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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: September 02, 2020, 01:37:17 pm »
Warm caress of a cynical stare
Stirs my craving
Lays me bare
A Devilís smile from cruel lips
Mercilessly tempts me to take a sip
Our gazes lock with nothing said
No promises made Ďcept for bed
Iím a moth succumbing to a flame
Enjoying the chase
The seductive game

📸Fabian Perez
Within your eyes
I found love
Within your arms
I found heaven
Within your words
I found peace


#quantity was vital as hell when your hauliní dynamite, flyiní downhill, the brakes on fire aní a dead end ahead. Prayers flew furious aní fast, boots pushiní the brake thru the floor, white knuckled grip hauliní on the wheel.  All the angels in heaven canít save his ass.

This kiss that betrays
Moon-thrilled desires
Bound in passionís web
Amidst ropes of pearls
We bathe in rapture
Drenched in carnal dew
Pleasure soaked
We catch our breath
In aching anticipation
To dance once more
In the arms of Eros


Office etiquette
Deplorable ambition
Wages of pure sin


Awaken the spirit
Unlock the heart
Free the mind
Unleash the soul


Too long the demons
Screaming within
Scraping my mind
Whispering sin

A fractured mind
Splintering soul
Unhinged and lost
Withered - not whole

Swallowed by the dark
Consumed by shadows
The light long forsaken
In Hell far below

477 #DarkLines
📸Josh Clifford

In a fountain splendour
The heavens rained down
Canyons of amber stars
Upon weary windswept lands
Dazzling in myriad ways
They cascaded beauty
And brilliance all around
Colouring the pages of time
One by one in jewelled hues
And the Gods did smile


On days like these
& others, too
I sit by the fire
& think of U
Haunted memories
One by one
Float thru my mind
The past isnít done
Not by a mile
Still shaping my will
Directing with guile
Yr still winning
Weaving yr web
Demonically spinning

478 #DarkLines
📸Mystic Arts Design

Ride a unicorn
Dance with faeries in wild glens
Midsummer madness


Whirlwind sonata
Sonorous orchestration
Dance me to the edge



Thick and heavy
Like sweet molasses
The air did hang
That August night

June bugs dancing
Cicadas calling
Spanish moss waving
What a beautiful sight

Carnal temptation
How could I resist?
His look that burned
That hot August night


In some woodland glade
Machiavellians meet
The Earth theirs to seek

#scifi #haiku #scifaiku
(📸Claudio Pilia)

Reflections of me
Do I see in you
Your gentle smile
All that you do

My own dear miracle
A dream come true
A blessing forever
Iíll always love you


Within my mind
Deep n dark
Where stories live
The creative spark

Feeling the words
Flow from my soul
The ink that heals
Never grows old

Spilling the verse
Upon virgin white
I could do this forever
Definitely all night 😈

Talk to me of wonderful things
Hobbits, elves and golden rings
Weave a tale mysterious and old
Of wizards, dragons and courage so bold



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