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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #555 on: August 04, 2019, 12:15:29 pm »
Calculating minx
Spinning seductive intrigue
Meaning not a word


Time and time again
From dawn to dusk
Enraptured I stand
Cascading emotions
Rich with memory
Flood my mind
Drenching my soul
Cast in moonlight
Pale and ethereal
I whisper your name
But there is no answer
Only the sighing wind
Through mourning willows

This wicked game we play each night
Tormenting each other knowing it’s not right
Secrets and shadows are where we meet
Bound to those rules that give us no peace
This is so wrong yet still feels so good
Denying ourselves nothing while caught in the mood

Bewitching courtesans in fragrant display
Beautify this world as colourful bouquets
Smouldering eyes and captivating Cupid’s
Do play love’s game among luscious orchids

Moth to the flame
She drew them in
One by one
Addicted to sin

Too hot to handle
Some did get burned
Unmanned and bitter
Cast off and spurned

Yet still she glowed
Radiant and serene
A jewel beyond price
Coveted as any queen

The night shields
What the heart craves
Enfolding velvet
Black as sin
Wraps sweetly around
This world we’re in
Flesh on flesh
Skin on skin
Bathe in our heat
Cascading emotion
Sensations coil
Hot blood pools
Heart beats pound
The closer we pull

#CarnalVerse 242
Enamoured devotion
Written in the stars
Pledging our love
The future is ours

Hatred and lies
We left far behind
They cannot poison
This love we did find


Dance me away under a midnight moon
Waltz me unto paradise bewitched by stars
Wrapped in the safe haven of your strong arms
This silver light enchantment is forever ours

#moonmystic 18
In the dead of night
When the north wind blows
Hammering at the doors
Rattling all the windows
Then do I curl in upon my side
Hugging my pillows close
Beneath blankets I try to hide
Missing your heat
The feel of you near
Then do I feel you
Comforted without fear

All that I am
I give to you
All that I will be
I devote to you
In your eyes
I am more
Than I ever dreamt
You arms the safe haven
My soul was seeking

#BlackDahliaProse 431

Our secret hideaway
Hidden from view
The world shut out
It’s just we two

Where none can see
Or know we’re there
This is our place
Our canyon of privacy


Catching moments
Fluttering gently
Float on by
Dream weaver butterflies
Precious n delicate
Barely there
Then gone
Chromatic horizons
Bejewelled brilliance
Chase out the dark
Let in the light
A brand new day
A new life

Many rooms has my cavernous mind
Some open while some are locked
Secrets lurk in shadowed corners
Waiting to trip the unwary thought
Enslaving forever a guilty conscience
Trapped in a #cellar black as Hell


In my heart I give you absolution
But my mind argues against redemption
Be grateful you’re not on trial risking your life
Nor that am I the jury toying with a legal knife


Whisper your desire
Wrap your tongue around your wish
Carnal lust satisfied


Time is upon us
Fate plays her hand
Destiny awaits us
Let’s take a stand

One day at a time
Or so we thought
The sands have run out
The ending we sought

Look to the front
Heed not what’s behind
The future before us
The stars have aligned



Split second timing
Blink of an eye
Monster had it coming
The guy had to die

Finger on the trigger
Steady as a rock
Right between the eyes
His head on a block

#SlamWords R1 #noir

Mysterious circumstances?
Or so the Police report said
What? Are they fools?
The corpse was shot full of lead!

#SlamWords R2 #noir

A ghost in the night
No one had seen
Disappeared down some alley
The Godfather’s Queen

Gone missing with the loot
Took off and running
Put out the word, boys
This gal’s got it coming

#SlamWords R3 #noir

Sirens scream a warning
Strobing lights flash bright
Stilettos pound the streets
Shadows flare in the night

She’s running from the law
Everyone she ever knew
$$$$ weighing her down
A guilty conscience too

#SlamWords R4 #noir

Bagged and tagged
Tossed in a van
No rest for the wicked
All that’s left of the Man

Coppery tang of blood
Murder in the air
It’s St Valentines all over again
But no one seems to care

#SlamWords R5 #noir

Painting bloody patterns
Lurid abstracts on a slab
Gory brilliance under light
Dripping still upon the floor

The soul may be gone
If ever he had one
Silent he’s still speaking
Artistic “smoking gun”

#SlamWords R6 #noir
Under the cover of darkness
Black shroud of blind despair
The gal’s still running hard
Careening swiftly down some stairs

The subway is her refuge
They’ll never find her there
Tracking without conscience
She hasn’t got a prayer

#SlamWords R7 #noir

Her momma done told her
A long long time ago
Use what the good Lord gave you
Let that be your weapon of choice
For the shameful truth is
This is a man’s world, honey
And you’ll never have a voice

#SlamWords R8 #noir

Trail of clues and questions
Even a blind man could follow
Money, drugs and gold
A harsh pill to swallow
A philanthropist on the surface
Cruel crime boss underneath
Fooling everyone he met
He deserves the goddamn wreath

#SlamWords R9 #noir

Tale of a life gone in a flash
A dead woman now walking
She’s keeping all the cash
In the aftermath of murder
Grim death in the night
She may look back in sorrow
But knows what she did
And did it very well
Still it feels so right

#SlamWords R10 #noir
Like water down a drain
Oozing life bled away
Once a soul fighting for breath
Now with time ticking away
He was a stiffening corpse
Ravaged and broken
Left on the floor

#SlamWords R1 #noir

Like a punch to the gut you didn’t see coming
The knife in the back when you were running
Hiding in plain sight when no one knew
She was the poison mixed in a cruel brew
She’d take them down from the inside
One by one she’d watch them all die

#SlamWords R2 #noir
Cold blooded murder
But what did they know
Fingerprints and smears
Are all that would show
Not hers, though, mind
She’d watched n learned
Paid her dues, too
They all had it coming
When the whole house blew

#SlamWords R3 #noir
Lies and deception
Her momma taught her well
Smile all the time, love
And send them to Hell

Suspicions and secrets
Never cast her way
A blonde angel walking
Waiting for the day

Morals and corruption
Never far away
They bled the city dry
She’d make them pay

#SlamWords R4 #noir

Hard boiled gumshoe
Ten pack a day guy
Thought he’d seen it all
But this was new to his eye
Just didn’t make sense
Didn’t add up
Gut instinct screaming
Louder than those sirens
Through layers of smoke
Sharp eyes searched
Determined to find
Elusive betrayals

#SlamWords R5 #noir

Sleight of hand was all it took
Red herrings and misdirection
Send them running down the wrong path
Send them hunting for another connection
Patsies each and every one
She’d be long gone and far away
Before they realised they were wrong

#SlamWords R6 #noir
End of an era
Cruel end of dreams
When nothing is ever
Quite as it seems

A city in flames
Sodom & Gomorrah
Gold was the God
And worshipped by all

Built on blood
Fear & a gun
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to run

Had to burn
Had to die
I lit the match
Sweet cleansing pyre

#SlamWords R7

Wolf on the prowl
Stalking the night
Scenting her fear
Scenting her plight

“Come out, come out
Wherever you are
Tis futile to hide
You won’t get far”

Savage and bitter
Cruel was his mind
She’d burned his father
No trace would they find

#SlamWords R8

Proof of guilt?
That you’ll never find
Buried too deep
Thrown to the wind
Tossed in the gutter
Burned in the night
I’ll never talk
Cat’s got my tongue
Forget you ever knew me
Just let me go
Don’t waste your time
No one needs to know

#SlamWords R9

Running away fast
Dollars and stardust forgive
The mess left behind

#SlamWords R10 #haiku


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