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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: August 22, 2020, 11:00:06 am »
Daydreaming fantasies
Drifting lazily
Almost meandering
Picturesque clouds
Within my mind
Maybe today
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe never
Thereís no rush
No pressure at all
When the time is right
Iíll surely know
Itís my choice
After all

It came sudden upon us
We fell to the ground
Praying so hard
Neath that rumbling sound

Tis only thunder
Rolling on by
Beating the heavens
The godsí rallying cry


Those whispering voices
That whirl in my head
Seductively promise
Belay all my dread

I am the puppet
The unwilling marionette
My strings being pulled
My destiny now set


ďFull of bodyĒ the Sommelier intoned, voice rich with dark humour he poured the Macabre Vintage with exquisite delicacy.

A heady bouquet enveloped my senses & with a sigh I surrendered to the seductive influence on my tongue.

Then the nightmares began

474 #DarkLines

Barely there
On the edge
A shadow memory
Out of reach
My wistful reverie
My lost daydream
Trying to hold on
Wil oí the wisp
It slips
A flicker of light
Fading to black
And Iím left alone
Wishing it back

📸Indie Danielle Harris

Illicit nuance
Secret passionate craving
Loving obsession


Silent rumours swirl
Obsessesive confidences
Lies and denials


Master and commander
To me you are both
Holding me captive
Tethered to the post

The clock is ticking
But not for me
Got nowhere else to go
Got nowhere else to be

But here in the dark
Seduced by your touch
Your lips and your tongue
That offer so much

#SenseWrds 461

#zero to hero
Itís now or never, my friend
Swallow hard - be brave


#one is the loneliest number
But only in your head
It is also the greatest freedom
Nothing in it to dread



Runniní ainít so wise
Do the crime then do the time
Big Lou is waiting...


She was a rhapsody of shadows
A sublime symphony of sensuality
Supine in seductive submission
She was the very artful composition of sin


My Masterís voice

I have no choice

Draws me in as no other

My wickedly illicit lover


I curl around you
In my dreams
All through the night
You calm my screams

You are the darkness
Keeping demons at bay
Your strength my bastion
Because they donít want to play

So wrap me close
Hold me tight
Be the knight I need
All through the night

Like cheap confetti
You shredded my heart
With your words and actions
Twas time to part

We had a good run
Twas too good to last
The rumours and lies
Millstones of the past

So sling your hook
Thereís the door
Take a long walk away
Canít be with you no more


Walk on by
Just keep on moving
Nothing to see here
Itís a mystery

Shadows and wraiths
All that is left
Of a life in the fast lane
A family bereft

What the heck happened?
Guess weíll never know
Why they were speeding
The sign said Go Slow


Home is in your arms
Wrapped up ever so tight
Home is wherever you are
My hero
                My white knight


You growled my name
How could I resist?
In that husky tone
Of dark carnal promise

Like a moth to the flame
To you I was drawn
Mesmerised by your charm
So I stayed until dawn

Escaping my world
The shackles and rules
My spirit set free
To shine like a jewel


How bittersweet the pain
The exquisite slice
That writhes through my senses
That feels so damned nice

Rapturous euphoria
Marquis de Sade
The pleasure addictive
Lies behind the facade

So moral and proper
Or so people think
Iím a mystery walking
Change in a blink

Warm caress of a cynical stare
Stirs my craving
Lays me bare
A Devilís smile from cruel lips
Mercilessly tempts me to take a sip
Our gazes lock with nothing said
No promises made Ďcept for bed
Iím a moth succumbing to a flame
Enjoying the chase
The seductive game

📸Fabian Perez

Who am I when the sun goes down?
Itís not who I am when the sun shines bright
Shackled by societyís rules during the day
I shed myself as the day sheds light
Trailing inhibitions now left in my wake
Iím a wild child dancing until day break



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