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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: September 22, 2019, 01:13:02 pm »
Slam of a door
Key in the lock
Fresh start for me
Time to depart

Where shall I go?
What to do now?
Who do I know?
Whatever life will allow

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 1
Smoother than velvet
Hotter than sin
His words like honey
They drew me slowly in

Shouldíve known better
Or so I believed
But that lothario seduced me
Boy was I deceived!

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 4
Should I stay?
Swallow my pride?
Or leave right now
Turn the tide?
Which one is best?
My mind is aswirl
About to explode
Make a choice, dammit!
Just pick a road!

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 3
Willow fronds drifting
Lazy and mellow
While sweet waters babble
Beside wildflower meadows

Here shall I lie
Beneath Summer skies
As clouds in billow
Float high in the sky

#SlamWords #27thEdition 9
Joint was jumpiní
That hot July night
Bourbon was flowing
Poor sap was doomed
From the first look
To the last ball
Watched him sweat

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 5
Here we are
Once again
Face to face
Familiar refrain

Life repeats
If we but see it
Again and again
Too blind to see it

But not this time
A new perspective
Is what I need
Iíve become too introspective

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 6
Dream Weaver
Where do U hide?
Spreading yr magic
In my mindís eye

Free falling spirits
Whispering wind
Mysterious magic
The secrets within

Of a hiding heart
2 caged 2 live
U reveal much
Allow it 2 give

Yesterday today
A new start
1 step forward
To opening my heart

So fiercely he stood
Sword clasped in hand
Eyes ready for blood
And mine at that
With first a step
Then another
He advanced on me
ďBold move, my brotherĒ
I goaded with insolence
Watching for weakness
In this our deadly dance

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 7
Magpie eyes devour
Glitter & shine
Baubles & gems
Sparkling in sunshine

A pirates ransom
Before my eyes
Awaiting the taking
Million dollar prize

Deny it all you want
But money always talks
And this is calling my name
So toward it I shall walk

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore 8
Lost in the dark
Drawing a blank
Compass broken
My boat now sank
Drowning slowly
Disappearing world
How cold and lonely
To a shy nervous girl

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 9

Oh we laughed
Maybe cried
Along the way
All that we tried
Both good and bad
The highs and lows
Weíve experienced them all
Travelling this road
From beginning to end
Letís all take a bow
And raise our ink swords
To the wonderful #SlamWords

#SlamWords #27thEdition #encore - 10
Witchcraft in crimson
Sultry gaze surrendering
Hot combustion

Confessions in Church
Holy water to purify
Sunday sinners kneel


Eastern wind caress
Casbah infused senses sigh
Oasis delights


Fingertip scrawl designs loveís young dream
Tender and soft upon skin a silken cream
Unlacing her bows with aching precision
He presses soft kisses in adoring admiration
Pinafore ribbons fall in tumbling profusion
Her shattering eyes offering Heavenís illusion


Torn out
Anchors away
Without compass
Upon horizons
Without name
Iím a shadow walking
Sick of the game


When ghosts speak the universe waits
A resonating solitude lingers
The air suffused with unquiet secrets
Swirling in a suffocating miasma
While far beneath still waters
That opaque depths conceal
Pain and mourning writhe
In absolutionís chains surreal

📷Dylan Furst

Among the stars
Shining bright
I spun for eons
Around the light
Always hoping
Never knowing
Would we meet again
That it wasnít the end
I heard yr voice
Within my heart
It wasnít a dream
It was the start
Fall & Iíll catch U
Hold U so close
Remembering the past
That very 1st rose

Nocturnal notes chime gently
Stirred by gentle breezes ethereal
Tree shadows move in graceful waves
Designing mysterious patterns
Thrown by salt water sunset rays
That linger through an Autumnal dusk
To bathe the work in a rhapsodic glow


Beware the temptation of the Devil in Blue
Waves of satin drape curves of pure sin
With one hip roll sheíll fell you like an oak
Along the forest path beneath midnight skies
The depths of her ocean soul untapped
Yet moon shallow breaths betray her craving

