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Re: 🖤Dark Musings
« Reply #315 on: September 11, 2021, 01:39:46 am »
Scars are evident of the sores that bled
Seeping for so long
Wiped them away discarding evidence
As quickly as the words that were falsely said
Passive aggressive narcissistic behaviour
That evil grin took place on your face
Watching the puppets play to your rhythm of the unsightly game
Vanity feeds your need to succeed at any length.
Destroy the craft, destroy the art
Sit back and watch us play
As your husband pays as you play
Smashed the lens as the camera crashed to the floor
Breaking the lens, breaking the score
Disappearing and calculating
How to destroy the balance
The cycle of deviousness has surfaced
Youíve done it before
Here we are, different players another score
We attract what we didnít complete
Each player playing
Hard to compete
Nagging and screeching in your mother tongue
Looking to control when your world is spun
Then comes the blame game
Executive was your stature
Deceptive was your game
Attacking and burning all that was culture
Final product was not our artistic values
You burned me to the stake
Tried to break my spirit
But I flipped the switch to the game
Pulled out before you could destroy my endeavors
Go off and play your dirty game with others
Iíve my own work and will form my group with others
As I win awards and billions for my stake in the artistic realm
Iíll watch you bleed as I succeed
No begging nor pleading
My star is gleaming
Stand back and watch as I climb to the stage

Thank you Universe for this and all lessons
Iím ready for my close up
Itís a wild ride
This is MY LIFE


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