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A Battlefield Lament
« on: January 06, 2019, 11:48:18 am »
A kiss of frost
The dead of night
An icy touch
With a mortal bite
Here shall I bide
Until the morn
Keeping a vigil
Awaiting the dawn

#Slamwords 1

Cruel black ice
To harden the heart
Stiffen the resolve
Vengeance my part
Nature is kind
She understands
A white out conceals
None betrays our plans

#Slamwords 2

Accusations hang
Unspoken words
A deathly silence
Heavy on my soul
Eyes condemn
Lips remain sealed
They dare not speak
For the sword I wield

#Slamwords 3

The coming storm
Harsh and cruel
Prowls the horizon
In search of a fool
Men run
             Men hide
Seeking sweet shelter
But we are the beasts
We don’t cower inside

#Slamwords 4

A Winter tale
Some may say
Sung by a bard
Some future day
They’ll remember
In song and in rhyme
Of when we were strong
A moment frozen in time

#Slamwords 5

This world we know
Melting away
Ephemeral dreams
Now blown on a wind
Tears for our wishes
Carved in crystal tracks
Upon cheeks no longer rosy
Come too far to look back

#Slamwords 6

This grinding cold
Eats into your bones
Leeching warmth away
Along with our souls

#Slamwords 7

Stealing breaths
As wraiths we creep
On a dark moonless night
Vengeance now to seek
What feels like the end
Is only the start
For tonight we strike
Straight for the heart

#Slamwords 8

Bathed in light
Low Winter sun
We dance with the Devil
On a battlefield blood run
While on the horizon
Barely in view
A wolf moon is rising
And the Devil bids adieu

#Slamwords 9

And so the years turn
Such a long time ago
When we were young
Youthful blood in full flow
Here do we now stand
As we never thought
As yet unmarked
By the hand Fate wrought

#Slamwords 10

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