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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: August 09, 2020, 12:26:54 pm »
#dusty petals strewn
Where lingering shadows mourn
Hidden from the sun


I taste your name upon my tongue
Bittersweet rapture in the morning sun
The space beside me has grown so cold
Without your heat and passion so bold

Tread lightly
Though you may know the path
Proceed gently
Though this world may be known
This is my dreamscape
Don't shatter it


Between them
I sit
Their only child
Not knowing what to say
Replaying our life
The good & the bad
The laughs along the way


Each breathless second
Measured in pulsation
Stretched taut
Upon a rack of sensation
Anticipation burns
Once more


You are the one
I cannot regret
You are the one
I shall not forget
Your touch
Your voice
Your very soul
Calls to me still
Echoes within
Feeds my need
Keeps me whole
So think of me
In dead of night
My arms around you
Holding so tight


Yesterdayís tears
As diamonds upon glass
Carve silent tracks
Salty streams
To bathe flushed cheeks
In warming balm
Of sweet forgiveness
For all my sins


You are the drum
I am the beat
Drawn to your rhythm
Savouring the heat

With a single touch
Iím on sweet fire
Set me wildly aflame
A passionate pyre


Look in the mirror
And what do I see?
Experience and wisdom
Looking back at me


Destiny is for others
Those for whom the Gods
In capricious whim
Have a wicked purpose
What was written in the stars
Now in the heavens realigned
And I am left wandering
A soul long forgotten
Awaiting my time
Awaiting my rebirth
Not knowing what Iíll find...


Walk on the wild side
Animalistic passion


Be it Heaven or Hell
Life is what you make it
You can take a one way ticket
Or maybe spin in circles
Itís all up to you
And how you face it
Running from your demons
Tearing down the hill
Straight into Purgatory
A sad end to it all

📸Felicia Simion

I looked for you
In the dead of night
My dreams so haunted
Your touch so light

I hear your voice
Echoing still
That secret need
Stealing my will

Addicted to you
My secret craving
There is no escaping
There is no saving


His lips spilled promises
oh so sweet
I could not resist
I was too weak
And so he took me
By the hand
Beguiling my mind
With mysterious plans
I was completely
Under his spell
Mesmerised by his voice
Oh so swiftly I fell


Velvet brown
Dark as sin
With just one look
Iím drowning within

A wicked smile
Curl of the lip
Iím melting fast
Aching to sip

Can you feel it?
Hot and sweet
Driving me wild
A burning need


He was a fire banked
Embers aglow
But awaiting the scent
Of her sweet surrender
To arouse the beast
And seduce her below


How hard the Big Easy
Neath a Creole moon
As the Fleur-de-lys shines
& the voodoo dolls croon

Beads & brass bands
In the depth of the night
Intoxicate the city
Bathed in neon light

So take my hand
We'll swing til we're dead
Dance thru the night
Paint the town red
#PoemTrail 469

How silent the night
Beneath an #iridescent moon
Whether prey or predator
Her silver caress captures all
To enrapture and entrance


Itís a lonely road
To Hell and back
Strewn with memories
Fade to black

Where do dreams go?
As we awaken
Lost and forgotten
They are forsaken

In song & silence
We do remember
Those we loved
Each cold December

#image credit: Aesthetic

Dancing as if her emotions were exploding within
Unable to contain the seething cascade
Held down too long they were a keg awaiting the spark
And as the guitars played in fantastical rhythm
She unleashed the wildness within held too long in the dark

#SenseWrds 454

Surrender to me
In the misty veil
As the world falls away
Itís so surreal

With senses surrounded
Iím touching the void
Drowning in sensation
My will no more buoyed

Whirling in motion
Caught in your spell
Iím a unicorn dancing
All the way to Hell

📸I. am_ nah
#DarkLines 470

There once was a Roman named #Calculus
A big strapping fellow with a big strapping abacus

No one did it better in all sorts of weather
With fingers flying he summed hell for leather


Blues & back-roads
Always in my blood
Seeping from the soul
Saxophones do weep
Haunting my mind
Weaving a sultry spell
Iím drawn into their web
Surrounded by rhythm
Heart & bones tremble
To the addictive lure of
A New Orleans magician

📸1) Bruce Weber 2) Comstock

Morning in mourning
A veil of tears
The day of the funeral
Goodbye to those years
And the future ahead
Weíll not get the chance
Now that youíre dead
I love you still
My blessed friend
& forever shall remember
The smile in your eyes
Your heart so tender


Behind the light
Fading fast
A Summer feeling
Now in the past
& reminiscences
Of a time long gone
Names and faces
I try to remember
But in the sunset mystery
They are but embers
Fading so fast
The cruelty of dementia


The first thing I do, when waking up, is listen, just listen, to the chirping and singing of the glorious Dawn Chorus as the world awakens, too. 

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R1

For but a fleeting moment in endless millennia, it all came to a halt & silence reigned. The hum of traffic quietened to nothing and all we saw were vehicle-empty streets.  Then the world kick started spinning & streets filled again.

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R7

Joe, you look like a bum *striking a match to light the Marlboro dangling from his lip* do you even know what ďformalĒ means? *a cynical twist to my lips as I gave a cool once over to his casual ensemble* the flip flops will have to go!

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R8

A gentle nudge would be all it took
No one would know nor even look
Just one little push and over heíd fall
Heíd not see it coming - no chance to call
No kick in the ass for you my friend
Youíve had it coming - this is the end

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R3

With each breath upon my neck he coils my inner tension tighter, each word growled to my ear draws me closer to the edge. How expertly he holds me poised, teetering, begging until Iím falling into relaxed bliss held in the haven of his arms.

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R5

Each one so perfect, so singular & unique
So perfectly formed - each a mysterious wonder
Yet each so fleetingly fragile in its perfection
No carbon copy could ever do justice
To the magical mystery of our glorious Mother Nature

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R9

As the cacophonous world quietens, fades away, thereís just you & I here & so much to say.  But, as we share a long look, itís all left in the past, words not needed. It all comes down to this - memories & love & once upon a time...

#SlamWords #38thEdition #encore - R10 (final)


How blessed is
The gift of words
Expressing the complex
In kaleidoscopic imagery
Weaving tapestries of emotion
Drifting upon a flow of ink
Steered by sentiment
Writers chart a course
Straight to the heart
The very heart and soul
Of the spellbound reader


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