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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #585 on: July 17, 2020, 12:55:22 pm »
Long hot August nights
Deny illicit cravings
Your pleasure is mine


A quiet conversation
Where no one knows us
In some little bistro
Without any fuss

This feeling I get
Whenever you’re near
A bond invisible
Yet oh so clear

Intangible shadows
Cloaking our secret
Long lingering looks
No words are needed


Watch me walk away
The past a trailing anchor
Cast adrift and sunk

Tango at midnight
Lead me beneath silver stars
In rhythm in love


Desire is a flame
Nurture it to fiery life
Burn oh baby burn 🔥


Let my aching soul drift away
Upon gentle intertidal ruffles
Floating beneath crayola skies
I dream of you and fantasise
Of what may be in a perfect world
Beyond the misty caliginous shores
Where you can at last be mine
And I can be forever yours


Look no further now
Sleight of hand betraying hearts
Downfall of affairs


Look on the bright side
Happiness is infective
Smile and others smile


In the heat of his devouring gaze
Every night is just the same
I dance for him and none other
Gold is the shade of our exchange
He doesn’t speak nor do I
In this charade we do not lie
He is my protector in a cruel world
But when I dance my dreams unfold
#sensewrds 449

By the light of a silvery bashful moon
Shyly peeping from behind a cloud
Dance me to the far side of heaven
Far from the chaotic madding crowd


Down down down below
Underground shall we now go
Long lost forgotten souls
Vaults of seething dead
In the catacombs far below the street
Obsidian depths our eyes do seek
Looking for what I do not know
But I know it’s close
Down down down below

465 #DarkLines
📸Travis Grossen

“Drugs, my love?” her cool gaze resting for an instant upon my face

“#anathema to me” lips curling in wry self-mockery

“this is my only drug now” indicating her smouldering cigarette

“those days are a memory now”

then, after a humourless laugh

“a dark memory” 


She had the kind of looks that would stop a raging bull in his tracks, make him forget what he’d been raging about & want to give it all up an’ go roll in a field somewhere

She had the kind of acreage that a man could spend a lifetime sowing wild oats and cultivating


Of smoke and shadows shall U be
conjured from mysterious splintered reality

Ensnared fascination in a world gone mad
you’re a wicked illusion - a soul gone bad

So come lie with me in this cruel endless dream
 where everything is tumbled - not what it seems

#cornflower eyes
Cherry red lips
Cotton candy cheeks
Shadow dusted lids

Whatever you want
Is what she’ll be
Your private dancer
For all eternity

Within your mind
Obsidian depths
She’ll live forever
You have to accept



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