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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #570 on: June 27, 2020, 01:17:09 pm »
Dance with the Devil
Obsidian revelry
Demons in motion


We walk in the light
Trailing writhing shadows

...sashayingwith sinuous sensuality across the neon lit street to purr with licentious promise close into his ear, “whatever U want is yrs”, her dark liquid gaze slumbrous beneath the flickering street lamps “for the right price” crimson lips a dewy temptation...

#verseangel 377


A panther prowling the night
Searching the shadows for prey
Hungry for that first bite
The taste of sweet flesh
Running with blood
Slavering temptation
Senses on high alert
He’s alive with sensation

 #DarkLines 456
📸Saso Tusar


Make me no promises
Tell me no lies
Don’t play with my heart
Don’t drown in my eyes

My heart is my own
That’s how it shall be
You cannot dissuade me
My soul shall fly free

So take my hand
Escort me to the dance
But do not go further
In this you’ve not a chance


Thunder n lightning
Strobing illumination
Nature’s percussion


Within shadows
Dark and deep
She waits for you
Pleasure to seek

Secrets unspoken
Heart and soul
In the dead of night
Fantasies unfold

Footsteps echo
A key in the lock
With pulse rate soaring
A pistol she cocks

#PoemTrail  458

📸Yossi Kotler

“We’ll meet again
Don’t care where
Don’t care when”
Lingers sweetly upon the air
Serenading my mind
With haunting memories
Flowing images of faces
A past slowly fading
A time when we were
All in it together

#SenseWrds 440

Lavender twilight
Obsidian addiction
All consuming fire


Hungry & silent
They come in the night
Ravenous wolves
To savour my plight
Haunting memories
In tumbling flow
Prick at my memory
Tear at my soul
Within my mind
I feel him inside
Watching in silence
Awaiting his prize
I’m the moth
He’s the flame
A secret craving
I call his name

Gentle healing balm
Sweet benediction
A moment of bliss
Heaven’s soft kiss
When all is madness
Chaos and fire
I take a deep breath
And my fears expire
Kissed by rain
Cleansing baptism
My soul is refreshed
Through a glittering prism
📸Daria K. Ritch

Seduce my craving
Feed my hungry addiction
You know you want to


“no promises” she whispered, her palm pressed against his lips

“I’ll take the here and now” her liquid gaze soft upon him

“if that’s all I can have of you...” her words trailing to nothing


Tempestuous will
Furious churning maelstrom
Wrath of vengeful gods


From out of the mist
Slow riding they came
Choosing their path
This was no game

Reiving their skill
Skulduggery their aim
Rich pickings to take
The land set aflame

Jingle of harness
Pike and sharp sword
By the light of the moon
They’ll lift the herd


How #verdant the land
Once called my home
Blooming and golden
Oh why did I roam?

So far have I journeyed
From the place of my birth
Yet still my heart yearns
4 the scent of the earth

The land where I took
My first trembling steps
A paradise in memory
A haven to me


Bleeding the blues in crimson streams
His six string lover comes alive in his hands
In tender adoration he softly strums
Coaxing rhythms sublime for an aching heart
As lyrical lines purr sweetly upon the night
And a city in rhapsody vibrates 2 the notes
📸Andrew Hawes

The endless fall
Until sweet oblivion
Swallows my soul

Wrapped in grace
A rapturous prayer
I taste the divine
Pure and rare

And in that moment
When all seems lost
Hope breaks free
And all is not lost



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