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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: September 16, 2020, 02:23:56 pm »
So many miles we have to go
Worn with fatigue and feeling so low
The land of our own we now have to leave
Death in our wake and no time to grieve
A “Trail of Tears” one day shall it be known
Seeds of tragedy are they now sown

📸Robert Lindneux
Gently swaying in hypnotic rhythm
My senses sonorously succumb
Lyrically speaking we were in perfect step
Our syncopated moves in the right groove
Finding notes we didn’t even know were lost
Through the night locked in sensual harmony


Her web spun, well planned seeds planted, she lured the fly in, drawing her unsuspecting prey closer with each beguiling glance from those thick lashed ebony eyes that promised heaven and so much more...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 1

Warm and sultry, the very air hung heavy with promise that August night in the Louisiana bayou as gentle waves lapped cool and silky against her naked moon kissed thighs.  How long would he keep her waiting, her hunger for his touch growing...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - R2

Mesmerised by the hypnotic timbre of his voice, as if each consonant and syllable were richly dipped in chocolate and savoured, my senses shivered in anticipation of what I knew not, only that I seemingly couldn’t live without knowing...

#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 5

Tongues did wag in garrulous exposition
From behind net curtains in condemnation
Nosy biddies with nothing better to do
Than sit and gossip until they were blue

#SlamWords #39thEdition - R3

And so I sit and dream the day away under a restless sky, a deep-seated longing for more than this burning in my breast. His touch like fire brands me still, he holds my heart, my very will.  I am the moth, he is the flame, sere my flesh with his name
#SlamWords #39thEdition - R6

The slap of his leather glove upon the other’s rough shaven cheek was a bold declaration of murderous intent, his piercing  hooded gaze almost lethal in its bold directness. No trace now of the tender passion that had brought him to this point...
#SlamWords #39thEdition - round 7

Wild & reckless
Like the free blowing wind
She raced Thru life
Trailing a path of sin
Bohemian charm some did say
But she knew better
Twas the madness within
Spilling out every way
So fast did she run
Escape her past
Leave all behind
Lost in the dust

#SlamWords #39thEdition - r4

Heading down the back straight like a rocket sled on rails, making up time for the imposed slow start, he raced round the track, scrambling like mad to close the gap on the lead car, tyres furiously spewing gravel in his wake...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 1

With casual ease he eased down beside her, his muscular thighs flexing though his nervous tension was betrayed by the set of his mouth, those lips she adored now clamped together as he worked out how best to tell her the cruel news...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 2

It’s was “catch & release” day down at the ole creek today and boy they were reelin’ them in faster than Ole Bob could count ‘em!   And it was so chaotic that no one noticed the grizzled tomcat sneaking one or two back to the barn...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 3

“such a serious demeanour” she mused, a single red tipped talon smoothing the frowning crease upon his sweating brow, the playful intent within her action at odds with the malicious gleam in the depths of her ebony gaze “relaaaaxxxx”

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 4

Such a quiet little village, nestled in the valley where sweet little honeysuckle draped cottages dozed in sleepy unconcern of the wider world around. So when the war came the uproar caused echoed for decades and place was never the same.

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R5

As acres of moribund asphalt gave way to fields of verdant green, Mother Nature felt her spirits lift from the ashes of despair to see her land restored to the beauteous fertile treasure she so adored...

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 6

Too long spent holding back, denying her true nature, always being someone else, who she believed they wanted to see.

Poised upon the edge, fledging wings unfurling, screaming her name she dived in to a bustling world ready to FEEL.

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 7

Emotions fragile as paper boats
Set free upon an endless ocean
Of coalescing feelings of hunger
Stirred up by desires and emotions
Brought to life at your masterful touch
The rough growl of your voice
That I love so very much

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - round 8

“how very singular” she primly stated in an arctic tone, one exquisitely plucked eyebrow arching in cool contemplation of the rugged male lounging in unabashed naked repose upon the bed “one presumes you’re not here to tuck me in”

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R9

The last goodbye on some lonely field
The sound of war echoing around
Gazes locked in furious emotion
“until we meet again”
Murmured in fevered devotion

“come back to me”
Who said it we’ll never know
Slowly they parted
Watched each other go

#SlamWords #39thEdition #encore - R10

Every breath he took seared
Burned me to my very core
A Fire Breather from Hell’s domain
Left me craving ever more

Every touch trailed sensory sparks
Branding my flesh with his name
Screaming aloud as the rapture burst
My world would never be the same
481 #Darklines
📸Ryan Cryar

Captured moments
Treasured forever

Between the pages of my mind
Pressed and secretly savoured

Fading scents
Of Summer days

All take me back
To when we played

And danced in the sun
With innocent hearts just begun

📸1) Ashique Ridwan 2) Lisa Silva

To walk a lonely path
Aimlessly meandering
Seeking what I do not know
Only that I’m missing you


I lingered longer than I thought
Lazing in the fading Summer sun
Drenched in somnolent lassitude
Just people watching with some wine
What a pleasant way to spend some time

#SenseWrds 470

Guilt and paranoia
I now call them my friends
Each day that slowly passes
The torment never ends

Tired of keeping secrets
The burden is too much
Just who am I protecting?
Time to kick away their crutch

📸1) Alessio Albi 2) Ars Thanea

Tread soft upon the shadows
Of the past that haunt us yet
In the small wee hours
When all is silent, dark & still
Disturbed memories shift in murk
To cloud the mind & steal the will
For the eye of the storm has focussed
And within it Demons do lurk

482 #DarkLines

Turning back
#widdershin style
Covering my tracks
Could take a while

The future looks bleak
Don’t want to go on
Rather live in the past
Before things went wrong


Beguile me not
Thou wayward spirit

Though your words
In seductive tones
Tease my senses
Reward my moans

As the last rays fade
And dark shrouds all
The shackles do loosen
My wild side calls

I cannot fight what I desire
What you awakened in me
And set of fire

#sensewrds 472

Stimulating words
Passion enunciated
Carnal lubricant


Night falls fast
Will you as well?
Or will you rise

Taking flight
Soaring above
The dying light

Of a flickering flame
Almost lost in the dark
As night falls to snuff the spark


Liquid sensation
Fiery trails of temptation
Desire turns molten

#haikuLust #haiku #poetry

And so he walks
The lonely streets
Life on hold
Stuck on repeat

No way back
He burned his boats
A long time ago
Now nothing floats

Don’t weep for him
Wasting your time
He’s a shadow now
A cypher of crime


And so he walks
The lonely streets
Life on hold
Stuck on repeat

No way back
He burned his boats
A long time ago
Now nothing floats

Don’t weep for him
Wasting your time
He’s a shadow now
A cypher of crime



Mother Nature
Adorned in gold
Burnished in bronze
Autumn so bold

She’s a beauty indeed
Without compare
Glowing and vibrant
In the still Autumnal air



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