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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: September 07, 2019, 05:52:09 am »
He hung the moon
Silvered jewel
In a stardust sky
Because she asked

#BardBits 355

Captivating in every detail
The very essence of beauty
Gracious in her caring touch
Harmonious and passionate
For the crown she wore
Wherever in this land she went
This sceptred gem of an isle
She gave of herself so much
A gilded yet invincible reign

#BardBits 356
Fathoms deep
Yo ho ho!
The Devils Deep
Where mermaids roam
For he who would dare
Thrill seeking search
Treasures lie there
Amidst Dead Men’s bones
That only the bold
& greedy of soul
Shall brave the depths
For the addiction of gold

Image = Aesthetics
I see you quietly standing
Within shifting shadows deep
#Lingering without moving
What’re you waiting for?
Is moving on so difficult?
What is it here you still cling to?
Silent yet watchful I feel you
A guardian angel but for whom?
Or a reaper waiting to guide? Me?

I breathe
I close my eyes
I feel the kiss of a breeze
I lay back and gaze at the skies
Reflected focus of all that can be
In a perfect world for you & me
Where there is calm and
Sweet tranquility

Farewell, my love, farewell
Sweet sorrow shall be my friend
For now until we meet again

#ashverse sp32

In the sweet quiet secretive hours
Lost somewhere twixt dusk and dawn
Two souls converge where none can see
In the erotic shadow dance too long denied
This grindingly slow seduction of the mind
That feeds the craving of carnal addiction

#CarnalVerse 249

The legends foretell
Or so I believe
That what we desire
We may not receive
Within those hearts
That once did beat
Where angels walk
Silent & unseen
Hushed & abandoned
Delayed empty vessels
We pray for them
& the Demons they wrestle

📷John C. Wright (Forest Angel)


How #brightly the sun does shine today
Troubles and worries all fading away
So let’s raise a glass to a weekend of fun
Chilling in the garden & the barbecue done

Sin spilling desire
Object of forbidden lust
Pity my longing


A wasteland does sorrow make
Of a tortured soul encased in ice
This empty belonging cast aside
Betrayal of a love left far behind
So damn what I’m becoming
Curse this spirit yearning to be free
Tomorrow is but a whispered promise
Fragile delicate precious & ethereal

#ashverse 33
Echoing dreams of a time long ago
Siren songs sing of SINday delights
Swirling mysteriously within my mind
To seduce the soul to euphoric rapture


In tangled laughter we entwine
Lips spilling scarlet ink promises
Upon untouched porcelain flesh
The soupy fog of sweet uncertainty
Ever deepening as hours unfold
Releasing scented jasmine virtues
Beneath a star scattered night sky

The sweet with the sour
Duality of nature
Calls to the soul
Evoking emotions
The passion and fire
The addiction and desire
What lies beneath
Hidden from view
Is the fragility and power
That lives within you

📷Melanie Furtado (Divine Feminine bas-relief art)

Sometime lies hide
The deepest truths
Between the cracks
Within broken breaths
On the other side
Of you and fear
Awaits a dawning hope
But whisper it softly
Comforting cashmere
Wraps a heart beating
Innocent and pure
The anticipation so fleeting


Twas in the #gloaming
That special time
When I saw him first
Afore he was mine

With eyes so black
And hair such too
He drew me in
I was his to do

So bid me farewell
I have to leave
Remember me fondly
Tis no time to grieve

📷The Gloaming by Nightt-Angell
Leaves #rustle underfoot
Hastening steps beat a tattoo
Trailing blood still stains

“Bit #presumptuous”

#what, I’m just sitting here”

“Yeah, but you’re on my front porch”

“Oh, I didn’t know it was yours”

“And you’re drinking my beer”

“Didn’t know that either”

“And yet you’re still just sitting here and drinking it”


A heart possessed
A soul consumed
Angelic protection
In a world marooned
Where madness flows
An unstemmed tide
Terror eclipsing
In a roller coaster ride
To touch the divine
To reach the stars
This captured essence
Of everything we are


Satiate my mind
Whisper my name to the stars
Wrap me in crimson

#haikulust #haiku
They’re not the kind of calling cards a gal likes to receive 😈

Chocolates I’d prefer
Roses too would be nice
But not so much a body
Left still chilling on ice


Dance upon my grave
Shake rattle and roll devil
Killing time and me


Wistful wishes
This time for me
Set finally free
To spread my wings
Start over again
Look to the future
Wide open horizons
So watch me fly
Take that leap
I’m now in charge
My fortune to seek


My dark passenger
Always there
Goading emotions
Stirring hate
Igniting fear
I’ve given enough
Count my scars
Bereft of hope
I’m breaking down
Memories of dreams
Torment me still
I cannot go on
My soul so cold
Jealously killed

📷G. Basura

A hop a skip and a great big jump
Building excitement making blood pump
A blind leap of faith into the future

#SlamWords #27thEdition


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