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Wrapping my head around
When injustice is to be found
Social media can be corrupt
When egos go on a feeding frenzy
Choose to disrupt
Slinging hurtful words callously
Ending ones life disastrously
There is much pain behind the smiles
Jovially appearing happy is their styles
Meanwhile back at the ranch
Confused and morose
Dealing with another branch
Self inflicted insecurity
Riddled with self hatred
Subliminally accepting
The harsh cruel token
Words written with malice
Envisioning then tenaciously Spoken

All judgements aside
I will be crass
Itís her choice which **** to ride
Deploring in her safety
Refusing to sexually interact
With a crossover
Who behaved like such an ass
Unfortunately gross and hurtful implications
Cyanide pill glossed over
Bipolar wracked with depression
At societies convention
**** actress took her life

Hung herself
Just 23

A soul has chosen purgatory over life
Distraught with pain
Social mediaís strife
May she Rest In Peace

Though deep down I know
She plunged the purgatory knife
Self blame destruction is out of hand
Lighting candles and prayers
For her soul to see the light
That love is on the other side
It doesnít matter who is wrong
Who is right

Itís time for all of us to take a stand
Stop all the bullying
Peace and love will heal
Hand in hand
Only love is real


This is a good poem that's very true. I'm very sorry to hear about the young lady. What a wasted life! I agree. We all need to stand up to the bullies.


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