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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: October 18, 2019, 09:14:05 am »
Age is a number
Attitude style emotions
Those are what matter


Sublime composition of words and #music
As we danced with the stars amongst the heavens
Lost in his arms the night was so pure
A diamond shining in the velvet of night


Beware the hunter in the shadows
Watching with interest everything you do
Cloaked in darkness & silent as the grave
He bides his time in masquerading secrecy
Divining your thoughts with malevolent glee
Until ripe is the time for your violent demise

 #DarkLines 393
📸Conor Rabbet

Rolling thunder shouts
Lightning blinds and skies shatter
The Gods are fighting


House of Horrors welcomes U
Step right up n pay the due
One soul down, maybe two
By the time we’re done
You’ll feel a new U
Smoke & mirrors - sleight of hand
Warped perceptions for you R planned
Trapped inside with nowhere to run
I bet U wished U’d brought your gun


Unto my last breath
As the light dims then goes out
I’ll remember you


Heart for sale
No love inside
One careful owner
Who withered
And died🥴

Buyer beware
For there is a curse
But we won’t talk of that
Or things could get worse😳

Finders keepers
If you would dare
To test your mettle
Maybe try a prayer🤔

#PureDoe 64

📸Toon Hertz

Appetites were in excess
Decadence was the thing
Who was counting the cost?
Of the Queen and her King

Diamonds and rubies
Satin & silk
She bathed in the cream
Of a thousand asses milk

It had to end
This luscious life
At the end of the road
At the end of a knife

#verseangel 305

Starlight is silver
Gleaming like ice way on high
Too far out of reach


With angels I walked
Once upon a time
Through fields of gold
When life was fine

Now I’m in darkness
The lights have dimmed
Madness is coming
I’m drowning in sin

A once golden god
In gleaming splendour
Has turned his back
No more our defender

394 #DarkLines
 (📸Luke Southern)

What scares you most?
What haunts your mind?
We’re scratching the surface
See what’s lurking beneath
Skin crawling fears
That rise & consume
Strange & unsettling
We enter the room
Where glazed eyes stare
A bizarre display
I’m already regretting
This dare

#MadCarnival #madverse

Dark and dangerous
Seductive words steal my heart
Carnal addiction

#haikulust #haiku

Grey to silver
Copper to gold
May our love never fade
And never grow old

Seasons change
Nothing ever permanent
Yet our love remains constant
A bright star in our firmament


Macabre shapes mould in variety
Lurking in shadows without sobriety
Silent they glide from grave to grave
Searching epitaphs for names engraved
They seek the one who brutally put them there
Deep in the ground that day without a care


Midnight arrival
Sweet scandalous seduction
Paranormal love


I thought I lost you
My guiding light now back
Together again


The door whined in protest
Rusty bolts grating loudly
Echoing footsteps without
Corporeal reality drag a path
Across a dust laden floor
As hidden eyes within damp walls
Watch in covetously fascination
The fire spirit arrive to burn
The cruel world alive 🔥


Living for the rush
Excitement firing my blood
Dancing on the edge


These #pearls you offer
Strung with such care
Gleam in the moonlight
Almost alive neath your stare
This covetous pleasure
Stolen and so precious
Just between us
Both carnal and delicious


Wistful notes upon my ancient harmonica
Outlaw blues played in very slow time
Each night I play a gentle melancholy air
That hangs in the broken silence of twilight
My melancholy tribute that all in love is fair


Aching need that burns
Unquenching lust craving more
Desperate hunger


You’re the voice in the dark
When the day is done
And the lights are dimmed
And we’re all alone

Peeling back the layers
One by one they shred
Secrets & lies
Fall by the wayside
Remnants of the dead
Obsessed with the dark
She dwells in the occult
Consumed by mystery
Immersed in the macabre
Where ghouls still lurk
Talking with the dead
Veiled in murk

I’ve walked with ghosts
Heard their voices in the wind
Their touch in the cold stone
Together we’ve explored
These ancient paths
Our worlds almost touching
Yet spinning on by through time

Tricks in abundance
Mischievously playing hearts
Cupid has gone rogue


She turns tricks while he
Slugs rotgut whisky from jugs
Hurting each other


He forgot his ring
Cruel bedside betrayal
Does his conscience itch?



Anticipation burns
Acquiesce to ecstasy
Succumb to desire


A single white feather
Bereft upon the floor
He softly closes the door
Falls the snow quietly outside
Of wings taking to flight
In silence I watch him rise
Tears glisten in my eyes
To remember the long hot night

Love him or hate him
Ephemeral emotions
Dandelion hopes



“All is forgiven”
Whispered words
Fall gently
As soft kisses
Upon lips
Once cruel
Now cold
A single rose
Faded yet
Still thorny
I place
Upon his chest
“You can’t hurt me now”
I turn
A single tear
Tracking my cheek


Gossiping fish wives
Loquacious tongues spill poison
Loyal ears dismiss


#darkness falls
But I fear it not
For the shadows
And shades
Are my friends

Children of the Night
Come circle round
For tonight we run
Our prey to ground


Self immolation
Lustful combustion for two
To ashes we burn 🔥



This hold you have
Upon my soul
‘‘Twas #inevitable
The heavens aligned
The gods did smile
And I was yours
For a loving while
No more #unrequited
We became one
From that day forward
The deal was done


Take me hard in hand
Whip me to a frenzied storm
Let me feel the burn🔥


Drawn by a haunting melody
Surreal surroundings emerged
Through a white misty veil
Creatures skulked in corners
Fleeing with a scream
Then I dared 2 believe
This was no dream
Courting madness I called
The Devil 2 my side
We danced the night away
On demons did we ride

Bittersweet tangled memories
Tumble through my mind
Stirring whispers of the past
A smorgasbord of emotions
Those locks now unpicked
Releasing my demons
The mirage I thought safe
Dissolved in an instant
In emotional purgatory
I barter for my soul

#BardBits 413



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