Iím coming around again
Wave as I pass by

#lunar madness calls
The wolf within loudly howls
Scent of blood beckons


That first love so real
#somersault emotions churn
Crash and burn too fast

#Lustful loins aching
Burgeoning desires heighten
Carnal cavorting


The witching hour
Or so they call it
When desires stir
And passions rouse

Neon lights bathe
Passionís dark dance
Two strangers locked
In tango erotica embrace

Lost in their world
Where none can intrude
Entwined and devoured
A salacious interlude

📸 Aesthetics
#carnalverse 256

Tasting passion
Hot liquid heat
The flames build
Conflagration peaks

Quench the fire
Skin upon skin
Drenching desire
Sin upon sin

Pleasure upon pleasure
Always craving the bite
The whip lashing burn
Of your butter soft leather

📸Anatol Misnikou
#CarnalVerse 256

Timeless beauty caught
Precious #amber gems glisten
Natureís bounty found


Forbidden desires
Sweet mysterious secrets
Longing denial


Pumpkin spice
And all things nice
Scent of woodsmoke
Wafting upon the breeze
The end of Summer
Saying goodbye
But Halloween awaits
Apple cider and bonfires
Fall calls us home
Thanksgiving and family
Then itís Christmas
The very best time of all

 #BardBits 286

Dark desires betray a dark mind
An angry soul howling his betrayal
Vengeance sought in bloody retribution
For the devastation of the heart torn away
While the soul is left screaming in mutilation

#ashverse 36

The slow descent
Spiralling downward
A beautiful madness
Of whispering voices
Stirring crazy doubts
Shimmering echoes
A soul once devout
The art of drowning
Sinking with style
While waving goodbye
And wearing a smile

📸1)Brooke Shaden 2)Luca Dahl

Find someone who quiets all of the voices in your head
From the whispering conscience to the strident worrier
Whoíll soothe them all with love to sibilant silence
Wrapping me close within the safe haven of your arms

Thank you to @QuiteTheCurious for the inspiration 👏
Ephemeral memories of love
Echo still within my mind
Though now you are gone
The space so empty beside me
That once you filled with life
Warms my soul when I remember
Your touch and the laughter
The all encompassing beauty of you


As the universe spun
Mysterious confusion
I held you so close
Caught in rapturous illusion
Feeling your heat
Your breath on my skin
My heart skipped a beat
As my eyes drank you in
My love from the future
My desire from the past

Yearning hearts die hard
Wonít give up no way no how
Hope fires the craving

Imagine my smile
Crimson lips curving softly
Inviting a kiss


Whisky rough words growled
Smouldering gaze devours
Unadulterated passion spills
In carnal temptation
Throwing shadows cavorting
In wild abandon upon neon walls
As windows shield curious eyes
From such outrageous desires

#verseangel 300

Awareness deepens
Trip stumble and fall in love
Consuming desire


Every breath
Every beat
Every thought
Turns to you

In my #marrow
In my veins
In my blood
All for you

Your touch
Your voice
Your scent
Everything is you


Hazy lazy days of Summer
Amidst meadows sweet
Blooms bursting with blossom
Seduce the mind with scent
Lay me down whispering love
Heat of the sun upon us
Sip strawberry wine from my lips
While grazing fingertips trace
Seduction on dew drenched skin

#CarnalVerse 258

Splendour in the grass
Beneath Summer skies
Long lingering looks
Desire in her eyes

Feed her passion
Fulfill the craving
Be the lover she needs
Her consummate haven

#CarnalVerse 258
Bathed in neon
The city sighs
Crimson relief
Acquisitive eyes

Donít stop now
Feel the rhythm
The night is envious
Sensuality a given

Curtains wide
The view unshielded
Let yourself go
The watchers unheeded

📸BodyStock Photography

#CarnalVerse 258

The flame of desire burns even hotter
This sweet trepidation before we meet
That tightens the sinews of my heart
To sultry knots of lustful craving
With sensations effervescing
Cascading drenching Autumn rain
Saturating balm for a parched core



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