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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #570 on: June 12, 2020, 01:52:01 pm »
#dreamcatcher reveries
Fantasies of the heart
What I wish for
In the depths of night
You capture
Hold safe
Til I see the light

The night comes alive
Neon ricochet bright
They’re coming for you
Lighting up the night

Run, baby, run
As fast as you can
The tracers will find you
Bullets from a gun

Shapes and shadows
Echoes and screams
Blood on the cobbles
Brutal death foreseen

#DarkLines 451
📷Ryan Oswick

A conscience stained
In scarlet ink
Whispers of lust
Passion and slink

Souls and flesh
Alike become one
Craving and addiction
Flaming combustion

Colliding & breaking
Apart fall the rules
Burning desires
Molten lava quickly pools

📷Caras Ionut

Over the fence
Where the wild poppies grow
My thoughts go dancing
Among hawthorn hedgerows

Birds and wild flowers
Sweet meadow grass
Summer time blossoms
The hours slowly pass

(📷Chris Barbalis)
#poemtrail 451

Early in the morning
When roseate dawn is rising
With creeping fingers of light
Chasing the dark away
The very air hangs still
As if the land holds her breath
For but a long drawn out moment
Before silence is broken
And bird song sweetly sounds
And all is ...perfect


Upon the edge
Deeply breathing
Eyes shut tight

Everyone pushing
Everyone pulling
My mind spiralling
Utter confusion

Cannot step back
Afraid to go forward
Frozen in place
Make a decision

One step
Two steps

If I fall...
What if
I fly?


Wild country pursuits
Nature’s bountiful heaven
Tranquil meadowland


Fleeting memories
Snapshots of my life
Linger yet within my mind
Fading from sepia to black and white

Faces I can still recall
The names long forgotten
Haunt my imagination
Old friends I’m sure to meet again

#blackdahliaprose 558

Shrouded in grief
She mourns
Lost and alone
She trembles
Silent and pale
She stands
Feeling his presence
His breath upon her neck
The noose tightening
Within her mind
Rasping words growl
“not even in death shall we part”
And a tear falls...

📷el tracador del luz

#darklines 452

Lingering whispers
Smouldering eyes
Caressing touches
Slow burning fires

He came in the night
Answering my prayers
His arms wrapping tight
How passions did flare

No promises made
How could this last?
I lived in the moment
Nothing further was asked...


#hydrangea Road was where she lived
A quiet cul-de-sac in a quiet village
Everyone knew everyone else
With a lovely sense of community spirit


Too far and too fast
Look away and you’ll miss life
Open your eyes wide


#buckshot n bourbon
Hell of a night
He’s a nightmare walking
Looking for a fight

If you see him coming
Get out of his way
Better still, I warn you
Go another way

Been a long time coming
He’d finally had enough
He’d bring the war to them
Things were going to get rough


Mournful wraith upon a moonless night
Her path meandering where no steps follow
Veiled in mist she treds soft upon dusty petals
Ever waiting for her once-true love
Caught betwixt the worlds unresting
And so her ghost walks...still


Leaving behind all that we knew
Taking that leap into the blue
Finding freedom in just letting go
Escaping the past - reap what we sow

#SlamWords #36thEdition R1

On into the distance
Rolling curves lead to
Ever more open vistas
Excited to explore

With no map to follow
Just going with the flow
I’m like tumbleweed blowing
Along the open road

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R4

Jumping at the chance
Never thinking twice
A leap of faith I’m taking
Not caring of the price...

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R9

Holding on to a dream
I’ve not a one
This time I’m taking control
I’ll be dead before I’m done

#SlamWords #36thEdition - R10

Miles and miles of open road
My journey a long one
My conscience a heavy load

Choose a direction
Make a decision
It doesn’t really matter
My mind cloudy of vision

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R1

“flip a coin” he tossed, smirking with insolence, his close set eyes taunting - knowing I needed a set of wheels and wondering just how far I’d got to get them...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R2

“looking for adventure, little lady?” the voice growled close from the shadows but were swiftly followed by a gurgling sound as his larynx was crushed by a merciless unseen force. “nope” she tossed, her black as night gaze aglow...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R4

Moonshine running was in my blood, the back ways & byways familiar as the back of my hand but this time it was different. The Feds were all over us like flies on a corpse and the scenic routes wouldn’t be our saviour this time....

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R5

When the wind sings, my soul soars.  It whispers of freedom and far reaching horizons where time is subjective and means nothing...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R7

Running on nothing but empty, yet still I ran, never looking back for what was back there? Only bridges left burning, the stench of the pyres still coating my throat, eyes raw with strain I raced on into the night...

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R8

“follow the horizon” the old man said but I should’ve known never trust a drunk even if he was an old friend.  Who knew finding a haven would be so hard? No one here to trust & sure as hell no one would miss me but I’d been running so long

#SlamWords #36thEdition #encore - R10

Show me the dark side of your smile
Whisper of wicked things worth my while
Tempt me from the good path unto the bad
Make me forget everything that made me sad



Just another maybe in a long line
Of what ifs and if only
Just another lost opportunity
Another chance to win it all
Staring out at an empty void
Wouldn’t it be easier to let myself fall?


Fleeting sensations that soothe my soul
Cascading waterfalls of quiet solitude
Amidst shade dappled meadows
And murmuring crystal streams
There shall you find me
Quietly dreaming

#sensewrds 437

A New York minute
Frenetic going places
Forgetting to breathe




Blessed with an unexpected gift
Of glittering ribbons of starlight
Moon dust and diamonds
We danced beneath the heavens
And counted our blessings

📸Felicia Einsty


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