling ever deeper
Into a shadowy abyss
Where echoes are swallowed
Suffocated to silence
Slave to demonic whimsy
No rabbit hole this
But a portal to Hell
Where damnation awaits
& nightmarish demons
Do violently dwell

#IntrigueVerse 86
With but a single touch
You unravel me
Seeking out my secrets
One by one
With carnal curiosity
Trace every line
Until all is laid bare
Brought forth from shadow
Unto the light
Only your gaze
Shall I wear

#PoemTrail 21
(Wire sculpture art by Richard Stainthorp)

EXPOSED LIMBS beckon seductively
Swaying STARK NAKED to the masterful command
Of a rising wind
That draws their WAITING BEAUTY to burgeoning life

#DimpleVerse #23words
Caged imagination
Brought to heel
Bound and gagged
She can neither see nor feel
Senses enchained
By sorcery enchanted
She screams within
While crumbling without
In time shall she fade
Of that
There is no doubt

Upon the stroke of midnight
Shall your dreams slowly perish
Before your wondering eyes
At the coming of the dawn
Shall you consider yourself so foolish

#SenseWrds 342
Heaven's cleansing balm
In sweet torrent flows
To sweep away
In flowing deluge
What blocked my way
Leaving me unconcerned
To take a deep breath
Face a new day


Molten lava flowing through my veins
This soaring fever that feeds on my pain
A furnace of Hell's own fiendish design
Consuming my flesh and whats left of my mind


Dear poet
Weaving your words
With such sweet skill
You enchant my soul
My very will
Worlds you create
And emotions too
I kneel at your feet
In honour of you


What is a single lifetime
But a drop in the ocean
To the time in eternity
When our souls danced
Awaiting rebirth to the joy of living


&-the Sky loved the Earth so much
That she offered the sweet balm
Nourishing and pure
Of her tears in drenching rain
To the parched land below
So that she may flourish anew

#SenseWrds 343
A glance
A wish
A chance


Dark pleasures undeniable
Wicked cravings unquenchable

Dark pleasures
Wicked cravings
In secret places
Feeding our hungers


Hungry eyes devouring
In a single glance
Consuming desires acknowledged

To dwell in peace
Retreating from a world
Grown harsh & cruel
Safe within my inner sanctum
My haven
My sanctuary
Where hibernation
Brings soulful healing


Tempt my appetite
Tease my desire
With whispered dark pleasures
That cannot be denied


In dreams we choreograph our deepest wishes
Upon the heavens we inscribe all that we hope for
& if good fortune blesses our fated destiny
Then the stars shall shine bright in their velvet setting

#SenseWrds  344
Weaving daydreams upon an empty sky
Limitless horizons where imagination is my paintbrush

📸Josephine Wall
Pure sin sparked the still glowing embers within
Pursued to volcanic life by wicked temptation
Lustful carnage wrought in deviant desire
Churning my thoughts to chaotic turmoil
Where nothing but you exists to satisfy

A pure VESSEL for his LAVISH adoration
His SENSUALIST nature undeniable
In her would he find his ecstasy
Drown themselves in passionate consummation

#DimpleVerse #23words
In Hellís abyss
Drowned by black
Poisons lurk in a toxic miasma

Purgatorial souls
Ensnared in demonic torture
Linger without hope
Fate a cruel tormentor

Glowing embers
In the hearth
Warm my soul
My very heart
As snow flakes fall
Through the night
I stoke the flames
To burning light

#intrigueverse 87
Questions spiral
A chaotic whirl
Clouding my mind
They tumble still
Why oh why?
What does it mean?
How will it end?
My fate unseen

#DarkLines 186

Two for joy
Or so they said
But would it count
If heíd left her bed?

Cascading gems
Bejewelled in sunlight
She lingers in waiting
A glittering sight


Silent witness in the shadows
Testament in mute serenity
To the disgraceful fall of Man

#poemtrail 213

A cruel heart dipped in ice
Bears no warmth for anyone
Icicles run within glacial veins
This once mortal form
Now barren and frozen
With nothing left to give


To the victor the spoils
She repeated inside
Intent upon the path she chose
Her caged fighter screaming for release
Scents the blood upon the air
Spurring her rage to finish what she started



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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #494 on: December 18, 2017, 02:11:18 pm »
In dazzling spectacle, we behold the wonders of the Universe wrought in splendour each night across the heavens for all to marvel at

#DimpleVerse #23words
My gentle guardian
Tender and true
I feel you there
I know Ďtis you

In a breath of wind
A whispering sigh
I sense youíre near
As you pass by

Always beside me
In sentinel watch
My shadow for ever
Calmed by your touch

#SenseWrds 345
Arise arise
Dawn creeps soft
From your bed of coir
Slip silently forth
To greet a brand new day

One today
And then itís gone
To be neither wasted
Nor squandered
A blessing offered
If you but see gift
In every moment
Seize the chance
Live as you were meant to live

Browsing my bookshelf
A universe at my fingertips
Setting my imagination to flight
On wonderous journeys
And amazing discoveries
In luminous prose

#VerseAngel 138
Rumbustious exuberance
Mischievous excitement
Inhibitions unbound
In playful cavorting
Teasing torment
A snowball fight
Or two
Or five
I dare you!
Come on!

