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Re: Camelot: General Tennis Chat
« Reply #1560 on: March 02, 2019, 12:07:52 pm »
Congratulations to Roger Federer and all his fans for his 100th Tour title. 

Congratulations to General Clay Death on the fulfillment of his immortal and legendary MTF thread - Roger Federer: The Quest for 100 titles and 20 slams.
Most at MTF are calling for Clay Death's ban to be rescinded in honor of this once in a lifetime prophecy.
But we know they never should have banned him in the first place. Instead they should have removed all his infractions. 
The whole world including Roger knows about this thread and the ban of Clay Death only makes them look more foolish.

We should say that even almost none of Roger's fans believed.  Clay Death and a few other visionaries thought he had the chance and were bold enough to state it.

Congrats General.  Your words will live forever, sir.

This video is dedicated to Roger Federer, the man that did it his way.


Most respectfully,
Legends of Tennis


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