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Welcome to Camelot!

I'm very sorry to hear about all your bad luck. I hope things are better for you soon & I'm glad to see you back.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: Victoria's Poetry Stop
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:52:21 am »
Thank you so very much, my dear friend, lady anne🌹
You're welcome, Lady Victoria. Love ya as a friend.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: Victoria's Poetry Stop
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:50:29 am »
That's a very good poem. Thank you very much for sharing.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: Victoria's Poetry Stop
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:21:34 am »
I love your latest poem. Thank you very much for sharing.

Thank you for the music.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: Victoria Center
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:19:01 am »
Thank you very much.

CAMELOT FANTASIA / Re: Birthday Celebrations Palace
« on: August 16, 2018, 06:11:59 am »
Happy Birthday, Lady Divine!

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: EquineAnn Center
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:29:53 am »
Thank you very much, Lady Divine. Lots of love.

Hello, Lady Divine!

I miss you too.

Lots of love, Ann.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: EquineAnn Center
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:55:32 pm »
It's a hard life.
 Some people have nothing but trouble & strife.
 You've got to keep going though no matter what you've gone through.
 Unless you write your life story though the subject is taboo.
 Some people have always had an easy life & good look.
 To stop themselves from crumbling though some people have always had to take their refuge in a book.
 It doesn't matter whether you've been bullied all your life & in some workplaces too, people still expect you to smile.
 You can also have had to go through seeing people you love suffer from cancer & die after a while.
 It's especially bad if you've had to look after others at the same time as for them you've got to stay strong.
 1 good way of coping is by singing Bette Midler's the rose, people like your voice & sing along.
 It's not nice to have an Aunt die of a stroke.
 It's even worse when you're in a café & an old man is having 1 & no one listens to you when you're telling them what to tell the paramedics on the phone & no one believes you. You find out later you were right when you're talking to the old bloke.
 It's not nice seeing someone having a fit.
 The sight when seen for the 1st time really hits.
 There's only so much a person can take.
 Society sees you as an idiot though if you break.
 It doesn't matter what you're capable of, this idea is wide-spread.
 If you aren't happy, no matter what you've been through you're off your head.
 Then people wonder why others think they'd be better off dead.
 You've got an over-critical father who insults everyone & causes an argument every day.
 Then people wonder why you don't want to speak out, laugh, sing & play.
 You always have to be wrong & Father always has to be right.
 If he isn't he always starts a fight.
 The news today is mostly very bad.
 Then people wonder why you're sad.
 No wonder why this world is full of rage.
 It's nice to be someone else for a few hours either by reading a book or being on a stage.
 A lot of people judge others too quickly before finding out why they are like they are.
 A lot of people are held back by these thoughts, feelings & experiences who could have gone far.
 I think people should be a lot more understanding to others.
 I think Fathers should be nicer to daughters & Mothers.
 There are that many celebrities who people were brought up with dying.
 There aren't many news stories today that don't have you crying.
 You've still got to plod on to the end of the road.
 You've got to keep going with your heavy load.
 All the self-analysis you have to do in self-esteem, confidence-building & assertiveness classes only makes you see your flaws more.
 C.B.T. is less helpful than the 3 classes mentioned above & only cover the same content, if not less especially if you did the classes before.
 Fluoxetine only makes you worse as it makes you fat.
 It doesn't even work when it's circumstances that have made you feel like that.
 If you're different no matter what you do, you don't have many friends.
 Like I said before, for some people trouble & strife never ends.
 Not many people realise that people with the learning style of only having to be told or shown something once or read something once & be able to do it straight away makes them more prone to emotional difficulties as they take everything in before they get a chance to think about things & have difficulty forgetting things.
 Not many people realise that creative people are more prone to emotional difficulties either. Famous creative people who suffered from depression are Charlotte Bronte & Charles Dickens.
 If you say how you really feel people think you're an attention-seeker or are only out for sympathy which isn't true.
 Sometimes you wish people could see inside your head so that they'd realise how their behaviour affects you & they could also see the real you.
 In some ways this wouldn't be good though.
 All your private information this would show.
 Sometimes you wish you couldn't understand anything.
 This would ease all the emotional pain & suffering.

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: EquineAnn Center
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:54:44 pm »
Why do nature's gifts always have to come at a price?
 Why does this price have to be a life that's not too nice?
 How come you have to fight for & earn most of the good things in life?
 How come no matter how nice you are & how much work you do, you always have trouble & strife?
 Why do you think everything is going well then everything goes wrong?
 Why do we always need a period of crying after a song?
 Why does the news always have to be sad?
 Why do there never seem to be enough reasons to be glad?
 They say that life is what you make it.
 I really don't believe it one bit.
 They say money makes the world go round.
 Lives & happiness are more important I found.

Lives and happiness are more important!
Money helps ... it’s a tool to assist on all our dreams

Love your words Lady Ann xx
Made me rethink.

Thank you 😊 xx
Definitely, Lady Divine.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.


Have a nice month!

Camelot Poetry Palace / Re: Victoria's Poetry Stop
« on: July 28, 2018, 03:12:22 pm »
That's a very good poem. Thank you very much for sharing.

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