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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: October 20, 2020, 01:41:21 pm »
Frantic scrabbling at the door
Falling thru on to the floor
Furious kisses land where they must
Enslaved by a passion - burning lust
Clothes scattered where they will
Craving the illicit thrill
Confessions can wait - we cannot
This 1 last time, this 1 last fu...
You feeling lucky?
Come take a spin
The wheel awaits
Good fortune for you
Or a bloody gruesome fate
Show us what youre made of
Sugar n slice? 😳
Strap in and hold on
This aint gonna be nice!


They came to #chat
From far nwide
2 metres apart
No longer side by side

Where have they gone
Those good old days
When 10pm was just starting
Now were sent our separate ways

Lets hope they return
Be4 the fun is all gone
& were all automatons
No longer seeing anyone

In hidden valleys
Sweet rolling hills
Raindrops fall gently
As kisses they spill
Flowing in trails
They map rosy flesh
In carnal contours
That you know best
A whirlpool sensation
Tightens the need
The craving grows deeper
For the hot spill of seed

Stripped of defences, Im  #naked before you
With eyes wide open, Ive nothing to hide
What you see is truly what you get
The woman you knew that was trapped deep inside


Beware the looming shadow
Hes coming for you soon
Feeding on your every fear
Neath a blood red moon

A killer clown turned loose
Hungry for your blood
The dark times are coming
Beware the demon flood


In sweeping arcs of a dazzling blade
My misbegotten ways he bade
Me cease forthwith - this very moment
#describing what would be my torment
And with a cruel flick of the wrist
That sprayed wide a crimson mist
He slashed me to the very core
& so thereafter I was no more


My life is a #movie
My death even more so
What cannot be imagined
Then truth shall they forego


Some call it #stalking
Obsessive fascination
Mourning desires


Betrayed and branded
By fire am I forged
Hells Gate awaits me
My destiny torched

Death defying by turn
Inescapable fate
Ringmaster of Torment
Patiently he waits

Tongue of a serpent
Wiles of a fox
He binds me tightly
Locks me down in a box


Play me soft as you fall asleep
Strum my senses with every sweep
Of fingers warm upon my cheek
Orchestrate my nocturnal lullaby


By the light of a silvery moon...
he sang in a deep velvet croon

Loading the rifle with bullets of silver
The #hunt was on and hed deliver

A head or a limb, the heart would be sweet
Hed slice em and dice em
Lay their corpses at her feet


#drunk on your scent
It enfolds me
Delirious pleasure
My drug of choice
Passionate infusion
Elixir of desire
Each lingering touch
Trail sparks to the fire
Drench me in flame
Drown each of my senses
Sight, sound, and taste
As I call your name


These #unrequited feelings
That keep torturing my mind
I try 2 bury, try 2 forget
But they still rise every time
Yr husky growl
The fire in yr eye
Im an addict craving
That I cannot deny
You are the flame
I am the moth
Immolation my fate
I cant switch it off



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