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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #570 on: May 24, 2020, 02:24:37 pm »
Flowing shadows spilled across the room, chasing amber shades of sunset in a glorious dash for the freedom of the door, warming a path for but a fleeting moment the ivory flesh of the sleeping figure upon the bed...

#sensewrds 425

📸Annie Peng
My isolation
Blissful tranquil oasis
Time to be myself


Those hours I did while away
Dreaming of a better day

Watching clouds pass on by
Scudding in a brilliant sky

Where have our dreams gone?
Did they melt away as ice Ďneath the sun?


Beneath the mask you always wear
Beats the heart of someone who deeply cares
Tis just a front - a cruel masquerade
A cloak you wear to keep you safe
I feel the pain you try to conceal
Please let me inside so you can heal

#VerseAngel 346


Rainbows and unicorns
Brightly shine and dance
Kaleidoscopic brilliance
Dazzling the curious mind
Chasing away grey clouds
Until all thatís left
When allís said and done
Is the soaring dove of hope


Waking dreams comfort
Insomniac nightmares haunt
Living on the edge


With nothing but lipstick
And a luminous crimson smile
She lured them so close
With her beauty she beguiled

A Queen Bee in her element
Reigning supreme
No one could eclipse her
She was living the dream

#verseangel 349

Breathe with me now
Gentle and slow
Let the worries
Of this world
From your shoulders
Swiftly flow
Tomorrow shall come
But today is still here
Enjoy what you have
Donít borrow unknown fears


Reaping the wild wind
Watching them come
From the East they flowed
We dared not run

With nowhere to run
Here making a stand
With backs to the wall
Theyíd not take our land

Riding hurricanes of horror
Screaming banshees came down
Savage as locusts
Devouring our town


So many thoughts
Tumbling and spinning
Wild confusion within
Did I misunderstand?
Was it all a game?
Cruel masquerade
The wrong impression
Tis not a mistake
Iíll ever make again

#verseangel 351

A free spirit dancing
Floating on a breeze
Her spirit ever flying
Captivating everyone
Smiling wild flower eyes
Above lips always smiling
She is sunrise perfection
Happiness and light


If only we could
Then of course
We would
Indulge nocturnal desires
In written words
That we could keep
And savour at will
When the hours are long
And the nights are still
Late night confessions
We dare not speak
Unrequited longings
For each other
We seek


Silken gravelled tones
Strumming my senses
Luring my mind
To the darker side
Where passions consume
Drawing me further
His voice beckons
Drowning in sensation
Addicted & craving
Lost to the rapture
Beguiled by the beast
This maze of insanity
They call falling in love



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