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Re: Winter's Tales
« Reply #495 on: January 01, 2018, 11:07:06 am »
Imagination takes flight
On wings of mysterious fantasy
My soul soars to the stars
Wrapped in wondrous dreams

Come, fly away with me
Beyond the horizon
We cannot yet see
Let us dance upon a thimble
Taking joy where we can
And all in tranquil balance

Between fate and destiny
The push and the pull
A dynamic tension binds us together

Entwined in silken viscosity
We slip from one to the other
And back again

Shear force of nature
Whims of the Gods
Taunting our weakness
They toy with our thoughts

Senses seduced in heady INDULGENCE
Succumbing with a whispering sigh
Dancing upon my tongue
Tempting my greedy desiring palette

#DimpleVerse #23words
In the depth of midnightís embrace
When darkness prevails
And daylight succumbs
Then shall I dream
And think of you
And the sunlightís revival
Of your return
To brighten my world once again

📷George Frederic Watts
His Christmas wish
Gaily wrapped
In sweet anticipation
Lit up his world
This Christmas night
Seductive with temptation


Entranced in moonstruck awe
We stood enraptured below
Her glowing luminescence
Bathing the world in silver
Captured our minds in wonder


Side by side
Folds in time
Beyond our sight
A presence felt
Behind the veil
Mysterious knowledge
We walk alone
Yet never together
Always in step
Though we do not know it

#WyldeVerse 42

Beside a fire
Flaming bright
Iím lost in thought
Of you this night

Warm impressions
I cannot forget
Of all that you are
Since we first met

Within the flames
I see your face
Your love and laughter
Patience and grace

#SenseWrds 354
Once upon a time
Just over the rainbow
Through the looking glass
Beyond the river bend
Almost within reach
Yet still out of sight
This new chapter
I yearn to write
Evades me still
A thief in the night
Still trapped for eternity
Reading this old book


Deny me now
Look away
Forget you ever knew

But I shall remember
Hoarding emotions
Of a love once new

Now torn asunder
Burned to dust
Left to ashes by you

📷Kirsty Mitchell

Snowflake kisses
Delicate lace
Fall gently now
Upon my face

Icy touch
Soft caress
Silent adoration
From Heaven above
They chillingly bless


Snowflake kisses
Delicate lace
Fall gently now
Upon my face

Icy touch
Soft caress
Silent adoration
From Heaven above
They chillingly bless



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