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Re: Camelot: General Tennis Chat
« Reply #1560 on: November 23, 2018, 08:23:28 pm »
I find it all a little sad general.  Obviously there were those that didn't pay attention to the Castle ideal and the way of the warrior Castle introduction.  It should be required reading for posting in the Castle. Then posting in the Castle should naturally follow this guide.  Bickering over players is for other threads like MTF GM cesspool Ruins. 

I don't like social media like Twitter/Facebook.  Maybe I'm a dinosaur.  I am not getting younger.  My folks are hanging in there at an advanced age.  My mom is a big Nadal fan; my step-dad is a Federer fan, but we are all able to get along, because we all know reasonable limits and when to stop discussions from the player fan point of view. :).  We are quite busy with work, and family, trying to get our kids prepared for life in the real world, helping them where we can, but not over-protecting them. 

When I have a little time, (not a  whole lot these days), I like to talk tennis with reasonable people.  It's a big world and there are lots of interesting people.  It would be nice to pull up a chair with some of them like you and others I have "met" online.  But others I wouldn't meet in daylight in a room full of people.  I don't have time or desire to deal with insanity and extreme aggression.


that is a great post general.

only you are able to articulate it beautifully for your English is absolutely superb.

I am loving this image as well. awesome.


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