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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #570 on: July 06, 2020, 01:11:36 pm »
Let me be the one
you reach for
The one who
holds your secrets
The one who
knows what you need

Let me be the one
you dream of
The one who
holds your heart
The one who
you run too

Run with me
where the wild roses bloom
Run with me
where horizons give us room

This wild #escapade
weíre running on
Leaving it all behind
and weíre long gone


A rain of stars cascading
in diamond spills
of glittering profusion
Shimmering wonder
of Heavenís touch
entranced by the beauty
Consumed by the love
lost in temptationís kiss
A gift from above   
📸Margarita Kareva

Lilies of the Valley
Daisies of the Dead
Crown her brow in bloom
Her soul too soon now fled

#DarkLines 46
📸Alejandro Salazar

Dance without a care
Hungering for the sweet taste
Drench inhibitions



Far away and out of sight
Where the faeries dance
Beneath glittering stars
That shimmer and glow
To the beat of the heavens
And breathing starlight
Between soft heartbeats
Whispering lips wish magic
Harmony and peace
Upon a world so ill at ease

Breathe my name
A soft prayer in the night
Let it linger sweetly
Upon your lips so light


Unicorns prancing
Glittering in the gloaming
Sparkle and moon dust


A spray of sparks fountained from naked rims grinding upon wet tarmac as what was left of the truck careened out of control, lit from behind in the glare of the sudden explosion that blazed the night sky, leaving only destruction on its wake...

#SlamWords #37thEdition - R1/2/3


From splintered shadows that shift and slide in oily malevolence, demons spill forth and where fire and smoke collide they ripple and bloom in a dazzling display of cruel anticipation of the nightmare terrors unleashed upon a slumbering world...

#SlamWords #37thEdition - 4/5/6

In the ringing silence after the passionate storm has passed, the tension released in carnal pleasure, languishing in the aftermath: when the last glow fades then what comes next? When itís over could the past be forgotten or ever forgiven?

#SlamWords #37thEdition - R 7/8/9/10

Sensory fascination
Collision divine


The ash-dusted morning air hung heavy as a shroud, all life shattered and broken as the land... littered among the remains lay only remnants now of lives once lived in the basking rays of the sun, now swept away in the tsunami of pain...

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R 1/2

Jaded jewel
Once so bright
Aged now
Only seen at night
Streaks of faded colours
Her beauty once so clear
Now only seem to highlight
What about time there is to fear

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R3

Hot & hazy, the air hung thick as warm molasses that July night, the Spanish moss barely swaying and the feel of sweat trickling a carnal journey making you think of cool lips wreaking salacious havoc upon heated flesh as I lingered...waiting

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R4

Sweet temptation
I cannot resist
Iím a slave to sugar
With a strawberry twist

Cold as ice
Melts upon my tongue
Addictive craving
Iíll never be done

So one more scoop
Maybe two
Feed my hunger
Youíll be rewarded
If you do...💋

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R5

Tíwerenít nothiní I could put my finger on but he had a lazy kind of vibe as he moseyed on... never stoppiní long in any one place, you know? Just mindiní his own business, keepiní out of trouble but the ladies felt it... aní hungered...

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R6

Petrichor and roses
Scent of Summer

Beneath this oak
Shall I rest in peace

A swift rain weeps
Gentle tender balm

Grieve me not
For here shall I be

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R7

Soothed by silence
Such calming peace
My soul weeps for joy
At last I can rest

In the arms of Morpheus
Let me rock to sleep
Iíve found my haven
In his care shall I keep

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R8

Running from the law
Bourbon and bullets
These renegade days
Bandits and bravado
Are coming to an end
Nowhere to go
Backed into a corner
But weíve been in tighter
And lived to tell
But one of these outlaw nights
Theyíll send us straight to hell
#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore -R9

At the crossroads of history Destiny awaits
But Iím suddenly uncertain
Which direction should I take?

Should I stand or fall?
Am I right or am I wrong?
Once I head down that road
My honour may be gone

#SlamWords #37thEdition #encore - R10

Friday night down the docks
How cruel the floodlit pit
Where crimson flows
And bodies sweat
Razor sharp blades
Mortal flesh do meet
Knife Fight Night
Always drew a crowd
Bloodthirsty for more
Violent craving
Marking her prey
One by one
& her hunger grew

 #DarkLines 463


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