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I decided to set this 1 on Scotland. I will set an English 1 next.

1. What's a dirk?
 2. What's a skiandhu?
 3. What happened @ 5 am on 13/2/1692?
 4. What year was the act of union signed?
 5. What does slainte mhath mean?
 6. What is haggis?
 7. What 3 ingredients do you need to make shortbread?
 8. What's a pibroch?
 9. Who wrote Auld Lang Syne?
 10. Name the following poem/prayer?

 Some hae meat but cannae eat.
 Others no hae but can eat it.
 But we hae meat & we can eat
 So bless the lord & thankit.

 11. Which dog got the freedom of the City of Edinburgh after poor children put together to buy him a license?
 12. Who designed Edinburgh new town?
 13. What were the Adam Brothers famous for?
 14. Lister who invented anti-septic surgery studied at what Scottish university?
 15. What city is known as the granite city?
 16. In what month does the Edinburgh tattoo & festival take place?
 17. What did Andrew Carnegie fund in Scotland?
 18. A famous song starts with the following words.

 By yon Bonnie banks & by yon Bonnie braes where the sun shines bright...

 Name the song.
 19. Who did Flora McDonald row over the sea to Skye?
 20. Which 2 clans were involved in the Glencoe Massacre?


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