#DimpleVerse #23words
Tormented guilt
The inner peril
Of the sole survivor
Chiselled grief
Carved in mourning
Upon marble cheeks
His whispered words
Spilled from bloody lips
Beseeching peace
At this cruel time

#poemtrail 214

Haunting echoes of Summers past
Where once we lazed amidst meadowsweet
By a babbling brook that softly sang
But now all is quiet except for shadows
& memories of all we were in that youthful time

#SenseWrds 346

Winterís glacial touch
Of creeping ice
Falling snow
Upon upturned cheeks
Brings forth a rosy glow


A Venus arising
Swathed in glory
Pearlescent beauty
In shimmering glow
To capture the gaze
Of all who see
Enraptured their minds
Befelling them to their knees

#SenseWrds 347
Destiny designed an EPIC SAGA
Fate foretold a SATIRE instead

#DimpleVerse #tenwords
Like poison seeping
A dark streak runs through my mind
Intrinsic to my warped psyche
Where cruelty and savagery combine


Like poison seeping
A dark streak runs through my mind
Intrinsic to my warped psyche
Where cruelty and savagery combine


The promise was in his eyes
The threat was in what he didnít say
My imagination sparked to awful life
My blood pulsing out upon the pristine ground
As prayers spilled from my lips
His lupine grin the very last thing I saw

Upon wings of angels
His spirit soared
Emotions unleashed
Buoyed him on high
As never before

What he left behind
He soon forgot
It never mattered
And never would

Rumours fly upon sad wings of destiny
Trailed in their wake by tendrils of fate
& ill spoken woe foretells with a touch of doom
A brutal demise brought about by capricious gods
Crushing with a heavy hand the hopes of Man

Rumours fly upon sad wings of destiny
Trailed in their wake by tendrils of fate
& ill spoken woe foretells with a touch of doom
A brutal demise brought about by capricious gods
Crushing with a heavy hand the hopes of Man


Do not disturb my peaceful rest
This haven Iíve found
Of which I am blessed

I shelter now in calm estate
From the world I am hidden
Itís bustling riot for now can wait


Serpentine rhythms
Sibilant whispers
Writhing portents in the night

Slithering intent
Reptilian deceit
Seeping poison darkens the light


In cotton fields
Of pristine white
Did I rest my soul
And think of you

My charcoal misted mind
Shrouded in memories
Mourns your loss
My friend kind and true

Footprints are all I leave behind
Hope all I need ahead
In myself do I truly believe
Along this path that I am led

#WyldeVerse 40

In shattered despair
Broken wings limp upon the ground
A lost angel crushed and wounded
Aching to be found

Her spirit a flame extinguished
By infernal damnation
She dreams of finding heaven
Yet her nightmares scream only of hell

With dreams like these
Entwining rapturous desires
And hopeful wishes
I slumber peacefully
As twilight slips to night
Inviting secrets bathe my mind
That in the day
Lay hidden from all sight

#CStarPrompts #december
📷Dimitra Milan

Golden light creeps in dawning glory
To guild in crowning illumination
This peaceful haven of forgotten sanctuary
Where souls lay in endless rest

#SenseWrds 349
Hush now
Hush now
Be at peace
Nothing shall harm you
While I am here
In sentinel watch
All through the night
By your side
Without respite


In starlight did we paint
Our wishes upon a velvet sky
When we were young and innocent
With so much yet to come


Sibilant whispers
Weaving dreams
Whatís in your heart
Can be no sin

Ribbons of love
Tendrils of desire
Thread delicate patterns
That feed my inner fire


Years they come
And swiftly go
Like sand
Slipping through our fingers
I turned around
And you were gone
Leaving only memories
Of sometime
Long ago
When you were mine
And I was yours


Betwixt the end of one life
Beginning of another
Lays a chasm of silence
So many things unsaid
What we did mean to say
Yet what could not pass our lips
In this quicksand of doubt
To trap the unwary


Chaotic harmony reckons without furious discourse
Drawing forth the unwary in orchestrated mayhem
Scattering faith upon barren land
To rest until itís reborn

#DimpleVerse #23words

Bauble bedecked exuberance
Sparkling wonders hung on high
Effervescent excitement bubbling
Tis the warmth and love
Of family and friends
Drawing together as Christmas draws nigh


My NOCTURNAL companion
Watching from the hidden shadows
His NIGHT VISION vigilance
Ever patient in sentinel guard

#DimpleVerse #23words

The fallen lie in row on row
Their journey now over
Nowhere left to go

From the depths shall they rise
To claim what is theirs
Succumb without fear
Rest quietly now in their grave

A dream
Upon sandy shores
Bathed by lapping waves
Tenderly carrying
Her far from here



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