Author Topic: Rafanomics And Other Unique Words Invented By Camelot Elite Tennis Society  (Read 465 times)

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Ear ****-being forced to  listen to biased commentators with hidden agendas in an effort to sway the masses to think as they do.     

I also do not understand why the TV channels of sports allow for the existence of this scandalous partiality among commentators of matches, because this is unbearable.

I agree. I can't understand how they allow these commentators to pollute the sport the way that they do. It's awful. When  Rafa retires I am also retiring from the sport. There's no other player that I am suffering  through  all this bull crap for. If you were new to the sport you would be so confused, because all they do is spew lies and inaccuracies.

It kills them that they announced the "GOAT" so early and dismissed Nadal as a "clay courter" who would fade away by aged 25, remember he was 17 at the time. Now they look like fools, but rather than admit the error of their ways, they continue using the same playbook of lies trying to tell the average person that what we see isn't real.

I can't count how many times I've heard them reference Dolgopolov's win over Rafa in the past week. But I can tell you how many times I've heard them mention Delbonis, Brands, and Robredo wins over Federer last year. How about zero? That's right. They act like it never happened. Swept right up under the rug. How many times do they laud Berdych for his wins over Federer? Rarely, if ever.

The sad thing is that  so many people still don't see what's happening.


All this is very very very sad...
I remember when I started watching tennis matches, I felt disgusted with a narrator who tried in every way to diminish Rafa. It was idiotic, ironic reviews, comparisons, jokes... Really pathetic! It was so unbearable, excruciating that I started watching the games on TV without audio.
But thank God today he isn't chronicling the games. He was fired lol... and in his place is the ex tennis player Fernando Meligeni, he's great as a commentator and also writes wonderful texts on ESPN Brazil.

It's for me too:
No Rafa = No Tennis


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