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Speak to me slowly
As the leaves away gently by the winds kisses
Gently sweeping shadows
Letting streams of the sunlight
Waving away the dread
Frightfully stark
Bright colours of blue, yellow and red
Sighs deliver a splash of prisms
Evacuating the grey matter that's dead
Preferring the kaleidoscope
If positivity to collide
Those extremes make me feel alive
Even if they don't coincide
With everyone's perspective
As days go by
What we thought we knew is not
A little deceptive

Don't tell me you love me
Then walk away
Don't tell you care
Turn your back when I really need you
Don't tell me you have my back
You're no where to be found
Don't tell me
You can't live with out me
When you're no where near

You're over there
Where I can not touch you
You're over there
Where I can not see you
You're over there
I've lost your essence
You're over there
I'm over here

Without you


Shaking my head
At all the things I've thought about
Yet I see to dread
The missed takes
We're certainly mistakes
Pain eases the numbness
Eases the years
Rolled up into a mountain of fears
That break when the light shines brightly
Each essence
Each touch
Grows deeper nightly


The ache lingers
The numbness has begun to ebb away
The touch of your fingers
Are a fading memory
One that I try to hold onto
Every single day


Metamorphoses Evolved / Re: Perspectives
« on: Today at 01:59:44 pm »
Isn't it wonderful

How one thing looks completely different
A few days from now.
Our perspective changes as we evolve
As we grow

I was looking at picture I took 10 years ago.
My thought process so different from today.
Yet relevant to who I've become
The evolution has not been easy
I wouldn't change a thing.

All lessons are relevant.

It's like revisiting the movie. Sliding doors.
There are times when I think.
What if....


Words are only words
Until they are followed by action


It's in the quiet
I hear you calling my name


Silver Screen Royalty / Re: ✨Marilyn Monroe
« on: Today at 01:53:38 pm »

We all go through periods when our weight fluctuates.

The top photo. Apparently she couldn't zip up the dress. It was small. She made the best of it by being in the moment and playful.

Love that about her.
She didn't let obstacles stop her. She delicately stepped over them

Silver Screen Royalty / Re: ✨Marilyn Monroe
« on: Today at 01:51:23 pm »

Such a contrast. Classy versus innocence.

Silver Screen Royalty / Re: ✨Marilyn Monroe
« on: Today at 01:50:22 pm »

These are amazing. Thank you General!

Hello Camelot Family

You are all missed.
I know we all have hectic lives. Social media has a
Great way of shaking that shiny baubles and taking
Our attention away from what we focus.

I am so guilty of that pleasure.

Just wanted to say. You are missed

Hope to see you all soon.

Much love and light

CAMELOT FANTASIA / Re: Birthday Celebrations Palace
« on: Today at 01:43:36 pm »
Sir Patrick's Birthday coming up
Cant recall of its July 24 or 25.

CAMELOT FANTASIA / Re: Castle EquineAnn
« on: Today at 01:42:50 pm »
Hi Lady Divine!

They've taken a back-seat recently as I've been very busy.

Hi Lady Ann,

I completely understand being busy. It overtakes from our creativity. Yet, being creative fills our soul with joy.
I desire more of it and making an effort to put time aside. As I used to do.

Looking forward to reading more of your beautiful prose.

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