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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: October 10, 2020, 09:02:49 pm »
Why bother to explain?
Why bother to care?
You wouldn’t listen
Completely unaware

Of the pain you caused
That cut so deep
That left me bleeding
Too shocked to speak

Captivate my mind
Invigorate my senses
Whip me to frenzy


What would you do?
If I took your hand
Held it to my heart
Whispered your name
In the hush of night
When all is silent
Shadowed and quiet
With none to see
Me bare my feelings
My naked emotions
Stripped of artifice
To stand before thee
Just as I am
What would you do?


These stolen moments
Fragments of time
Illicit assignations
Make believing you are mine


A glass of red
Or should that be white?
Should I be waiting
Willing and soft
Or should I go out
Be gone when he arrives?
These are the questions
Swirling within
All just too comfortable
When we craved illicit sin?


& so time ticked down
Fragments of a life ill spent
Uncaringly tossed
Lingered within his eyes
Scent of Provence heavy
Cloaking his senses
He knew she was near
Burdened by guilt?
The truth she held
Cold as her heart
Key to his redemption
A secret she’d not impart

#SenseWrds 474

A #collage of memories
Each one unique
Never to be forgotten
Treasured within


Crimson lit up the glittering night sky
At the very hour his soul took flight
I lit some candles and said a prayer
As he left this world without a care
His hand in mine, I whispered “goodbye”



Just another day, just another man
Banging on doors, selling what he can

#colporteur pamphlets tossed in his wake
No one willing to listen to his take

On sin and forgiveness in this cruel town
People going to Hell and it’s a long way down



How #anfractuous the mind
That twisted, contorted
Beyond the laws of physics
The essence of truth
To escape the conviction
The hangman’s noose
That awaited his dying jig



With wicked fingers he plays my senses
Strumming a tune that weaves a spell
Saturating my mind with carnal images
Overheating emotions that surge and spill
Crying aloud - drowning in drenching fire


I see you there
Hiding - watchful
You haven’t a prayer

I hear you breathing
Blood rushing
Heart beating

I am the darkness
Never ending night
Hungering to feed
You’re in my sight

Come a little closer
Almost there
The abandoned light
Conceals my lair

#DarkLines 486

Talk to me when the wild winds blow
Of Summer lands unburdened by snow
Where spirits soar and souls revive
With the simple joy of love and being alive


The promise of what could have been
Still lingers in shadowed corners
Suffusing the lazy sun dappled air
Dust motes gently swirling
Trailing confusedly in yr wake
Shrouding as they slowly fall
The tattered remnants of my soul
Left bleeding out upon the floor

Ethereal whispers swirled
The book closed
Thudded to the floor
As the flame flickered
Guttered & died
The darkness breathed
Shrouding us all
Bell book & candle
We knew it well
But the bell hadn’t rung
We were too late
Never-ending night
To B our fate

“drunk and disorderly” the Officer said, thrusting the weaving miscreant forward by the scruff of his neck

“#obstreperous turd” the miscreant’s father muttered, reaching around the Officer, to land a head slap of stunning proportions upon his wayward son


Just breathe...
His scent surrounding
Consuming my senses
Seducing my mind
Soft brush of lips
No words needed
I savour the desire
Hungry for more
My flesh quivers
Aching for
The #spill of emotion
Cascade of sensation


Momma done birthed a drifter
It’s the highway vagabond life for me
Fell outta nest when I got too big
Ain’t never goin’ back, ain’t nothin’ there
Blowin’ where the wind blows
Got no ties to hold me down
I’m a tumbleweed rollin’
From dead end town to dead end town


Perusing the map
Latitude or longitude
Call me Columbus


Creeping fog swirls in a sluggish miasma, shapes and shadows shifting within, swarming ghosts behind the veil they croon and wail in desperation to breach the ethereal wall and my flesh crawls at their demented sound, knowing I must pass but how...?


Losing myself in the vision of you
The scent, the touch, the heat of you
All that I am and all that I need
Is all that you are and my soul now freed

📸 Mario Sanchez Nevado

the wicked allure of a beguiling tongue bewitches my mind with images that deliver an illicit thrill as I savour the carnal intent within the atmospheric universe you’ve designed so well

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r1

a stab of light thrusts without warning between paint-**** walls, scattering a twist of shadows to the corners where they writhe and contort in demonic fury...

