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Re: Winter's Tales
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That meeting of the boy & girl, was in 1611 or 1612. They became close friends. Sometime over the next 4 years, they both fell in love. By then, copies of the KJV of the Bible had come to the colonies, and the two read to each other on the trail. The girl's father had become a merchant in Jamestown, and was wealthy. The boys father farmed, and boarded other town folks horses, but was hard pressed to acquire any riches. When the parents became aware of the children's feelings for each other... the girl's father was not happy. By 1617, he had decided to send his daughter back to England, on a merchant ship, to live with her aunt. The boy was heart broken, and wrote to his 'love' almost every day. She received a few letters, but most were intercepted by her aunt. In 1622, the native Indians attacked the town of Jamestown, and the young man was killed. One of over 400 that dark day. The young girl, at home in England never received another letter, and thought the young man had forgotten her.

"It was a cold evening in late March, by the Julian calendar, a Friday. That morning the last snow of the season had fallen, tho I would never know it. The natives came, unannounced as they always did, to trade turkeys and deer meat, berries and furs... for metal tools and 'fire'. Nothing seemed different than the last time they came. But shortly, I felt your presence, and could almost hear your voice... trying to warn me. The violence of the natives, using our own weapons and tools against us, was confounding and didn't seem real. I was thinking, I've fallen asleep, and this was just a nightmare. Then I was gouged by the small sword and knew. In the end, I was not bitter, as in my dying moments.... my thoughts were of you. ❤️


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