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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: August 17, 2019, 02:54:06 pm »
Stained with madness divine
I walk the land that is mine
My doomed soul burned black
Raw and bitter poisonous crack
Spreading poison with venomous ease
Death trails in my wake
                                           A carpet of morbid disease

375 #DarkLines
📷Ian Espinosa
Celestial stars grace the beautiful darkness
A purity of purpose across the heavens
Unveiling the divine feminine of destiny
Foretold in mysterious prophecies
Translated by ageless Magi hermits
Lost among the illustrious mountains

📷1)Lindsay Rapp 2)Flora Borsi
Rumours ran like #wildfire
Burning goodwill to cinder
I ran so far yet not far enough
Unable to outrun the conflagration
That devoured my prints to ash

Lost in veils of misty tranquility
Where songbirds sing and willows grow
Clandestine assignations are sweetly made
Between curious strangers no one will know

#blackdahliaprose 434
How sharp the dagger
Tool of your wicked deceit
To pierce a soft heart


We left the world behind
Ran until we ran out of road
Never once looked back
Blessed days we now call our own


Bound for #glory
Flags unfurled
They road into legend
Brave and true
With naked steel flashing
They flowed downhill
Their foe now turning
A brutal time to kill
As Autumn leaves fell
Shrouding the fallen
A shot echoed loud
A victorious yell


Frosted stars
Cold and distant
Guard amethyst secrets
Throughout eternity
Charcoal sins
Tarred reputations
Bittersweet betrayals
Cruel deceptions
Rumbling echoes
Spilling over
Threading thru time
Always there
Traitorous poison
Treacherous blood


Crimson lips whisper
Curling tongues dance
Salacious seduction
Wrapped in tangled touch
While silent mirrors watch
And motions turn urgent
Tempestuous desires
Become rampant needs
Drenched sensations
Locked in licentious exploration

#CarnalVerse 245

Walk with me, now
To the Bridge of Tears
And there shall we pause
Amidst this forest mine
Where mystery & magic
In psyche deeply embedded
Do swirl in the waters
That rush far below
Sweeping melancholy
To where weeping willows grow

#NatureVerse 175

2-Frederic Oger

A #shell of a man
All that was left
When they pulled him out
Of the hornets nest
That hell torn ground
Nothing now
Behind his eyes
Damnation and guilt
Still terrorise
The spirit now lost
But not quite dead
He’ll return
When he’s ready
And his ghosts
Laid to rest

Brewing tempest
Boiling skies
It’s now or never
The Four Horsemen ride

Into the storm
From the East
To Hell and back
We race the Beast

On a lonely road
Where crossroads meet
We’ll make a stand
Or die on our feet

📷Evgeny Kuklev
“Cherry Blossom Thunder”
Stranger names out there
Breezing through life
With sandalwood charm
She’s a joyous soul dancing
Through everyone’s lives
Her honeysuckle breath
Tempting the beguiled
As patchouli potions
In luscious scents
Sooth stressful worries away


Super size me, please
No such thing as much too big
Just give it to me!


Bullets rained
Lead confetti
Black on black
Frown on frown
The cops came running
A banging on the door
We made a quick exit
Stampede on the floor
That was the night
Oh what night
And we left ‘em hanging
Begging for more

An #explosion of colour
Psychedelic extravaganza
Bursting brilliance
Exuberant hues
Rainbows n unicorns
Fantasy in motion
A captivating wonderland
In glorious confusion


His touch orchestrated a #symphony of sensation
Playing upon alabaster skin with dexterous skill
A maestro of perfection in tune with my desire


Memories linger behind spellbound eyes
So many whispers haunting my mind
Of an Avalon where Merlin’s advice
In soft portent did ominously foretell
The fall of Arthur to Destiny’s sword
That no crystal ball could mysteriously reveal



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