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r2

trapped in a cacophonous world where furious noise drowns everything out, the loudest sound is a breaking heart, a soul screaming in the throes of death while bemused people ask “did you feel that?”

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r3/4


an uneasy silence lingers with anticipatory dread, malignant and malevolent, it crushes the listener as fading echoed footsteps dwindle even though you’ve not left, I still feel your chilling presence looming within shifting shadows...hungering

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r6

the harsh slice cuts bone deep, the feel of the blade exquisitely precise upon my parting flesh, a rosy bloom slipping forth in deliciously growing profusion to focus scattered thoughts in euphoric rapture as a demonic tongue laps indulgently

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r8

shrouding darkness falls, consuming the fading awareness of a screaming mind now cruelly leashed by demonic shackles that deny one last question from dry **** lips, the dehydrated husk that is all that is left, a trophy for the Devil’s wall

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r9


“never again” are easy words to say when there’s no temptation to lure you away from a righteous path now strewn in broken promises but a bloody vow made upon my bleeding heart cannot be broken, there’s no restart and a debt must be paid...

#SlamWords #40thEdition - r10

“twas the beginning of the end” folks cried out as they clasped their loved ones close, fearful eyes upon the encroaching hoards that swarmed the land, the flashpoint now forgotten in the apocalyptic conflagration

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r1

How cruel the slow scrape of time
Watching myself wither with no reason or rhyme
Once I was young, full bloom of youth
Now I am old, there is no harsher truth
Remember me as I would be
Not as I am, a dying tree

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r2

the exsanguinated cadaver
abandoned upon the floor
left no clue of
what went before

eviscerated by a hand
delirious with glee
the malevolence inflicted
was chilling to see

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r3

Etched in acid, such a beautiful design, the words fluently flowed upon the wall.  Crimson in shade, merciless in tone, they promised a reckoning & coming soon.  Denial was futile, he couldn’t run, for a target was upon him, the hunt begun.

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r4

Ambushed in the alley
Nowhere to run
Guess this is the end
Three against one

But I like those odds
Got nothing to lose
C’mon, boys!
Show me your best moves

No clue as to why
Well not really true
Double crossed Fat Sam
Time to pay my dues

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r5

On a road to nowhere
Nothing going right
Dead End ahead
Or so the sign said
Should’ve seen it coming
That kind of night
Pedal to the metal
Full throttle all the time
No turning back
Sharp turn ahead
Couldn’t care less
💋momma goodbye
Sorry for the mess
#SlamWords #40thEdition R6

“Too little too late” the words rattled in my head

“why’d you hesitate?” I tortured myself with what might’ve been

But my conscience just snorted and said it was off to bed muttering about warning signs I was too dumb to heed

#SlamWords #40thEdition #encore - r7

Welcome to the Midway!
Roll up, roll up!
Come one and all
Thrills & chills
Games of skill
Test your mettle
Upon our rack
Stretch your senses
Open your mind
Cast fears aside
Take a chance
Cavort with a ghoul!
Drive yourself mad
Be nobody’s fool


Forbidden allure of addictive seduction
Divinity’s dark path to the carnal side
Deserving delights in secret locations
Consume lingering caresses between soft moans
As passion flares in volcanic conflagration


Lay me down
In sweet meadows blooming
Where wild flowers grow
In all manner of profusion

Sip from my lips
The sweet nectar of love
While clouds scud by
In the heavens above


Bizarre exchanges in the depths of the night
Lingering glances between liquid eyes
Betray strange encounters in dark alleyways
Chance and circumstance their unknown allies
Where secrets and lies swirl in wicked abandon


Those eyes that once sparkled
Now dull with fatigue
Those lips that once smiled
Now thin with dismay
Where did she go?
That woman I once knew
Where did she go?
Who are you?
The mirror was silent
In sympathy or reproof?
How harsh time has been
Thief of my youth


Meet me in October
Neath glowing nature in bloom
Autumn passion stirs


from the shadows
always watching
I feel their gaze
stripping me naked
nowhere to hide
nowhere to run
I’m a puppet dancing
at the end of strings
held tight by a master
and the nightmare he brings

📸: Alexas_Fotos


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